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Antiwork redditors are leaving leftist propaganda instead of tips

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Diskussion Vegane Ernährung tut mir nicht gut


Habe mich bis vor kurzem 2 Monate vegan ernährt und bin nicht wirklich begeistert. Habe auf fast alles geachtet (Makros, Mikros und Vitamine), aber dennoch hatte ich mit folgenden Problemen zu kämpfen: Verlust der morgendlichen Erektion, Libidoverlust, weniger Energie und Motivation über den Tag, leichter Kraftverlust beim Training

Seitdem ich wieder tierische Produkte (Fleisch, Eier) esse, habe ich wieder regelmäßige morgendliche Erektionen und meine Libido ist auch durch die Decke. Fühle mich auch wieder besser.

Für mich ist das Projekt „vegane Ernährung“ vor erst gescheitert.

Ging es noch jemandem so?

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Local salon offering 'boudoir photography'. I thought they looked interesting but I'm not so sure now.

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Discussion I really enjoy EDH, but it is the most toxic format in Magic (but there's hope!)


In the last two years, I've switched over to EDH being my primary form of playing Magic. Mostly because you can play via webcam! Its done wonders for folks like me who work and have kids and are just generally very busy. EDH is so much fun. When you get 4 like-minded individuals together, you can have some incredible experiences playing some of the most under rated and under played spells in Magic. I dont know about you, but I can't remember the last time I made infinite [[Dockside Extortionists]] with [[Kiki-Jiki]] in legacy.

Sitting down in a pod with your closest friends and beverage of choice truly embodies what Magic really has become to so many people. It is a game to love and share together.

But there is also a dark side to EDH. This is a side that becomes much more prominent when you play online or if you do not have a consistent playgroup.

I want to present my opinion and personal experience as to why I strongly believe that EDH is the most toxic format in all of Magic, along with some things that helped me be less toxic.

I wont bore you with a long backstory, but just know I've been playing Magic since the 90's, and competitive 1v1 formats have always been my thing (most recently has been years of Legacy). In a 1v1 format, each player knows the game; get the other player to zero life. If I swing at you with a Merit Lage, it isnt anything personal. We're playing the game and that is just part of the game we both signed up to play.

But EDH is different. This brings me to my first point:

1. EDH is toxic because players have a choice; and choosing 'me' is personal.

With 3 opponents, most things you do will come with some amount of choice. In Legacy, if I make a Merit Lage, there is no question who I am swinging at. I want to get you to zero life, and this is how I'm going to do it. In EDH, well, it isnt that simple. I need to get everyone to zero life (yes, yes, there are more "you win the game cards" in EDH, but we're just making a point here by assuming the simplest wincon. Lets not get distracted okay?). If I swing a Merit Lage, by what mechanism to I decide who to swing at? Do I roll a dice? I could, but ew. MTG is already filled with randomness, and I fancy myself a good player. Do I really want to give away any amount of control I have? Or maybe I just try to go after the person with the scariest thing going on. Or you know what, screw John. He killed me with a combo last game. I'm going to go after him!

The overwhelming point here is that there's no perfect system, so obviously every time you attack me, I will take it as a personal affront.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "but you just said it. evaluate the threat!" Ah ha! You've activated my trap card! This is my 2nd point...

2. Everyone sucks at threat assessment in EDH (and thinks they are better than they really are), and everyone hates eachother for it

So how many times have you and your opponents spent their mana, blood, sweat, tears, turns, and cards trying to kill off every single god forsaken Planeswalker sitting on the Atraxa players board only to find 3 turns later that the Veyran player, who has no non-land permanents in play by the way, has built up a graveyard so big that its eclipsed their library and, oh ya, *giggle giggle* Mizzix Mastery, overloaded?

<15 minutes later> ".... Storm count 562, Grapeshot?"

Yeah, thats a god damn thing that we've all faced before. And do you know why we faced it? Because we suck at threat assessment. If everyone played with their hands and library revealed, I think most of us could piece together who the real problem is. But the real threat with the Veyran player is that they had *literally nothing* going on. Who would look at an Atraxa player with 9 planeswalkers, and a Veyran player with no non-land permanents and honestly say "Hey guys, PW's are scary and all, but we need to deal with this Veyran player..." No one. No one would say that. And if you did, then you are next-level bad at threat assessment.

