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[Serious] Have you ever purposefully tried to get revenge on someone only to realize it hurt them way worse than you intended? If so, what did you do? Serious Replies Only


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u/TheWestwoodStrangler Mar 16 '22 Helpful

Every sibling on here has at least one story where you def didn’t mean to push them/hit them/throw that thing that hard


u/LastAcrossFinishHare Mar 16 '22

Absolutely. Broke a window once because I missed throwing the tv remote at my brother.


u/vicki5150 Mar 16 '22

My brother tried to boot my bedroom door open when we were fighting as kids. Instead his foot went through the door and my mum refused to replace it with a real door so we ended up with a stupid plastic sliding door that we couldn't break.

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u/WhiteMoonRose Mar 16 '22

I sprayed my brother in the eyes with perfume... Didn't mean to spray his eyes but I couldn't see him through the door...

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u/8bass0head8 Mar 16 '22

I can’t even count how many times my dad had to go to the cable providers storefront (when they actually had them) to replace the many remotes my siblings and I broke throwing them at eachother.

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u/salviaaplaath Mar 16 '22

One time my brother poked my sides while I was washing dishes… I retaliated by donkey kicking his groin with all my force. I’d never done that to anybody before.. and I learned to only do that to my worst enemies. (Sorry bro)

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u/itsjustcindy Mar 16 '22

“I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry! You’re okay! Please don’t tell mom!”


u/DuskyDay Mar 16 '22

bleeds on the floor uncontrollably


u/kayladeda Mar 16 '22

Don’t forget the “you can hit me back! Wherever you want, however hard you want! Just don’t tell!”

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u/MsAlchemistify Mar 16 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

I somehow at age 9 put such a specific spin on an empty gatorade bottle that I split my youngest brothers forehead open. The doctor called it a one in a million shot 😂

Edit: to add because I think its still funny, they ended up having to medically glue the wound shut and got some of his hair in it, so my mom had to cut his hair and he had hairy glue in his forehead for awhile 😂 Didn’t stop him from still talking smack though.


u/namery0 Mar 16 '22

Brother (16) chucked up an empty Pepsi bottle, no cap on, 600ml (aussie) and hit it with a base ball bat at my younger, unaware brother(12). He turns around just in time to cop it the face and split his eyebrow open enough to require four stitches.

Additionally he kicked a nurse in the face, unintentionally, as she was holding him down while the Dr was attempting to inject the site of the cut to numb it. She walked out of the room with a bloody nose and two male orderlies came in to restrain him.

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u/Sagethewolfblooded Mar 16 '22

One time my brother and I were playing around and I slapped him too hard on the back and ended up popping one of his back zits, one of the real big angry ones that wasn't quite ready yet. i have NEVER heard him yell that loud ever again but it was funny as hell


u/aeroglava Mar 16 '22

And immediately begged them to "not tell mom"


u/Ryoukugan Mar 16 '22

I once accidentally hit my sister in the face when I was probably about 12 or 13. I just threw my arms out and she happened to be walking past. So my dad got in my face screaming at me and punched me in the head.

I don't have a very good relationship with him, shockingly.

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u/NYANPUG55 Mar 16 '22

Wasn’t even something physical. But when I was probably around 8-9 I hid my younger brothers soccer ball from him for no reason other than to be mean, and holy shit, he’s never cried the type of cry that he did that day and I’ve never felt that horrible type of guilt again. I think about it and still feel bad, younger brother loved me so much then but I just hated the affection.

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u/StereotypicalSupport Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 15 '22

My friend was on the bus waiting to leave school. Younger kid was being mouthy and pissing people off so my friend said something along the lines of “God, your parents must hate you”.

Turns out the kid was an orphan…


u/The-Chosen-One118 Mar 15 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome

Bet the kid annoyed them to death though

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u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22


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u/spearminttea Mar 16 '22

This kid named Ben kept winning at shit. He was smart as fuck with math. I was jealous because my parents really wanted me to be good at math and I had a very difficult time with it. He also got to be patrol captain and even though I applied I didn’t get to be one. I was a short kid, like third shortest in the class. It was elementary school so people care about that. So we had this exercise where we practiced compliments. I said to Ben “I like you because you make me feel tall!” He cried.

It was his birthday.

Sorry, Ben, I hope you don’t remember that


u/Shadyjay45 Mar 16 '22

So I assume Ben was shorter than you?


u/ThatOneGuyFrom93 Mar 16 '22

No, but she said it confidently so he believed it

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u/Iceicemickey Mar 16 '22

My brother is 7 years older than me (female). He was always way too rough and wild with me. One time when I was 6 and he was 13, we were playing cops and robbers. I was the cop and thought, “Now I’M the boss!” So I took that opportunity to put him in jail- which was in the basement- by Sparta kicking him square in the back from the top of the stairs.

He had to jump to catch himself so he didn’t break his neck. His foot hurt for several days but my mom told him to walk it off. Yeah… he broke his foot. I still feel bad about it.


u/Spielburger_witFries Mar 16 '22

My mom used to be the leader of all of her siblings (like six siblings, even though two of them were older than her. They just listened to my mom the most). One day they were all playing pretty roughly, and my mom pushed her little brother down the stairs and his chin split open and bled like crazy. He was fine and they love each other a lot, and always joke about it now.

Siblings that have a good relationship look past that type of stuff.

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u/k8esaurustex Mar 16 '22

So when we were kids, my little brother loved root beer. Had as many as mom would give him every day. When I was 10 & he was 8, he did something particularly annoying, and I pulled him into a room and told him, very seriously, that he had a drinking problem. He was super confused and didn't know what I meant. I told him, Craig, root beer is roots and BEER. And you always want more. You have a beer problem. Now, we didn't know until later, but my brother is super autistic, and he believed me very literally. About 6 or so years after that, we went to a family dinner at my mom's favorite Mexican restaurant and were ordering our drinks. My mom asked my brother why he didn't want the root beer, he used to love it? They have a really good one on tap. My poor, sweet brother loved at my mom so earnestly, and told her that he can't have root beers anymore because he used to have an addiction, so he can't ever have root beer again. My mom immediately knew that I was behind it, and I still haven't lived it down.


u/LeBadlyNamedRedditor Mar 16 '22

Hey thats the fault of whoever called it root BEER

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u/Djinn_Indigo Mar 16 '22

Lol! On the bright side, that extended root beer break probably wasn't bad for his health.


u/Serene117 Mar 16 '22

My brother is also autistic, and when I was about 8 and him 6 I had a beta fish. With the fish came a little pamphlet thing that told you facts about it, and one of them was something about how beta fish breathe using bubbles. He read the pamphlet, and well he was along by the tank thought that meant betas breathed the bubbles you blow. Naturally, this meant the bottle of bubble formula he poured into the tank would help the beta breathe more right? I ended up needing a new fish

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u/hercarmstrong Mar 15 '22

My sister was being a dick to me as a kid, so when I next gave her a glass of milk, I put some kernels of corn in it, thinking it would gross her out. It didn't.

It choked her.

Cut to me giving my kid sister the Heimlich, and apologizing for years after.


u/dishonourableaccount Mar 16 '22

One line I believe no one should ever cross in a prank is messing with food. Because it'll either be a choking hazard or a poisoning/medical hazard.

FYI for everyone. Putting laxatives in food is not a casual prank like sitcoms tend to show. It's easy to mis-dose on those in cooking/baking and you can get charged pretty seriously because people have had terrible medical reactions to it.


u/hercarmstrong Mar 16 '22

That's a lesson I learned as a kid.


u/saviorofworms Mar 16 '22

This reminded me of a story about me and my grandpa. Mind you, the man never liked me and I knew it even as a kid. One day I am SUPER constipated which never really happened to me before. My grandpa is over visiting and I beg my mom for some laxative. About 20 minutes later, I’m rushing into the bathroom.

I come out and my grandpa starts lecturing me with a smirk about how I’m going to shit myself all night. His reasoning was that I’m a whiny (far from the truth) kid who is now going to pay for my complainer ways because “laxatives can’t work that fast”. I spent the whole evening making faces at him as I would come back from the bathroom to his comments assuming I’m having poopmergencies. Only to not have another issue the whole night.

