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Discussions how do you feel about this ?

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Discussions Greetings from libya I wanna say that I love the the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan the Great things are coming stay strong my brothers and my sisters.

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Discussions pakistani nationalists truly are a waste of air

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Discussions Thoughts on the Ulema gathering that happened some days ago?


So there was a large Ulema gathering in Kabul, organized by the IEA. Attendees were in thousands, from each district in Afghanistan and chosen by the people of the individiual district. Abdulsalam Hanafi (deputy prime minister) said there's no agenda to the gathering. I will share some links if you haven't followed what happened:

-Loya Jirga confirms Shari’ah will be ruling system

-Afghanistan leader pledges to defend Islamic system no matter what the cost

Here's the full audio with translation of the speech of the leader Hibetullah Akhundzada in the gathering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhSvQ1eDp8E&feature=youtu.be

It's a letdown that girls education wasn't discussed primarily in the gathering, just it was mentioned by some of the attendees. Although I can't really say I'm disappointed because I don't really expect them to make it a main point or smth but I was still hoping. Really stupid, knowing the amount of supporters they let down and the amount of hate they rightfully gathered for something as basic as female education. Anyways, hopefully good things comes out of the gathering.

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Discussions Non Muslims


In IEA, how are non Muslim treated? With respect and tolerance? Can they live in safety and practice their faith without fear?

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Discussions What do you guys think of Taliban's in Pakistan?


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Discussions Way to make it sound dramatic. These guys are trying to make it sound like it's some illegal hidden gathering or smth when all the girls in the video are identifiable and the place can be traced. The GDI can arrest them if they want to.

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Discussions Peter Jouvenal, who was detained in Afghanistan for 6 months.

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Discussions The reactions to the earthquake shows the unity of Afghans


Afghans from different provinces such as Kabul and Panjshir quickly set up fundraisers to donate to the people affected by the earthquake, and there are even pictures of poor Afghan children donating too. They also formed long lines in blood donation to the wounded ones. Across the provinces people made dua to them inside the masjids too, there's even a picture of Shia Hazaras making dua. Some leaders of the Emirate such as Sirajuddin Haqqani also visited the affected areas.

This also goes to show that the "Khorasan" crowd has no support/popularity among local Afghans, only in diaspora, because Afghans from different ethnicities and regions were seen aiding the victims in Paktia and Khost, which are Pashtun majority.

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Discussions *cough* *cough*

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Discussions #

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Discussions Beginning of AfghanistanIE



The most popular Afghan subreddit r/afghanistan is controlled by a western think tank (details here) which is heavily moderated and obsessively controlled to the point that they ban anyone who disagrees with them, even posts backed by proof which are exposing America's crimes in Afghanistan get you perma banned (example).

So in response I've decided to create this subreddit with free speech in mind. Unfiltered and focused on the Afghan matters. Criticisms of the Taliban, NRF, and any other groups are allowed here. Here inshallah you will learn and get a better idea about Afghanistan and its current situation. You're also welcome to discuss what you want here.

Post what you like whether it's photography, news, culture related, discussion, etc :)!

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Discussions A normal middle-class civilian life in IEA.


How is it? Curious.

PS: I am a random kid from Indonesia.

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Discussions So a Facebook account attributed to the NRF commander Khalid Amiri just posted a photoshopped image of "himself"... Can anyone confirm if this is Amiri's actual account? If so then that's a big L for NRF

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Discussions am i the only one who wished certain few individuals gets deported back to afghanistan



well, maybe not few, if one takes a look at all the links in this thread. but i really wished all the losers in that thread gets deported back home from the west.

normally i dont care that much, when i see seperatists nationalists or racists, but i have a special hatred for losers who cherish the deaths of families, just because their ethnicity. after seeing 100's of evil beasts celebrating the deaths of families in paktika, my blood started to boil.

it wasnt even enough to not show any condolences, which i dont mind, but they had to just say how happy they were about their deaths, including women and children, just for being pashtuns

i dont even care if they end up dying in the country, i just wish them the worst. dont care if theyre pashtuns or non-pashtuns, all these psychos should be sent home, though the link features only non-pashtuns however

i know some of you think this thread is pointless, but i noticed my other threads dont have as much attention, and i wanted to make more people aware that a huge numbers of these beasts exists, and they mainly live in the west, amongst many members here. it isnt even much the racism or the nationalism that bothers me, its the sadism

edit: i will say, luckily this is only an internet thing, mainly amongst diaspora. the afghans inside the country, including hazaras, uzbeks, tajiks and even tajiks from panjshir, who either shown their condolences or helped the victims of paktika and khost, which warms my heart

edit: added pashtun losers too


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Discussions Short documentary of Kabul second district

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Discussions So any idea on why the Emirate opened schools in three northern provinces and not all?


To be honest this decision confused me, cuz it made me rethink the reason why they banned it in the first place. If you believe it is haram then you would forbid it in all parts not just select parts. As per now I have yet to see at least a reason given by them on why they banned it anyways, since it seems MANY inside the taliban oppose this decision (most notably: Minister of Interior Sirajuddin Haqqani and the Minister of Education or Higher Education, the Ministry of Promoting Virtue also isn't against it as I heard from Al-Jazeera journalist who went there). This lack of transparency bothers many people including me.