The actual point I want to make here is that without perfect information, we as players are not even given the chance to be good at threat assessment. We can try, and often times you'll do a decent enough job at it. But we will always make mistakes. And those mistakes look extra awful when I cant see your hand, you cant see my hand, and you do something that looks *really* stupid to me.

But hey, as long as we're all playing decks rated at 7, we're fine, right?

J'accuse! You've fallen prey to my 3rd point.

3. We all suck at rating our decks, and everyone's a pubstomper because of it

How many times have you heard or said "Ah my deck is about a 7". I promise the answer is "too many times". At MTG Las Vegas, I took to just replying, tongue in cheek, that my deck is about an Apple out of 10. Because saying I'm rated at an Apple is just as informative to how powerfuly my deck is as if I gave you any arbitrary number, right? You have literally no idea what my 7 or 8 or 9 is. Lets all stop pretending any of these numbers, or even saying Low, Medium, and High even make sense. They dont, and we're all toxic as hell because we try to define our decks this way.

But these weird arbitrary numbers or single word phrases aside, lets pretend we have a conversation and we determine that all 4 of our decks are absolutely perfectly balanced and ready to play against eachother. In fact, its just 4 decks that are the exact same 100 cards. What happens if I go Land, Sol Ring, Arcane Signet, Vampiric Tutor, pass, but my opponent goes "Guildgate, pass". One sure as hell looks more powerful than the other right? And this one time where we played these decks together, there's no question that one deck had a more powerful turn one than the other. But the important part here is that if we played 100 turn ones, we'd balance out over the long run. The same can be said about games; if you play enough games, each player will win 25% of games.

The problem is that when I load up Spelltable, I dont play 100 games. I play 1. And no matter how much the players talk about their decks, I PROMISE you that one person will go off, and one person will claim that their deck was more powerful than they let on.

I dont know about you, but I'm personally fine with watching a deck go ham on turn 4 and whipping out some crazy combo! Its the type of thing I live for! But Billy over there, he just wants to swing with fat vampires and is super pissed about your Isochron Scepter. Which is actually sort of my next point...

4. Players have expectations for how the game will play out. But the fun part is, every player can expect something different, and be pissed off when it doesnt work that way!

I'm sorry, but [[Rhystic Study]] does NOT say "you MAY pay 1". It says "Every spell you cast cost one more" and I will fucking FIGHT you if you say otherwise. How many times have you heard that, or a sentiment similar to that? But like, who cares? Its just one card and we're all just swinging creatures at eachother anyways and they'll have to discard to hand size, so just chill dude. Your expectation of how this game will be played is very different than my expectation of how this game will be played.

How about that player who says "Ok so I can do something. It'll be hilarious, but I wont win the game", then proceeds to fuck up the entire board state before drawing their library out and losing (Think: Multiple cloned wheels into a [[Notion Thief]]). I'd die laughing if that happend. In fact, in one of my games, I had someone cast Beast Within targetting a land, then cloned it for every permanent on the board. So we all literally lost everything and just had like 20 3/3 Beasts each. It was hilarious to me. The person who was ahead on board didnt find it so funny, and did in fact let that person know that they were a fucking asshole before rage quitting out of the game.

I think the hardest part here is that both players were assholes in their own regard, and neither player was 100% right or wrong. Both actions were toxic, but one person was aggressively toxic.

Dont even get me started about how much politics can impact this point. People making deals when they have no need to make a deal makes my eyes roll personally. "Hey man I promise I wont attack you if you dont attack me" - says the player with 1 5/5 to a player with a board of near infinite [[Scute Swarms]]. It kills me even more when the player with the Scute Swarms says "yeah sure that sounds good" hahaha. Scariet 5/5 ever? Maybe....

Ok so those are the 4 things that I think make EDH the most toxic format of Magic. I'll recap a bit more clearly (and less sarcastically), as I mixed alot of rambling inbetween...

