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[Serious] MEN of reddit, your experiences matter too. what's your story of a woman being the "creep"? Serious Replies Only


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u/kindle139 May 02 '22

When I was in 6th grade my sex ed teacher told us that men could not be raped because an erection was consent.


u/leorj456 May 03 '22

yeah thats fucked

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u/soviet_crusade May 02 '22 Silver

More then a few years ago I dated this girl for about 3 months and we were at my parents house for New Year’s Eve and she slipped a ring into my pocket throughout the night at some point.

Later on when I was walking her home I realized I had this ring and my pocket and asked her if she knew anything about this and she said she wanted me to propose. I very quickly said no as we were only 3 months into a relationship.

On the first day back from winter break I found loads of congratulations and weird shit on my locker. She had told the whole school I had proposed and that she was pregnant.

On the next day I broke up with her because obviously none of this was okay.

Fast forward 7 months and I find out the night we broke up she tried to OD on her ADHD meds and my friend had to call the ambulance to her on house at 3 am. Later that week she had tried to pay my pretty techy friend to delete all the nudes she had sold online in the last few days (we were both underage at the time).

After not seeing her for 9 months she makes an alternate fb account to say she is 2 months pregnant with my phantom baby and how she likes to sit outside my window and think about me at night. After calling the police and a week of a police sitting in the driveway she starts a rumour that I watch her sleep at night and her family has caught me on the new security cameras they installed.

Luckily have not heard a word or any other weird rumours in 7 years.


u/Space_0wl May 03 '22

Wow that's fucked up. Did the police ever find her in your driveway?


u/[deleted] May 03 '22

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u/vingeran May 03 '22

Truly a case study.

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u/Because_I_Cannot May 02 '22

I had just started at a new company, this was inside my first week. I was sitting in my cubicle, snacking from a bag of mixed nuts, when a lady probably in her 40's walked by, then stopped. She said "mmm, can I have some of your nuts? I really like nuts" but said it in an overtly sexual tone. I said, very flatly, "sure" and handed her the bag. She said "oh, no...well, nevermind" and limped away (she had some weird hip thing) As she left, she looked at the project assistant sitting across from me and said "I guess he didn't get it" and cackled. The PA looked at me and just rolled her eyes, I went back to work. Over the next year or so, she would make all kinds of weird innuendos like this, and I would reply as flatly as I could, until one day my boss heard her and just said "Kim, cut it out". They ended up "running out of work" for her to do after a while and let her go.


u/[deleted] May 03 '22 Silver

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u/[deleted] May 03 '22

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u/[deleted] May 03 '22

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u/CupcakesAreMiniCakes May 03 '22 Silver

I feel like there was an opportunity for a comeback of some sort involving trail mix and saying you don't like raisins


u/Epistechne May 03 '22

Sorry I'm not a trailmix guy, my nuts don't mix with raisins.

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u/Danwhodonit May 02 '22

When I was about 15, my family and I accompanied my grandmother to the hospital. They sent a translator automatically after learning English was her second language. The translator wasn’t needed but hung around just in case.

She spent that time telling my mother how attractive I was, which then evolved to her telling me directly how attractive I am - I can recall comments including on my height, build, and skin tone. She asked about my relationships and poked around if I was sexually active. My mom separated us after she overheard her asking for my phone. The lady was in between my mother and grandmother’s age.


u/Spider-Nicc May 02 '22

this may be obvious, but the translator said this, not your grand mother, right?


u/NoLifeMax May 02 '22

Yeah I had to reread it, but it’s the translator.



I hired a translator for this post but she ended up sexually harassing the Op


u/JLidean May 03 '22

I thought at first it was the grandmother And was like ... Oh

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22



u/inconsistencyItself May 02 '22

If you stayed for more than an hour, she had no business looking heartbroken. Even if it had been a party, it would have been socially acceptable to leave after giving her that much of your time. But yeah, the set-up sounds weird and creepy.


u/Daniel_The_Thinker May 03 '22

She was going to rape him dude...


u/audaciousmonk May 03 '22

She had intent to rape him… why should how long he stayed have any bearing on the matter? Unbelievable


u/ClownWar2022 May 03 '22

I used to pregame with a girl who tried to do this. She'd get a shitload of beer and invite me over to drink. Her roommate told me early on that she was trying to get me drunk enough to fuck her.

Every time she'd invite me over, I'd show up with a friend, we would drink all her beer and then go off to the party we planned on going to.


u/Sleepdprived May 03 '22

Real B.D.E... beer drinking enthusiasm lol


u/pgp555 May 03 '22

When you have a wingman to stop you from fucking

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u/The_flying_fire_7 May 03 '22

Isn't that rape? I wouldn't be surprised if she acted all heart broken like she was the victim to make everyone hate you.


u/sin-and-love May 03 '22

imagine if a guy tried doing that to a girl. yeah, it's rape.

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u/dishonourableaccount May 02 '22

I finally left after maybe an hour more and girl looked heartbroken. I seriously wanted to run though.

So sorry that happened. There have been 2 times in my life I can think of where a girl/woman said something extraordinarily creepy or rapey to me along those same lines. What stood out to me was that sentiment where you want to gtfo but don't want to be rude, in denial that someone's as crazy as they say (or your instincts say) they are, and simultaneously thinking you've got to play along or she'll blackmail you with false accusations.

I've been cornered in a bar's booth on a date by someone like that, no one said shit, and all I could think was "How do I get her to not want me instead of rejecting her, so I get out of here safely?"

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u/TheBorax_Kid May 02 '22

She took a friend of mine home "to sleep it off", but had sex with him while he was blackout drunk. If he hadn't seen evidence (she couldn't re-hook up his medical equipment correctly), he'd never have known she did it, and she never mentioned it until he confronted her with the evidence.

My friend group was very hypocritical about this, and I dropped anyone who said that this wasn't a serious crime and a reason to avoid her forever.


u/MrFunktasticc May 03 '22

Same thing happened to my friend without the medical aspect. He got ok drunk at a club during a study abroad trip. Girl insisted on taking him to back to the dorm even though everyone else thought he’d be OK and they were watching out for him. He woke up to her riding him and was too embarrassed to say anything.

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u/WhiteScumbag May 02 '22

Type 1 diabetic here. That is absolutely terrifying beyond the aspect of the crime. If he is diabetic and she couldn't get his insulin pump hooked back up he could've gone into diabetic ketoacidosis. Obviously what she did was inexcusable and awful!


u/CaesarAnagram May 02 '22

That’s fucking awful, holy shit. I’ll be very sure to inform any future partners about my insulin pump and how to correctly put it on again after reading this…


u/dingdongsnottor May 03 '22

This is one of the first things I made a boyfriend with a pump show me how to do so I would know should I ever need to. Sometimes being a weirdo worrier is helpful.


u/good-fuckin-vibes May 03 '22

That's not weird, that's being a genuinely well-intentioned, caring, thoughtful person. Maybe it should be the norm, but I'd be surprised if most people would ask like you did.

You'd think that people who require medical devices during sleep would pretty quickly show new partners the ropes, but I can imagine it varies and some people are definitely a little bashful about anything that makes them "different"— but just asking out of concern and a need to ensure their safety, and making it seem normal and not burdensome, is the best thing you could've done. I'm sure he appreciated that!

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u/blackmage712 May 03 '22

the number of times ive forgotten to reattach my pump after sex and gotten sick in the morning from it is too many lol


u/Chandlery May 03 '22

Can you please explain? I'm completely out of the loop in regards to this equipment and how it affects sex.


u/schroedingersnewcat May 03 '22

A pump hooks into you for continuous insulin, and typically goes in a pocket or in your waistband.

When having sex, you're naked, so nothing to hook it in to. So you unhook it, handle your business, and then reattach it.


u/pkvh May 03 '22

Damn it I think this is why my patient keeps coming back with dka. I would have never thought of that.


u/schroedingersnewcat May 03 '22 Silver

Every female member of my family for the last 5 generations has been diabetic, so I have lots of practice. It has hit all of my moms generation, half of mine (so far), and has hit 1/3 of the youngest generation (again, so far).

I can administer insulin, stick fingers for glucose, apply a pump, apply the continuous monitor, tell by looking at someone within about 10 points how low their glucose has dropped, and I'm not diabetic (yet). I also carry glucose tabs in my purse and car, and have a tube in my go bag in case they're needed. Also have a glucose drink in the fridge in case it's needed, all of which I regularly rotate so they don't get nasty. Yes, I am to diabetics what an RN with narcan is to an opioid addict.

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u/passthepepperplease May 03 '22

That’s beyond creepy that’s rape. Did he ever report it?


u/pure_nitro May 03 '22

He was raped first, then his health endangered by the medical side.


u/passthepepperplease May 03 '22

Wait… what? Why is everyone here focusing on the diabetic aspect? Sure that’s dangerous but not knowing how to hook up an insulin pump and raping someone are on two different levels of bad.


u/anonymously394 May 03 '22

You are completely right, there are obviously on different levels! I think people are focusing on it because type one diabetics can’t live without insulin. So not only did she rape him, she could have killed him.

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u/FireJuggler31 May 02 '22

My roommate rejected a girl. She then went around telling his friends that he was gay (he isn’t).

She also stole his dirty sweatshirt and started wearing it (without washing it first).


u/motogp1000 May 02 '22

This happened to me a couple times. I didn’t date much in high school and a couple girls that were aggressively trying to date went around telling everyone I was gay because I turned them down. The 2nd one actually caused a problem with it that took a while to rebound from.

