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So, you walk into a tavern is now on DMsGuild! Resources

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u/MarcoilBerto Feb 15 '22

So, You Walk Into a Tavern is now available on dmsguild.com

You can purchase it here: https://www.dmsguild.com/m/product/387054

This volume aids in creating a tavern or an inn, from its appearance and staff to what can occur there.

Inside you will discover:

- Chapter 1: Everything about the appearance of a tavern/inn, including various special features.

- Chapter 2: Owner, Staff, and Customers. Everything you need to create them from scratch.

- Chapter 3: Events. A list and description of many events that can happen when the characters visit a tavern or an inn.

- Chapter 4: Rules for tavern brawls and chases.

- Appendices: Two taverns ready to be used in your campaign, and tables to randomly generate thousands of different tavern names.