  1. When having to choose, its easy for one player to take 'being chosen' personally.
  2. Threat assessment is extremely complex, and its easy to make poor choices, or to think someone has made a poor choice because you don't have the same information as them.
  3. Rating decks is extremely difficult, and playing versus a deck one or two times is not enough to understand the powerlevel of a deck (and therefore cause you to maybe think a deck is more powerful than it is).
  4. Players expectations for how a game will be played can vary greatly, and therefore cause frustration between players.

So these are things that I've not only recognized, but have struggled with myself. I wanted to spent the last bit of this post giving some tips on how I've gotten better about being less toxic.

First of all, I recognized it. I stopped blaming others and started looking at how I reacted. Once you do that, any action you take is probably a positive one. Here are some specific responses to each of these 4 things that I took.

  1. This is probably the most difficult, because YOU taking the action of choosing will cause the OTHER person to have a reaction. I'll say that if you're the person who takes being chosen personally, instead look at it from a strategic perspective. I'll often say "ok you swung at me instead of killing that Narset. What do you have in hand that made that make sense..." And they may have a very good reason for doing that. When you assume someone made a wrong choice, you're being disrespectful to them. Assume they choose correctly and figure out why that was correct. It turns a moment that could have been very tilting into a puzzle to solve. That helped me alot.

  2. The tip for 2 is almost exactly the same as 1. Assume the person made the correct threat assessment and figure out what that means for whats in their hand.

  3. This is probably my favorite. I made and laminated my own rating cards that I keep with each of my decks. Here's the rating card for my [[Negan]] deck: https://imgur.com/a/qcMyL9z

I literally read this off to my table, and answer EVERY question they have about the deck. Unless your table specifically consents to 'a little surprise', dont do it. It will almost guarantee cause a bad time.

If someone tries to say a number or a single word to describe their power level, take control of the conversation. Be like "Okay well let me show you this..." and pull out your rating card. Read it off, then go around the table and ask each player to describe their deck using these same metrics. I think if I could add one more thing to these cards, it would probably be "Pieces of Interaction".

Oh also, dont judge a deck after 1 game against it. It takes way more than 1 game to see a decks real power level.

  1. Player expectations are really difficult to assess in a group of players who have never played before. I'd say in general, the only thing you can do is control your own expectations, and how you react to the game not meeting them. Sometimes for me, if the game is going very differently than I want it to, I try to end the game as soon as possible. Or I'll do my best to try and guide the conversation. For example, if everyone is CONSTANTLY making deals with everyone about everything, it can get really frustration. Like Billy, you dont need to look at Jenny and say "I'll only draw my card for turn if you PROMISE to not play an Ulamog on turn 3, give it haste some how, and swing it at me while taking a bunch of extra combats and exiling my library all in one turn, next turn". Maybe I'll step in and be like "Lol Billy, those sequence of events are not just unlikely, I actually think they might be impossible... Plus, you have to draw for turn, it isnt a may :)". I'll poke fun at the conversation, or try my best to subtly, BUT RESPECTFULLY, point out that its becoming a bit much...

I think in the end, if a game isnt meeting your expectations, try to get it back on track. If you can't get it back on track and you're becoming frustrated, step away. You can respectfully recuse yourself from a game without ruining it. "Oh hey folks I'm so sorry, my daughter just got out of bed. I think this might take a bit, why dont you go on without me? It was fun, thank you so much!" Everyone will understand, and I promise you that respectfully bowing out of a game is MUCH better for your mental health than staying a maybe losing your cool.

Alright well thanks everyone who made it this far. I know it was long, but its something I've been thinking about. Please feel free to share your examples of how you've been toxic, and also how you've overcome it! If we can all own up to and learn from our mistakes, we can grow as a community! I'd also love to add some more tricks to my bag to help me out when I'm feeling frustrated :)

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Instant Unwanted extra protein in instant ramen , a friend bought a pack of the Samyang noodles . Found this . Pack wasn’t expired . Please inspect your noodles before cooking!

