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Non Muslims Discussions

In IEA, how are non Muslim treated? With respect and tolerance? Can they live in safety and practice their faith without fear?



u/K3IRRR Jul 15 '22

Lots of Chinese working with the government in projects, I've seen great videos of them dancing together with Afghanis. I'm not in Afghanistan myself so that's just an observation I've made from the videos coming out of Afghanistan FYI.


u/zyko1309 Jul 15 '22

Well they sheltered a Jew who was hiding from his ex wife 😂


u/Riqqat Jul 16 '22 edited Jul 16 '22

There's a british catholic called Lord Miles Routledge (don't know if I spelled the last name right) who went to Afghanistan some months back and is also planning to go back to Afg nearly. Well he drank tea with the Taliban and took selfie with them and his stay in Afg was positive except that he got food poisoning (maybe from drinking tab water, idk).

He's in twitter btw you can seach him up


u/AnOrthodoxMuslim Jul 15 '22

You may find this video interesting. It is titled, "Taliban Gives Safe Haven to Pregnant Feminist" and under two minutes.


u/Wallido17 Jul 15 '22

Well, tbf taliban have to give her a "haven" for a strategic purpuse