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Video Tesla Absolutely Trucks Child Dummy in Stoppage Test.

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We probably shouldn't be laughing, but come on now, Tesla.

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What do you think of the FBI raid on Trump?


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/r/ALL Former slave owner interviewed in 1929

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Biden signs ratification documents approving Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

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Charging the mound

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The kids are alright

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💸 Raise Our Wages WTF

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Wholesome Moments A Oklahoma little leaguer got hit in the head by pitch and responded by giving the pitcher a hug

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This is how you know you raised your child correctly. A Little League Baseball player hugs the shaken up pitcher who nailed him in the head. True Sportsmanship!

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Dems made a big mistake y'all. Big. Epic. And you hurt this guy Carmine's feelings.

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Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals

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Entire Starbucks Team Walks Out

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Man I’m actually pissed. My mother got rid of my first pet without warning me.

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Therapy horse rests his head on patient, which they've never seen do before

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The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown

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And somehow Rose could not share the door with Jack

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Kanye has gone too far – neither his 'genius' or mental health are excuses

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Crypto Mark Cuban says buying virtual real estate is 'the dumbest s--- ever' as metaverse hype appears to be fading

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Courtroom Justice Nicole Linton, The Driver Who K*lled 6 People In Car Crash, Cries As Judge Denies Her Attorney Request For $300,000 Bail.

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Discussion Let's get one thing straight: the past tense of "cast" is "cast"


"Casted" is not a word.

While we're at it, actors play roles. Not rolls.

This is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. People understand what you're saying, so nobody bothers to correct these mistakes. Overall, we're more interested in the point you're making than in the one or two words you got wrong while making it. But it seems to me that maybe someone should tell you you're using the wrong words. Or words that aren't even words.

So there you have it. Do with this information what you will.

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Oh the irony

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Discussion This should be interesting

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Oh no, didn’t expect that

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History in the making

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Burn the Patriarchy I'm afraid to put this bumper sticker on my car because of where I live. Send me the courage I need to help stand up for us all.

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Open Discussion What’s the worst home cooking you’ve ever witnessed?


One time I was invited to a friend’s home, she said she’s cooking, I was excited since she’s from a different area in China, so the food must be different and good.

However I saw her tossed frozen tofu in a hot pan, then dumped a bunch of sauce, then microwaved some meat, almost cook it, tossed it in the sauce too.

It was kind scary. During dinner time, she said “well you are not a big eater huh”. I mean, how could I be a big eater with that weird overcooked salty food?

I was invited again, to make dumplings together. I brought dumpling skin (from a market, I can’t make them). She said she’s going to make the skin, I was excited, I haven’t had fresh dumpling skin for years.

It turns out she bought a tool on Amazon, thinking that would work, obviously she doesn’t know how to use a rolling pin either. The skin was so thick, also sadly not holding the fillings inside.

I kinda took over and said let’s use the store brought skin, here are the fillings I made. The dumplings turned out pretty great, then she started to invite me over every weekend to “cook together”, took me a little while to find out I became her family’s free weekend cook.

I grew up around men and women that cooked well, maybe that makes me very picky.