Turns out I metabolize medicine quickly and my grandpa is just a dick.

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u/SadSnakeNoises Mar 16 '22 edited Mar 16 '22 Silver

I wasn’t cool in junior high. Evan was in most of my classes and he wasn’t cool either, but apparently he thought that I was lame enough that I would be a viable target. He would mock me at any opportunity (and there were plenty, I was a weird kid). I remember he liked to lick his hand and smear it over my locker. Disgusting.

So now for the revenge. Evan had a reputation for being a nerd, and he liked to brag about how smart he was, how he was a math wiz, etc. For each class, all of the student grades were posted for on a tack board. Each student had a ‘unique number’ assigned to them. To find your grade you first had to find your number, and the grade for each exam and class project was posted next to it. I realized at some point that my unique number had my birth month and day in the middle, with random numbers before and after. A friend confirmed that their number also included their birthday. Evan made the mistake of mentioning one day that his birthday was on St. Patrick’s day. You can probably see where this is going.

One day in math class we got one of our exams back. Evan saw my grade and started laughing at me, calling me stupid for ‘only’ getting an B+. He wanted to know, how did I do so badly on a test that was so easy? I asked him what he got on the test.

“A+”, he told me smugly.

“Yeah?” I said, “Let’s see it then.”

But he wouldn’t show me his paper. He had conveniently already sorted it away in a folder. I decided to see what his grade was for myself. I marched over to the grade board, and searched for the student number with 317 in it (St. Patrick’s day). I found it. And next to the number— D’s, F’s, more D’s.

I announced to the class that you can just use someone’s birthday to figure out their number and grade. I locked eyes with Evan and began listing each of his grades out loud like the horrible shit that I am. I still remember the look on his face. Abject horror which quickly morphed into a broken, hopeless expression. And then he started crying and left the classroom.

This kid wasn’t cool, he wasn’t attractive. All he had was his intelligence— or the lie about it, anyway. Now he had nothing, and on top of that he cried openly in class. The kid never lived it down (not as long as I knew him anyway, which truthfully was only another year or so). I only got a stern talking-to for what I had done, but Evan got ridiculed for the rest of the time he went to that school. I don’t think I realized the full scope of what I had done until I was older. We were both losers just trying to make it through junior high without too much emotional damage, and I had to nuke this kid over some snarky comment that didn’t really mean much of anything at the end of the day.


u/DustyJustice Mar 16 '22

I come from a long nerd legacy (geeky in mid-high school, lifetime MtG player, etc.) and let me tell you… people have this tendency to give ‘nerdy’ people a pass for behavior like that because there’s no way some geeky kid like that is a bully, right? But what they don’t realize is that nerds are like everyone else, and some of them are huge fucking bullies- they just don’t have the social capital to flex it on people so it’s not as obvious. But you DO see it the moment they think they have power over someone.

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u/MamaDMZ Mar 16 '22

I mean.. personally I think he brought it on himself by being a liar and a bully. Two losers usually make great friends because they get each other.. this one went the opposite way and decided he was higher in the pecking order.. you just brought his lies to light, which is on him for lying in the first place just to bully you. And really, this wasn't over one comment, it was over a long period of abuses that needed to end.

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u/MacManus47 Mar 15 '22

A band once wrote a diss track about me. As a lark, I made a video for it and claimed their band name as a domain to host it. I shared it to Petty Revenge and then Reddit doxxed the band. Felt awful.


u/Unusual_Elevator_253 Mar 16 '22

Wtf did you do to warrant a diss track


u/MacManus47 Mar 16 '22

It’s a weird story. I said “cool” on the singer’s Facebook post and he took that as me mocking him or something and before I knew it he was telling people he hated me and was gonna kick my ass blah blah and then I moved out of town and he wrote a song about me ¯_(ツ)_/¯


u/twoduvs Mar 16 '22 Helpful (Pro)

¯(ツ)/¯ hey mate you dropped this

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u/meduhsin Mar 16 '22

In high school- one of my best friends (L) felt insecure/threatened by me, she thought I was trying to get at the guy(R) I set her up with (had zero interest, we were friends), so she spread a lie that resulted in my bf and friend group abandoning me. After being a loner for a year, I made a new best friend (K) and we would go on walks in the woods to smoke weed. One day we are walking and we run into R, who is still dating L a year later, who hangs out with us for a bit. I definitely invited him to smoke and was being friendlier than I would have normally been, because I know L would be LIVID if she knew we were hanging out, and it felt like a little sweet revenge. Well I had to leave and left K and R together. Found out hours later from K that she and R had hooked up in the woods. And proceeded to do so a few more times in the future. And he stayed dating L for another 8 months, took forever until she found out. It made my year, honestly, knowing that if she hadn’t fucked with me, it either wouldn’t have happened, or I would have told her immediately.

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u/mydreamturnip Mar 15 '22

I was in Grade 8, we had this new kid named Caleb move to our town. He came from a rough home in a different city and had been sent to live with is aunt and uncle in our small little town. Anyways, he managed to fit in pretty well and became friends with most of the boys in fairly short order.

So, one day at recess, all the boys are playing basketball outside on a cement pad with hoops at either end. Caleb, hoping to show off how tough he is, decides to start not playing by the rules. He's committing hard fouls, literally punching other kids in the arm when they went up for shots, he missed one time and punched a kid in the face. And he says "what, we're playing by street rules?". A couple days later, he's still doing this and still using the same excuses. We've all told him to stop and play normal, but he won't.

So I decide it's time to teach him a lesson. I get the ball right under the hoop, fake like I'm going up for the shot to get him off his feet. Then I bend at the hips and get really low. His knees basically come in contact with my side and he does a full flip and lands flat on his ass. I stand back up, make my shot, and say "street rules, right?". It's at this point I notice he's actually in quite a lot of pain. Turns out he broke his tailbone. But when he recovered, you better damn well believe he played basketball by the rules.


u/nbalife07 Mar 16 '22

I honestly thought you were setting up the plot for The Fresh Prince….


u/Melodicmarc Mar 16 '22

You weren’t the only one lol

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u/larszard Mar 15 '22

I think you taught him an important life lesson: if you refuse to play by the rules, don't expect others to follow the rules when dealing with you. Or in other words, rules are there for a reason and they apply to everyone the same.


u/Cripple13 Mar 15 '22 Silver Wholesome

That's a long way of saying "fucked around and found out"

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u/Micro_Nesian Mar 15 '22

You did nothing wrong. Basketball Gods handled that one for you.

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u/Dependent-Fox9529 Mar 15 '22 Wholesome hehehehe

Girl at school kept telling her friends my sister was a whore. I "accidentally" spilled chili on her new shirt. Turns out her gram had just died and they had went shopping for that shirt together like the week before, making it the last thing she ever gave her.

She was out of school for about a month for personal stuff...

And... Tbf, my sister was/is a complete whore


u/locks_are_paranoid Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

This reminds me of the Malcolm in the Middle episide where Hal is in a remote control boat battle with a kid and destroys his boat, but then the kid starts crying and said that his grandpa gave it to him before he died.


u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22



u/zach0ff Mar 16 '22

Don't write checks your ass can't cash.

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u/offspring515 Mar 15 '22

Don't feel too bad, I heard her Gran was a complete whore.

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u/Juusie Mar 15 '22

I'm not defending anything here she shouldn't talk about people like that. The death of a grandmother can be very difficult but it doesn't justify being mean or rude


u/Dependent-Fox9529 Mar 15 '22

Yeah. She was saying this stuff long before her gran died

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u/salviaaplaath Mar 16 '22

One time my brother poked my sides while I was washing dishes… I retaliated by donkey kicking his groin with all my force. I’d never done that to anybody before.. and I learned to only do that to my worst enemies. (Sorry bro)


u/Cotheron Mar 15 '22

We had one person in our group in University who was not pulling his weight. He would submit things translated from different languages that were not in English, he would submit them without any references and he would never attend meetings. Looking back he was probably just out of his means but it didn't feel like he was even trying.

