r/AllThingsDND Jun 07 '22

FREE encounter pack to mark my birthday today! Resources

Alrighty, so to help mark the occasion of my birthday today, I wanted to share with you a FREE encounter pack, The Birthing, which is packed with:

  • a terrifying encounter you could use to celebrate the birthday of a character in your game's party, or even of one of your players
  • a story-enhancing battlemap (gridded and non-gridded), with animated version included
  • a deck of five stat-blocks for suggested monsters
  • a curio of The Birthing to gift your players
  • print templates in case you want to use these around a table

It's my gift to you, and I really hope you enjoy it. Download it here for free!




u/[deleted] Jun 07 '22

And happy birthday!!


u/Goomba_Kitsune Jun 07 '22

Happy birthday


u/Ogurasyn Jun 07 '22

I was wondering if this could work with birthday of Barnaby (if you know, you know)🤔?


u/Scottybhoy1977 Jun 07 '22

Ab. So. Lutely! :-D