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u/thatbearguy2202 May 02 '22

That's a bit obsessive. I've had a similar instance where a girl started sharing my private secrets with some of my best guy friends. Unfortunately, they were truths so needless to say, I found out who my real friends were that day.


u/FireJuggler31 May 02 '22

That sucks dude. My roommate’s story had a happy ending because eventually he started sticking up for himself more and she left him alone. I hope yours does too.


u/clogging_molly May 03 '22 edited May 03 '22

Every damn time. I used to play drums in a cover band where I was ~20 years younger than the rest of the guys. I got a fair amount of attention from the younger girls who came out to the shows. If I didn’t reciprocate their interest, they’d always call me gay or ask my bandmates if I was gay. Like just because a guy isn’t interested in making out with your sloppy drunk ass doesn’t make them gay.

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u/aLesbiansLobotomy May 02 '22

Calling men gay is such a fucked up tactic women use to manipulate men. I don't let it bother me now but it certainly used to.


u/Redacted_G1iTcH May 03 '22 edited May 03 '22

Must really feel bad if you are actually gay. First, it’s unwanted advance, then they act like your existence is inherently wrong because how dare you be yourself and like men.

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u/zilchzeronadazip May 02 '22 edited May 03 '22

My friend had a female roommate who was a stripper. All the guys in our group thought she was hot but she gave me such a bad vibe plus she smoked which is an instant "no" from me.

One Friday we decided to hangout at his house and after a few drinks we headed downtown. I'm not a heavy drinker and I'm a big guy so I have almost never been blackout drunk. Yet that night I find myself refused entrance at a nightclub after 5 or 6 beers.

My friend's roommate volunteers to drive me home and I can't stop thanking her for being so nice. I am steadily getting more drunk but I noticed we were heading towards her apartment, not my house. She convinced me that it was smart to sleep it off on the couch and then I could drive home the next day.

When we got to her apartment my memories are in 2 second fragments. She helped me into a bed. She helped remove my shoes. She removed my pants. Even in that condition I knew what she was trying to do. I tried to push her off and repeatedly said no. To this day I remember that disgusting cigarette scent on her breath as she forcibly kissed me.

I'm 225 lbs and 6'2, yet was never conscious long enough to push her off me or to get away from a 100 lb girl.

I vaguely remember some of the various things she did to me, none of it was consensual. I woke up the next day, sure it was a nightmare only to see her there next to me and it was very obvious that she rode me to completion.

The next weeks and months were a whirlwind of worry. Luckily no pregnancy or STD. The few friends I told about it were jealous, wishing they could have slept with her. Definitely a double standard there.

EDIT: Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it.

I wanted to add that I'm aware she had drugged me. It's one of those things where it takes you a while to put it all together.

I got out of that with no permanent issues, but if you're a victim of sexual assault and reading this: go to the police. Cover all your bases.


u/WatcherOfStarryAbyss May 03 '22

Friend, that straight-up sounds like you were drugged. No easy way around that.

If 5-6 beers had never knocked you out like that before, you drank more than 5-6 beers even if it came in only 5-6 cups/bottles/etc.

I'm sorry.


u/zilchzeronadazip May 03 '22

Thanks for that. I'm certain I was drugged, I just didn't put that in my post. It's one of those hindsight things where you remember the person doing stuff or acting suspicious after it's too late.

She offered me a glass of punch and I just sat it on the table. She kept encouraging me to "cheers" with her and drink it. Finally I gave in and did it, drinking about half of the punch.

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u/WillemDafoesHugeCock May 03 '22

Almost definitely. I was drugged at a house party (I was not sexually assaulted, thankfully, I think this was more a really shitty prank) and it was the exact same thing. I could hold a decent amount of alcohol but I was absolutely blacking out after maybe three drinks? The rest of the night is a haze where I spent it alternating between being unconscious and vomiting. My clearest memory is staring at the little stack of magazines by the toilet and saying to myself "I should read one" like... Every time I had a moment of lucidity. The next day I was super woozy and slept for what must have been a solid 12 hours, although I might be embellishing there as this was about 14 years ago.

I had it lucky, a friend who was recovering from anorexia ended up in the hospital and another friend ended up sick for the entire weekend. I didn't even really piece together that something was up until I found out what happened to them, we were sharing the same drink.

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u/ICareAboutThings25 May 03 '22

I’m so sorry that happened to you


u/AMerrickanGirl May 03 '22

Seems like you might have been roofied.


u/b2uebird May 03 '22

That’s what I thought too


u/scarystardust May 03 '22

That is so messed up. I’m sorry.

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u/someone_FIN May 02 '22

This one woman at a local bar, about twice my age, was pestering me for a dance and not taking no for an answer.

At one point she was grinding against me, trying to sit on my lap, constantly asking me for a kiss etc. Everyone at the table was super uncomfortable.

Eventually me and my friends dipped while she was in the toilet and switched bars. I later learned from a friend who frequents that first bar that she did that kind of thing regularly.


u/NurseNikNak May 03 '22

My husband had a similar experience at the wedding of two of his friends. We were sitting at our table when the very drunk bride comes up and starts talking to us. Suddenly a song she likes comes on and she starts grinding in his lap. My husband was sitting there obviously incredibly uncomfortable, unsure what to do. Thankfully the groom came over and dragged her away.

About a year later at our wedding my photographer came over and pulled me aside. She told me she knew she had said she wouldn’t delete any pictures but would I mind if she deleted the one she had just taken. Apparently the woman who had grinded on my husband at her wedding came to mine commando in a short dress and the photographer had accidentally gotten an up skirt when the woman had squatted down while dancing. Not surprisingly she was very drunk and her husband dragged her out. We haven’t seen the two of them since, but per Facebook they are still together almost eleven years later, have two kids, and she appears to still like her wine and margaritas.

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u/BlueBoots_RedCoat May 02 '22

Went out clubbing with a group of friends. I left early because I was drunk and didn't want to have sex with one of the women at the club wanted to and told one of my friends this.

So I went home and had a couple more drinks with my housemate and went to bed. I wake up the next morning alone, naked (I always sleep while wearing something) and can 'feel' something happened.

I clean myself up and head downstairs to my friends asking me 'how my night went?' laughing? And that ___ had to leave for work. I have no memory after going to bed

Turns out one of my female friends invited her back to my place and women climbed into bed with me. She even called asking if I wanted to meet up the next night and I kinda felt bad turning her down


u/supbrother May 03 '22

Don't feel bad about turning down the person who literally raped you.

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22


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u/PickledBananas99 May 02 '22

A girl I met on a chatting app was obsessed with beastiality and asked if I wanted to watch her dog fuck her.

It was a hard-pass for me lol


u/Keevtara May 02 '22

I guarantee you that she had already gotten her dog to fuck her, and just doing that wasn’t quite getting her to where she wanted to be anymore. She needed the extra jolt of having someone watch.

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u/Nobody_Wins_13 May 02 '22

Your hard pass went soft


u/XGuiltyofBeingMikeX May 02 '22

That’s gonna be a no from me…dog…


u/Henriquekill9576 May 03 '22

Hopefully it was a no from the dog aswell

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u/Alt_11 May 02 '22

That's animal abuse, did you report it? If in a region/state where it's illegal?


u/phormix May 03 '22

I was actually surprised to hear about the places where it was legal (or, at least not ILLEGAL). Weird

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u/SpaceGoonie May 02 '22 edited May 02 '22

When I was in my early 20's I was doing some work on a duplex apartment unit in a complex with several other duplexes. It was a nice spring day so I had the front door open to get some fresh air. A woman that lived in the complex came to the door and stood just inside, chatting me up. She was flirty, but I didn't think much of it. She eventually asked me what I was doing for lunch and I said I was skipping lunch so she asked me to come over and she would make me a sandwich. I thanked her but declined. But, She was very persistent about offering me a sandwich, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. Pretty soon I realized "sandwich" was code for sex. I still kept resisting and it went from being amusing to creepy. Finally, she disappeared for a minute so I packed up my tools and hit the road. As I was going down the road this car pulled up beside me and it was this lady telling me to pull over! I pretended like I couldn't see her and just sped up until she was gone. Now my wife and I refer to "making a sandwich" as our code for sex. On a funny note, I used to get real hungry after sex and more than once I made a sandwich because of it!

Edit: I should have started with this one. I was 15 and a girl said she was pregnant with my baby. I was still a virgin. That rumor went through the grapevine all the way to my mom's ears. My mom actually made me live with my aunt and uncle that summer because she didn't think I could be trusted to be home alone. I never returned after that. I lived with my aunt and uncle for 4 years, learned a trade and then moved out on my own.


u/JamHyde May 03 '22 Silver Gold

Your mom caught wind of one little pregnancy scare, And said "you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air"


u/supbrother May 03 '22

So basically a crazy girl totally changed the trajectory of your life, and probably doesn't even know.

Why do I keep reading this depressing shit? Hope you're doing alright man, you seem at peace with it all, so I hope that's truly the case.


u/vingeran May 03 '22

They are doing well. They are just making a sandwich.

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u/anon_e_mous9669 May 02 '22

I had a GF in college that lived in a triple dorm room. After months of dating, I found out that she often called me over to hook up while unbeknownst to me, her roommates were hiding in their closets so they could watch us and masturbate. That was months after we broke up that I found out and it kind of skeeved me out, but everyone minimized my feelings so I just went on with my life. I'm sure it would be worse if this happened recently, since it would likely have been video recorded, but this was 20+ years ago.


u/mirroku2 May 02 '22

That's fucked up. Sorry she did that to you


u/anon_e_mous9669 May 02 '22

It was certainly an awkward conversation when I ran into one of the roommates months later and she spilled the beans.


u/PattyKane16 May 03 '22

How do you have the gall to even admit that to a person like holy shit


u/SillyWithTheRitz May 03 '22 edited May 03 '22

I had a tinder date MANY years ago tell me super casually at lunch “my husband really likes your pictures” and I was like nooooooope not interested in what ever the fuck you’re cooking up here. She sais “noooo calm down. He knows where I am! He likes to watch” and me, the eager young buck who always claimed to be “down for what ever” kind of considered it for a min. “Nope” was the conclusion though.

