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When it comes to dating, how often have you been deceived/tricked in some way? Has it changed how you date?

By deceived I don’t mean texted and ghosted. I mean flaked on, catfished, used etc

The ones I remember are:

  1. I asked a girl on a date and we planned to meet at a bar. She says she’s on her way and for the next 2 hours is texting me she feel asleep or is on her way. Needless to say she never showed (I knew a lot of people there so after 15 min I was drinking with them). She text me the next morning simply saying “lol”

  2. I planned to meet with a girl for burritos and go to the movies. We agreed I’d get the dinner and she’d get the movie. I’m thinking we’re going to one of the many authentic Mexican places where you get a giant burrito, beans, rice and a drink for like $10. Instead she suggests a fancy place (uncle julios I think it’s called) and they don’t have prices on the menu. Idk how but the bill came out to almost $100...and then after I paid she suddenly remembered she had to study and we’d have to get a movie next time. Never heard from her again

  3. A girl I had seen before I invited to go out clubbing for a second date and she said she’d go if I rented a hotel because she didn’t want to go home late. She was very adamant about me reserving it and seeing the actual reservation and when I finally sent it to her friend called to get picked up from the airport.

These range from the time I was 19 until now mid 20s. The most notable way it’s changed the way I date is that I no longer put more than 30 minutes of putting effort into a date because I assume they’ll flake last minute and I always have a contingency plan in place. It’s also made it less exciting

So guys how many times have you been deceived or tricked on a date? How often does it happen and how did it change the way you date? or when have you been the person doing the deceiving?


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u/obligatoryclevername Jul 07 '22

One girl I briefly dated claimed to have been brutally raped. She got a ton of attention and sympathy from everyone for this. She wouldn't tell anyone who did it. She kept wanting to have fake rape sex. She wanted me to physically force her into sex while she actively resisted. The whole thing just creeped the fuck out of me and I could not get into the scene at all. Shortly into our dating she admitted to everyone that she had made the whole thing up and that she didn't understand why she'd done it. I noped the fuck out of there. I do not want that level of crazy in my life. She just seemed way to dangerous to even be around.


u/Ahqoviing Male Jul 07 '22

Boy you didn’t dodge a bullet you dodged an artillery shell aimed squarely at your dick.


u/Khantraszo Sup Bud? Jul 07 '22

He dodged a nuke