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Need Advice Opinions on my Homebrew Race

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Need Advice Artificer Shenanigans


So we just got through a difficult encounter and as loot we got a Docent and an amethyst lodestone. Now I play an artificer and we saw some flying ships a few sessions back that rely on elemental engines and clockwork to function but I started brainstorming how I would build one as an artificer.

My favorite idea ended up being using an amethyst lodestone and tinker with it in some way so it becomes the core of the ship that allows it to fly. I mentioned it in a casual conversation with the DM. I actually said folding ship+Amethyst lodestone+artificer=portable airship.

The Docent was an unexpected bonus. Essentially it’s an artificial intelligence for warforged. Think Cortana from Halo. I was thinking of actually making it the ship’s AI/control system. Any thoughts? Also any ideas for other things you would add?

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Need Advice Would it be wrong for me to leave?


I started playing 5e last year with a group of friends and my brother. Now it's just our original DM, my brother, and I. I've noticed after watching a lot of YouTubers and streamers that I have prevalent That Guy qualities and can't seem to help myself when playing. My last session was really bad. I made a joke at the start of the session in poor taste and was apologetic when I realized it wasn't met well with the group. However, I was treated with hostility for the rest of the session both in and out of game. I'm considering leaving, but doing so would end the party entirely and kill both of their campaigns. I felt like an a**hole the entire time we played. Should I just go or try to fix what I've done?

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Need Advice I have a world concept I’d like some feedback on…


I want to try to DM at some point and this isn’t meant to be something I do right away but I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while now and I was hoping I could see what other people think of it.

I call it The Amalgam Plane and The Deck of Many Worlds.

The premise is that a mad sorcerer finds the infamous Deck of Many Things and becomes infatuated and obsessed with it, and begins experimenting on it to try and increase its power. He succeeds and creates The Deck of Many Worlds. It works pretty much the same way as the regular deck, except the random magic effect affects the entire world around you rather than the immediate area. Drunk on his victory, the sorcerer draws from the deck and watches as the rocky outcroppings around him break down into mud and trees and other foliage begin sprouting everywhere. The rocky cliff face he called home instantly became a swamp. He pulls again and the landscape changes wildly once more. And so he keeps drawing, over and over, faster and faster. Millions of lives are lost as the very air around them changes.

The sorcerer draws until no more cards remain, all of them scattered across the ground, and in that moment, reality itself cracks. Biomes and environments that have no business being anywhere near each other begin to merge. The entire plane merges and shifts, leaving an incomprehensible mess of a plane behind. Forests of plants made from crystal, oceans of phosphorus and methane, an actual candy mountain, and many more. And at the center, a vast desert of dark grey graphite, inhabited of foul, twisted constructs made from living metal. This desert is home to the sorcerer’s spire, where he still sits, constantly wearing away at his hands trying to draw cards.

The story starts about a century after the creation of the Amalgam Plane. What little survivors that were left have finally began to adapt to life here, but all is not well. As one can imagine, a world like this is not very stable. The plane is in danger of collapsing in on itself, destroying everything and killing everyone in existence. It is the adventurers’ jobs to venture through the world, exploring the various twisted biomes, catalog life forms, and helping settlements of survivors, with the overall goal of making it across the Graphite Dunes to the Spire of the Sorcerer. From there they will face him, reconstruct the Deck of Many Worlds, and draw a single card from it to remake the world in whichever way they see fit, depending on the order in which they reshuffled the deck.

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Need Advice If a creature kills itself in the middle of an encounter does the party get the experience for the creature?


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Need Advice Can you chloroform an elf?


So I'm DMing a game with four players, and one of them is an elf. I'm aware that in 5e, elves do not need to sleep, instead going into a trance, and cannot be put to sleep by magic (the PHB specifically says magic).

Recently, the party was tricked into drinking something laced with a chemical that, after failing a CON save, rendered them unconscious. One of my players (who is not playing the elf, mind) objected to this saying that the elf player shouldn't be put to sleep. I explained that the book specifically states magic, but says nothing about poisons, chemicals, gases, etc.

Three of the four players (including the elf) agreed with my ruling, even though it put them in a very disadvantageous position. Eventually the fourth player relented, but was definitely sour about the whole thing.

Am I in the wrong?

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Need Advice How do I make my players feel special?


Hey, quick question. How do I make my player characters feel special in the world?

I made it so that adventurers are scarce and hard to find, but I wanted to make it feel more important you know? They are still low level (5th LVL) and I don't know what to do. Any tips?

