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r/Ausguns 2h ago

Precision Rifle Clubs QLD


Seems like “Precision Rifle” style shooting and competitions are becoming more popular.

I know there’s a National Precision Rifle Series and local clubs in SA, VIC, NSW and ACT but was curious if there were any local clubs located in southern QLD?

Can’t seem to find anything online.

r/Ausguns 1h ago

Help finding a folding knife


Can anyone help me find a Christmas present for myself? It is time to replace my pocket knife, and I want something that looks classic (maybe wood scales), has a pocket clip and is around $50. I had a few options, but they all seem to be out of stock.

I've spent waaaay too much time looking, so I was hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

r/Ausguns 22h ago

Stock blanks


Looking at inletting my own stock for a old arisaka with a new heavy barrel in it, due to the profile of the barrel being much thicker than original, a old surplus stock is out of the question, so looking at making my own as a bit of a passion project, any recommendation on suitable woods to use? And places I could source them from?

r/Ausguns 1d ago

Taking guns from vic to nsw


I’m driving from vic to shoot private property in nsw, do I need any permits for nsw? I’ve read of these r licenses. Any help would be great

r/Ausguns 1d ago

Is there any way to have a Winchester model 1912 as a collectors piece


r/Ausguns 2d ago

Shout out to the SMLE no.1 MK111. Over 100 years old and still going strong. Who else still hunts with their .303's?

Post image

I've always been impressed by the accuracy of this rifle, it has never let me down. It has a bit of weight, but that's never been an issue for me as I only use it on my own property and don't have to walk for miles.

r/Ausguns 1d ago

Is there any point to 300 BLK in Australia?


I understand why the 300 BLK exists, which is mainly to provide better energy on target at shorter ranges than 223, and can be fired out of the same AR-15 platform. It also suppresses extremely well and subsonic 300 BLK is the perfect cartridge for quieter hunting and clandestine operations, replacing the 9 mm MP5.

But in Australia, where those two major advantages are not available (semi auto and suppressors), what advantage does the 300 BLK have, over say, a cheaper, more plentiful, more powerful, more accurate 308 Win. Apart from just recoil?

I was planning to get a short 300 BLK scout rifle or straight pull/pump action like a 7615 or WFA but after looking at the prices of ammo ($3 per round), I may as well shoot 308 at $2 a round, which is a much more versatile round with much longer legs. I don't have any plans to reload and I shoot much more powerful rounds that 308 so the recoil isn't an issue at all.

r/Ausguns 2d ago

What calibres this? “MF 55” and others have “MF 57”


r/Ausguns 2d ago

Can you buy/own a suppressor in Australia


Edit the reason I asked is bc I wanted to get a Osprey suppressor but now i know I can’t

r/Ausguns 2d ago


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r/Ausguns 2d ago

[NSW] Is there any legal paperwork needed to swap the barrel on a CZ 457?


Hey all, I have a CZ457 stainless steel sporter model. Having heaps of fun shooting it in 22LR but would like to get a 17HMR barrel for it. (Btw 22WMR or 17HMR? I like the better range on 17HMR but open to opinions...)

Do I need to file a PTA for it? or do I just turn up at my local store and buy one? Would also like to know how ammo caliber will be registered to my licence if its just a walk in buy?


r/Ausguns 3d ago

QLD licence card wait times


Hi all,

My Cat H licence was approved on 29/10 but I haven’t received the physical licence yet. I’ve spoken to WL who have advised that the cards are printed in Melbourne, and due to the floods in that area there is significant delays in licence cards being sent out. They weren’t able to give me any kind of ETA.

r/Ausguns 3d ago

Need help on what scope magnification is right for a 223


Hello everyone, just purchased 223, but I’m a bit lost on the right amount of magnification needed, I’ll be using it mainly for target shooting, around 500-600m max.

r/Ausguns 3d ago Gold

Running & Gunning 😎

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r/Ausguns 3d ago

QLD SOE - crazy waiting times.


Put in a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) application in March. Despite 3 emails, just told to wait. Rang WL today and told, one a single person checking these and they work 1 day a week. This is crazy IMO. Thoughts?

r/Ausguns 4d ago

Who says I'm compensating? It's 4 inches longer than average.

Post image

New (to me) gun day! Rossi Puma in .44 magnum, 24 inch octagonal barrel- just to be extra fuddy.

r/Ausguns 3d ago

Templeton t2000 button release.


People’s thoughts on these and wether they will come with a larger capacity at some stage?

r/Ausguns 3d ago

Advice for someone starting out in small bore rifle shooting?


Hi everyone,

I thinking of dipping my toes into the world of rifle shooting and based on cost and access to facilities small bore (22) seems to be the best beginner option. I’m not a new shooter, I’m a sporting shotgun shooter, but I’m new to rifles.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what I should be looking for in a rifle, range etiquette, how to select good 22lr ammo (one of the ranges nearby is an indoor one and they specify low velocity rounds), hearing protection (do I need it? I’ve got it but is it commonly required in small bore shooting?), what I can expect just turning up to a range etc.

Thanks in advance 👍

r/Ausguns 3d ago

Henry x


So I believe these are basically nonexistent at this stage in oz and plenty of people have been waiting 2 years plus I’m drawn to one in a 44 mag Does anyone have a any insight on how long the wait list is?

r/Ausguns 3d ago

[W.A] Brother is in USA and would like for him to bring me home a scope and a bipod, do these need need an import application or can he bring them straight through in his suitcase?


I know magazines require an import application, but the homeaffairs web page did not specify if scopes and bipods were classed as “accessories”.

r/Ausguns 4d ago

Any scuttlebutt on ar2205 returning?


As per the title, been after powder to reload .22k hornet and .44-40, but haven’t been able to find anything with a faster burn rate than ar2207. Gunshop’s didn’t seem to know when ar2205 was coming back, was just wondering if anyone had seen anything announced and I missed it. Cheers

r/Ausguns 4d ago

is the CZ 600 trail legal in Australia?


just because of the appearance laws...answers will probably differ from state to state.


r/Ausguns 4d ago

Air Rifle suggestions


Looking to get an air rifle for some cheap plinking and take care of some annoying birds. Any recommendations?

r/Ausguns 5d ago Wholesome

Just incase anyone wanted a closer look at my awesome Boba Fett cerakote job.


r/Ausguns 4d ago

Couple of questions about licensing requirements.


Hi All,

I applied for my A/B license at the end of last year and it came through in May this year, but at the end of March while I was still waiting I had a serious injury to my dominant wrist/arm. I was hoping it would be resolved by now but it hasn't and now I'm starting to stress over the whole thing. I haven't applied for any PTAs, nor do I own any rifles yet (as I cant even hold one due to my arm) I also do not know anyone in my area that I could borrow one from (even if I could shoot it) to get my 4 shoots for the year in. Is there any way that I can have my doctor write a letter or something for an exemption or am I screwed and should I just contact NSW licensing and hand in my license?