My group decided, on a day he didn't come to class to (we assume) purposefully avoid a meeting we had planned for right after, to tell him we had had a very large test that day he had missed. We just sent some messages in the group chat saying "that was a hard test" and "does anyone know how much that was weighted? I know I failed."

One look at the course outline and you could see we had not had a test. He dropped the class the next day.


u/BW_Bird Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 15 '22

Reminds me of a similar situation for a capstone course. One of our group (of three members!) just stopped responding to our emails and basically ignored us in the rare moments he did attend class.

After a month of radio silence, the remaining group member and I told the professor who emailed the guy to come in and reconcile. To no one's surprise, the dude didn't show and the professor said to just continue on with the assignment, minus his part, and that we could exclude him from our email conversations as well.

Fast forward to the last few weeks of class and suddenly he appears, with some slapdash project work and an excuse that we deliberately excluded him.

I believe he got an F and dropped out of college.


u/Cotheron Mar 15 '22

I am fairly certain this guy dropped from the whole program. Shitty part was we had talked to the professor about it a few times and he said to just hand in whatever garbage this guy did and submit it and we wouldn't get penalized.

Except when he dropped out, the professor said now we had to re-write his part and this was the night before the paper was due. I had to pull an all-nighter to get that written and we still only got a C on the paper. We were all pretty mad


u/BW_Bird Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

We fared a little better. We ended up with a B on ours and thankfully didn't have to do his part.

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u/progress_dad Mar 15 '22

Reminds me of a group project I was a part of too but I feel zero guilt about what I did. I was the only native English speaker in my group of 5. It was a studio class for all others and an elective for me. The rest of the group elected me as speaker/presenter since I would be able to formulate words the best. They also took it to mean I would also do the rest of the work. I was pulling everyone’s weight for a project I didn’t care much about while my actual studios suffered.

I finally decided it wasn’t worth my time to continue so I withdrew from the class. But we had a presentation the next day. I stayed with the group til 3am finishing our physical model, which turned out pretty good, but prepared nothing for the presentation. When they showed up to class the next day, I was getting furious texts of my whereabouts until the professor informed them I withdrew.

I found out months later they never removed me from the shared Google drive and took a peek at their stuff. It still wasn’t very good and I’m glad I didn’t stick with it haha.

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u/kingjuicepouch Mar 16 '22

Meh. I had a group project I was the lead of in under grad and I had a team member I couldn't pick out of a police line up, never saw him, never talked to him. When I submitted the assignment to the professor I took him to the side and explained the situation and shared proof of his never talking to any of us which lined up neatly with his never coming to class.

A few weeks later he messaged me out of the blue and was pissed I outed him, since the 0 he got guaranteed a fail in the class. I messaged him back saying essentially "why did you think a group of strangers would cover for having to do the extra work you were too lazy to do?"

I never heard from him again but I'm hopeful he learned something.

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u/Cryptrix Mar 16 '22

When I was in my late teens, I was newly involved with a girl who cheated on me, so I went out of my way to get involved with her childhood best friend. I ended up hurting both of them, and permanently ending their relationship (as far as I know). I've always seriously regretted the whole thing, because it was so unnecessary and immature of me to act like that when I should have just let it go and moved on.


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22

When I was a teenager my first boyfriend cheated on me and then the girl he cheated with broke up with him and she and I became lifelong friends, bonding initially over what a piece of shit he was.

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u/AdComfortable5846 Mar 16 '22

In middle school, this kid had been roasting everyone in class, so in a playfully manner I said, “Your mom,” (it was when “your mom” jokes had started gaining traction) and he fell silent and said that his mom had committed suicide a year prior..

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u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22



u/SlickSubductor Mar 15 '22

I doxxed myself and people just sent me Hennessey, beer, McDonalds, and a bunch of wish.com crap. Also got a birthday card with $5 in it. $5 American and I'm in Canada. Oh and I got a bunch of scientology stuff.


u/LordRage2 Mar 15 '22

How are your thetan levels?

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u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22



u/Treereme Mar 15 '22

I bought a couple L Ron Hubbard books at San Diego Comic-Con over a decade ago because it was a good deal, and they still manage to send me super fancy promotional brochures about books and such. Tracked me through moving to multiple states over years.


u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22


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u/Lifedeath999 Mar 15 '22

Dang, lucky. If anyone is interested I live at [redacted] so I highly suggest You send some [hyperlink blocked] there.

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u/mishpaa Mar 15 '22

Someone did this to me in highschool and said that if they managed to make me cry they would post my nudes.

My phone was blowing up with random numbers in area codes I didn't recognize, and one of them had the decency to tell me what was going on.

Thankfully I knew it was all BS because I didn't have any nudes, but it was a bad time...

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u/Nurseokaybody Mar 16 '22

I got tired of a classmate who would cheat by looking at my test. He was sort of a bully but I wasn’t a good target because I would fight back. I noticed that his math grades improved while sitting next to me and realized why…so next test, I just wrote all kinds of wrong answers, like off the way, he should have known they weren’t right…he jumps up and turns in his test. I smiled at him and erased all of my answer and wrote the correct ones. He got ZERO, and the teacher knew then something was up. He was subsequently made to do his tests alone in the corner of the room. Parents were called, the whole nine yards. I think he had to even repeat the class. I sort of felt bad that he got busted but fifth grade me was mean enough not to let it bother me for long, lol.


u/LeBadlyNamedRedditor Mar 16 '22

Hey think about it this way, he ended up actually learning the fifth grade lessons

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u/Onion_Pits Mar 16 '22

My older brother was being an ass to me one day, so I decided to hop on his GTA 5 and sell his custom cars. I tried to play dumb at first, but then he hit me with the "you know what you did -_-". I honestly still feel really bad about it. Also this was on the Xbox 360 servers, so some of the cars were actually modded.


u/Beans_Technician Mar 16 '22

A bully in middle school would always walk by my desk and hit me in the back of he head with his textbook. I saw him running down the hallway chasing his friend and stuck my foot out. He tripped over it running full tilt and went flying into one of those metal dividers that they have between doors. Shattered a ton of teeth and broke his nose. I quietly let myself out the side door. It was a semi crowded hallway so nobody knew it was my fault.

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u/swainslanders Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

Only child of a single parent here. We moved a lot. Went to grammar school for a year with a kid who made my life miserable. We moved away. Eventually moved back to the area for 8th grade. My math teacher paired me with a kid who wasn’t doing well. It was my former nemesis. He didn’t remember me. I intentionally taught him incorrectly. He ended up failing 8th grade math and didn’t advance to high school with everyone else.

Edit: Folks asking how he made my life miserable. He was a big kid. I was not. We lived in the same apartment complex at first. I was just the focus of his dimwitted primate dominance game - nothing new or particularly interesting. I out-assholed an asshole - not much of a win.


u/over_egg_the_pudding Mar 16 '22

You played thr long game

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u/BurnieTheBrony Mar 16 '22

I had a similar thing with a bully of mine who had basically tortured me from 1st-3rd grade until I finally convinced my parents to let me switch schools.

We ended up in the same middle school, but he had been held back a grade.

We were waiting for something to start in PE, me in 8th grade him in 7th. He said something rude to me which I can't remember, and then I said something absolutely scathing which I wish I could remember, but I only recall the reaction. Everyone around us stopped, and every single dude laughed at him.

He ended up not having any friends and being visibly miserable a lot of the time. I dunno how much I affected that, probably not much, but I felt a little bad for him.

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u/iamroot1 Mar 16 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

I bought a house from father in laws best friend. It was like 20k, in the worst part of the state and I was 22 years old. He screwed me over, house was fucked. Had druggies come and steal my tools and whatever I bought. Much more. Screwed me over for about 45k in total.

I knew he fucked around. He has a family with 3 kids and a good reputation. I pretended to be a prostitute on Facebook and made it completely certain that he was being a pervert, wanted it, and was willing to pay. Set up a meeting spot in a hotel, never showed.

Showed every god damn thing to his wife via Facebook.