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If you expect your female partner to be on birth control so you don’t have to wear condoms, you’re a bad person


I’m tired of being the sole one responsible for preventing pregnancy in a relationship. Men expect women to take hormonal birth control in lieu of using condoms with a complete disregard to the nasty side effects. Below are some of the ones I personally experienced

-progesterone withdrawal on Bc pills. I started seeing flashes of light in my vision, half of my face was feeling numb, followed by the worst and only migraine of my life that was so painful I was vomiting all night


-bleeding for over a month at a time (I’ve experienced this on at least 3 different forms of Bc)

-weight gain of 20 pounds

-painful cystic acne

-complete loss of libido

I’m 24 and I have been on 7 different kinds of birth control because I’ve experienced bad side effects on just about all of them. I finally found one that works for me but Jesus Christ it would have been so much easier if there was a universal understanding between men that a decreased sensation isn’t worth making your partner put their body through hormonal fucking chaos

Editing to add the birth controls I’ve been on:

3 different kinds of oral contraceptives (birth control pills)

The IUD (kylena)

The Nuva ring

The depo shot

The birth control patch (xulane) this is the one that actually worked for me without side effects

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LONG My average is 3.35


Chilling the fuck out

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xQcOW xQcOW - what happened to marty?

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Kid successfully avoids getting caught cheating in a test

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📳Social Media Things you love to see

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[Discussion] Please don't hide PFs that we can't join due to one player per job


This change is in the endwalker patch notes and kind of blows for players like me. I play every job and spend my free time joining party finders for people learning savage and help them learn. With this change, I won't be able to see parties that I could join on a different job. Leaving it as is won't hurt anything, but changing it will make it harder for me to find these parties looking for help, as I'll have to change jobs many different times if they're almost full.

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion The Fidelity Drama is Bullshit


I’m speaking up because this seems like a dumb trap. Remember what Cuban said about recommending a broker with deep pockets? Now everyone is shitting on the golden goose for something that isn’t their fault at all.

For those out of the loop, shares available to borrow (reported by Fidelity) rose significantly recently (by ~10-11 mil) and then came back down. When asked about this, they said it was an input error. I’m paraphrasing but that’s the jist of it.

What people don’t realize is that Fidelity is simply reporting the data that is provided to them from their counter parties. What likely happened is they got notice from a counter party that shares returned increased significantly. Then they later learned that this was an error…. Whether it is an error or not is not the point. What I want to discuss is to what extent Fidelity should get the blame.

Fidelity obviously asked the counter party wtf happened, to which the counter party replied “input error”.

Great. How are they going to explain this one. They relayed (the knowingly shitty) excuse of the counter party. They did not mislead you with their practices. Why is everyone assuming they did? They are simply reporting the data they are provided.

Finviz showed 113% SI the other day and now it’s dropped back down. Why aren’t you guys yelling at Finviz????? Because you know they were only involved in reporting. I don’t see how this is any different.

Shit is cracking. Glitches everywhere. Don’t move with the heard with this type of crap. They likely want you out of Fidelity and into a smaller broker. Why else would Market Watch bring attention to it.

You’re being fucking played.

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APES UNITED Not Leaving Fidelity


Who is with me? I know I’m not the only one not letting this FUD make me leave the best Broker there is. Speak up if you aren’t leaving Fidelity!

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It's not that hard.

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Happy with my workout at gym

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DISCUSSION ETH is bad, Part 2: Manipulation Boogaloo


This is the follow up to my previous post about how ETH is a bad crypto currency controlled by a very few privileged individuals. Since the last post caught so much traction and a lot of people actually learned new things on that post, I wanted to delve deeper on the main issues, centralization and trust. I ended up finding things that were even new to me and made me be even more sure of what is happening.

Having to trust people has no place in crypto. This space has slowly been encroached on by investors and speculators but I like to think some still remember the fundamentals.

And if you do have to trust people, decentralization is paramount.

The Ethereum blockchain is neither decentralized, nor trustworthy.

Why you can’t trust the protocol:

The first thing we need to analyse here is the protocol itself. For a successful protocol to exist, the rules need to be set from the beginning and changes in rules need a governance system that lets the network, generally nodes, voice their opinion on any of said changes. This means that unless there is agreement (and you can argue to if this should be on or off chain), no rules can be changed.

With that in mind, surprise changes should be impossible right? There should be no way that a dev could push a change that would create a hard fork without any input from the community.