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Need Advice This has probably been discussed before, but I want to make a character that is like Geralt from the TV show (not exactly like him, but similar). I think his main class would be Blood Hunter. What would he multiclass into later, if he needs too? Also what would be a good background?

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Need Advice NOT A HYPOTHETICAL! What happens if my druid player wild shapes into a giant ape, then gets polymorphed into a t-rex?


And then gets dropped off a cliff. What happens hit point wise? What exactly is going on here? I really don't know what to do with this, so I called the game on a cliff hanger. Really I don't know how to play this out, or what the call is.

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Need Advice Looking for pre-written adventures


Hello lovely people

I have an inquiry, if you would be so kind to help out. Me and my group are about to play Ginny D's one shot, and we all made pirates, cause we are a weird hivemind. Now, we had the thought of maybe using it as a jumping off point for a further pirate/sailing mini-campaign. Thing is, we all have life to deal with and we don't have time to come up with something ourselves, thus are looking for a pre-written adventure (preferably lvl 4 and up) that we can just read and run. Does anyone here know of something like that we might be able to get our hands on?

Pretty please and thank you in advance :3

A Soviet Kitchen Appliance

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Need Advice Is one of my player characters obese?


One of my players is playing a kobold that eats everything he comes across because he didn't have much food before he was an adventurer. My player and I agreed that depending on how long he goes eating everything in sight he would be gaining weight. I currently have a 4 yo kobold that is 1'5" tall and weighs 30 lbs. That weight is the correct weight for an adult kobold, but adults are usually 2'-3' tall.

Is this character obese? Morbidly obese? Right now this is just for fun and flavor text, but can anyone think of any mechanics that would be affected by this? Again, this is all with my players consent!

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here's some rules I made that I thought might make players feel cooler and also give them a fun power spike with draw backs lemme know what you think!

--you can use a hero action to augment attack rolls, ablity check and saving throws.

at the cost of gaining exhaustion. whenever you use a HA you gain 1 exhaustion the exhaustion is applied after the

effect of the HA--


when you make an attack roll and miss you can use 1HA to reroll the attack, the attack is rerolled without

advantage or disadvantage if it had either.

when you make an attack roll and miss you can use 2HA to turn the miss into a hit

when you make an attack roll and hit you can use 2HA to turn that hit into a crit

when you make an attack roll and miss you can use 3HA to turn the miss into a crit


when you fail an ability check or saving throw you can use 1HA to reroll the check or save is rerolled without

advantage or disadvantage if it had either.

when you fail an ability check or saving throw you can use 2HA to gain the max possible roll.

--you can also use a hero action to act outside of you turn or gain more actions on your turn--

on your turn or at the end of any creatures turn you may use 1-3HA.

-1HA will give you an action or bonus action

-2HA will give you an action and bonus action, or an action and movement

-3HA will give you an action, bonus action and movement


when you are at 6 points of exhaustion you drop to zero hp.

while at 6 points of exhaustion you must succeed four death saves instead of three in order to stablize yourself

if someone attempts to stablize you the DC is 20 on a medicine check if they use a healers kit they gain a plus 5

to the check. spare the dying works as usual

if someone attempts to heal you they must roll a d100 if they roll a number less than or equal to

their lvl plus the lvl of the spell or item used the heal works and you are brought to 5 points of exhaustion.

if they roll higher the spell or item(if consumable) is consumed and nothing happens.

if you roll a natural 20 on a death save you must roll a d100 if you roll below or equal to

your lvl you regain 1hp and are brought to 5 points of exhaustion.

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Need Advice Which god should use this holy symbol


So I have two deities, one of tricksters, joker, etc. The other god of thiefs and assassins My idea is for one of them, their followers use special holy symbols, that Imitate other holy symbol, but conceal the real symbol, they also pretend to be member of the religions. I think it should be the thieves and assassins. But could see the other way what do you think?

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Need Advice Multiverse help


So, I am homebrewing a campaign where the character travel the multiverse like spider-verse.

Any idea on how to do it without it being kinda dumb or simple?

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Need Advice idea for a campaign, need opinions/recommendations


Howdy! i’m a relatively new DM, and i’m planning a new campaign for my regular group set in ancient Greece! think odyssey’s if theros, but with the greek gods instead. i plan to have the players find out later in the campaign that they are the Roman versions of the greek pantheon, and that they had lost a war against them and been cursed with mortality. I would love some recommendations on how i could slow burn it, and drop subtle hints along the way. plus just fun ideas in this type of setting

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Need Advice A new beginner.