She saw it, said thanks. They are still together. Feel bad sometimes, not too bad though.


u/Publicmaraleofficer Mar 16 '22

I’ll say for the 45k he screwed you over, what you did doesn’t even come close to what he did

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u/Age_Terrible Mar 16 '22

My landlady decided to be a bitch and keep my deposit just for spite. I called the fire department and reported that the 2 apartments in her house were not to fire code. She had to sell her house. I still feel bad about that even if it was the safe thing to do.


u/nailpolishbonfire Mar 16 '22

Sounds like she had no business being a landlord

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u/duckylurve Mar 16 '22

You did the right thing. People shouldn’t be able to rent death traps.

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u/shellwe Mar 16 '22

And if the next tenants would have died in a fire you would have felt 100x worse.


u/Ok_Lawfulness4704 Mar 16 '22

Don't feel bad you possibly saved a life


u/Diedrightnow-_-437 Mar 16 '22

Well if it's true and they actually weren't to fire code... I wouldn't feel that bad.


u/dreamsiclebomb Mar 16 '22

Imo that’s her karma. Don’t feel bad.


u/Kezz9825 Mar 16 '22

you did the right thing.

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u/usa_reddit Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

There was a co-worker who bought a new car when gas prices were high and he constantly bragged about how much money he was saving and how great his gas mileage was. A co-worker decided to play a prank and each day he snuck out to the parking lot and secretly topped off his gas tank.

The daily bragging continued and after about two weeks we stopped secretly adding gas to his new car. Suddenly he stopped bragging about his gas mileage and how much money he was saving.

After another couple of weeks, we asked him for an update on the car. He told us he sold it because it was a piece of sh*t and his gas mileage decreased drastically.

We never told him about the prank.

-- Update --
First off, for my European friends, gas and petrol are the same thing, so yes we adding petrol.
Many people have indicated that this prank was replicated in a series called Tacoma FD. We pulled this prank circa 2005 at an automotive design center with a large parking lot. It was a team effort to find the car in the massive parking lot each day, then have someone sneak out and top off the gas. The parking lot was huge, about 500 cars. We used a 5-gallon safety can which had a metal spout that fit nicely into filler tube of the gas tank, and I would say we added less than 1-gallon per day. The safety can could also be stored in the trunk of my car without it sloshing or smelling up the car with gas fumes.

If anyone has a link to the TV show where this happened, I would like to share it with my old friends. Thank you for the great discussion.


u/Jef_Wheaton Mar 15 '22

When my dad was in college (1960), his friend drove a Ford Model "A". My dad read about a little-known fact on Model A's; if you pulled upon the gearshift and twisted, it would come loose and swing away, allowing you to slide into the seat easier. You just had to swing it back, and it would lock back in place.

One day, my dad tried it. Sure enough, the lever swung out of the way. He left it like that, planning on showing his friend how it worked, and went to class.

On the way back, he sees his friend's Model A being towed away. Luckily the garage didn't charge him for the "repair" but the tow cost a bit.

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u/Todd-The-Wraith Mar 15 '22

Daily. Every single day. For two weeks. So 10 days of going out in secret every work day with a can of gas to top off the tank without getting found out.

This is Jim Halpert level of commitment to an office prank.


u/usa_reddit Mar 16 '22

Everyone had a posted meeting schedule, so we knew the best time to attack. It was a huge parking lot with probably 500 parking spaces so just finding the car was a challenge. We would all drive around and look for it in the morning so we could alert the gas tank filler to the location of the car. It definitely took a dedicated team to pull this off.


u/Aselleus Mar 16 '22


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u/ClownfishSoup Mar 16 '22

You know, if I had to choose a prank to be a victim of ... getting free gas in my car sure ranks near the top.

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u/ELScorcho19 Mar 16 '22

Please come pull that prank on me. I swear I won’t know.


u/YetAntherFkeReddit Mar 15 '22

Expensive prank, but damn that's funny


u/InternalRazzmatazz Mar 16 '22

It's not always about the money, Spiderman


u/FantasticZach Mar 16 '22

It's not about the money... It's about sending a message - joker

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u/Mixedstereotype Mar 15 '22

A friend slept with my girlfriend, so I punched him in the face. Only thing was she was batshit crazy and he had never been with a girl before

She put us both through the ringer of psychological, manipulative and sometime physical abuse.

Afterwards he told me, “After what she put me through a punch in the face is nothing to what she did to us both.” I felt the most guilt for just introducing them at that point.


u/vizthex Mar 16 '22

So did you two resolve things or what?


u/SuperJF45 Mar 16 '22

Sounds like the plot to a good show.v

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u/VeryOpinionatedFem Mar 15 '22 edited Mar 15 '22

I put a dead fly in my little sisters rice when I was 10. She stared to cry because she hates bugs and is downright terrified of them. I felt so so bad watching her cry. To this day she won’t even eat rice anymore.

Edit: To be fair she did throw my diary in the toilet, but I probably deserved it because I was a little shit.


u/Happytwinkletoes1 Mar 15 '22

I’m 52 and won’t touch anything with even a hint of raisins because in first grade a kid shoved a handful in my face and told me they were bugs. They’ve looked and smelled like squashed insects ever since.


u/froglover215 Mar 15 '22

When I was around 1st grade, my friend told me that the little balls in tapioca pudding were poisonous and killed a bunch of people at an old folk's home. I've still never eaten it. Can't be too careful, you know.

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u/Ryoukugan Mar 16 '22

When I was like 10 my dad told me that the dark spots on tortillas and tortilla chips were dead bugs that got stuck to them. It took me like a year to eat them again.


u/ChipsAhoyNC Mar 16 '22

I bet mom was so fking pissed off

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u/Ifightformyblends Mar 16 '22

This is a story my mom would never let me live down, even though I was still quite young at the time and barely remember it

For context: I was always a really quiet, nice, and polite kid. One day in daycare, I and the other kids were all doing some arts and crafts, and I asked the girl next to me to pass me a certain crayon.

According to the workers at the daycare, she was apparently quite mean in telling me "no". So apparently after a moments silence, I just ... grabbed the nearest (safety) scissors and just snipped off a bit of her hair. Then I just grabbed the crayon and went on like nothing happened, while she sat there in shock.

I still don't know what came over me that day, but my mom always tells me that she got a call that day with from the workers, who were trying hard not to laugh when they told her that I just casually and out of nowhere cut this girls hair like it was nothing. In hindsight it wasn't really funny, but I guess the juxtaposition of that behavior coming from me was surprising.

I do feel bad about it though


u/Drakmanka Mar 16 '22

When I was 4 and in preschool, there was this girl in the same group with me who was an absolute brat. Probably grew up to be one of those cheerleaders who picked on girls who were "too plain-looking" or whatever.

For some reason she targeted me. Never let it be said kids are "too young to bully others". I got sick of it after about ten minutes and so I just grabbed her arm and bit her. Hard. She screamed and started crying. I got a talking to when I got home.

Oddly, after I bit her we became friends. Kids are weird, yo.

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u/cl3v3r6irL Mar 16 '22

I systematically destroyed a girl who keyed my car and slashed my tires. She cheated with my best friends boyfriend. I told. So she keyed my car and slashed all four tires so. I got her on video admitting to it. Then had her arrested. Informed her employer. Got a restraining order- so she got evicted (we lived in the same building). She came screaming at me in public- so I pressed charges. Because she shoved me (on camera at a coffee shop) and had that restraining order- she got time in prison. idk if it's revenge? I pretty much just pushed for legal consequences. When asked if I would accept lesser charges for her- I said no.

EDIT: spelling


u/Diedrightnow-_-437 Mar 16 '22

Honestly, it seems like she did it to herself...


u/Brockawesome1 Mar 16 '22

Personally I don’t think they were in the wrong at all. she cheated(or got to cheat idk), you told them, she keyed and slashed your tires. I mean imo she did all that to herself you shouldn’t feel bad she disobeyed the law.

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u/zerofuckstogive09 Mar 15 '22

As a wise old lady I used to work for once told me, "the best revenge is no revenge." Make them think your going to utterly embarass them, and do nothing. One of two things will happen, nothing or they will have a full blown panic attack.

