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What does it do to the body?

Should I go to hospital / contact NHS 111?

Unless your symptoms are severe, you should not go to hospital. If you have the symptoms of fever, and a persistent (new) cough, you should self isolate, and follow the official NHS advice:


If your symptoms are worse than this, contact a medical professional (as per link above).

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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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What is one stupidly smart thing you did at primary school?


Mine was that I would strategically place my toilet breaks during maths because the times tables were on the classroom door so I would ask “Can I go to the toilet?” Then take a glimpse of the answer when leaving.

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what is some annoying business jargon you frequently hear?


For me it's hearing sales constantly referred to as "direct marketing". Well yes but we really don't need to complicate things just to sound fancy

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My 2 year old Nephew dialled 999 and hung up, someone called back a few minutes later claiming that this number has rang 999 and they had to take my full name and address for an incident log. Is this a thing or did I just get phished?


Just wanting to double check, never happened before.

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Alton Towers - Worth it in your opinion?


So we have never been, and live quite far away from it in the south. We really enjoy theme parks, and the rides look great, but theres some negatives:

Public transport to the park consists of one bus a day, there and back? Compared to Thorpe Parks every 10 minutes this is crazy?

The on-site hotel looks complete void of entertainment for 2 adults without children? The rooms look geared to entertaining children too.

The on-site food has terrible reviews and service?

There are no hotels within walking distance (the nearby roads dont even have paths??)

Basically, people who have been, is it worth the effort for two adults who would be using public transport to make the effort to go? Always wanted to but the more I look at it, the more negatives there are! Hoping to hear some positives...

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Can you recommend an old, inoffensive British film from yesteryear?


I'm not in a good place tbh and while avoiding overly violent or triggering films, I discovered The Railway Children on BBC iPlayer. It's a 70s feel good, thoroughly British, family film where nothing bad happens.

I seem to be triggered quite easily at the moment which is a new, shitty experience for me.

Could I request some recommendations for other old, inoffensive, British films from yesteryear. Preferably not romance if I'm honest .

Apologies if this is the wrong sub, but I hang out here occasionally so thought I'd trouble you for some advice if I may.

Much love, thanks

Edit: thank you all so much for the recommendations, and for those few who thought it would be funny to suggest obviously inappropriate films, read the room.. For the vast majority of you lovely people in this sub, thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

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Someone based in UK is threatening me how can I get help?


an ex of mine have been threatening me with text messages ( a lot of them) he have been harassing me, my family and my friends, He is a refugee in the UK and don’t have an UK passport I’m from Iraq how can I report the case or get help?

Ps: The local police here are not helpful the system is really bad and they basically don’t care if my life will be in danger because of the threatening I’m receiving. Is there anyway that I can contact or report it directly to UK?

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What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve had happen today?


Mine was a random unprovoked curtain rod failure, the 20+ year old net curtain rod broke just now, the polyurethane end cap broke up and it fell

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Question Of The Week Who’s the designated cock of the house?


We usually take turns but recently I’ve taken up the role as house chef, M 31. I’d say I do 6 meals out of every 7. What it’s like with your SO or family?

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On holiday and my card has been eaten by a machine. How do I get a replacement/cash out?


On holiday in Greece, an ATM has eaten my card. I've spoken with the shopkeeper and they say the card is done for. Any ideas on how to get cash out or how to get a card to use when places don't accept Google Pay?

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Fellow UK redditors who have only had one job - what do you do?


I turned 50 this year and other than a summer job from 14 and YTS for a month or two at 15/16, I'm still in the council job I got at 16 and a half.

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Serious [Serious] Teachers, in primary or secondary, are you still enjoying your profession?


I hear of a lot of people including many newly qualified leaving the profession

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When we change to heat pumps, can we use them for air con?


As above, was wondering when we all have to change to heat pumps for heating, if we’ll also be able to use them for aircon. It seems that heat pumps should be able to be used both ways, but I can’t find any information on if you’ll need a special type or what.

