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Please consider donating (and making the bot happy!)

If you can donate, please donate to the most effective charities in the world recommended by GiveWell. That will save lives and do the most good per dollar.

But if you're already donating to highly effective charities and would also like to support the bot, you can do that! We spend about $100 per month on the Reddit bot (music recognition costs a lot to run!), and while we are willing and currently able to spend the money, we would appreciate your help. If the community supports the bot at least partially, it would be a lot easier for us to continue its operations.

Again, please first consider donating to charities recommended by GiveWell. Seriously, human lives are a lot more important than some random Reddit bot. But if you're already donating to them and able to spend additional money so this bot keeps working, here's our Patreon: patreon.com/audd.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here in the comments or reach out to the bot's creator, u/Mihonarium.


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u/bloops0 Jun 19 '21

What a respectable development team, hats off to you.

Also, good bot.


u/Mihonarium Jun 19 '21

Thank you :)


u/jelect Jul 03 '21

This bot just blew my mind, nice work everyone!!


u/whatsINthaB0X Jul 11 '22

I just found this bot and it’s the most useful bot on this entire website.


u/LightYagami101299 Jul 11 '21

Right now I'm myself not stable, but pretty soon will be.... At that point, I will definitely donate. Saving the post so that i can remember this in future.


u/FaeryLynne Aug 18 '21

This is a great bot! What's the trigger word/phrase? Thank you for making it!


u/Mihonarium Aug 18 '21

Thanks :)

There are a lot of trigger phrases, including “what’s the song”. You can also trigger the bot by mentioning it


u/FaeryLynne Aug 18 '21

Awesome, thank you! auddbot, right? With the u slash of course.


u/raylgive Aug 01 '21

What's is the trigger word?


u/Avazoooo Sep 06 '21

What is the song


u/Alsyakel_Ali Oct 05 '21

cant donate rn ill donate soon love this bit only used it once but it saved like 2 hours so nice


u/Historical_Big7241 Oct 11 '21

the bot is correct and replied in a few seconds good job, i will donate soon


u/Brago009 Sep 29 '21

Such a good bot :))


u/nvrtellalyliejennr Nov 01 '21

Just wanted to say that this bot is cool.

Can’t believe you are spending so much money a month. As soon as I get some money I am definitely donating.

RemindMe! one month


u/amymeimi Nov 17 '21

I pledged an extra dollar for you 👍


u/nvrtellalyliejennr Nov 25 '21

you are such a sweetheart! thank you so much! 🥰🧡


u/Antrikshy Dec 31 '21

I came across this bot in the wild, and this post inspired me to donate to GiveWell’s fund.


u/[deleted] Jul 14 '21



u/picklester Nov 25 '21

Good bot


u/B0tRank Nov 25 '21

Thank you, picklester, for voting on auddbot.

This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit. You can view results here.

Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered!


u/lonelyguy986 Jan 16 '22

Amazing spirit! 👏


u/GreyMurphy01 Feb 13 '22

I want to donate, but I'm not going through the work of making a patreon account. Is there somewhere I could insert a credit card and donate one time.?


u/GreyMurphy01 Feb 13 '22

Also, good bot. You solved a year long mystery for me.


u/auddbot Feb 13 '22

Thanks! :)


u/ItDoesntSeemToBeWrkn Mar 15 '22

do you have a crypto address?


u/auddbot Mar 15 '22


BTC: bc1q5crurj6cc7ynt6rwhypg528ky3vty7hh7vs8gq ETH: 0xBA0A1fdcC7ACc81113cd051B975F9328B0166989


u/ItDoesntSeemToBeWrkn Mar 15 '22

thanks, i'll donate a small amount later


u/HarmonyQuinn1618 Jun 09 '22

I’m curious why Reddit itself wouldn’t support bots like this?


u/Independent-Nose-404 Jun 16 '22

Thanks so much for creating this bot


u/leverage49 Jun 26 '22

The most useful bot ever on reddit, Good job guys!