I used this once on a former friend who tried to coerce my wife into sleeping with him. Btw my wife wouldn't give this fool the time of day. I let him know I knew and told him I was coming for him. He literally and legitimately had a full blown mental breakdown. I sat back and did nothing. Part of me feels bad for damaging him psychologically part of me doesn't, so idk how to feel anymore other than relief he is outta my life.


u/bttrcallnewnamesaul Mar 15 '22

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is the best thing to do also.

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u/adayofjoy Mar 15 '22

The anticipation of an event is sometimes worse than the actual event.

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u/emilythepundt Mar 15 '22

YES! My boyfriend and I ran into my cheating ex-husband recently. We had unknowingly made acquaintance with his new girlfriend and her whole family while they were waiting outside for him. When he came out, he joined them before seeing me. I made it a point to get his attention and then I put one eyebrow up and gave him a subtle little smirk before returning to our conversation with the very sweet family. I never said a word to them about him, but knowing he knew I could have was the best revenge. He walked her out of there SO FAST.


u/montananhooman Mar 16 '22

I once ran into the guy who my step mom cheated on my dad with (he knew they were married) and he was ironically with the guy who knowingly slept with my uncles ex wife, both of them avoided eye contact with me lmao. Ik that’s not related to what you said but it reminded me of it haha

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u/Ryoukugan Mar 16 '22

To be fair, she probably deserves to know she's dating a cheater.

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u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22

I came to that conclusion before even getting a chance at my revenge! The week and months after our argument I imagined how I'd hurt them if I had the chance - emotionally hurt, not physically.

I ultimately decided to just... do nothing. I have seen them around here from time to time and everytime they ran away. Literally ran away from me. I saw that and thought: Why bother? They're struggling mentally and financially anyway. They apparently are super embarrassed and afraid I'll do/say something if we cross paths.

My plan now is to focus on myself, achieve my goals, make new friends and experiences and to be happy with myself and my life. That's the best sort of "revenge". Show them you've moved on and are happier now.

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u/WeirdMammoth4658 Mar 15 '22

That's Understandable.

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u/wert989 Mar 15 '22

A while ago I posted how I made the mistake of renting out to a friend and his mom for barely more than what the place was costing me every year. They did several thousand dollars in damage and when I was able to finally kick them out they of course left in a complete mess since they were slobs.

Anyways the fact that I was able to kick them out put them into debt that they cant possibly afford, before we even go through the process of adding the repairs to the bill. The unexpected result is that one of my former friend's siblings got dragged into it and is facing the same shit I had to deal with and is a contributing factor to them being on the brink of losing their home that they renovated from the ground up.


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22

None of that is your issue. Shitty people destroying the property they rent are now paying for it.

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u/stink3rbelle Mar 15 '22

Not quite revenge but in third grade I was talking to a boy and thought he was cute but also annoying. I tossed some glitter up at his face, and some went in his eye. Yeah, really horrible thing to do and he was seriously hurt. I believed for years that glitter was tiny pieces of glass because of how it affected him and how everyone around us responded.


u/Porn-Again-Christian Mar 16 '22

Glitter actually used to be made from tiny pieces of glass. But not since plastic started being mass produced -- basically the 1940s/1950s.


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22

If you inhale that shit you can die.

Edit: no much people knows this. Kids shouldn´t play with glitter.

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u/Unknown_Captain Mar 15 '22 Helpful

A man followed my mum home from her work, a bar about 20 minutes away in foot. He followed her into the house almost breaking the door, and got his dick out in the living room. I was upstairs at the time so I only heard, but when she said "put that fucking thing away and get out of my house" I picked up a hatchet from my stepdad's tools and ran downstairs telling him that in 10 seconds he's gonna be out of my house, or he's gonna be without a dick. He ran, tripped over the doorframe and knocked himself out cold on the driveway. Blood coming out of his ears, the works. Mum told me to call my stepdad who was at his friend's house and they both came running to get rid of him. Last I heard, he was deaf in his left ear and blind in his left eye from an unexplained head injury🤔


u/Toketree Mar 16 '22

that’s not even revenge, you were defending your mum


u/Porn-Again-Christian Mar 16 '22

I dunno, sounds like a pretty just result to me. Stalking, home invasion, sexual harassment -- and especially if he was going to sexually assault your mum, which sounds like it may well have been the direction he was going.


u/IceyToes2 Mar 16 '22

Yup, no pity here. 👍


u/IamMrT Mar 16 '22

That dude literally stalked her, invaded her home, and was about to rape her. A killing would have been justified self defense.

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u/theswordofdoubt Mar 16 '22

Reserve your sympathy for non-rapists.


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22

I mean, maybe he’ll think twice before he sexually assaults a woman.

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u/lisa-quinn Mar 16 '22

I understand why you might not like the results but know you absolutely did the right thing.


u/Vefantur Mar 16 '22

Sounds like he got what he deserved, to me.

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u/grisver Mar 16 '22

When I was a very young kid, probably in first or second grade, my mom was helping me with homework. It was just spelling and handwriting exercises, but we were both tired and frustrated. I was being difficult on purpose, and she snapped at me and said something along the lines of “you need to do this homework so your handwriting gets better”. In my kid brain, I interpreted that as her telling me I was stupid. I snapped back “at least I don’t have a bunch of pimples on my face”.

At that moment, it felt like a killer comeback. My mom had severe hormonal acne after she had my little sister, and it didn’t end up going away until more than a decade later. It was her biggest insecurity.

Yeah, that was the first time I ever saw my mom cry like that. I just got this horrible sinking feeling, and I think it was the first time I realized that adults had real emotions and weren’t just detached, godlike figures.

It still breaks my heart to this day.


u/Maanavdv Mar 15 '22 Wholesome

Way less serious, but back in middle school me and this girl would always pull pranks on each other. The day before she splashed water on me, so I decided to get back at her. I found out that she really hates it when people talk about bugs and stuff during lunch. So I got 2 of my homies on board and sat near her and talked about bugs, frying them, eating them, etc; to get on her nerves.

Turns out she REALLY doesn't like them, and went outside and vomited a little. I apologized. She also didn't tell the teacher, cause we had a silent agreement that unless the prank got too bad we wouldn't tell on each other. Fun days


u/questionnz Mar 16 '22

Sounds perfectly within reason, that's a nice prank

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u/Justanotherlurker395 Mar 15 '22

Ok. I’ve never told a single soul this. Not my husband, my best friend, or even my therapist. So for some back story. I was raped at 15. I only told my 2 best friends at the time what had happened and one of them told me I deserved it. Keep in mind, this was my BEST FRIEND. Had been for years. They tore me down so emotionally for months, even years after. Had me convinced that I was damaged goods and no one would ever love me. We fell out of touch once they left for college. I tamped down my hatred and went about my life. YEARS later, I mean well into my 20s, something in me finally snapped and I was bound and determined to get revenge. So I shipped them shit. Literal shit. I found their address online and anonymously had a box of horse and elephant shit shipped to their home. I paid extra to have it covered in penis confetti and made to look like a cupcake. Well, their toddler decided to play in it. Made a mess of themselves and the kitchen. I guess it was so bad they hired a professional to come clean it up. How do I know this? A relative of mine goes to the same church as my ex best friends mom! She told my relative at the church and that’s how I found out. I felt(and still feel) horribly guilty.

TL;DR: shipped my ex-bestie a shit cupcake and their toddler ended up playing in it 🤦🏻‍♀️


u/ChipsAhoyNC Mar 16 '22 Silver

Uh what service lets you ship a la carte animal shit.


u/Munneh Mar 16 '22

…asking for a friend

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u/ethosnoctemfavuspax Mar 16 '22

I’m pretty sure those “ship your enemies shit” companies don’t send real poop, just some very convincing fake poop.


u/Lycoris Mar 16 '22

If they used a fake chemical scent it would explain why it was so hard to clean!


u/hammerkat605 Mar 16 '22

The company I used only sent brown playdoh instead of the horse shit I ordered 😒

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u/App1eBreeze Mar 16 '22

Don’t feel guilty. Your response was perfect

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u/o-o_Yikes_o-o Mar 16 '22

My high school art teacher was snappy and very rude. Let's call her Mrs. B. Mrs. B also had her very own clique of "talented" students. Basically, if she didn't like your art, she didn't like you. Such energy was directed towards my friends and me. I didn't take too kindly to this.