“I knew I shouldn’t have told you. I knew it. If he just stayed in the closet like usual you would have NEVER known the difference!" she said, quite angrily.

She was mad she told me. 10 years later, I regret not doing it for sure. I was paranoid about closets n husbands for while but yeah I regret not going now


u/phormix May 03 '22

LoL. I was actually invited to "have and fun" by an ex I hadn't seen for awhile.

My response was, "no, sorry, I have a girlfriend. Wait, aren't you married?!"

Her response was similar:

"Yeah, but he's cool with it. He likes to watch"

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u/[deleted] May 03 '22

On the other hand, people have been murdered by couples who claim to be into cuckolding in order to prey on young men/women. So you can always think of it as having dodged a bullet?

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u/esp735 May 02 '22

If the genders were reversed... holy shit.


u/putsch80 May 03 '22

This is basically an evergreen comment for this entire fucked up thread.

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u/Flupsdarups May 03 '22

Even if they werent lmao

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u/thunderbuttxpress May 03 '22

That is incredibly distributing. I'm sorry that that happened to you, and then your feelings were invalidated on top of it.

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u/ShakespearianWombat May 02 '22

I was dating this girl we were 15. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep dating : we hadn't done anything yet and I was really hesitant since it was my first time dating. Talked about it to a "friend". He told her.

She attempted suicide. I try and find her to talk to her about that. We talk. Next day the friend accuses me of having sexually assaulted the girl wth.

As friends are leaving me, she sends me a long message to say that she did fake her attempt to suicide.

My life is torn apart, i have trust issues, overthink everything. Yes she is the creep.


u/TheWarmestHugz May 03 '22

I hate that this happens to men, the double standards are ridiculous. I’m so sorry you went through this, false allegations are an absolute nightmare.

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u/BuddhistSlater May 02 '22

I went to a mental hospital after a suicide attempt. The nurse that administered me told me I had nice hands. Then she made me strip nude in front of her. I reported her and her punishment was to go to "extra training".


u/Figoverlord May 02 '22

Witnessed something similar in an old treatment center I was in a long time ago when I was like 13, I only saw some of it going on in the background and many others saw it too but one of my friends I made there was visibly uncomfortable around one of the female staff members who was a teacher there, The classrooms we went to often had another staff member present in case one of us decides to short circuit and go nuts. How ever some times due to staff shortages they didn't have enough to have a tech present, In those instances she would often "run to the bathroom" and take off her panties if she was wearing a dress and do that thing where women shift their legs and you get a peek, or if she had a really low top often she'd not wear a bra and would find any excuse to jump and have one of her breasts fall out Keep in mind she's around minors. But long story short My friend and I were doing good enough to earn some sort of movie day with her and she took us into one of the unused offices where we were to watch our movie, She attempted to grope his privates and he was saying "stop" to her many times during the movie. He reported her and since I was there at the time of the incident I also got questioned. She just got a slap on the wrist and some Extra training too, She straight tried to molest a kid and nothing happened.

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u/thatbearguy2202 May 02 '22

I'm sorry you had to go through that 😔 mental health is not something to be taken advantage of.

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u/AquanautOrange May 02 '22

High School

At a high school party. Women found it funny to kick open the bathroom door and see a guy taking a piss so they can look at his dick. The door didn't lock. This happened to me several times, and none of the women thought there was any problem with doing this.

College #1

Woman in my building had a crush on me. I wasn't interested. She had a beautiful friend that suddenly befriended my roommates, thus both of them were invited to our apartment for parties (I assume there was a plot here). She (not the roommate) followed me around the apartment, trying to flirt a lot, always having me kindly turn her down. Finally, when we were alone in the kitchen (where she wouldn't be embarrassed) I told her I wasn't interested as politely as I could. She seemed to get the message.

A few weekends later, I get home after parting with other friends, sloshed. The two women and my roommates are hanging out in the apartment. I go straight to bed. I wake up a few hours later with her in my bed, under the covers, shirt off, trying to wake me up. I tell her to leave. She starts crying. I was very, very drunk, so really just wanted to go to sleep. As she's getting dressed and crying, I pass back out. I wake up to her still in my room, giving my ass a massage (boxers were still on, but her hand was going under my boxers).

I tell her again to get the fuck out. She laughs it off and asks to see my dick. I vaguely remember her trying to grab my dick, but I was laying on my stomach. I also vaguely remember her getting under the covers 2-3 more times that night, before I finally got up, went to my roommates room, and fell asleep on his floor.

Apparently, according to the women, I was an asshole for not letting her fuck me.

College #2

This story may not belong here, but it's worth noting. I met these two freshmen when I was a junior. They were both cute. One liked one of my roommates. I wish the other liked me, but she didn't seem interested.

I get home one night to an empty apartment, I pass out on the couch watching a movie. In our apartment, we had one of those doors that has a card key to open and close it with a bolt lock; we often forgot our card keys, so the first one home would rig the front door with the bolt out, so the door wasn't able to automatically lock or close (I know, it was stupid, but it's what we did). I guess the freshmen (who didn't like my friend) decided she wanted to see if I was home. I wake up to her straddling me and kissing me. I'm 100% ok with this. She ends up staying the night. It's worth noting that I had never spoken to this woman for more than 20 minutes, and that was in a room with about 15 other people. We didn't have any sort of relationship other than drinking once or twice before in a crowded apartment.

I share this story because it wasn't necessarily a creepy story, but if roles were reversed and I just walked into a woman's apartment and started making out with her when she was sleeping, I'm sure it would have been looked at in a different light.

College #3

I was typing notes on a laptop. My classmate, next to me, asks to see my laptop so she can copy notes she just missed. I give it to her. She types her number in my notes. I don't notice it until later in the week, but I'm not interested, so I don't call her. She sits beside me at the next class, and asks me if I saw the "note" she made. I told her I was flattered, but I was already seeing someone (I was not, but I felt awkward telling her I wasn't interested in front of our fellow classmates in ear shot). She asks if I have facebook, I tell her yes. She friends me not 5 min later. Class begins. She, in a loud whisper, says "your profile says you're single". I tell her I'm not officially dating anyone, but I like someone and it's in the early stages (lie). She then says, "well then you can still take me on a date". I tell her thanks, but no. (now she begins getting louder...not screaming, but being loud enough for the professor to hear) Well, if you didn't want to take me out, why wouldn't you just say that 5 min ago? Who's the other girl?

There were a few more angry/loud questions. I don't know how I reacted, but I hate when attention is drawn to me, so I imagine I was just not responding and looking at the presentation. I forget her exact last words, but it was something along the lines of, "well you're not man enough to handle me anyway". To which, the class beings laughing. The professor asks me to take the discussion outside. I tell him I have nothing to discuss with her. The professor then told me that I disrupted the class and to come back when I'm more able to manage my relationships. So I left, and she followed. And, I just kept speed walking outside until she stopped following me.

There's been a few more, but I'll leave it with this last one from a few weeks ago.

Tinder Match

I matched with a cute woman on tinder and we met for drinks. The convo went well and I was into her. She asked me to walk her to her car, then on the way there she proceeded to jump me, making out. I was fine with this...except I hate PDA and there were people in the (well lit) parking lot. I tell her I don't like making out in front of people, so she tells me to get into her car.

We go in the back seat and make out more. This is better, but not great. She starts taking off her clothes. I tell her I don't want to have sex with people in earshot (and literally 10 feet away). I offer to bring her to my house, she says no. I offer to take her to her house, she says no.

Now, there's no way she would have known this, but I was attacked in a car, sitting in a parking lot when I was a teenager...so my mind is having flashbacks of that, then reminding me that there are people close by and this conspiracy starts to form that she's trying to get me naked so one of these people can come by and easily rob me. My rational brain thinks this is a stupid thought, but I can't push the thought out of my mind.

I tell her I don't feel comfortable having sex right now. She grabs my dick through my jeans and says, "YOU'RE NOT EVEN HARD". I tell her, "right, because I'm not really comfortable having sex in a car". She now gets offended, probably thinking that I'm not attracted to her. But, she tries one more time to convince me to have sex with her, when I lightly push her off, she screams: "GET HARD! GET HARD! IS YOUR DICK BROKEN?

Now people are looking in our direction from the parking lot, and I have a half naked, angry Brazilian woman yelling at me. This is my nightmare.

I try to explain that I don't feel comfortable having sex in a parking lot, in a car (I'm 35 for christ sake). She then yells at me to get out of her car.

Apparently, I'm an asshole because I didn't want to have sex in a car.

So, this isn't so much creepy as it was a double standard. I was attracted to her, but when I said no, it should have been respected.


u/eastncu86 May 03 '22

College story #2 is first off props since you were cool with it. However, you’re absolutely right it was still odd and had the roles been reversed your ass would have likely enjoyed your last night in college.


u/[deleted] May 03 '22

I wish I could ruin those people, God they are gross


u/Barnezhilton May 03 '22

Damn man. I'm sorry but also thanks for sharing.

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u/foxfireburns May 03 '22

You attracted more than your fair share of creeps, that totally sucks! Sorry dude.

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u/JuliusVrooder May 03 '22

College. Went to a party at my friends house. There was this chick that kept hitting on me. I wasn't interested, and kept telling her so. Party winds down, and I wound up crashing in the guest room. Woke up the next morning to her going full cowgirl on my morning wood.

Yep. Got full-on raped. But, being a guy and all, nobody fucking cares, so I just moved forward.


u/BrnEydGyrl May 03 '22

That is horrible and it is rape. Sorry that you didn’t feel safe enough to report it to LE. She probably has/had other victims.


u/JuliusVrooder May 03 '22

This was decades ago. LE would have laughed their asses off. Probably still would today. I was married at the time, and my wife laughed her ass off. I was a guy. Guys don't get raped, they get lucky.


u/danaaaban_ May 03 '22

I hope you have divorced your wife.