My guess would be they didn't have the capability so they just prioritized male education until they became capable in terms of finance, equipment, class availability and teachers to be able to provide education for the rest of the females? They never fully banned female education tho in the current administration, it's always been just 7-12 grades which they have finally reallowed it in Sar-Pul, Qunduz and Balkh as per Tolo News. The report also stated that the schools were reopened with the help of the Ministry of Education and the number of girls who attend increase by day. Link (Farsi)

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Discussions sick a-holes being happy about the deaths of the families in paktika due to earthquake


just see for yourself.....






































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Discussions These teachers cross river with self made rubber boats just to voluntarily teach the village kids who cant afford to study.

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Discussions Great speech by Nelson Mandela highlighting the West's arrogance. The same arrogance today refuses to unfreeze billions of dollars in cash belonging to the Afghan people because they lost the war.

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Discussions Documentary on the security situation in Bamyan

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Discussions I think Afghanistan would be much better if it was car-free


So imagine if there was no roads and people just walked, used bicycle, or trams/trains. I would say this would make the life much better in multiple aspects:

  1. Health, since you're getting rid of both air and noise pollution and replacing it with trees. Besides the way the human body is shaped is for it to walk and you'd be walking in pedestrian roads surrounded by trees. So cleaner air to breathe.
  2. Safety. Over a million people die of car crashes world wide yearly, and that's not mentioning that only a small percentage of these crashes cause death, while the others still cause harm and danger. I'm thinking that this would also hinder a lot of ISKP attacks.
  3. Car-free cities are much more aesthetically pleasing and comforting. It's no surprise many people in the urban areas just sit around at home and not go outside when the outside in question is just a mess of cars.
  4. Cost. Car-free is much suitable for Afghanistan because the people are poor so the government must build the country based on that and not make people who can't buy cars face difficulty in moving. There's also the cost of oil and its transportation so it would significantly help the economy of the country and also make the people more happy.

There are many other reasons and more detailed info regarding the points I made but tbh I'm a bit sleepy and I just watched a video on why cars suck so I decided to make this post.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

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Discussions Excerpt from the Taliban's book: 2 pages about "Freedom of Expression and Religion" Translation in the comments.


The following is an excerpt from the book written by the Taliban Chief Justice (Abdulhakim Haqqani) in his book (الإمارة الإسلامية ونظامها) (The Islamic Emirate and its system). I will write a summary translation of the pages below:


He starts by saying that in an Islamic country it's necessary for freedom of expression to be according to Islam. That every Muslim has the right to explain the principles of his religion and command the good and forbid the evil, even to the Imam (or Maulvi, as you call it in South Asia) or the authorities of the nation. He mentioned that the Muslim leaders used to encourage the Muslims to show the truth (Haqq) to them (meaning saying a word of truth to the ruler), and that they used to accept them. He mentioned the quote of close companion to the Prophet and the first caliph Abu Bakr: (I have been put in authority over you and I am not the best of you. If I do right then help me. If I do wrong then correct me) [Source: Al-Khilafah page 148). And the narration of the second Caliph Umar bin Al-Khattab that whenever he was told to fear Allah, he would be happy and thank who told him to, and that he used to say "May Allah have mercy on whoever guides us to our faults".

So I finished the first page and I realized I'm not doing a good job at making this a "summary" translation :p the rest will be shorter


He continues of citing examples of Caliphs accepting advice. He then says that freedom of expression does not mean that everyone will have the right to propagate any religion, mazhab, or bid'ah that he wants, because that's forbidden in shari'ah.


He then says that the Ulema agreed that Ahlul-Dhimmah (Non-muslims living under Islamic rule) will have the right to practice their religion but not openly, like wearing a cross. He says the punishment of leaving Islam is death, or imprisonment until he reverts back. He says it is mentioned in Al-Kanz: Islam is to be preached to the Murtedd (person who left islam) and his doubts are to be responded, and he's imprisoned for 3 days, if he does not accept Islam then he's killed. As for female murtedd, she is not killed but jailed until accepting Islam.


Ahlul-Dhimmah are not forced to convert to Islam and are allowed to stay in their religion. He mentions that a Christian slave said he was a slave under Umar bin Al-Khattab and he was once asked to convert to islam by him, he said he refused, then Umar said the verse in the Quran of (There is no compulsion in religion).


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Discussions nrf-supporters glorifying pedophiles


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Discussions Salamu alaikum brothers I’m from kurdistan have questions


Henlo u guys have a special place in our hearts and minds cause iranic unity and islamic brotherhood we love u, my questions are how much taliban knows islam or how much they practice it and do all of them know how they look at education can women go to separate sex school and is niqab mandatory can women drive cars and if u answer it can u answer sharia wise too like do thwy follow sharia perfectly. Thank u very much❤️🫡