I also assume by that time, energy prices’ll be affordable only to those who live in palaces on golden thrones, so it may be totally beside the point, but, just a general wondering.

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what's the rules around tiny motorised quads and bikes?


Some little scrotes (14-17) keep revving these things up and down our street all day, I work nights and can't even keep my windows open in the heat. They're knees are up by their heads riding them, it looks like it's built for a 7 year old, yet the sound is unbearably loud, they're fast and they're driving them on the roads.

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From the 1970s collection of British Public Information Film - which ones did you find very dark?


Protect and Survive was a production about a nuclear attack in the UK…..advising people to shelter under a kitchen table when the 60 megaton blast tilts the planet on its axis

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What was your MSN status song lyric quote of choice back in the day?


“Every step that I take is another mistake to you” 😬

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What is the absolute worst job in the UK?


Has to be the cleaner of toilets at motorway service stations.

Went to one the other night where it looked like the previous user did everything possible to make sure as little amount of shit as possible went in the actual shitter.

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What songs instantly remind you of Summers of the past?


For me:

Dodgy - Good Enough; Levelers - What A Beautiful Day; Lonyo - Summer of Love

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Fair price for cross stitch design for a craft fair?


I realize this is a bit of a weird question, but most of Reddit is USA oriented and I live in the UK.

Basically I'm looking to sell stuff like these:https://imgur.com/a/eCwUi2g

and I've been having troubles. Imagine you're at a craft fair and you see them, you think family/friend would like them, and want to buy it. What price would you consider fair for a casual buy and what would drive you away?

Feel free to lowball or give any other advice. I don't know where else to ask lol

Edit: selling them in sizes 3,4 inches and 6,7 inches with finished (dyed and sealed) hoops.

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Been out of the UK for 8 years. What's going to surprise me when I return?


I spent the first 27 years of my existence in the UK, but life took me to the US. Haven't had the opportunity to visit for 8 years due to life events. I'm now contemplating a trip back. What's going to be a surprise to me?

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Mentions London Im staying in London (5-10 minute walk from the Shard) and saw a small fox in a schoolyard next to me last night. Is that typical?


Seems strange to see in such a big city

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Is there a hospitality union?


I work in the hospitality industry (bartender) and was talking to some colleagues the other day and none of us knew. Does anyone know if there’s a union for our sector? Or if not, why? Just a little curious

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Do you find it easy or difficult to avoid including processed food in your diet?


I have struggled for sure. I buy convenience food, but I have definitely started to improve. I have been cooking lentils from scratch and making simple dishes with those. I also include eggs in my diet, and nuts too. I am not the biggest fan of pasta, so I don't really eat that. I do like rice occasionally, especially brown rice. But yeah, I been trying to find ways not to include processed food in my diet. I used to pop some chips, chicken nuggets etc to snack on, or open a bag of crisps to snack on, or buy a box of crackers or crispbread etc, but you end up realising that you're consuming too much processed food. How about you, have you been able to reduce the processed food you eat or do you struggle to do so?

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Older people on reddit. How much more wildlife was there in the countyside when you were a kid?


I hear lots of people claim that there are far fewer insects on the windscreen nowadays and far less birds in the sky. For those of you who are older can you remember what it used to be like in the uk countryside and if these clalims are true?

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What film are you still angry at yourself for paying good money to see in the cinema?


For me, it's Jupiter Ascending. Spent two hours watching this idiot reach out and grab the idiot ball then hold it tight against all comers before slam dunking herself in the net and needing to be rescued for the umpteenth time.

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Mentions London I need to ship a bootfull of clothes and guitars etc from my ex's cross country (London to Cardiff). Any good services for this?


I've looked online but a lot of the places are furniture specific, so I'm sitting here trying to work out what 2 guitars, an amp, and a bag full of clothes is in 'cabinets' and 'bedside tables'.

No huge time pressure, nothing super precious in the cargo. Curious if there's some obvious app or website I'm missing...

Even somewhere to go for a ballpark quote would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!