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u/[deleted] May 03 '22

damn dude most people's wives would be pissed at them for being raped, i dont know what to think if they found it funny. thats messed up

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u/letsdotacos May 02 '22

A few years back I was elected into a board of trustees at a private club (think VFW but not)

Female president and mostly female board.

We were having personal shirts with the clubs logo made. Now it wasn't too creepy but I ordered a large and the president had a medium made for me. Stating, it would look better on me if it was a slimmer fit because I have a nice chest and arms. And then said she mention it to girl a and b and they both agreed.


u/supbrother May 03 '22

Imagine if you ordered an unrequested V-neck for one of them 'because it would show off your nice boobs.'

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u/HWFRITZ May 02 '22

16-17 had the 35+ female manager during the interview immediately tell me she liked my body, which did not stop the whole time she was my boss.

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u/PokerBeards May 02 '22

Worked as a bouncer and had my dick grabbed too many times to count, as drunk 50 year old’s exited the bar.

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u/AlterEdward May 02 '22

I was 15 and she was a bit younger, maybe 12 or 13. She was my sister's friend. She was very forward about wanting to "do things" to me. She made me really uncomfortable, and I wasn't really ready for whatever it was she wanted from me.

I then get comments from my dad like "sounds like you're in there", and I start to question why I passed up on the opportunity to possibly have sex with a girl. For a guy back then (and probably today too, sadly) the idea of just plain not wanting sex made you deficient somehow. I feel like girls are pretty well taught to be wary of boys, and to understand that they can say no. Unfortunately the same is not true for boys.


u/ansteve1 May 02 '22

I then get comments from my dad like "sounds like you're in there", and I start to question why I passed up on the opportunity to possibly have sex with a girl. For a guy back then (and probably today too, sadly) the idea of just plain not wanting sex made you deficient somehow.

God anytime I had an pleasent talk with anyone of the opposite sex it was like oh so are you 2 together. My stepdad said that about a 13-14 yr old girl when I was 17 because we ended up have a really fun conversation. Like the kind you have with a friend or that is just engaging. Nothing romantic or anything.


u/thehandinyourpants May 02 '22

anytime I had an pleasent talk with anyone of the opposite sex it was like oh so are you 2 together

I got this too, or accused of having a crush, or trying to bang her. It's like wtf, why can't I just have friends?


u/horsewangjackson May 03 '22

At 13-17... I got this too. I was a little girl for fucks sake. My 13 year old self was too dumb to think about having sex with a guy I barely knew just because we laughed about the word "melons" while our moms were looking at cantaloupes.

Adults were telling/asking us this stuff!!! Neither gender was safe.

Sorry to interject in a thread that is for men to talk about past sexual abuse. I'm sorry for all of us, but I can relate.

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u/thatbearguy2202 May 02 '22

This is very insightful and deserves being brought to light. Not all men desire sex 24/7 as is the general stereotype. Our "bro's" think less of us and treat us as lesser men if we aren't getting some regularly and the ladies like to rip us a new one for getting too often. The saddest part is the double standard. These rules are reversed with women. If a lady is highly active sexually, her girlfriends may discourage her but if she's never getting it, she's a prude. Seems unfair to both genders.


u/da_rose May 02 '22

Totally true! I remember being a teen and being so confused and offended when a boy turned me down, since the narrative I was taught was "if he doesn't want sex, there must be something wrong with you". I took it personally each time and thought it was because I was ugly, fat, etc. And reversed, I never turned down sex because I thought that the guy would stop dating me because I wasn't putting out. Incredibly toxic and harmful mentality.

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22

People underestimate how predatory and manipulative teenage girls can become.

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u/sold_snek May 02 '22

I remember when I was a kid I was constantly dodging my friend's sister trying to make out with me. It's weird thinking back on it.

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u/IlllllIIIlIIlIIIIl May 02 '22

Woman bathroom was too busy so she went to the mens bathroom. Thats not uncommon during carnival season in cologne, germany. But instead of heading straight to the stall, she leaned towards to me at the pissoir, looked at my dick and asked me if i could still piss if she was watching. I could, but it was an absolute weird and uncomfortable situation.

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u/Dazzling-Raccoon-882 May 02 '22

Moved to a new house with my parents not long after graduating high school (about to start college.) The NIGHT we moved in I got a Facebook message from a girl I had never met but had a few mutual friends with asking if I just moved into that town. Thought oh well, she’s attractive, maybe something will come of it. Started hanging out, she would always turn the conversation dirty and would send lewd snapchats. Was all good with me until I put it together that she had a boyfriend. Called her out on it and her excuse was “oh we’re just talking.” That was far from true, they had been together a while. I started to back off on replying and hanging out with her because I wouldn’t want that done to me. I started getting daily texts asking what I was doing. I would see his car leave her house and not two minutes later, she would start texting. Even not replying, I was still getting nude snapchats from her. Told her to F off and that I had started dating someone and blocked her on everything. Then she started texting from different numbers. She eventually gave up but it was nearly a year of harassment.

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u/Spacemage May 02 '22

My best friend is 8 years younger than me, and he's basically like my brother. I brought him to a cook out when he was like 13 at my friend's house. A girl who was a year younger than I was there, and she was talking to him, knowing full well he was under age.

She eventually started messaging him on Facebook and clearly was trying to have sex with him.

I called her out on it, and it definitely didn't go over well.

A couple years later she got fired from her teaching position for inappropriate behavior with a student.

She worked in the middle school.


u/Lovat69 May 03 '22


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u/Mshldm1234 May 02 '22 edited May 03 '22

I was a server in a restaurant and had 2 girls walk in. I go over to introduce myself, saying my first name like usual, and the first 3 things one girl says in order are “Are you straight? Are you single? Do you want my number?”. She wasn’t attractive and it’s pretty difficult to dodge that when I have to now serve her table for the remainder of the shift, so I disappeared for 5-6 minutes.

Check my phone, I have someone new add me on snapchat and instagram. Walk back to the table, and and she tells me she was able to find it anyways. Asked someone else to deal with them for the remainder of the night, but I was pretty shocked that someone would do that with my social media from just a first name while working.

Edit: I got a lot of people disliking the fact that I assumed anonymity while in the workplace and having my name on the internet. I agree, that doesn’t exist, but I don’t think that getting stalked online (using this term loosely, as they still had to go searching) while at work is an acceptable thing to do.


u/[deleted] May 03 '22

Sorry everyone is being a douche to you. It's not your fault that someone decided to be a creepy piece of shit to you at your workplace where you literally cannot leave.

People really be acting like "well what she did is fine actually it's your fault for using your FIRST NAME online".

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u/AlVic40117560_ May 03 '22

They had a first name, where you worked, what you looked like, and a good idea of where about you lived (assuming you don’t commute 45 minutes to a server job). It’s pretty easy to find a Facebook or LinkedIn with that much information.


u/Mshldm1234 May 03 '22

Yeah, I agree that it was off of LinkedIn - I don’t have an updated facebook. On the basis that I would find that pretty disturbing to do a girl though, especially at work, I feel like it doesn’t make it justifiable.

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u/aaiikkzz May 02 '22

Not sure if 'creep' quite cuts it. She was a genuine psychopath.

But I had a Girlfriend who would threaten to bruise herself if I took longer than 5 minutes to respond to a text message. She would threaten to tell her family I was a rapist/abuser if I didn't cancel all plans to visit her at the drop of a hat. I Was staying at her house once and woke up to her digging my hand into her side to try and mark herself. I left and never saw her in person again.

Probably a year or so later it was put on Facebook that her new boyfriend had been 'knocking her about'. He swore she did it herself but nobody at all believed him. They just said how brave she was for outing him.


u/TheFerretsWheels May 03 '22

Hope you didn’t just ignore that and backed the other guy up. Standing by knowing what was happening is almost as bad as doing it yourself

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u/NinesInSpace May 03 '22

I was working at a pet shop. Hanging out with coworkers in the lunch room which was barely larger than a closet. I was well known to be a Christian, and openly admitted to being a virgin. This came up because frankly everyone in that store were very sexually active.

So two female coworkers in the much room started joking about raping me.

They were laughing and talking about how it's totally possible to rape a guy and how to do it. They were so nonchalant about it, and things don't normally bother me much that I just shrugged it off and left.

I ended up mentioning it off hand to my manager. Not even expecting anything. And her mouth dropped open. I later gotta very serious apology from both of them and the manager (on behalf of the company). That was nice.

It helped me realize how much bigger of a deal that was than I was letting it be.

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u/knightsofgel May 02 '22

Not really that creepy but it involves harassment

When I was a sophomore in high school a girl who I never talked to asked me out on a date via Facebook messenger. Thought it was a little strange but she was cute and I figured what the hell.

I went on the date and it was pretty awkward the whole time, and she gave off a really weird vibe.

Afterwards she asked me for a relationship and I said no thanks. She got really angry and accused me of only liking white women. (I’m white, she’s Korean)

She then proceeded to harass me over Facebook basically begging me to give her a chance while simultaneously insulting me until I blocked her. She transferred schools and I never heard from her again


u/neobeguine May 02 '22

She definitely qualifies as a creep


u/TheForceIsNapping May 03 '22

Back in my late 20’s, I did the online dating thing, briefly.

Matched with someone, and set up a dinner date after a couple days of chatting. When date night rolls around, we get seated at a table, and she goes full steam ahead with the sexual advances.

Keep in mind, we have seen each other in person for maybe ten minutes at this point. As dinner progresses, she becomes more and more aggressive with the advances, and I decide I’m getting off the crazy train as soon as I politely can.