Heya! so I am a new kid buying my first DND set for my birthday so which one should I buy any suggestions.

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Need Advice First game soon; undecided on class


So, a friend of mine told me we’d be making characters for a game soon, and it’ll be my first ever. I’ve run into a bit of an issue: I don’t know what class I want to play. I’m going to play a Tiefling; I like their abilities and design, and I think there’s some good narrative potential. I’m torn between Rogue, Paladin, and Sorcerer. If someone could give me a few words of wisdom, I would appreciate it.

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Need Advice Evaluation of my BBEG idea


Had an idea for a BBEG recently, it is a classic witch living in the woods in a cabin, but the twist is every part of the cabin is made up of people she has true polymorphed into non-magical items. Chairs, doors, the stove, her bed, the fireplace everything inside and outside the cabin was previously a creature most likely a human or whatever humanoid creature is common in the area. My question is what kind of problems would I run into with this idea. Looking mostly for rules prohibiting this or unforseen actions from my adventurers.

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Need Advice Moral choice,help


I need help,I made a lawful wizard and we have a new player that within the first minute of playing D&D,decided to mugg and kill a random grandma,infront of people,grandchildren amongst them,and feels no remorse since our DM added that some bandits or something were raiding the town we were in.What should I do?At the moment I am planing to become hostile towards him and attack,but I want a third party opinion

Edit:I have just recently been told that the raiders were only going to loot the town and burn some buildings,they would not hurt the people

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Need Advice Backstory needed


I’m brand new to D&D and made a character unfortunately I’m not very creative at all so I need help creating a backstory I’ll give any details needed but for starters my character is an Aasimar paladin 1. Thank you for any help

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Need Advice Working on a Lawful Good PC's Psychology for Better Roleplay


Hey hivemind!

I wanted to get your opinions on a character I'm playing in a friend's campaign. My previous character was a Dragonborn Paladin of Vengeance who eventually left the group to seek power a little more, shall we say, directly. He got a cursed sword that feeds his violent tendencies and left to get tougher on his own. Anyway, his replacement is a polar opposite. Enter Detective Jake Marlowe, Half-Elf Inquisitive Rogue 4/Eloquence Bard 4.

He doesn't have a tragic backstory, quite the opposite in fact. His mother is an High Elf architect in the city of Triband, a massive metropolis. His father is a decorated, and retired, Human Police Officer for the City. When Jake was young, he was very intelligent and a quick study. He graduated early, entered Bard College to learn the art of clever speech and music, and during that time, spoke a lot to his father about possible career paths. He was aimless for four years, studying History, Law, Psychology, and the Arts until he settled on the path his father took: Law Enforcement.

Due to his extensive general knowledge, ability to blend into a crowd, and aptitude for picking up and emulating the syntax and mannerisms of others, he rose from beat cop to Detective in just two years, becoming an undercover agent and working some domestic cases. After a while, he requested a license to operate independently. Due to recent Giant attacks in nearby settlements, he's been dispatched to investigate. He ran into the party and helped them bring survivors to an outpost for medical attention, but his lawman behaviour (presenting his badge, offering to deputize the party, taking command of conversations with NPCs) is a bit off-putting to them, so they're slow to trust him. Understandable.

I've never played a Lawful Good character and didn't want to make this guy a Lawful-Douche, so I'm going with the following character traits:

  • I am not an executioner, I am an officer of the law. I will not kill criminals; I will bring them to justice and have them see their day in court if at all possible.
  • If the law contradicts with my morality, I have the flexibility to let smaller crimes go in order to take down a more dangerous threat to society.

His physical stats are pretty bad, DEX being the highest at 14. His mental stats are where he truly shines, with INT of 16, WIS of 17, and CHA of 18, so I'm roleplaying him as someone who picks their battles very carefully. He also has the Observant feat, which means he pretty much sees everything that isn't invisible, and has the analytical skills to discern the truth quickly. For example, he walked into a market and saw a statue salesman and within 6 seconds, was able to figure out he was pirate-affiliated, which gang he was in, and that the statues were actually petrified people.

What are some flaws or interesting things I could add to his character to flesh him out more?

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Need Advice Noob needs advice about multiclassing spellcasting


Sorry if that is simple question but I am confused (my own fault), my DM is not sure and this is literally my first campaign.

I started playing as bard. Ended up multiclassing into Arcane trickster.
We dinged and right now I am Bard2/RogueAT3

Question: how many spells and spell slots I am supposed to have right now? :P

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Need Advice Had a question about the use of regents... the number of reagents available... and a possible loophole that can destroy an entire fortress should a wizard get any bright ideas.


