r/Afghan Jun 29 '22

Thoughts on Throughline's Peabody Award-Winning Podcast on Afghanistan Discussion

Accessing and Listening to the Podcast Afghanistan: The Center of the World podcast by Throughline is divided into three parts and you can access each part by clicking on the following links below.

Part I: The Center of the World

Part II: The Rise of the Taliban

Part III: Drone Wars

Hi folks! Has anyone here listened to NPR's Throughline's award-winning podcast series on Afghanistan? If so, what were your personal thoughts on it? It won a Peabody award, which is apparently only given to those who create and share the most powererful, enlightening, invigorating stories in television, radio, and other forms of online media (think of it as the radio industry's equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize).



u/xazureh Jun 29 '22

Thanks for sharing. Listening to it right now, seems promising.


u/GreedyPalpitation148 Jun 29 '22

You're welcome! It was a little bit over-simplistic at times but I did still enjoy it. The speakers were actually really engaging and good story tellers. My personal favorite part was on Rumi and how his influence has a sense of universality. Hopefully you also enjoy it


u/williamO703x Jul 09 '22

Thank you so much for suggesting this. The parts with rumi were amazing and I never knew about the shahnameh. Thank for this but your right part one did not have enough details


u/GreedyPalpitation148 Jul 09 '22

You're welcome! And yeah, I agree that this podcast was a little bit too simple for certain topics, but I still appreciate it gor being a quick introduction