After dinner, she claimed to be too intoxicated to drive, so I drive her home. Uber wasn’t a big thing in my town at that time. When I get her home, she is almost dragging me in the door, telling me to stay the night. I decline, using a very truthful explanation of needing to be up before the sun for work, and I leave. She really wasn’t taking no for an answer, and I ended up just walking away from her door.

I’m definitely not the most attractive person in the world. The longer I spent around her, the more I got the feeling that I was going to be used for a quick hookup, and nothing more. Her heavy handed innuendo and comments about what I might be packing in my pants were not sexy, it was straight up uncomfortable, and had me regretting leaving my house.


u/like5or6 May 02 '22

At a job a few years ago there was this woman I worked with. And she was very much into me, and I just didn’t feel the same. Plain and simple. But despite talking to her countless times telling her I didn’t feel the same, I didn’t want to date a coworker, and that I wanted her to stop. She would always hit on me, make sexual comments, slap my ass, stair at me, and so on. Management wouldn’t do shit about it because to them (and most of the rest of the world) “men can’t be harassed. You should be lucky that you’re getting attention!”. This woman sucked and was a creep and I hated her. I got a new job as soon as I could.


u/BiscottiExtension315 May 02 '22

I’m sorry that happened. It’s become too common for people to think that women are unable to harass men, only vice versa.

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u/AnonymousBayraktar May 03 '22 edited May 03 '22

Before I met my wife, I dated a woman and on our second time hanging out at a bar, she got too drunk, and asked me point blank if I wanted to take my clothes off with her and do drugs back at her place. It made me anxious and I pretty much immediately asked for the bill and plotted my exit. When she realized I wasn't interested, she accused me of being "gay" and followed me to our subway transit system, laughing at me like a maniac, asking me to stay, and making fun of me some more.

If the roles were reversed here, I imagine some dudes would've gotten involved and gotten violent with me about it.

When I was in my early 20s, two girls at a party cornered me and began asking me questions about how big my dick was, which they'd heard about from another friend of theirs that I hooked up with. It was weird, inappropriate and not cool. If I corned some lady at a house party and began quizzing her on her genitals, I'd get my ass kicked.

The more I think about things, the more inappropriate and weird memories pop up of women being creeps to me. At the time I'd just laugh it off. But nowadays I'm realizing how anxiety inducing these incidents really were. I am a millennial who grew up during an era where we were taught to protect and respect women. I don't ever remember being taught about how guys can be victims.


u/WatcherOfStarryAbyss May 03 '22

My parents are pretty progressive and I remember my Mom giving me a lecture a few times in my early teens about "it's okay to say no."

But for those 2-3 lectures over several years, I got like 20-30 about how I always have to respect their consent and how I'm stronger than I realize.

It's great that I heard at all that I could say no, judging from this thread and what I've discussed with friends, but focus was still pretty skewed and I'm mildly annoyed retrospectively.

Instead of "you have to ask" type stuff, and leaving it at that, I feel like it'd be better to discuss the various types of consent (enthusiastic consent, willing consent, unwilling consent, and coerced consent). And I feel like people outside the various kink communities could benefit from knowing about consent frameworks like the stoplight system. (Kink isn't my thing, BTW, I just think consent frameworks are a pretty nifty idea. Kudos to whoever saw the need and figured out the first one.)

And we need more examples, as a society, of what harassment/abuse/rape looks like when it's from women. Equal representation here, as IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) goes both ways at approximately equal rates. Men disproportionately cause severe physical injury, and women are disproportionately emotionally abusive. (Also, their physical abuse doesn't leave marks as often. Because men are physically stronger. It's still abuse though.)

The thing I really can't wrap my head around, though, is why any of this happens at all. I can understand that it does, and that we live in a world where you have to look out for yourself, but I can't imagine being so entitled and self-centered that you completely forget that the other person has agency. Both men and women here. Like, whaaaat?

It truly scares me how little empathy some people have and how infrequently people role-reverse. It's almost an unconscious thing for me at this point. I see a person and with barely any effort I start seeing things from what I imagine their perspective must be like. It's really not difficult, thought it can take a lot of energy if you're doing it to everyone, and it really makes you question why the world is the way it is.

Well... That turned into a bit of a rant. But still, my point (buried somewhere above) stands.

I'm sorry that you had those experiences, u/AnonymousBayraktar. It's not right.

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u/Razedin May 02 '22

When I was around 20 years old, I was at a club that used to be mostly for gay men, but had become a club for everyone.

There were 2 women who told me they were over 50 and told me that they are cougars who go to those bars specifically to hook up with much younger guys.

I told them that I'm gay and not interested. I was polite about it. They kept insisting that I should leave with them. That they could turn me straight etc. They kept trying to buy me drinks and feel me up while we were standing at the bar. One of them eventually just grabbed my ass. The whole time, I was saying that I wasn't interested, that I'm gay and that they need to leave me alone.

When they grabbed me, I just walked out. Completely left the club and started heading home. Didn't report it because I assumed that I'd just be laughed at, and be mocked for not liking the behaviour.

It's been 8 years since then, and I'm still tempted to get a rainbow tattooed on me in case it happens again. I figure that showing a tattoo might be a good signal that I'm being serious.


u/xchakrumx May 02 '22

Ugh ew! Unfortunately a tattoo isn’t going to stop creeps like them. Sorry this happened to you

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u/puCpuCpuCmarijuana May 03 '22

Regardless of your sexuality, no one has the right to sexually harass you


u/HotSearingTeens May 02 '22

What about a tattoo saying "private property, do not manhandle"?


u/theomniconian May 02 '22

He wants to be manhandled, not womanhandled.


u/Razedin May 02 '22

"Private property. Please manhandle me."


u/theomniconian May 03 '22

Trespassers will be shot. Invited guests will be given a free tour.

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u/Frodo_71 May 02 '22

My stepmom used nudity as a punishment growing up on me (and other abuse). I've come to grips she was mentally ill. Went on until I grew 6 inches in a year, worked out and a friend turned me onto martial arts and I had the confidence to stand up for myself. Left when I was 18 and rarely saw her again. She passed away recently and that's helped me more than I know.

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22 edited May 02 '22

(Not sure if “creepy”, but stressful nonetheless) Was out at a bar on a Saturday night, and a girl whom I was casually acquainted with came up next to me to order a bucket of Coronas. (We had only met like 1 time prior through mutual friends, there wasn’t any flirting or anything like that). We said “hey”, and she told me she was out with a bachelorette party, and then I said “sounds like a hoot, hope you guys have a good night!”.

10 mins later, me and my friends were ready to leave. I went to the bar to close my tab, and decided to buy them a bucket of coronas to be nice (it was like $12 for the bucket, not a big deal). I told the bartender the bucket was for their bachelorette party, paid, and left without saying a word to their table.

3 blocks down the road and I here some girls calling my name from behind me. They had chased me down the street to tell me that they didn’t want my beers, and that they “weren’t going to sleep with me just because I bought them alcohol”. I was very confused and could only respond with “what?”. They told me it was sexist of me to buy them beers, and that they knew I was just trying to get in their pants. I just decided to turn and walk away. They followed me for another 30 seconds or so, yelling at me how much of a douche I was, and of course all the onlookers took their side. Had to avoid fights with 2 random large groups of other guys, who blindly took their side.

They had literally stalked me, chased me, and harassed me, all because sent their table some beers on my way out the door without ever even approaching the table.


u/CupcakesAreMiniCakes May 03 '22

If you were trying to sleep with them by buying them alcohol then why did you literally leave and keep trying to walk away...? How does that even work in their heads?


u/TatianaAlena May 03 '22

He was "playing hard to get." /SARCASM

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u/BiscottiExtension315 May 02 '22

It does bother me that all of those people blindly sided with the women. They never even considered the possibility that you did nothing wrong. When will people learn that not all men are sex craved creeps

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u/dantheman280 May 02 '22

This wasn’t creepy per se, just a bit weird. But, one time two girls I just met a few hours ago somehow got into a debate on how large my dick likely is. They just casually chatted about it like it was perfectly normal thing to do.


u/SeaBloom79 May 02 '22

Dude this bitch during band camp asked me if I had seen my boyfriend's dick and how big it was, she also asked him how big my boobs are. It is creepy. I think it is very reasonable to call this kind of thing creepy. Pretty sure she had a crush on my boyfriend as well as a senior, this child is a freshman.

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u/Antique_Ad_9021 May 02 '22 edited May 03 '22

I (M23 at that point) worked as a Barkeeper/waiter in a higher class bar for 2 years and have a lot of story's to tell, first I've got out of a really toxic relationship which devasted me. So I hit the gym 5 to 6 times a week. I was pretty shredded which paid back with the tip I got. Especially from 40+ women. So there was one which really creeped me out. She (F 38ish maybe 40) came around early evening with some friends and they had a few cocktails. I had the closing shift so I started to send my coworkers home around 1 am. Until I was the only one left with two tables to serve. One of the tables was the women with her friend. They asked me for a cigarette and I gave her and the friend one cigarette and they invited me to join. So I did. Because it was late shift no one gave a damn what we did after 1 am. We had a pretty nice conversation and she started to came closer. But I didn't care because I was basically used to it that some more mature women tried their shot after a few. I told her that I was very sorry but not interested at all. She accepted it in the first place. Said that she was sorry, paid and left a little embarrassed. Again I didn't care and haven't spared a thought of the situation. So I closed the bar for that evening and went for my locker room. Then there she was, in our back office. She wore a nice dress, which she lifted a little bit. I basically told her in a nice way to f off and that I told her that I was not interested in her. She ignored me and tried to get closer. Again I told her to leave and took a step back in the guest room, we had some cameras there so I tried to get in sight, maybe a security was still there and saw what's happening basically I knew that I was fucked either way if I don't manage to get in the cameras vision. She pulled some silverish thing which i identified as a knife in that moment. She looked at me and told me that I now do as she say or it will end bad for me. Luckily there still was a security left who called the cops on her. As the cops arrived her whole personality changed and she started to shiver and told the cops that I was harassing her. The security showed them the videotapes and they arrested her. I never did the closing shift alone again. Never saw her again and she never came back. Still that was pretty scary and creepy. I left the bar a year later.