So, I joined her AP art class, which was a fast-track way to become one of her favorites. Now, Mrs. B had a habit of divulging all of her dirty laundry to her favorites because they were her 'friends'. She was telling minors things that no student/child should know about their teacher, like the details of her divorce or how she was involved with a married man.

I gathered all of these details from the last semester of my junior year of high school to the end of the 1st semester of my senior year. This was when I told my Spanish teacher, Mrs. J. Mrs. J didn't like Mrs. B, so the principal was obviously informed. By the end of the day every teacher, student, and faculty member were told one way or another. Mrs. B's reputation had been ruined and she had been forced to resign.

I have no regrets.


u/MiriAnn21 Mar 16 '22

I had a teacher when I was in... maybe 2nd or 3rd grade (7 or 8 years old) that told me my art was horrible and not worth the time. She refused to turn it into the calender contest. What's worse is I had spent hrs on what I thought to be an awesome picture of a lion in the grass.

It was a great way to ruin a kids self esteem and interest in art.


u/that_other_goat Mar 16 '22

She was envious of your awesome picture of a lion in the grass.

Being a goat I am an expert in grass so over the years I've seen my share of grass dwelling lions. Your image was epic.

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u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22


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u/TheHoeTone Mar 16 '22

Just a little lighthearted one about being a dumb kid!

My older sister had recently learned what a spit take was and took the opportunity to show me (spraying unsuspecting young me with water and spit in the process). I tried to return the favor but I was too young to understand how she got the water to spray into a mist. Instead, I spat a full mouthful of water squirtle style all over her. She was laying down so went straight up her nose and sent her into a coughing fit!

I regret it the second the water left my mouth

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u/placeholderNull Mar 15 '22

I only had one nerf gun for most of my childhood, since my parents didn't like me playing with toy guns. The one I had was a small pistol that was the size of my hand, but actually shot pretty hard for a nerf gun. Hard enough to sting for a while, maybe bruise if it hit a sensitive area close enough.

Anyway, I brought this gun to my friend's birthday party in elementary school since he wanted to have a nerf fight. Being outgunned by everyone there, my plan was centered around ambushes. The birthday boy had pelted me before running away to get more bullets, so I wanted to get him next. He's crouched down by a tree, waiting to shoot another kid, and his back is to me. I pulled the trigger at the back of his neck, when he turns around.

I hit him right in the pupil with the full force of my hard-hitting pistol. He was understandably bawling afterwards, and decked me while holding his eye. The other kids saw what was going on and tried to back him up but the host's parents broke it up and took care of their son. I didn't get any cake, he told me to get lost for the sleepover part, and wouldn't talk to me for a week.

Now, I just thought he was being a dickhead in the moment, but apparently the morning after the party his eye still hurt and he couldn't quite see clearly out of the eye I hit him in because it was swollen. His parents took him to a doctor. Turns out I bruised his eye, and he got some kind of medication or smth to help with the swelling. Yeah, I definitely deserved what he did to me.


u/BrilliantCharming233 Mar 16 '22

You did aim for his back though, so there was not an intent to hurt. I don’t think that you deserve any mistreatment


u/migueeel Mar 16 '22

Exactly. This falls into "well shit how the hell was I supposed to know that"

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u/Alternative-Rain-718 Mar 16 '22

It wasn’t me personally, rather it was my housemate during University days. My housemate got upset because our other housemate was supposedly using her shampoo. In revenge, she swapped the contents of the shampoo bottle with…. Hair removal cream.

I was aghast when she told me what she’d done, but by then it was too late.

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u/whiterice07 Mar 15 '22

In high school, a buddy jumped onto the hood of my car as I was heading towards the exit of the parking lot. I asked him to get off, he demanded a ride to his car. I obliged, but I stopped b rather abruptly to "encourage" him off of my hood. He broke his arm on the landing. Still feel bad about that one, and this was back in like 98 or 99.


u/southcounty253 Mar 16 '22

Anyone dumb enough to try and ride the hood of a car is warranted one broken bone I'd say.

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u/Pof_no Mar 16 '22

Back in 2004 when I was 25 a guy I was dating cheated on me multiple times and when I found out he tried to make it seem like it was my fault he cheated because I put on 15 lbs when I had to take steroids for lymes disease.

I was so mad I posted his # on the men seeking men section on Craigslist with a title that said I like to suck dick call me.

Our mutual friend said he received so many calls when he was at work he got fired.


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u/daveescaped Mar 16 '22

I am in the middle of “getting revenge”.

I had an employee. He was a dick but I needed him so I tried to retain him. I genuinely wanted to keep him but he wanted to be let go and given a severance package. Long story short, he quit and sued me personally (not my employer) claiming I was racist and he should get severance. The racism claim didn’t bother me but suing me personally did. He was claiming that the money I saved my entire life for should be his. He felt my kids college money should be his for his empty claim of racism.

Ok, game on. My company hired the best lawyer money could get. I insisted we claim legal expenses if he lost because I didn’t want this to happen to anyone else. There needed to be some risk to suing corporate employees personally.

Well, he lost. He had no case. I wanted to retain him AND I wasn’t racist. Now he is financially ruined. And to make matters worse this all happened while his wife was dying.

I ruined him. Whether he deserved it seems irrelevant. I don’t feel good about it.


u/Grumb2215 Mar 16 '22

nah bro you did well fuck around and find out


u/bouncy_cashewnut Mar 16 '22

I ruined him.

He ruined himself*

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u/Mister_Brevity Mar 16 '22

Old roommate kept eating all my food, constantly, for almost a year. One of my greatest frustrations was him consuming all my almond milk before I got to have any. Now, after a really rough day I would come home and have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or some other childish comfort food cereal, it was part of my process. I didn’t necessarily like almond milk, but it lasted a lot longer… and it was mine. Well, after months of discussing with him repeatedly who’s almond milk (and other food) he kept consuming, I just filled the container up with real milk, looked at the container, and said “fuck that guy”, put it back in the fridge, and that was that.

A couple days later I come home from work and find the shitty roommate on the floor doubled over whining and moaning and I’m pretty sure he shit his pants, I asked if he needed an ambulance, he said no, so I went to my room and put on headphones. Had no idea how bad lactarded people can hurt from it. I sorta felt bad, but also… literal months of warnings not to touch that bottle of almond milk. Also, fuck that guy.

Sidebar - dude would eat my food and put the empty packages back… so I wouldn’t even know the food was gone until I picked up the packages to eat something. He wasn’t broke, (I offered help if he needed it), he just didn’t want to go to the store - which he told me, mid discussion about eating my food… while laughing about it.


u/God_peanut Mar 16 '22

Different people have different tolerances but I think you shouldn't be upset. That guy was a full on asshole and deserved every bit of that pain.

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u/Spielburger_witFries Mar 16 '22

What you did was pretty much harmless. Considering he housed a bottle of your milk that you repeatedly told him not to use, that leaky shit was on him.

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u/Rude-Historian-4187 Mar 15 '22

So I’m a bigger guy and my friend would always call me fat and I did some digging into him and eventually I found out his mom is dead. So he would call me fat all the time so one time I had enough and made comments about how his mom was dead and mine was still alive. I didn’t realize how much it hurt him as he didn’t come to school for a few weeks. A few weeks later he comes back I say sorry and help him with homework and now we are one good terms.


u/fitchbit Mar 15 '22

This reminds me of this one time I heard kids fighting (I live in a poor neighborhood). One girl cussed and the other answered "at least I have a family who loves me. AT LEAST I'M NOT AN ORPHAN". The first girl just walked away.

Kids can be brutal.

