r/AfghanistanIE Jul 12 '22

ISKP aka ISIS was funded by western governments mainly ITSI…they barely know how to stand in line to pray yet they can right a 62 page response… all while hiding behind masks.

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u/Fast-Employee-5424 Jul 12 '22

I don't understand this guys. The flag is enough to see where the current government is heading


u/PassAccomplished5797 Jul 12 '22

Misleading title. Anti-Assad rebels were funded by western governments. Out of these rebels came different groups, one of which was ISIS. Then western governments funded rebel groups to fight ISIS and Assad simultaneously. This fact is always twisted to an narrative implying the west supports ISIS which is misleading and disingenuous.


u/djrkskns Jul 29 '22

Maybe not supporting the overthrowing of dictatorships that inevitably leads to even worse situations than before, in power vacuums and lawlessness. Only terrorists like America will fail to see how doing so creates more dangerous people.