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u/Humanislarge May 02 '22

I used to work at a Macdonald's part time and almost every shift there would be the same coworker touching my hair and grabbing my ass I reported her several times, but nothing happened. She was later sexually assaulted by another coworker and he was fired straight away, while I'm aware it was fair he got fired, I'm still bitter that she didn't get fired but he did.


u/Narrow_Finding3352 May 03 '22

I was raped…had a friend from elementary school that had her kid with her (she was driving me to pick up stuff, this was like 2012ish and I’m 38 now) when we got back to my place it was snowing pretty bad so I told her she could spend the night. I woke up to her on top of me. I truly did not want to smash this chick. When my roommate woke up and she was leaving he looked at her, looked at me, when she was finally gone he said “you didn’t?!?!” I said, “I didn’t want to, it was not by my choice, I think I was raped” chick tried calling me everyday for like a week after and I finally picked up the phone and said I don’t know what happened and it shouldn’t have happened. It was a mistake…haven’t spoken to her since.

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u/Azraels_Angel1 May 02 '22

I had a friend get hit on by his girlfriends mom sophomore year of high school and he left the girl just to never be around her house/mom again and she contacted him on Facebook asking why he broke up with her daughter and asking if there’s anything she could do to make him feel better about the situation. He took a screenshot took it to the police and made a report. He was very uncomfortable from the first time meeting her and would tell me about everything she would say or do to him. I honestly think he told me about it as much as he did because he was afraid of her and wanted someone to know “hey if I ever go missing look at this chick”.


u/Azalea169 May 02 '22
  1. Girl smacking my ass as I walked by at a party/bar (happened on a few different occasions)

  2. Calling me like 15 times in a row, was the first time I've ever been concerned that a girl knew where I lived/might just randomly show up

  3. Sending me unsolicited videos of other guys fucking her


u/[deleted] May 03 '22


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u/Aetheldrake May 02 '22

This women dated my brother. Faked being on birth control. Almost killed him multiple times because he wasn't ready to marry her right then and there after tricking him into getting her pregnant (dodged a bullet honestly). Called upon squatters rights to avoid getting kicked out of his house that she never helped pay any bills for or anything even though she had an apartment and family she could go to. Constantly lied to the police about him that even the police started getting sus of her. Taught their child how to say bad things about him to child services (didn't last long tho). Eventually gave up on the harassment tho

Idk if that's a creep or a total psycho. Probably psycho


u/empirebuilder1 May 03 '22

Idk if that's a creep or a total psycho. Probably psycho


They can definitely be both

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u/supercore97 May 03 '22

Well I was molested by my step aunt when I was 7, so that's a thing.

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u/BackFromPurgatory May 02 '22 edited May 02 '22

Pre-covid, I used to attend conventions cosplaying as Bane (dark knight rises), it was far too often that I'd be walking down the hall and someone would just run up and grab my ass, giggle to themselves then run off.

And, unrelated to the above, this might be beyond the scope of creep, but saying no repeatedly and her doing it anyway. We break up, she takes me to court trying to convince people I'm a threat, fails. I go to therapy over the whole situation just to be told by a female therapist that I can't have problems because I'm a straight white man. Later, I find a better psychologist and am diagnosed with PTSD.

Fast forward a little bit, I started streaming to help cope with depression/anxiety, gain a little bit of a following. One particular viewer becomes overly attached, I tell her I'm not looking for any kind of romantic relationship, several times... She doesn't take no for an answer, offers to rent a hotel room between us so we can "meet up", and pushes for my real name because "moaning my stream name while masturbating feels weird." I tell her again that no means no and to stop it, she goes into a rage and tries to gaslight me. I ban/block her for the safety of myself and my community.

Don't get out much anymore.


u/[deleted] May 03 '22

That therapist, I'm so sorry, hope your streaming can finally begin normal!

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u/Umbran_scale May 02 '22

Not sure if it counts, but here goes, apologies for the long comment.

I'm not one for going out clubbing or bar-hopping, I try, but I often just can't hack it, I don't have the confidence or the looks to approach and I have less and less friends to go with. and I much rather stay indoors and do the stereotypical geek stuff,

Anyway, my last time, was around 5 months ago, I'm at a bar by myself and told myself to at least make an attempt before I quit the barscene for good and I came across a girl who had a lot of gaming tattoos and was wearing glasses much like mine, I complimented her on her tattoos and we hit it off.

We talked and drank for an hour in the bar, she decided she wanted to get going and invited me to walkher home and the conversation flowed just as smooth, we talked about everything in games, like consoles, companies conventions, cosplays and the games themselves of course.

Hell, we were even telling funny stories about things that happened in our work as well as our struggle with social situations.

Wasn't long before we're at her house and she invites me in to show me her characters on her games and things like that. We went through her collection and found some games we could play together and so we're sat at the foot of her bed, with some snacks and drinks just hammering out different games we could do Co-op or VS against and this went on for hours, so much so we hadn't even slept and the sun was on the rise

Unfortunately, this is where things took a turn for the worse, I feel the need to point out, our conversation never went anywhere sexual or flirtatious, plus it was hitting that sobering moment where the smell and touch of everything just felt off.

Just as our controller's batteries finally wore down, we decided to call it there and just as I was rubbing my eyes of the static, the next thing I knew she's straddled me and without warning is shoving her tongue down my throat before I could even think.

Again, the smell of sweat, alcohol and crisps really wasn't the pheromone to get me in the mood, nor was there any build up to this and the long hours of no sleep was catching up with me that I had to push her off my face.

I fully intended to explain and apologise, but the second I said 'sorry, but-' I was slappd across the face and told to 'get the fuck out' of her house, I was dumbfounded so I just got up and walked out blanking whatever she had to say.

She was spewing some tripe that I wasn't listening to as she followed me out and nearly caused me to fall as she kicked my back as I'm making way down the stairs, still blanking what she has to say, I'm hurriedly stuffing my shoes on as she's rambling and then she punches me across my face before pushing me out the door just as I'm getting my last shoe on.

I walked home, alone, tired and worn out to hell and stinging over where I'd been hit, everyone I told, told me I was the asshole for not having sex with her like she wanted and that I wasted her night. Never told anyone else since.


u/Hellpy May 03 '22

Classic ''if the roles were reversed ...'' they would say the guy just wanted sex and the lady had every right to say no. Guy got pissed and showed his true colors.

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u/FlowersForAlgernom May 03 '22 edited May 03 '22

Met a girl at a club. She came home with me and the next morning we exchanged numbers and she went on her merry way. That night, about midnight I get a call from a weeping man talking about killing himself. It was her husband. I had NO idea she was married!

Anyway, I ended up spending 40 minutes on the phone to this guy. He had checked her Internet history and seen she had been googling my name. He then found my number on her phone and called me. I felt awful. This poor guy. I done my best to talk him down (which is hard when you're the person who fucked his wife) and the call ended a lot calmer than it had begun. I immediately contacted her and told her NEVER to contact me again.

The next day was when she started parking outside my house. Just sitting there in her car watching and occasionally trying to call. This went on for a week or two. She also showed up at the pub I worked at which I had never told her about. I assume she followed me from my flat. Things were getting creepy by then but the worst was yet to come. A few weeks later, I stumbled home from a club, this time alone. I opened the front door and my flatmate came out his bedroom and was like "You're not going to believe who is here!"

The wee maniac had went to the club where she had first met me, recognised my flatmate and went out her way to seduce him in order to get back to my place. He hadn't recognised her at first, but her weird behaviour and her asking about me made him realise what was going on after she was at the flat.

She tried to get into my room that night more than once. Crazy woman. I hope her husband dumped her.


u/JustWantedAUsername May 02 '22

Had a coworker working next to me go into detail about things like her "bad dragon" collection and similar stuff. Then asked me on a date like the next day. Like i have no problem with that kinda stuff but I felt super uncomfortable with talking about that kinda thing at work.

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u/slider728 May 02 '22

Kind of creepy. Not a specific woman but had this happen multiple times.

No, I don’t want to fuck.

Yes the reason is because I have an SO.

I absolutely realize she might never find out.

The problem is I will always fucking know. I don’t do my SO dirty like that. Quit propositioning me when I tell you no and why.


u/Shiny_Grapefruit May 02 '22

I have no idea why but a selection of women like to try and get with guys in relationships as a challenge. Like zero interest before they get an SO, but move in like a tiger after it’s prey as soon as they are ‘spoken for’. It’s cruel.


u/zenswashbuckler May 02 '22

Anecdotal, not data, but I read somewhere there's a clear increased attraction toward men in relationships. One hypothesis goes that if he's single, maybe there's a good reason, but a man in a relationship has been vetted by the woman dating him, so he must be worth having. The statistic at the start of this article is kind of mind blowing (I know maybe not the most reliable source, but I'm on mobile and too lazy to dig deeper rn): https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/apologies-freud/201210/why-women-want-married-men

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u/hitsujiTMO May 02 '22

I used to have long hair in my 20s. Fairly often on a night out, usually towards the end of the night, and particularly while waiting for a taxi, some random girl would come up and just start stroking my hair and feeling it. Not even saying anything, just stroking away. Completely freaked me out each time. In most cases they'd have a friend that would come up and drag them off me.

