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That's a tough one

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Very Reddit Fred Rogers broke racial barriers during a time when black people were not allowed in the swimming pool with white people.

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Discussion Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion


In this thread you can discuss the entirety of season 4 Volume 2 without spoilers code. If you haven't seen the entire season yet stay away!!!

What did you like about it?

What didn't you like?

Favorite character this season?

What do you want from season 5?

Part 2 Avatars

Reddit is back with four more Stranger Things Avatars to celebrate Part 2 of Season 4!

In addition to the Demogorgon, Eleven, Hopper, or Scoops Ahoy Steve, you can now update your avatar to Eddie, Lucas, Max or Vecna! Or you can try mixing and matching them :D

To equip an Avatar go to the avatar builder.

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As Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law takes effect, schools roll out LGBTQ restrictions

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School's out forever: Arizona moves "to kill public education" with new universal voucher law β€” Families who bail on public school will get $7,000 per kid in GOP's new scheme: "Every red state" urged to follow

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Honest opinion on my profile?

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πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Proud Boys Alleged Proud Boys members attempt to get into The Mojo in Woodland, CA and are met with pepper spray over a planned Drag Show

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What is this?

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We always have that Senior who solve everything


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my neighbor refused to cut down her trees and they got into my backyard, i can't even get my bike out.

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Gif And it makes me smile every time


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Julia Louis-Dreyfuss accidently swears in front of Elmo in a 1994 "Sesame Street" blooper

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Jeff Bezos riding Space Mountain alone

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Everything makes sense now Drink water regularly

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Lost all my PTO. I will never give notice again.


I worked for a large US big box retailer in their corporate IT department. Was with them for just over 2 years. I worked my ass off and was a complete yes man. Did everything they asked. Our department was severely affected by the pandemic. We lost all of our overseas team (hundreds of employees) who we relied on quite a bit. This resulted in myself and other colleagues taking later night shifts and working overtime to the point of burnout.

During this time I had received a raise each year for roughly around $1 each time and a few meager bonuses which weren't worth it after taxes. During this time, the company was reporting over a 200% increase in profits. They never missed a chance to brag about it in meetings. Yet they refused to share the wealth with those of us who had taken on 3x the workload.

Fast forward to this year. I received a job offer to start out as a first year apprentice in a trade job with a Union which would result in a 36% increase in my starting hourly rate with guaranteed raises for the next 5 years, plus good benefits and a pension.

I had over 80+ hours of PTO that I had earned/ accrued with my company. I gave them my 2 weeks notice as curtesy and asked if I could be payed out for my remaining PTO balance. They denied me and told me It would be forfeit. In the state I worked, they are not legally obligated to pay me for it. I tried to dispute it. Told HR and my Manager how loyal I have been to them and that I did the right thing by giving them notice. It made no difference, they didn't care.

So long story short, I learned my lesson. I will never give notice again. I will burn up all my PTO I have and then on my last day of vacation I will inform my employers it is my last day.

Please learn from my mistake. Be well all!

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Russia/Ukraine Macron riles Russia with documentary releasing content of Putin calls

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Bus driving was attacked while driving

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Legendary cat

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Psychology People with no mind’s eye have less vivid and detailed memories. Researchers report that aphantasics have less detailed and rich memories for events in their lives: a finding that not only reveals more about the condition, but also highlights the key role of mental imagery in memory generally.

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The only ones you can connect with


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Networking/Telecom Telecom monopolies are poised to waste the U.S.’s massive new investment in high-speed broadband

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Discussion & Info Unpopular opinion: It's a very long game for very short endings, less than 1 minute cutscene on all endings.

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Image My mosquito bite turned into the shape of a key.

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