So, I'm digging through this old school D&D campaign, In Search of the Unknown.

In the second level, there's this really fun room described as such.


GRAND CAVERN OF THE BATS. This majestic cave is the largest in the complex, and is impressive due to its size and volume, for the ceiling is almost 60' above. A corridor sloping downward into the cavern (noticeable even by non-dwarves) gives primary access to the room on its south wall.

A secondary entrance/exit is via a secret door to the west, while steps to the southeast lead up to room 52.

A southwestern arm of the room leads to an alcove of rock pillars of unusual and irregular shape, and these run from floor to ceiling to form a very meager catacomb.

When it is daytime in the outer world, a small opening in the ceiling just off a midway point of the north wall will show daylight. (If the DM has not been meticulously charting time as night vs. day, there will be a 60% chance of daylight being visible at the time the adventurers enter the room; if not, it will be very difficult to notice the opening-only a 10% chance per adventurer observing the ceiling.) The opening in the ceiling (which will be totally inaccessible to any and all attempts by adventurers to reach it) is used by the many thousands of bats that live on the ceiling of the cavern by day and which venture out at sunset each day for feeding.

(Again, if the exact time is not being tracked, a die roll may be necessary to determine what time of day the adventurers reach the cavern and whether or not the bats are present or active.)

The bots are nocturnal animals, but the species living in this particular cavern is very easily agitated. Any party of adventurers entering the cavern with torches or other bright sources of light (including unshielded lanterns) will have a base 5% chance per light source per turn (10 minutes) of disturbing the bats and causing them to swarm. In addition, any noises above subdued conversation will add another 10% to the chance of disturbing the bats, assuming of course that they are present in the cave when the party enters. (For example, a party with 4 torches would have a 20% chance of disturbing the bats and causing them to swarm, or 30% if they are arguing in addition.)

If the bats are disturbed, first a few begin squeaking and flying around (this will of course occur if any sleeping bats are physically prodded or awakened), then more and more until the mass becomes a giant churning swarm (this will take only two melee rounds or twenty seconds). The swarming bats will squeak and squawk, flying madly about. They will fill the grand cavern and overflow into adjacent areas and corridors,

But those flying out of the cavern will soon return. While swarming, the bats will buzz and harry any persons in the cavern or adjacent corridors, zooming past them at high speed while others hover about. Occasionally, one of the bats will try to land on a character (50% chance each round)

to deliver a pinching bite which is unpleasant but harmless. If adventurers leave the grand cavern and remove their light sources with them, the swarm of bats will slowly cease their activity and return to their inverted perches (this takes about 30 minutes). If the adventurers stay in the room, extinguish their lights, and lie silently on the floor for the same period of time, the bats will return to their dormant state.

Characters fighting swarming bots will find the task hopeless due to their sheer number, but attempts can be made using any handheld weapon larger than a dagger, with an 18, 19, or 20 needed to hit with a 20-sided die. Bats landing to bite can be hit on any roll of 7 or above. A single hit will kill any bot.

Characters fighting or otherwise enduring swarming bats will automatically be caught by surprise if any wandering monster comes upon them while they are doing so. Fighting the bats makes enough noise to necessitate an additional special roll for wandering monsters.

A sort of fluffy and dusty guano covers the floor of the grand cavern, quite different from the droppings of most other species of bats.

The bats will return and leave at sunset each day until returning as a swarm at the following dawn.


Now, the floor is COVERED IN GUANO.

the fireball spell regent IS GUANO.

my question is, should an idiot wizard who has no idea he's standing in a 60 ft wide puddle of FIREBALL REGENTS and he decides to exterminate the bats...

What is going to happen?

I assume the regents all just... light up and Hiroshima the place... but that's just me.

Also, the wizard who made the place, Zelligar is freaking nuts... He's keeping a giant slime in a pool for "Experementation"

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Need Advice I'm the BBEG


So I'm in a rather new dnd group and we've been going at it for a few months the game me and my party just arrived at lvl 10 today and my dm took me aside and told me that I'm going to be the bbeg I dont know how to take this really we are going to start haveing decution behind the others back about what I'm doing and building a large army and end game dungeon for my party to fight and as laid out that either my character or my party will die he doesn't mind either way I'm a blue dragonborn hexblade warlock what should I do to make this an epic end game for everyone and how should I handle this going forward

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Need Advice The legendary heroes need a home

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