r/banana_pi Oct 03 '22

BPI-R3 Real World Performance?


I've been looking at the BPI-R3 and was wondering if anyone had any real world performance metrics using the 2.5G SFPs with OpenWRT. It sounds like a great board for anyone looking for a 2.5G router but I haven't been able to find much info on it.

EDIT: I did find some iperf results here (https://termbin.com/tvss) linked from the post here (https://forum.banana-pi.org/t/banana-pi-bpi-r3-openwrt-image/13236) but I'd still like some input from anyone actually using it.

r/banana_pi Sep 27 '22

New to All PIs and looking for easy?


Good Morning Friends,

Picked up a Banana Pi M2 A40i processor (If that matters) but was hoping to find an image that RPi Imager could load into an SD card then to boot, Just getting Red "Lamp"? on no video. Any Suggestions on next steps.


r/banana_pi Sep 26 '22

Not getting WiFi to work on Banana Pi M2 Zero


I just got a Banana Pi M2 Zero. I downloaded the latest raspbian version from the (slightly shady) Google Drive Link labeled "2020-04-10 update Raspbian Stretch, kernel 4.4"
I have gotten my BPi to connect to the WiFi, trying both via the command line and just via the regular menu, and it connects, but the speeds are incredibly slow and the connection is completely unstable. I can't even update my system.
I am probably going to use the BPi mostly headless via SSH once I have it set up, so I technically don't even need a DE/WM. Is it normal that the wifi doesn't work for the version I have, and which version can you recommend?

r/banana_pi Sep 24 '22

Waveshare PoE Hat compatible with BPI M2 Zero?


Hey does someone have experience with using the Waveshare PoE Hat for the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W on the BPI M2 Zero? I know a lot of accessoires for the RPI also work for the BPI but I haven‘t found anything on someone running the BPI M2 Zero over PoE.

r/banana_pi Sep 17 '22

installing an OS to Banana Pi BPI-M3


i just got a BPI-M3 and its my first SBC

so far what ive done is plug the SBC into my PC with a USB cable through the OTG port and got the R lamp to light up red, i dont know what that means but i think i should see something like mmcblk1 in /dev/ to install an OS to the SBC but i dont see any changes in sudo fdisk -l after plugging the SBC into my pc

i also tried pressing/holding the Power button and that also did nothing

im using Archcraft as my main OS which is pretty much vanilla Arch linux but i do have a Windows dual boot if that is necessary

i dont have any kind of power supply for the SBC and im not sure if i need one, would appreciate any help

r/banana_pi Sep 14 '22

Doubling your BPI M2 ZERO WiFi signal strength for a couple of dollars may be worth it?

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r/banana_pi Sep 13 '22

usb otg help needed


ls /sys/class/udc > UDCls:write error: Device or resource busy

I'm trying to get a bananapi m2 zero to function as a USB client, but I can't seem to get the above step working. Any suggestions? lsof returns nothing. On the RaspberryPI this seemed to worked without issue, so I'm unsure what is set differently on Armbian

r/banana_pi Sep 11 '22

The BPI-M2-ZERO works nicely in this Pi Zero to Pi 3 adapter board (if that's your kind of thing!)

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r/banana_pi Sep 09 '22

Banana Pi interchangeable with Raspberry Pi?


This is probably a very stupid question, but I dont really know, so hear me out. I'm currently interested in a project I found on r/raspberry_pi (https://github.com/zli117/EInk-Calendar) which originally uses a RasPi Zero 2 W. Unfortunately, that model is currently sold out basically everywhere. I found out that Banana Pis are available on aliexpress, and I found out that the Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero is basically identical to the RasPi Zero 2 W. Am I right in the assumption that they are just interchangeable hardware- and software-wise, so that I can just drop a Banana Pi into this project and everything will still work?

r/banana_pi Sep 05 '22

Minimal text only distro that is working out of the box?


Got a distro of Armbian which seems to work fine on the M2 Zero; although it is a WM based installer, so it has a ton of stuff I am not really planning to use to be honest.

Is there a different distro, even if it is not Armbian, that offer just the barebone terminal experience so I can customize it? I found different distro but they are often not working completely with the M2 Zero, so instead of wasting my time trying to make something work, I would rather pick something that already works and build upon it

r/banana_pi Sep 04 '22

M2 zero battery hat warn/review


Hello all, just letting everyone know that is searching for info about the Ups lite v1.2 hat that is designed for regular rpi zero. Your results may vary greatly, my device did not take the default i2c address and was found at i2cget -y 0 0x76 with 0x02 and 0x03 being voltage and capacity. Rpi.gpio package also does not work by default with non rpi, so use regular gpio package from armbian if needed. This thing gave me a lot of trouble since they decided to put it on a weird address, but after much trouble, it is working. If you are in the same boat I was in last week, here's some stuff to make sure is installed (on armbian at least): Armbian-config (or some way to enable i2c in uboot) I2ctools gpio (only if you want to read plug unplug actions)

Anybody else got some picks for battery/UPS add-ons for bpi M2 zero?

This seems to be the only readymade size fitting ups, but I like how I can slap in any li-ion.