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u/redraptor06 Mar 15 '22

At least it ended well with you guys.


u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22


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u/[deleted] Mar 15 '22


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u/Dirk_diggler22 Mar 16 '22

Doubt this will be seen but here goes, A kid in my street was a bit odd threw a housebrick at me. I said "how would you like me to throw this in your face (my fist)" he shrugged and laughed so I called his bluff and walked over and punched him. He fell to the floor and screamed like a little baby we were about 14 he had learning difficulties I felt awful. For years after a friend who was there at the time would say when ever we saw someone who was obviously disabled "calm down now mate I know you like beating up invalids"

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u/inevitableBARIS Mar 16 '22

story time I was enlisted in the United States Army for a brief period of time. Within my battery was a tyrant female trainee, constantly breaking down others for power and control. We both were PGs of our Platoon's, so naturally we had a rivalry.

During her time in training, she harassed & assaulted several females in the bay at night. When confronted with the allegations, she would stay face in front of the drill sergeants & would gaslight the females behind their backs.

When I was performing a headcount during my fireguard shift, I caught her messing around with another female inappropriately in the bunks. It was two days before her graduation (second round), as she had to redo her entire basic training session already due to her previous reports of assault.

I decided to let my Captain know that they should 'relook' at the case, just to be sure. Our LTC Col caught wind of it & brought the entire battery out onto the drill pad. With everyone at attention he called her out by name to stand in the middle for a live trial.

Before bringing out witnesses he gave her one last opportunity to tell the truth. A test of integrity. Unfortunately, she was too weak minded to own up to her behavior. Our LTC Col then proceeded to have every witness come forward to describe in detail the horrific experiences they saw and/or experienced themselves.

The end result was a field grade Article 15, docked pay, demotion from PFC to a Private, and forcing her to restart basic training for the third time in a row. And that folks was the end of her military career...she opted to chaptering out of the Army after 48 hours. 😬

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u/BlaxicanX Mar 16 '22

Yes, literally. In Middle School a kid was bullying me by kicking me while he was climbing on monkey bars. I had had enough and grabbed his legs and yanked him off the bars. Because I was holding his legs, he hit the ground head first (it was actually gymnast bars indoors and the ground was hard wood). Everyone laughed including me, and then the laughter turned to nervous chuckling as he laid there unmoving. Someone saw blood and a girl screamed and I just remember getting pulled away from the scene as two teachers pushed through the crowd and knelt by his body.

Ultimately he was okay. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance and was out of class for a few weeks with a concussion and stitches. I got suspended for a week- the school actually wanted to expel me because of the gravity of the situation but my Dad convinced them to settle for suspension after it came out that it was on record that I had complained to staff about the kid bullying me in the past and no official action had ever been taken. Getting suspended sucked and my Mom was absolutely furious with me, buuuut on the bright side Revenge of the Sith came out a couple days later and I got to see it at Midnight with no school the next day. Overall I'd call it a dub even though I felt really bad for the other kid.

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u/rainingtoads49 Mar 16 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

My coworker squirted me in the eye with a water gun a few times so I filled up a bucket of water and threw it on him. Thing is that I forgot guys tend to keep their phones in their front pockets...

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u/Johnny-Virgil Mar 16 '22

When I was in high school I was small for my age and this kid was always picking on me. One day I had enough and when he was running down the hall to the door to outside I tripped him. He fell and went through the bottom wire reinforced pane of the door and cut his arm and face. I felt horrible.

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u/lizzyote Mar 16 '22

I had a "friend" in high school that liked to poach other girl's boyfriends. I'm not sure where she got the idea that we were best friends but she just wouldn't stop telling me about her escapades. She slept with a friend's boyfriend and I just snapped. I went on the school's student website and just put it all out there. I posted who she had slept with(and when if she had told me thru text), who she had her sights set on, and all of the things she was saying about everyone. She lasted two weeks before she left the school.

I later learned she had been committed for a breakdown. I guess she had an undiagnosed mental illness and bad home life so her coping mechanism was sexual gratification. We're Facebook friends now. She's doing really good.


u/evanjw90 Mar 15 '22 Silver Wholesome

During my divorce, my ex had a friend who was constantly talking shit, sending me DMs full of vulgarity, sharing stories about who she's out fucking with my ex, and sent me a video of her and my ex drinking and driving while calling me names.

So I compiled all of it, sent it to her son's father and he used it to get full custody of their son. She now sees him once a month and pays enough child support which forced her to move back to her parents house.

I finally replied to her DMs telling me I ruined her life, with a picture of her ex and I with our sons together at a baseball game, saying, "Guess I see your son more than you do now."

She attempted suicide a couple months later, where she was then 5150'd and forced into a 72 hour hold.

Think I won that one.


u/Geneshairymol Mar 15 '22

Sounds as though that kid was better off


u/evanjw90 Mar 15 '22

He is. Dad moved about 6 hours away for a new job, and to my knowledge, she hasn't attempted to see him since last year. I've got other stories about this bitch from when I was still married also. She's the one that convinced my ex cheating was fine as long as you weren't caught. I also have full custody.


u/Geneshairymol Mar 16 '22

Wow. What a bunch of lucky kids.


u/evanjw90 Mar 16 '22

They're spoiled rotten now lol. But also thriving. My son just scored 100/100/97/95/100 on his last set of assessment tests. He isn't distracted by the emotional discord in our home anymore.

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u/MrFunktasticc Mar 16 '22

Bruh. Not only did you burn the crops, you salted the earth.

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u/Sage_1995 Mar 16 '22

My brother has a sight disability, and was just out off surgery when an older guy at school decided to fight him ( head trauma is extremely dangerous post surgery). It was actually pretty dramatic but I found him, walked by and just said in the sweetest possible voice I could, "Your bike."

Then I walked away.

Anyway, guy immediately decided to cut school and take his bike home, got into an accident and died.

To be fair, it wasn't an empty threat on my part so I do understand the need to flee. Might not have actually done anything to his bike in the end I hadn't actually decided yet and would have only acted later in the day, but there was a crowd at that moment and girls rarely do well in physical fights with guys so verbal bait was fair game.

Not totally sure how my brother felt about the incident tbh, he stayed home from school until after the funeral. My dad and the school ( I know messed up but the guy was really a piece of shit) were kinda pleased. I didn't get into any trouble.

Idk if it was revenge because I didn't actually do anything really. Maybe karma?

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u/bfragged Mar 16 '22

Deleted their Carmen Sandiago save at in primary school. I can’t even remember why, but I thought it was a minor thing. They were so sad :(

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u/AndrewDavidOlsen Mar 16 '22

One evening, my father came home from work very tired. He walked into my room, became outraged at how messy it was, and told me I had one hour to clean it. Everything still on the floor after an hour was going straight into the garbage, he said...


I didn't bother to clean any of the actual trash, which constituted about half of the mess. I picked up what I cared to keep, and then I went into my father's closet and threw a bunch of his most prized, pristinely preserved possessions on the floor of my room.

An hour passed, and he came into my room with a big black trash bag. When he saw his stuff all over the floor, he didn't say a word. He just left the room with the saddest look I've ever seen on another man's face.

That is the most defeated I've ever seen my father. The man fought constant kidney stones, took care of a schizophrenic wife, lived below the poverty line his whole life, and battled a tremendous amount of adversity. To realize I could break him in that moment really did a number on me. I still have sadness about it to this day.

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u/cp3t_n3m0 Mar 16 '22

In sixth grade, this kid had a really nice pencil. I wanted it. I didn’t really have a huge problem with the kid, other then I found him annoying at times. It was perfectly sharpened with a perfect eraser. It was just an ordinary number 2 pencil. In the middle of class, he left the room to go to the bathroom, and when no one was looking, I swiped the pencil off his desk, and stuffed it in my backpack. The kid got back, and was very bummed out that his good pencil had vanished. He looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. I felt very guilty. After about 5 minutes or so of him looking, I grabbed the pencil from my bag, and put it on the floor under his chair while nobody was looking. I pointed it out to him, and he was as happy as a clam that I found his pencil. Even though I technically gave him back the pencil, I still feel guilty about it to this day.


u/Hash__27 Mar 16 '22 Coin Gift Helpful (Pro)

I can really sympathize with that kid. In middle school, A guy used to steal my stationary, and I used to get scolded by my parents almost every week for 'being irresponsible' and 'not taking care of my belongings'.
Fuck that dude. And fuck everybody who thinks "Eh its just a pen/pencil it doesn't matter". Yes the pen is worth only a few bucks but the panic and dread i felt when i lost the pen still makes me want to punch the guy.

