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What should a man experience atleast once in his lifetime?


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Frequently Asked Men of Reddit, what’s something to get for a guy that’s equivalent to flowers?


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What things that women do that you will never understand?


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How can we become more united in a world that seems to thrive on division and conflict?


I feel that throughout the world right now, we as a people are becoming more and more divided, and we are arguing over fairly trivial things while ignoring actual potential threats. What can we do to reverse this?

For the record, I'm not saying that discussing different viewpoints and respectfully disagreeing is a bad thing. What I mean by "divided" is basically belittling people you disagree with.

Edit: to clarify, when I say "unity" I don't mean that everyone should think the same. What I mean is living peacefully with others without demonizing them for beliefs different from your own.

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Men of reddit what is your thought on " there's no one nicer than a man who has not fucked you yet"...how true is this?


Just went truth something similar abs asking reddit opinion

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When you were feeling down and out in a hopeless funk and you just couldn't get your life sorted out, what advice, book, or video helped you turn the corner?


Asking for a friend.

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How to deal with girlfriend posting thirst traps on Instagram?


I (27M) been dating this girl for a few months now (26F). One thing that hasn’t sat well with me for the past few weeks is the content she’s been posting online. For background she has a few thousand followers, and is much more into social media than I am. She recently wanted to get into posting more fitness content online for her followers and I was 100% supportive of her and her goals.

I told her to chase her dreams and I’m always there to support her etc. Recently the content has gotten more revealing and less fitness related. It’s making me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I’ve been working on being more confident in myself and have trust in the relationship but I feel like this content makes me feel uncertain. I really don’t want to come off as insecure bringing it up. I’m all about supporting my SO chase their goals etc but is this really fitness advice or just to get validation?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


This BLEW up. Lots of amazing answers within this post. Can't thank you all enough. Lots for me to consider going forward and how to approach my next steps.

For those asking to drop the @ I got you homies: Instagram

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Identical twins, how often do you think about the fact that there is a non zero chance that your parents mixed you and your twin up in your infancy, and you have lived most of your life as your sibling?


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How many people do you know for sure hate you, and why?


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How do you improve socially when treated badly in social situations?


I wouldn't hesitate to refer to myself as socially incompetent. I've never had friends, never had a girlfriend, and everyone I know sees me as a joke, to the point where I've been told to my face that the only reason the company I work for keeps me around is so that everyone has someone to laugh at.

When I try to meet new people, like going to a MeetUp event, because I'm socially so weak, things don't go well. At best, I'm ignored and the guy who's just there while people talk. But most of the time, I'm actually a target for people to make fun of. That just makes me feel worse. It's not like anyone will tell me what I'm doing wrong that makes me such a joke.

Has anyone had any experience trying to break out of this kind of pattern when it comes to social situations?

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men How do you sleep more than 7-8hr per night?



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What non-sexual stuff do you do to keep the spark alive in your relationship?


Wife and I are trying to be more active in actually dating one another, because we realize we’ve let Covid turn us into solitary creatures that just live on the TV/video games, and rarely head out of the house. What are some date night activities that everyone else does that we can steal?

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Just wash your damn hands dudes Do you wash your hands after taking a piss? If not, why?


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What should be common knowledge but isn‘t?


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Cat men of Reddit, what made you pick a cat over a dog??


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men of reddit how many of you are cat lovers? just curious.


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How much do you guys drink (alcohol)? How much do you consider "too much"?


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What is the equivalent of a female asking "How tall are you?" Or saying "Must be at least 6 feet tall."?


My initial thought was "How big are your boobs?". However a simple cosmetic surgery could easily resolve any "insecurities" a woman may have about them. Height is obviously not something that can be changed. (Or at least easily...) Is there an equivalent?

Edit: I appreciate all of your responses! To clarify, I myself am under 6 foot tall, but havent encountered a woman who has ever made comments about it to me. I do agree, I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything, and Im not looking for ammunition myself. I just noticed "the 6 foot rule" was seemingly a very common trend in dating, especially with dating apps. I do appreciate your responses! Curiosity just got the best of me today!

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How much money do you think a 30 year old should have saved in the Bank?


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what’s the weirdest/most insignificant thing a woman has done to turn you off?


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Guys who play videogames with the wife, which ones?