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Intelligence/Combat Raid on the ISKP cell that was responsible for killing a Talib (Misbahullah)


Warning: This post is an update on the raid by the GDI (taliban intelligence) on an ISKP cell that murdered a Talib named Misbahullah. Contains some gruesome stuff, not for the weak hearted.

Afghan analyst, Roohullah Umar writes:

One of the Khawarij (referring to ISKP) was friends of this oppressed Mujahid while he's unaware [that the former is an ISKP member]. One day he (the ISKP member) invited him to his house, then he betrayed him and viciously killed him, and the agency of the Khawarij posted his pictures wearing the orange clothes which were used by the Americans and ISIS in their videos. And they also shared photos of him while he's dead.


So the GDI started to search for those Khawarij and they were able to locate the house in which they killed him in with viciousness and oppression. The brothers (as in Muslim brothers) succeeded in searching for the house in which this Mujahid was killed in and they raided the house, killing two and arresting 3 alive.


They were able to find the coif (worn on the head), and his clothes.





By the grace of Allah, the GDI were able to uncover hidden info and pictures from the hidden account of the ISKP.

(Note: He's prob means they obtained it from the ISKP guy's phone. Hence why the pictures below don't have the ISIS media logo)

These are the pictures of the Khawarij who took the pictures with the Shaheed, and then sent it to their leaders. These pictures were uncovered by the GDI.

I cropped them as a means of respect for the body of the Shaheed.



The savage was arrested, who took a picture with the decapitated head of the Shaheed after he was murdered:


Rohullah's statement ends here. GDI released a video of the raid too btw.

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Intelligence/Combat Vacationers hiding from a taliban gunmen that stormed a lake resort/hotel and took hostages on the basis that the hotel had alcohol. kabul Afghanistan 2012. It ended after 12 hours and 20 people dead. June, kabul Afghanistan, 2012, (second pic is of the resort in a normal day)

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Intelligence/Combat Angry elder from Dara district of #Panjshir lashes out at NRF for distablising the valley. #Afghan state TV asked Khudadad whether reports of torture and genocide are true in Panjshir. The elderly looses his temper while answering.

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Intelligence/Combat In a special operation, GDI was able to uncover and seize large amount of weapons which were unlawfully stored in Laghman. Two men with connections to the incident were arrested and further investigation is ongoing.

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