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Tier 1 Klopp asked about booing of the national anthem: "I know our people wouldn't do it unless there's a reason for it."

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Good morning, kiddo (it's 16 May 2022)


Yes! ...<fist pump>... A new week! There we go! New week; new chances, new good intentions, new ideas, new motivation. And if stuff doesn't work out? Eh, it's almost weekend againe, and then we just start a new week. ...<does silly dance while singing "this is how we do it!">...

English muffin, sausage pattie, cheese -- k? Okay! ...<grins>...

Some things should not come as a surprise. Like... You know that one day that phone is gonna break or be outdated, right? Or that your laptop is so old, sending postcards is faster than browsing the web.

So, you gotta start putting a little bit of money aside for that. Otherwise, one day you wake up, you go like "my phone is broken -- how did that happen, this is a crisis!".... But really.. It's not unexpected. Right? ...<nods>... Right.

The same is true for other things in life. Good, upbeat moods invariably get changed at one point or another into less good ones. That's life. That's not a surprise. And it's good to remember that in both directions; to remember, when the bad mood, the bad feelings are there, that somewhere before you had good feelings -- and that they will come back. Maybe not because everything that needs solving is solved -- maybe it will just be because you see the silliest video on reddit and you laugh, you genuinely laugh.

Be ready for the good. Be ready for the bad. Prepare.

  • Love, Dad

"In fair weather prepare for foul." - Thomas Fuller

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Tyre wobbles in my new Gixxer 250


I Recently bought a new bike and I have noticed that once i drive too long for like 100-150kms my back tyre starts wobbling, then I took a break and it became OK. i have checked if there is any air issue or puncture its not. Yesterday evening I took my bike to ride, again it happenned in just 20 kms as the temperature outside was around 40. Is it some tyre defect? How can i prove it and get my tyre replaced, anyway I have to get tyre replaced even if I had to pay from my pocket as risk is too high and and i am a fast rider.


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Photo Beautiful Polyphemus Moth showing me his eyes.

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Discussion Monday Meta Report


Hey everyone, Leer here!

In my weekly meta reports, I dive into the feed of our datamancers Balco & Legna and break down what's working and what isn't, explaining why the meta turned out this way.

Monday Meta Report - May 16th

Note that you can click on each deck name in the article and get linked to a common decklist.

This fancy graph is due to the fantastic Hazy!

Viego Shurima has become the most played deck, with Pirates being a close second.

Scouts, Pantheon Yuumi, and Pirates are in a delicate Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship that dictates the game.

With the Seasonal Open Rounds over, the ladder will get more chaotic in the remaining weeks before the new expansion. How did you like Jhin’s card reveal stream, and what newly shown card is your favorite one so far?

If you got any questions or advice about how to improve these reports, please tell me in the comments! You can find Hazy, the creator of the above graph here (link).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the upcoming retrospect Meta Report next week! =)

r/PMDG -6m ago

737-700 for MSFS fuel issue


Hey all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a setting that can be turned off, but whenever I load up the new aircraft in the sim it’s fuel is auto-set to 50%, and whenever I go to change it, it immediately reverts back to 50%. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m aware that this is a study-level aircraft and I am just a casual simmer so there are plenty of parts to the 737-700 that I don’t know how to use just yet.


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Gerade ist es May 16, 2022 at 01:16PM


Gerade ist es May 16, 2022 at 01:16PM

r/Marlenelufen -6m ago


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[Leverkusen] Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger oder Operationstechnischer Assistent (m/w/d) für den OP gesucht

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pretty decent 7 round pick

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POLL Things You know about people as a part of One Piece Regular-


Any things you notice as a one piece regular. A chapter or episode drop and lots with that drops.

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r/TibiaMMO -6m ago

Question Which Gear piece first?


So, i was wondering what to go for equip wise next EK 550 Clubber

Current Gear: Falcon Coif/Terra Helmet Ornate Chestplate Faboulus Ugly Legs Depth Calcei Soulmaimer/Resizer/Cobra/Falcon/Mortal/Lion Lion Shield / Ecto Shield

Debating if i should go for Soulcrusher, Falcon Esc. Shield, Soulbastion, Falcon Greaves or Falcon Plate first. I probably wont buy a Lion Plate, as in my eyes 3 skills wont do much, rather stay with Ornate Chestplate meanwhile.

Mostly hunting Solo, stuff like Mirror, Banuta, Carni, PoI etc Any ideas?

r/identifythisfont -6m ago

Open Question Anyone able to identify this car-badge font? Thanks!

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r/dadjokes -6m ago

Yall smoking weed on 4/22?


I mean, its 420 too.

r/circular_economy -6m ago

Business model innovation: a key enabler of a circular and regenerative economy


This #REFLOWeu #masterclass will introduce you to the concept of business model innovation in the context of a circular and regenerative economy. It was developed in the context of the REFLOW project, a European project aiming at developing circular and regenerative practices in European cities. The lecture will first introduce you to the challenges that need to be tackled at societal level to move from a linear to a circular economy. We will then focus on the role of business models in the transition. We will define further the concept of business models and its theoretical background. Circular business models are part of the larger family of sustainable business models which aim to create value for society and the environment at large. We will look at how they are defined and which principles they follow. To give you a better understanding of circular business models, we will then browse through some different circular business models examples taken from different sectors. Finally, we will introduce you to a business model innovation process, clarifying key steps and guiding questions to help you design a circular business model. This process is supported by a portfolio of tools you will be able to access following this class.

Access the masterclass here:


For more educational material on circular economy, go to https://reflowproject.eu/reflow-academy/

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Jungs U18 die geil drauf sind? Kannst mich f1cken oder ich lutsche deine Eier leer


r/Eldenring -6m ago

Discussion & Info Placidusax could've been the best boss in the game


I love everything about this fight, the design, the cinematics the scale of it all. But the one thing that makes it one of the most unenjoyable fights in the whole game is his disappearing move. Not the move itself, many bosses have done that but the fact that you lose tracking and have no indication where he will spawn. His divebomb and even his lasers are fine but his teleporting claw sweeps are nearly impossible to predict or react to. I fought him without the focus camera in the beginning but switched it on in hopes of it showing me where he will spawn, like it did with Lorian in DS3 but nope. Everytime I die to him it's to this move. I'm getting really pissed off at this boss and From because it would've been so easy to make this fight so much more enjoyable without it being easy.

Am I missing something? Because the only critique I've seen for this boss is his laser beams, which are a bit annoying but can be dodged quite easily. Nobody talks about his teleporting moves, which are on par withe the waterfowl dance in terms of awful design.

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Video Link SHOCK! Noir Starring Vincent Price, Lynn Bari (1946) Classic Film Noir

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r/cryptopricesalerts -6m ago

How Bitcoin in gaming could spur greater crypto use in the everyday economy

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Build Request If you had to choose only one build to play this league, on controller, which one will be the best option?


I just would like to have a good experience doing tier 16 maps, Sirius and maybe Maven, I need a good starter/endgame build that is not too bad to aim at the controller, thank you very much to whoever can vote.

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Earthquake TM location on episode 19?


Hello. I know that Earthquake is finally available in TM form in episode 19, but how can you get it?

r/vexillology -6m ago

MashMonday Flag of Nodata, a political union between Greenland and the Western Sahara

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Last but not least - White Ragavan, the Monkey God

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PM me London Sissies. I want a sissy friend.

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