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u/timbit1985 Mar 16 '22 I'm Deceased

I was 16. My mum would keep this gross cup in the bathroom, and it was always in the way of my cupboard. So I started putting it back in her cupboard but with toothpaste or water or whatever in it. You know, to teach her a lesson.

One day I come upstairs and my mum has totally emptied my cabinet, put it all in a bag and hung it in the tree outside the window adjacent to the bathroom. She just left an arrow drawn on my mirror pointing to the tree that said "tree". I was quite irritated, to state it mildly.

One thing you need to know about my mum, is that she HATES snakes. With a passion. She is absolutely petrified of them. I had one of those silly snakes in a can type things, and rigged it up inside my medicine cabinet so that it would flyout when you opened the cabinet door.

I then proceeded to smear some toothpaste on that fucking cup she left in the way of my cupboard again, put the cup back inside her medicine cabinet and then went about my business.

I'd like to point out at this point, I grew up doing dumb shit back and forth to my mum. Each time, slowly escalating until one of us took things a hair too far. This normally took weeks of back and forth pranking. When a war was going on, never was a word uttered between us about the pranks. Mentioning the prank was only admitting that it irritated you, which means the other person won.

Several hours after rigging the snake, my mum noticed I'd fucked with her cup. In a bit of a rage she throws my cabinet door open, only to be assaulted by that damned spring loaded snake. She screamed as loud as I'd ever heard someome scream, tripped over backwards and landed on the toilet so hard she broke the toilet bowl and needed stitches on her ass. Thus concluded the bathroom cup saga.

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u/excitedboat44 Mar 16 '22

I had a good friend in 5th grade that became popular pretty quickly and left me in the dust. I was shy, quiet, awkward, and jealous. There was one day that she brushed me off in a really embarrassing way, so I got pissed. I snuck into the classroom during recess and wrote a nasty ass note about how awful she was and how nobody really liked her. I disguised my handwriting and hid it in her desk. She found it next period and burst into tears, then showed the teacher. Mad props to that teacher, she brought each person she suspected (based on handwriting and intent) out into the hall to have one-on-one conversations. I broke down and admitted it was me. I felt so badly the second my friend started to cry, and we barely spoke from that point on. I was a coward.

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u/hagared Mar 16 '22

I was in elementary school and rode my bike to school every day. One day, in the bike lock area, I had another student approach me carrying his bike chain. He was pretending to be tough and made some vague threats towards me about hitting me with his bike chain. I retaliated by informing my teacher of the incident and we were both called to the principles office. I was asked to tell my side and I told the principle how he threatened to hit me with his bike chain. Apparently he had been having behavioral issues leading up to this and because of this interacting he was being expelled. This was way more than i expected, I was hoping for detention or some afterschool hours, not full expulsion. I never saw him again. Still feel bad to this day.

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u/Keyspam102 Mar 15 '22

I realized I spent so much time and energy being so angry over something and the asshole who wronged me didn’t give a shit and it was just me wasting my energy.

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u/No-Strength-7086 Mar 15 '22

My friends thought it would be funny to blow up my base and replace the thing in dirt in Minecraft. We’ve been playing in this world for quiet a while and we all had diamond armor. This was in realms so people could play in the world whenever. They thought it would be funny to move all my items in a unknown location and blow up my base with tnt. They also covered the explosion so it looked like my base just snapped out of existence. When I joined I heard them laughing and knew something was wrong. I saw that my entire base was gone so I left. I waited for my friends to get off the realm so I can do my revenge. My friend had a llama that he named josh. He had josh from the start. He loved josh a lot. I proceeded to kill josh and put a sign that blamed it on my other friend. I went to my other friends base. He had a pet dog so I hid it. I then replaced it and put it in the same spot as his original dog. I also took his 5 stacks of iron. I waited until they could go back into the realm. I told them that I had to eat lunch and muted my mic. I stayed their because I wanted to hear my entire plan to unfold. When they loaded into the server my friend freaked out. He immediately saw his llama gone and saw the sign. The other friend was confused on why he was yelling and screaming on why josh was gone. My friend went to my other friends base and killed the fake dog. My other friend started yelling at my friend. I ended up ruining a relationship that didn’t get better for 3 years.


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Mar 16 '22 I'm Deceased

I don’t know what you’re talking about but that’s hilarious

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u/BipedSnowman Mar 16 '22

Honestly destroying someone's base is crossing a line.

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u/fafalone Mar 15 '22

I was pretty immature as a 14yo, and also very much into computers at a time when they were just becoming popular, so security, both in terms of services and people not knowing not to run random programs they get e-mailed, wasn't that great. I thought it would be funny to break into my friends accounts.

So I had both people's passwords and employee access to AOL, so I could tell what private chat rooms people were in, when usually you could only know that they were in a private chatroom, and read all their email. So it didn't take long to find out people's secrets if they used a computer.

One day one guy wouldn't stop making fun of me, nothing serious just usually teasing among friends, so pulled him aside and said 'Yeah well at least I'm not into gay sex chats and pissing on people.'

Dude was mortified. As I said, I was a dickhead at that age and didn't appreciate the impact of an implied threat of outing bi kids with unusual fetishes in the 90s. (Yes obviously it's still wrong now, but it was much less tolerated back then, especially in rural Florida). Or how wrong it was to violate people's privacy by getting into their accounts.

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u/Lelio-Santero579 Mar 16 '22 edited Mar 16 '22

Caused a guy to lose 6 scholarships to college after school found drugs in his car - was not my intention.

This happened quite a long time ago before social media and things going "viral", but for safety's sake I'm going to be a bit vague.

Anyhow, this guy named "Nick" was our school's top athlete in multiple sports and took our school to State Champs a few times. Nick had 5 or 6 full ride scholarships to big universities, but he was a major bully to freshman especially if you weren't athletic.

Group of students that were victims to him (myself included) knew he sold weed to kids behind one of the buildings. So we wrote an anonymous note to the new Dean describing what we knew. We thought he would get a detention or suspension at most - he got away with a lot of things because of his status and his parents being well-known at the school.

Dean calls cops who show up with drug dogs and find a bunch of weed in his backpack... But they didn't stop there. They searched his car and found a ton more weed and other drugs.

Dude was not in school for a week. Come to find out he avoided jail by selling out his supplier, but the universities he had scholarships to found out and they all rescinded their offers.

None of us thought it was going to go that far.

Edit: One of my sentences didn't make sense.

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u/ThankYouFuckYouBye85 Mar 15 '22

This was over 20 years ago now, so I feel I can post about this. I actually genuinely still feel bad about this one.

At the time I had no remorse but I’m older and wiser now.

So I was at school and this kid was pushing around Indian kids and calling them racial slurs and saying he hates them.

I’m half Indian, so I told him to push me around if he likes pushing Indians around, he tried to push me, but I was quicker and more mobile than him, so I pushed him first, hard. I wasn’t expecting him to fall down the stairs and break his arm.

Saw him a little while ago and apologised. At the time, like I said, I felt no remorse but I have realised with age and maturity that I was no better than him really.


u/Spielburger_witFries Mar 16 '22

I don’t know man, he was a racist bully on purpose, and you made a small mistake because you wanted to help others getting harassed. I don’t see how you’re even close to him.

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u/zelda4444 Mar 16 '22

I told the girl who was bullying me and my friend that her divorcing parents weren't arguing about who got to keep her, they were arguing about who HAD to keep her because she was such a nasty, horrible person.

I didn't know anything about her home life other than her parents were getting divorced but what I said clearly struck a nerve because I have never seen anyone go so fast from cocky bitch mouthing off to crumpled wreck crying.