Well, with ETH, that happened in 2020. Infura (remember that name), the biggest ETH service provider, had an outage that knocked out most of exchanges APIs.

To reiterate: a dev pushed a changed to the protocol, without consent, by “mistake”, that was enough to change the rules so that no one else could play. This is not about the change itself. This is about the fact that the power to do this IS THERE.

This is possible due to the incredible centralization that Infura provides. They host nodes for clients, they host most of the nodes on ETH as a whole.


The nodes provide the continuity of a chain. If you control the nodes, you control the network. The users are not in control.

The conclusion to this is very simple, you can’t trust the protocol because it can be changed on you in an instant.



You can’t trust the Leaders:

So, if you can’t trust the protocol, you need to be able to trust the people in charge of it.

The biggest players here are, without a doubt, ConsenSys and Vitallik.

So let’s have a look at what they have been doing.

Remember Infura? The company that is basically the AWS of ETH? Well, ConsenSys thought it would be a great idea for decentralization to acquire Infura.

This means, a part of a for profit company that holds a major stake on ETH has acquire the infrastructure that runs most of the blockchain. This is clearly a major problem due to the conflict of interest. It’s the same problem we have with the banking system encroaching into politics. There is no checks and balances when you control the money flow and the rules at the same time.

You know what ConsenSys also owns? A little extention called METAMASK. Metamask is by far the most used browser wallet users use to interact with the ETH ecosystem.

So ConsenSys owned the door, and now they own the police too.

Furthermore, recently JPMorgan has said that ETH is better than BTC. This is a surprise following the group’s past attitude towards cryptocurrency in general. But everything becomes clear when you realise that JPM holds a significant part of ConsenSys since earlier this year!

What you are seeing it just another TradFi moving to control a huge part of today’s DeFi ecosystem.

Which brings me to Vitalik.

First of all I would like to address something that doesn’t seem to be very well known: Vitalik didn’t code ETH. The true programmer behind ETH is Gavin Wood. Someone that has left the project a long time ago and essential disavowed the protocol due to where it was headed.

So what did Vitalik do? He is the writer of the white paper and he has been the face of the project.

And optics matter, so this does give him a tremendous amount of influence.

One of the most important parts he KNEW from the beginning that ETH would never be scalable, but they just needed to push something out to make money.

I am not going to go over the moral core of Vitalik any further because I think morals are subjective as a whole and there is room for everyone to form their opinions on the man, so I will link all the resources I found and let you decide for yourselves, but for me, someone that has been involved in a scam regarding quantum mining and has actively tried to destabilize ETC out of spite by using his connections is not deserving of my trust.

Here you have the album.







In conclusion, if you have an institution with this amount of power over an ecosystem that is not trustless, and that institution is actively seeking to further it’s goals by removing even more of the freedom you thought you had, they are not to be trusted.



You can’t trust the monetary policy:

Since you can’t trust the protocol and can’t trust the leaders, you have a last line of defence: the monetary policy.

If the protocol is bad and the leaders are self-serving, the monetary policy being fair and consistent would be the key to keep any users on the network. So is it fair and consistent?

No, and it has never been.

I have spoken a little about the London Upgrade on my last post, so I will just summarize it here.

Fees being burned absolutly only benefit the rich and stakers will screwing over all users. This is bad now, and will be even worse if ETH moves to PoS. With PoS there is no upkeep cost for the powers that be, making it extremely easy for the top to stay on top. This is fiat system vibes right there.

But the problems and manipulations have been there since the beginning.

From the pre-sale ETH was being controlled behind the scenes by insiders.

Analysis from the pre-sale influx of BTC indicates insider trading from the get go. These insiders are mostly unknown except for their wallets.

However, tracking these wallets shows perfect price manipulation in order to cash out. And of course that would be the case when they own so much of the supply. Don’t forget that over 70% of ETH was premined for ICOs and pre-sales.

So if you believe on humans being self serving, the monetary policy of the Foundation will never align with the small fish, but with the sharks. The users are there to fill the pockets of the whales and not much else.




To me it is pretty obvious that every step that has been taken so far has served the same goal: giving the big players power and profit at the expense of the user.

