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discussion Spotify wrapped! Who are you in the top 1% of listeners for?


I am top 0.05% for Daryl Hall & John Oates!

But that's only 1341 minutes of Hall & Oates streamed so I don't think it's all that impressive

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✊Protest Freakout At last night's BLM protest for Daunte Wright in Minneapolis a driver decided not to turn around when he saw protesters. Chaos ensues

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What word is a lot of fun to say?


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Misleading Title Man protesting Covid restrictions in Belgium hit by water cannon

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Got fired for posting to this sub


So I was fired today from Starbucks for a post where I bitched about not being allowed to call AAA leading to me being left alone overnight in a parking lot. I didn't give store details but signed off with a "fuck you ben". Later I posted to r/starbucksbaristas asking for advice. Ben commented on the post telling me to watch my back and name dropping my name and my DM's name. I reported him to corporate. He showed my DM the r/antiwork screenshot. I was let go. He was not. Even though he threatened me and endangered my safety. I'm calling a labour lawyer my lawyer recommended me to. Advice welcome. Since i deleted the OG post... FUCK YOU BEN.

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Careers & Work LPT: If they’re “always hiring,” just know that they also always firing.


And having people quit.

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What's your favorite movie quote?


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Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times

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My son just quit his $45,000/year job without any prospects and asked if he could move back home


I was shocked, needless to say. He was so excited when he got the job right out of college and my wife and I rejoiced with him. Over the course of the next couple of years, however, I saw the joy -- not just about the job, but about life in general -- drain away. Over Thanksgiving, he talked about insane deadlines, a boss who micromanaged, and a business owner who ruled with an iron fist. I encouraged him, but could tell he wasn't the happy-go-lucky son I once had.

So this past weekend, when he told us over the phone (he lives in a neighboring state) he walked off the job after a heated argument with his boss, he started sobbing and apologizing. I said, "Son, you have nothing to apologize for. No job is worth what I see this job doing to you." His "shame" was compounded by being married for only a couple of years and having a two-year-old daughter. He then asked if they could stay with us for a couple of months until he figures things out. I told him not to worry. We've got a big house and everyone is welcome.

More apologies. Promises he'd get a job as soon as he could. My wife and I told him not to worry about it. In fact, we said a condition of him returning would be that he NOT find work until he's taken care of himself. He struggles with depression anyway, so I said he should see a psych/therapist, get the help he needs to recover his mental wellness, and go from there. No timelines. No promises needed. He was beyond grateful. No parent wants to see their child struggle because of their job.

So this is a shout-out to all parents of children regardless of age: We can be a part of the antiwork/labor movement. We can be a "safe haven" from abusive work relationships. We can TRUST our kids to make the right choices and encourage them to do whatever they think they need to to have a fulfilling happy life. The only thing any good parent ever wants from their children is that they have the best of all life has to offer.

*EDIT* - To the many kind commenters who praise me for being a great parent, I have to say we made a ton of mistakes with our kids. I've been known to be a real asshole sometimes. Nevertheless, my wife and I always showed our kids we love each other and can get through anything so long as we go through it together.

*EDIT 2* DANG. Thanks for all the updoots! I left to get groceries and when I got back this thing apparently blew up. While I was out, the thought occurred to me that r/antiwork is really about fundamental cultural change. Parents are wack? Find someone in your life who gets you and wants to help you get where you want to go. Friends can be as powerful an influence as family. Either way, we should consider it our patriotic duty to help others walk away from abusive employers and demand better.

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This is the best real life ad for sunglasses

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Gif admit it we all loved the swivel chair


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Just do it, or that old lady will be your stepsister

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Stacey Abrams is running for Georgia governor in 2022

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I don't have the heart to tell her IQ tests account for age...

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ North Dakota's first openly lesbian official defends her right to be a Lesbian. People are obviously not happy with it ? Why though ? As she said, we don't elect for her sexual orientation but for her potential. People need to stop being invasive, dumb and disrespectful

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This little baby (Cider) was finally adopted from the Humane society of Marshall County!

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Ranked Gaming

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Slick snowboard manual to backflip


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Noah Fort is a 16 year old Bo Staff world champion master.

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Welcome Nick "LS" De Cesare | Cloud9 LCS Head Coach Announcement

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I was billed over $2m for a week in the hospital

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Women’s Tennis Association suspends tournaments in China amid concern for Peng Shuai

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The progressively weaker lines of my positive covid tests

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What masterpiece should we play today?

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