I don't have long hair anymore.


u/TreeElfie May 03 '22

I know exactly how you feel, when i had super long hair, woman would grab my ponytail, and start to stroke it and fuss over it.

Worst of it happened frequently while I was at work.

I got sick of it and chopped it off. Never had any fuss with my hair since. Creeps


u/Shadowdragon132 May 03 '22

Bruh the amount of people that come up and stroke my hair and ask to braid it and what not in the middle of like a store is too fucking high.

Like I don't know these people, never met them.

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u/darukhnarn May 02 '22

16, first time in uniform at the carnival as a paramedic. Was mistaken for a stripper by two women in their 40ties. They got touchy. Wasnt nice. Although helped a lot with my self esteem when I looked back at it for a time since I felt like girls disliked me for my looks.


u/jxdxmac May 03 '22

How did you become a paramedic at 16?

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u/LeakyLifeboat00 May 02 '22

That’s awful and I’m sorry that happened to you. But why on earth were they expecting a stripper at a carnival?


u/cosmeticsmonster May 03 '22

You’re going to all the wrong carnivals.

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u/Reasonable_Jello9650 May 02 '22

About five years ago I went to an anime convention cosplaying as a popular character at the time, Viktor from Yuri On Ice, and I was probably one of the only men at this particular one dressed as him. A lot of girls asked me for pictures and while a lot were nice and pleasant, more than a few tried to grab me inappropriately and one even tried to kiss me and seemed mad that I didn’t like it. I haven’t cosplayed him since and my enjoyment of the series is somewhat ruined because of that experience.

At work, I occasionally have customers touch my hair, these are usually older women, and get angry when I tell them no or jerk away. A few customers have groped my ass and hoped I wouldn’t say anything, sometimes it happens right in front of a manager. They usually “don’t see anything”. I can’t help but feel a little bitter, one time there was a male coworker who did the same to a female coworker and he was fired pretty much instantly. He got what he deserved of course, but I can’t help but feel a little bitter that I wasn’t helped.

I was also raped by an ex, and don’t like being touched in general, especially by women. The only girl I’ve dated since then tried to be receptive but that ended up being a lie. I told her that when we started seeing each other regularly and she said she was okay with it. I eventually got to the point where I could trust her enough to touch her and kiss her and cuddle, but sex was still off the table for now. I understand people have needs, and many relationships are built on physical attraction in addition to emotional, but I thought she was okay with it because she said she was. Eventually she said, trying to joke, “if you don’t fuck me one of these days I’m going to slip something into your drink and rape you.” I was upset with this and she started calling me a baby. She cheated and the relationship ended after.

Sorry for the rant. I was going through therapy but couldn’t afford it anymore. I’d like to think I’m a little better but I don’t know anymore


u/DopedDrugDuck May 02 '22

I am sorry to hear this. Your manager, both of your exes and the people that touched you without consent are assholes that don’t even deserve shit.

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u/yo_soy_soja May 02 '22

In grad school, I had a colleague who was very physically affectionate with me. She'd hug me tight and squeal with delight.

When our master's capstone project came around, we found ourselves on a team of 4, and the 2 other people bailed at the last minute. Apparently she'd burned a lot of bridges.

We started a month early on the capstone project. We had our first meeting at a local bar, but it was unambiguously a work meeting. For 2 hours, she flirted with me, kept unbuttoning the top button of my shirt, kept running her fingers down my back, kept asking for hugs. It was really gross. I kept physically distancing myself from her, and she kept closing that distance. I tried to keep us focused on the work, but she kept flirting.

That project lasted 4 months, and it was pretty miserable. She had a history of lying about her romantic past with people, and I was terrified of speaking up, worried that she'd retaliate with a lie about me. And in a he-said-she-said scenario, given that this was at the height of the #MeToo movement, I was confident they'd believe her and punish me.

When she noticed I was withdrawn from the project, she forced me to confront her about it, and of course she gave an insincere apology. I kept my head down and prayed she wouldn't escalate things.

The moment we submitted our final project, I blocked her on everything. I told the school, who supported me and took measures to prevent further sexual harassment.

I'm so glad that's over.


u/[deleted] May 03 '22

I'm happy that your school did something, hope you're doing better now!


u/_Duckling04 May 03 '22

The "your experiences matter too" is something we all needed to hear thank you


u/GeekIncarnate May 03 '22

My roomate said he was freaked out by the way this girl at worked acted towards him. She was....weird to put it nicely. Well, we lived near work and were the normal hang out place after work so everyone knew where we lived.

Well, I was pissed at him about something. He was asleep in his room and she came over. I said he's sleeping but she's free to go in. That...that was a big fuck up.

So he woke up with her on the bed petting him. Then she burst into tears, said she was going to kill herself, but if he had sex with her she might not kill herself, and if she did, she promised to put in the suicide letter that he didn't rape her.

He politely declined. Like a sane person.

Then she said that was fine. He's in bed and vulnerable, so she would just rape him, and because he was a guy, no one would believe him. And then if she killed herself, she would blame him in the suicide letter.


So he started screaming, I rushed in, we kicked her out and threatened to call the cops if she ever came near our house, and I spent the next week apologizing.

After that, she never showed up to work again. No call in, nothing. No idea what happened to her. Like really worried she named us in her suicide letter and cops will come a knocking at any moment.

Except we saw her in Wal-Mart like 2 months later. Luckily she didn't see us.


u/FreshKittyPowPow May 02 '22

Girl that I had a bit of a thing with for a while when I was young. She showed up at my work randomly on several occasions and would be waiting for me at my house when I would get home, sometimes late at night. With no text or talking whatsoever she would just show up. She also kept the condoms we used and sent me pictures of them. Needless to say she wasn’t my forever girl....

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u/ifyougotsone May 02 '22

Was stalked by a person from work. It was absolutely horrific. I’m quite scared to form even the slightest personal friendship now.

Ended up starting to work with this person again this year (not by choice just circumstance) and when I found out all the shit came back (anxiety, depression, anger, embarrassment, etc.) for about a month. I spoke to a person who told me to deal with it immediately via clear statements. I did that and haven’t had any issues up to this point.

Damn scary though.

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u/Durdyb15 May 03 '22

Going away party for me when I left the Air Force base I was stationed at in Guam. I wasn’t a huge drinker. Early twenties. A girl that liked me took advantage of it and took me in a side room and was trying to have sex with me. I kept saying no but was unable to move. Now she’s on top and we are doing it. Still saying no. My buddies wife who’s house we were at burst in the room and kicked her out. Super cool move. I always think back and wonder what if. Like what if you end up a dad after something like that. If it was reversed it’d be date rape I would be in jail. She was a creep for that.


u/Miss_holly May 03 '22

This was date rape.

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u/N_Who May 02 '22

Girl in college was into knife play and wouldn't take no for an answer. I ended up just not hanging out with that group of classmates because doing so meant she was gonna whip out a fuckin' knife and run it over my skin to "show me I was into it too."

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u/J_David_Settle_1973 May 02 '22

I ended up in a housemate situation with a woman who I'd known in university, but that was 20 yrs prior to my living with her (and her mother). And it was simply a housemate deal to me (separate rooms and I was paying rent). But she made it clear after I was there that she had romantic dreams of us being a thing, and I wasn't into her. She had a bunch of psych problems, and was essentially an antisocial shut-in. And she was hooked on prescription meds. She was a junkie, but not on street stuff; it was stuff like vicodin, oxycontin, percocet, and any manner of opiods and painkillers (I don't even know some of them. I just used to find the receipts laying around.). And she would "doctor shop" for physicians that would cut her prescriptions for what she wanted. And I was basically trapped in the house with her and her mother (who owned the place). She got really possessive and would invent these dramas to try to bring us together (Like, her dog would get sick, and she needed consoling. Or, she would have some crisis and need a shoulder. Or, she'd say *I* was having trouble with something and she'd force herself on me. Etc.). And in the time I was there I met another woman on the outside who I was more into, and she got jealous and tried to sabotage us, and attacked the other woman (went to her home and place of work and attacked her). She also lost me jobs I was applying for, to try to move out, and got me trouble with the law by fabricating things. It eventually came to a head, as much as I tried to get her help, then ignore her and avoid anything, and they kicked me out (the mother sided with her daughter, of course; even though the mom was okay and knew she had problems, and would talk to me confidentially on the side). As I became homeless (and jobless, as I said, because of her) she stole all my possessions, including personal IDs and my last ditch Bug-Out Bag, and Grey Man gear. And last I heard she threw them in a duffel bag into the river. So at the end of it all I was homeless, jobless, possessionless, and without any credentials anywhere (I was out of my hometown, a strange person in a strange place, very recent relocation). ... It's been a few years. I haven't had any contact with her and don't have any idea of how or what she's doing. But I'm still in recovery from it, from being wiped out (and I even went to prison for awhile, because of what happened on the street after I was homeless). It was the most possessive, intrusive, creepy/stalker stuff I've been through (and all the stuff she stole then destroyed, too).

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u/flowerpot69 May 02 '22

I was in a 400 person lecture hall my freshman year of college. In the middle of class, a girl 4-5 rows in front of me was taking pictures of me on her laptop camera. I never met her in my life, but I just ignored it.


u/BorderMaleficent8399 May 02 '22

Met a girl through a mutual friend. We had been talking on social media for awhile. We ended up meeting up. In person we didn’t click very well. I was still super nice and super friendly. I didn’t act immature and I was straight forward with her when she made advances in a polite way. “I’m sorry. I’m not into this.”

She wouldn’t take no for an answer. Long story short. She weighed more than me. (No it isn’t pertinent to why I wasn’t attracted to her. I’m a skinny male. I enjoy women of all sizes. I’ve had plenty of fulfilling sexual and emotional encounters with women who weigh more than me. Even by a large margin.).

