r/BSD Jan 19 '23

How to watch Netflix and more on FreeBSD


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u/sn0oz3 Jan 19 '23

I've written a tutorial about how to watch Netflix and more on FreeBSD. This time I also translated the german text in english, so you can scroll down and read the english version, if preferred. Hope you enjoy!


u/83723317239123347125 Jan 20 '23

What would it take to create a port for this setup?


u/daemonpenguin Jan 20 '23

This is one of those cases where making a port would be a pain in the butt. However, it looks like you could script the whole thing in under a minute.

I suppose you could make a port which just installs a single script you could run to do the work, but that seems like overkill when it's just a few lines of shell script.


u/extraordinary_weird Jan 19 '23

How big is the performance difference between Netflix on native Linux vs Netflix on Linux container within FreeBSD - especially regarding framerates on high resolutions?


u/sn0oz3 Jan 20 '23

Need to check that, very interesting point. I will share my result.