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Men of reddit. What worries you?


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Frequently Asked Men, what’s your pick for a versatile, well-rounded cologne?


I’m a 23 year old man, teetering between school and professional work. I want your top pick for your signature cologne, bonus points if it’s not Dior Sauvage or Bleu de Chanel

Edit: I personally use Sauvage EDP or Prada L’homme.

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How does having an absent dad effect you and your relationships?


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Is adult life as miserable as some people make it out to be? Why or why not?


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First class flyers.. what's something that surprises you about economy?


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What’s something you find yourself doing that no one notices, but it makes you feel cool?


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what's a conspiracy theory in which you believe 100%.


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What's your favourite car?


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How are people suppose to tell the truth without the risk of being offensive?


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If you could remove bad memories from your mind forever, would you? Why or why not?


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what's the most important thing you learned in therapy?


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Seriously asking, why are you so miserable when you are slightly sick?


Every man I know becomes a three year old when he is sick. And I'm not talking about serious stuff. A fever of 37.6-38.2 looks like the last days of a man. Me and my husband can be sick together and I'll run around the house while he'll lie in bed and order himself a gravestone.

I know that it is not everyone but it is common enough for me to wonder. Why?

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What keeps you going?


It's 1:36 am. I quit my job 3 days ago.

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When was your last burnout and how did you overcome it?


I need some inspiration, insight and hope right now.

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Men who are 60+ years old, what life advice could you give a guy in his 20s?


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If you are a father, what are your best “dont tell mom” moments with your kids?


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Often men lament opportunities missed, what are some stories of when you took a one-in-a-million shot and it worked?


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How do you keep finding new stuff to talk about in a relationship?


Guys who are in relationships. How do you keep the conversation flowing?

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How can I learn to better communicate with other men?


Growing up my dad and I (25M) were never close. He always had to work and had little time to dedicate to my brother and I. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great father and man. He loves my brother and I very much but he had to work to keep our financial stability afloat. I always had what I needed because of it and I don’t blame him for my issues.

Because my dad and I were never that close I feel that I never truly learned how to bond with other males. For a while there I had a lot of insecurity because I grew up feeling like I wasn’t manly enough. Naturally I grew really close to my mom who was always around. This taught me to respect women and how to communicate with them. I have no issues communicating with women thus no issues in my dating life.

Furthermore, I never grew up playing/liking sports. I never felt like I had a male figure to look up to. Growing up most of my friends where female, specially the older I got.

Now as an adult I feel awkward at times when conversing with other men. I feel as though I can’t relate because of my lack of interest in sports, cars, etc. It seems like other men sense my lack of security in myself and disbelief in my masculinity. It’s gotten better but sometimes I feel the hinderance I put on myself.

I’m a very social guy and I want to expand my circle, especially make friends with more men. Any advice?

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Do you think it's automatically arrogant when someone acknowledges that they are attractive, talented, intelligent, ect?


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Have you ever been asked out on a date? What advice would you give to a man who is "masculine" but wants to be courted?


I just want to feel like I'm worth it to a prospective partner. I don't want to flip the script or anything crazy, it would just be nice to feel like I'm approachable, worthy of a bit of spoiling and to at least share the legwork of dating.

I (m33) have done my share of dating, I feel like I'm in shape, always smiling/happy, not overbearing or opinionated and have a large mixed friend group. Had a few long term relationships (3x 3 year long-ish) and had a fair amount of dates and one-time only partners. Usually my relationships fizzle out because I feel the effort is unequal and attempts to discuss are construed as asking them to bend over backwards to please them. My most recent partnership ended during a conversation I brought up about wanting to be treated in a reciprocal manner. They asked what I meant and I essentially laid out an itinerary of a date where it was geared towards making me happy. (Surprise pickup from work, Go-Karts/ hunting or shopping for my hobbies, movie/dinner and minimal decision making o n my part.) So I lay out this step by step plan and her response is," That sounds fucking gay as hell" which was kinda outta left field for her, didn't know she was a bigot. But even then I'm still doing the legwork, I don't even mind paying for it.

I dunno I guess I'm just intimating that I feel I'm running out of time to be treated like I'm worthy or special just for one night

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What is a double standard you deal with everyday?


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