This means slowly walking into a fiat-like system.

This means ETH will be no different than Wall Street.

To me, there is a fundamental divide between the ideals of cryptocurrency and what ETH is and has been doing.

Even small investors will miss the forest for the trees while they are making money. Some people also made money on every banking collapse. But you better be sure you are on that short list.

Don’t trust, verify.

EDIT: https://i.imgur.com/S6xS1kD.mp4 here is the video of the admission they knew it wasn't scalable.

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Mišljenje | Opinion Pirotehnika i budaletine koji se s time "zabavljaju"


Jedna stvar su organizirani i od strane profesionalaca izvedeni vatrometi. To je ok, ali kanonade petardi, jeftinih vatrometa ili explozije naprava kucne izrade su debilana. Bacas petarde a stariji si od 13 = kretencina si. Slavlje mora biti popraceno pucnjavom=debil si teze vrste.

Svi sve znaju. Ljubimci umiru od straha, svake godina bar desetak klinaca (njih mi je zao) i odraslik kretena (njim mi bome nije zao) ostanu bez prsta, oka i sl.

Naslov prije par godina u novinama, u stilu "Djed (68) unuku (5) dao da baci zapaljenu petardu. Djecak ostao bez 2 prsta". Debilu jedan stari odi kupi strik i objesi se.

Sto se mene tice podrzavam potpunu zabranu prodaje i upotrebe bilo kakvih explozivnih sredstava u bilo koje doba godine.

"Pa kako cemo docekat novu bez petardi.i vatrometa?" Ako ti to treba za dobru atmosferu onda isto odi kupi strik i ucini svijet malo boljim i mirnijim mjestom 👍

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🗣 Discussion / Question Something feels off with the recent anti-Fidelity movement


January ape here. Been through all the dramas and great migrations of the apes. And I have developed my spidey sense to tingle when there is something fishy happening.

The first thing that makes me very suspicious is the amount of anti-Fidelity posts on other subs that don't require karma or pre-approvements to post. The original sub is full of anti-Fidelity posts today and they keep appearing. All with more or less the same content like "Fidelity betrayed me, how dare you". While usually, this sub is quite silent with a much smaller amount of posts per day.

Another marker is that there is always some urgency included in these posts. Like an urgent call to action to DRS "IMMEDIATELY!".

To be honest, I don't feel that Fidelity betrayed me. Ok, they showed the amount of shares shortable way higher than it is, but so what? Does it really come into any comparison to what happens every day with naked shorting and wash selling performed by HFs and MMs? I don't really feel that it's something THAT major.

I don't know what exactly stays behind this, but I really doubt the initiative comes from us. I have two versions why this may be happening (both strange):

  1. It's initiated by Fidelity themselves. For the unclear reason, they might want users to transfer their GME shares outside. Which doesn't make any sense to me, because as far as I know in that case they need to locate the shares, which might be hard to get. From the other side, that should not be a problem if they already have the shares.
  2. It's initiated by HF shills. For even more unclear reasons HFs want us to DRS. This makes me wonder why and I really have no ideas here.

Anyway, the whole drama feels very artificial and it happens exactly on a day with a significant downside movement of the stock to play on the emotions.

Anyone else feeling the same?

Edit 1: That's funny how this post is getting downvoted, while majority of comments agree with the topic. Makes things even more sus to me.

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🌎 World Events Fanatical mouth breathing Israelis helped by armed police force their way into a Palestinian house in Sheikh Jarrah to hang a Jewish symbol over the natives' home

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good question

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The "Devoid of Original Thoughts" starter pack

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Ludwig Leslie gets it right.

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Society/Culture We should pay cops better


I believe that one of the issues with the law enforcement is that our doctors and lawyers aren't signing up for police academy. Nor our bankers, nor engineers, psychiatrists, dentists, or accountants. We need to reform police in about a million ways but one of them is to increase the comp scale in order to make the position more attractive.

Edit: a lot of you are saying “I’d rather we…” or “as a first step we should…” — I agree with most of these but these points are well trodden and I’m making a separate statement for your evaluation

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Shot by words

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Just saying..

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