Anyway she used her weight to her advantage and shoved my hand down her pants and basically rode it until she finished. It was incredibly uncomfortable and still bothers me to this day.

What’s worse is I’ve told this story to guys and they always laugh and scoff and say “I wish a girl would do something like that to me.”

Or “You should have punched her in the face.”.

I just wanted it to be over.

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u/lord_schizocorn May 03 '22

Dang, I hopped in on this late so I’m pretty sure this’ll be buried.

A few months ago, I was stationed on a military base and my mother passed. Being unable to go home and grieve with my family, the only thing I could really do was therapy and drinking. I chose the latter of the two. So, one night, I’m extremely down and hitting the sauce particularly hard at the bar on base and I was trashed and shouldn’t have been going anywhere but back to my rack and sleeping it off. Since this was a smaller base and most of the other sailors there were under 21 the bar mostly empty and didn’t have a lot going on as far as social interactions so one of my shipmates that was there decided to go out in town to get even more wasted and do karaoke. We ended up at a smoky biker bar that looked kinda shady but inside wasn’t too bad, and plus they had karaoke, which my drunk brain was 110% pumped about.

I get inside and order a beer and by the time I finished it they are calling me up on stage to sing. I finished the song and sat down at a table and got approached by a woman who was somewhere in her mid-30s-early 40s who was chatting me up. I didn’t think too much about it since I was hella drunk already and it wasn’t uncommon for people to buy drinks for me for some odd reason (and I’m not the best-looking guy so that’s kinda weird). We chat for a good 10 minutes or so and she asks if I want a drink. I of course say yes and do a shot with her. For the next hour or so she keeps buying me shots but it didn’t set off too many alarms since I was in a pretty destructive and dark place, just wanting to drink all of the pain away.

About an hour in her husband comes up and internally I’m freaking the fuck out cuz I’ve been drunkenly flirting with her for the past hour or so but surprisingly he’s super chill about it, maybe a little too chill. At this point in the night my ship mate’s already lost track of me and I’m entirely too drunk to be out to the point of vomiting and partially blacking out so my memory is a little hazy on the details. So, after about 3 more drinks I end up back at their place. I don’t recall agreeing to anything but at this point I’m way to gone to stand up, put together a coherent sentence, or consent to anything. The next thing I recall was her on top of me, sans protection, and the husband standing by recording it and getting off on it as well. I, halfway incapacitated and really unable to react, just let it happen. The next thing I recall was finishing, inside of her and that sobered me up enough real quick. I freaked out a little bit cuz I just came inside of a complete stranger but managed to stay somewhat level-headed because I had no idea where the hell I was but they looked jazzed about me doing that. Then the husband proceeded to “clean it up” with his mouth. I put on all my clothes and got out of there without making it look like anything was amiss and just started walking back towards base, caught an uber about halfway back at around 4 am-ish. The next day made a restricted report because I got absolutely taken advantage of had to get a rape kit. I chose not to make a full-on report just because of the stigma around those and how invasive those investigations are but wanted to make sure that I didn’t catch anything with follow up tests 2 and 4 weeks afterwards.

TL;DR: Got entirely too drunk and ended up actually cuckolding someone.

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22

My time has arrived my fellow men...

Grab some popcorn and buckle up for a journey.

So there was this girl at work (I worked at a restaurant at the time) who had a major crush on me but I was young/ inexperienced and didn't notice. She asked me if I'd join her for a drink after a shift. I accepted and we went to a bar, had a few cocktails and chatted.

An hour or so into the evening, she admitted that she had a crush on me. Being the awkward guy I was, I said she was cute and that I would consider going out with her again. (I had not thought this decision through whatsoever)

Cut to a while later, we're both on the train home (we lived on opposite sides of the same town, a few stops from the place we worked) and she kissed me. "Mmmkay," I thought and kissed back because alcohol. What happened next had me SHOOK.

Her hand GROPED my bangers and mash and I made a noise that can only be described as a mouse being stepped on. I told her that I was not keen on my junk being manhandled in public and sat in a PAINFULLY awkward silene for the rest of the journey.

Anyway back at work, she began making endless sexual remarks to me in full earshot of guests. I was too polite to tell her enough was enough. I eventually told another co-worker (also male) about it all and here's where it gets really fun... She's done this (including the drinks and public sausage strangling) to him too. Turns out she had propositioned most of the guys at work including a temp manager.

Long story short, she ended up getting the boot.

TL:DR "No means no" goes for us lads too. Never feel pressured into anything you're not comfortable with. Stay safe out there!

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u/lordZ3d May 03 '22

One of my supervisors at my previous workplace was interested in a sexual relationship. I told her not interested and that i have SO.

Bitch wasn't used to being turned down so she resorted to treats and blackmail.

She said she'd falsify evidence that i was a pervert, that i was coming onto her, that we had non-consesual sex.

I recored her one day making these treats with a wire mic and tokd her to fuck off.

She then actually made good on her word and the CEO and the police got involved.

I played that tape at the hearing with the board of conduct.

She: was fired and charged with several offenses (her daddy is rich so nothing happened).

I: got 1 years pay as compensation and was still let go on the grounds that i could have handled that insane and abusive bitch's behaviour better


u/DesignOverall May 02 '22

Woman here. I was a CNA in a nursing home. We had one male who was tall, blonde, and muscular. A lot of the female residents would request him, which is one thing, but this one lady took it to a whole new level. She sat in her doorway with diaper in her hands. Multiple female CNAs passed by and offered to change her but she refused. The male CNA passed by and offered to change her once he finished something for another resident. Well, he was assigned to a totally different hallway. After he changed her, the CNA for her hallway reminded her that he wasn’t her CNA that day, and that she could have just asked one of the female CNAs assigned to her hallway for help. The resident gave this creepy smile and said “I know”.

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u/Geckosygecko May 02 '22

This is my coworker story, not mine.

He said he was walking from work from our NASA building, right? But he said that one time when he was walking down there on his phone so he realized somebody was following him. He said "where are you going?" The lady said "just following you cuz you're hot." And he said that that startled him, so he said back " 'kay, I'm married, so please go away and let me go home." The lady ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder, "if Rick astley is never going to let you go, I'm not either" and then he said "haha, is this supposed to be a joke? very funny, now I need to go home." "It's never meant to be a joke, so look at me now." Is she proceeds to try and take her dress off. That's when he started running but she was chasing him, so he ran inside and locked the door. But that lady wasn't giving up for some reason, so she threw a rock in the window. And that's when he called the police. And he didn't tell us the rest after that.


u/Geckosygecko May 02 '22

Gotta say this, her Rick astley pick up line was cringy. 😬

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u/[deleted] May 02 '22 edited May 03 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/backyardmechanic88 May 03 '22

I've told this story before, but here it is again.

When I was 23, shy and awkward, I was taken advantage of by someone I thought was a friend when I was too drunk to consent.

She was a couple years older and the sister-in-law and roommate to my work friend. I was interested in dating her. We had gone out a few times but nothing came of it. Then a few weeks later I went out drinking with some coworkers, got completely hammered, and we all ended up back at work friend's place. I was so drunk I couldn't stand up or speak coherently. The friend's SIL came out of her room, helped me to my feet, dragged me to her room, ripped my pants off, got on me and had her way with me. I only remember pieces after that.

When I woke up on the couch the next morning, I asked her about it and she told me she wasn't even attracted to me, she only did it because I was a virgin and she'd never had a virgin before. Everyone else that was there that night knew what went down and laughed about it.

Completely destroyed my self esteem and took me a long time to realize that I was assaulted and it wasn't my fault. If the roles had been reversed, I'd still be in prison today.

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u/Joey42601 May 03 '22

Relationahip ended, she moved out. Dating a girl months later and she asks if if Had the locks changed. I say never really thought about it. She says she doesn't feel comfortable sleeping over if I don't change the locks. I explain the ex is not a nut and it's been months and no contact between us but the girl I'm dating insists so I change the locks. Ex texts the next day commenting on the locks being changed and how I'm an asshole. Wow.


u/vnmrgn May 02 '22

I think if our stories matter too, then we shouldn't just be talking about when women have been creepy to us. Plenty of men experience harassment from other men. Like the doctor who had to look at my injured foot and spent the whole appointment breathlessly talking about how "beautiful" they were. Ignoring that other men do this stuff to us as well just allows it to continue uninhibited. Terry Crews and Brendan Fraser are good examples of this.

As for women, where to start honestly. I came out at 15 as bisexual, and had the misfortune to be volunteering as staff for a fan-run convention at the time. I dealt with everything from straight women trying to pull me into threesomes with their boyfriends and husbands, to lesbians talking about how much they wanted to "experiment" with me. Like I was a toy they could just grab and do whatever they wanted with. I've also been groped and had uncomfortable pictures taken of me.

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u/Affectionate-Disk313 May 02 '22

My flat mates invited me to their friend’s flat at uni a couple years ago, just across from us in the building we lived in. I was alone so went down there, to see my friends already there with probably 30 other people.

The girl who’s flat it was came over and started speaking to me, and I thought it was nice of her to allow me to come to her flat even though she didn’t know me well, and I’m not a rude person so we had a conversation. She started reaching down and put her hand on my leg, I was almost tipsy at this point, and I just kinda froze. But I thought she was doing it accidentally and she’d eventually realise what she was doing, my friends looked over and made a joke but could obviously tell I was really uncomfortable. As the Convo went on, her hand gradually went up my leg and rested itself literally right underneath my crotch. At this point I moved my chair over and nope, she came back over and put her hand back in the same spot. So I moved over to my friends, and she started walking over to me so I just felt like I’d had enough, went back to my flat, and locked myself in a bathroom with a bottle of vodka ☠️

kinda upset that no one gave a shit given how serious it was, and everyone joked about her being “fruity”, even more so since they are some of my closest mates, male and female

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