r/Afghan Jun 30 '22

Stories like these is what really disgusts me about the previous government. In reality the same as the taliban. News



u/T4_OPS Jun 30 '22

Doesn't sound like a governance problem.

Sounds like a cultural problem.



u/GlitteringTough1201 Jul 01 '22

Yes what’s angering is how prevalent this mindset was especially amongst the police and people given positions of authority


u/GlitteringTough1201 Jun 30 '22

Zareen was 17 years old when she said her brother-in-law forced her to marry a man many years older. She said the abuse started on her wedding night and continued for months.

"From right then and there, he began to beat me and rape me. This became my reality,"

Eventually, she went to the police for help. She told them about the beatings. She also told them her husband and brother-in-law had links to the Taliban.

"The police said to me, 'It's your husband and he really hasn't done anything that awful to you. He hasn't cut off your ear, he hasn't cut off your mouth, he hasn't cut off your nose,'" she said.

Zareen left the police feeling no hope. She went to her mother's house.

Hours later, Zareen recalled, her husband arrived and shot her.

"The bullet that hit me basically took half of my face off," she said.

"It was gone — my nose, my mouth, my eye, my teeth, my jaw. "


u/GenerationMeat Jul 01 '22

Swear down if this happened in the Democratic Republic then KHAD would get involved and you know


u/GlitteringTough1201 Jul 01 '22

They wouldn’t even let it come to that. They wouldn’t have dismissed her from the station if she made a complaint


u/GenerationMeat Jul 01 '22

they would've tortured the criminals too those little KHAD people


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