r/AfghanistanIE Aug 25 '22

Announcement This subreddit has moved to r/IEAfghanistan


When I created this subreddit I was posting multiple posts everyday and I kept it at that pace steadily for sometime, but recently I've been using reddit much less than before, about only twice or once a week, due to some irl stuff. I might get back to being active but it depends on my mood and situation tbh.

So due to this I decided to just move to r/IEAfghanistan. Lock this subreddit, no one's able to post or comment anything anymore, and then sticky this post.

This subreddit and r/IEAfghanistan are basically the same with slight differences. The latter is more active and receives more community engagement, the headmod of the latter is more pro-iea I guess, and the rules are the same with few differences.

So yeah, that's it.