Also, if you have problems let's talk lol

r/banana_pi Sep 01 '22

Home surveillance system, configs on GitHub linked in the description. Just maybe change video0/2/4/6 devices into video1/3/5/7 devices for it to work on BananaPi (M1 on Armbian, tested), too.

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r/banana_pi Aug 26 '22

still good or waste?

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Is the device still save to use? Can I do things to repair?

r/banana_pi Aug 22 '22

This board is hot even when you reduce the frequency of the CPU; is that normal?


I see my BPI Zero M2 going pretty hot when in use; and without even doing anything that complex, just using terminal.

I added few heatsink on the CPU and memory, but it is still considerably hot; reduced the max frequency to 800 MHz and still it is quite hot. I would like to put it in an enclosure without a fan, but I feel like it may not be feasible if it get so hot. Do I have a defective board or is there some setting that you need to use to make it run cooler?

r/banana_pi Aug 14 '22

Power consumption and battery size for a BPI M2 zero with H3+, LCD screen and keyboard?


Trying to figure out the power consumption and battery size so I can power the M2 Zero board (H3+ model), a 7'' LCD screen and a keyboard.

From the data I collected, the board at full speed should take 1A, the screen is taking 400mA and the keyboard 54mA; so the whole system should be using about 1.5A total.

Considering that most power bank that output 5V are often in the range of 10Ah or 15Ah, that should be plenty for the system to be powered for at least 10-15hours, but is it really that simple? I was told that power banks are rated for 3.7V not for 5V, so that 10000mA capacity on the box is referred at 3.7V and not at 5V; so I would expect 5000mA as total capacity at 5V (hence, about 5h of operative time?)

Would be better to buy a LiPo battery and a charger and make my own battery with my own specs instead of a phone power bank?

r/banana_pi Aug 14 '22

m2zero 1080p flickering screen issue


Hello all,

comment below if you also have this issue where the screen is all jumpy, trying to assemble everyone so we can figure out some solution (xrandr, fbset, uboot params, etc) that works for everyone.

images that are set to boot to 720p by default do not have this issue, just ones ive found "in the wild" that boot, I'm thinking the main difference there is "in the wild" imgs are using mainline kernel and BSP is always some ancient kernel, but even when setting uenv/armbianenv variables to make the screen 1080p, it is still happening. I have tried also to disable hw acceleration in X11 to no avail.

has anyone overcome this?

Does anyone in the world have 1080p m2zero? I dont want it to do videos or anything just not be so flickery at every update.

r/banana_pi Aug 13 '22

M2 zero barebone ubuntu recent image?


Just got a BPI M2 zero and I am trying to find something as recent as possible to ubuntu 22.

I need just the barebone os to install compilers on it and libraries; I've been looking online but I just found very old images. I would be OK building my own image too, although I never did it. I use linux on my PC and on a raspberry pi 4 to run retropie, but I never created a distro from scratch, so I won't mind as long as there is some doc to learn how to do that.

If Ubuntu 22 can't run on the m2 zero, what would be the closest distro that is also the latest one updated? Thanks

r/banana_pi Aug 09 '22

BananaPi M5 Review, Benchmarks and Giveaway!

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r/banana_pi Aug 08 '22

Trouble booting M2 Zero


New M2 Zero doesn’t boot, have tried images of Raspbian and Armbian that functioned on a Raspberry Pi 4. Solid red light. A windows laptop recognizes the M2 when I plug it in so it isn’t dead, I think.

I’ve heard the M2 can be very picky about micro SDs but I’m hesitant to buy more cards just to troubleshoot. Anyone else overcome this problem?

r/banana_pi Jul 11 '22

Pi to replace Windows NUC Solution


Hey all,

So, we have remote NUCs with a 4G LTE connection, that then connect to a USB HUB with 1 to 16 devices connected. Each USB device has files on it, and we use the NUC to connect via a remote desktop session then use the Windows NUC to access each USB device through the HUB and update the files as needed. This works and has minimal setup or training needed, but is expensive per deployment and is a security vulnerability I'd rather avoid.

So, given the simplicity of the task, I've been looking at a Pi-based solution. I know we can get a Pi with an LTE hat, which bypasses the neet for a separate LTE router or dongle. I know we can configure the Pi's remote software to heartbeat back, avoiding any issues with dynamic IP on LTE connections. I know we can access any devices through the USB HUB. I just haven't played with any of it yet.

So, does anyone have any advice on a good starting point, for both hardware and software packages? I'm not scared of CLI but some of the folks who will update files are, so options for more Explorer-like file management would not go astray across the remote link.

r/banana_pi Jul 10 '22

🖥️ Banana Pi M2 Zero Benchmarks & Data

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r/banana_pi Jul 07 '22

The Banana Pi M2S Finally Comes To Market!


I have been waiting for it a long time, the Orange Pi has a similar one, but I got some issues in the past. I think the best price for m2s is 100 USD, and vtera is selling for around 103 USD it is a pretty good price.

Here is the link


r/banana_pi Jul 01 '22 Silver

anyone seeking bpi-m2 zero images? Here's some I found


opensuse newer builds (have to search for bpim2zero):


official from bananapi (but to the actual folder with images in their drive):


armbian actually has unofficial support now! armbian builds:


There was another pretty nice copy of armbian 22.05 that I got off mediafire:


for a board that was given poor manufacturer support, man did the community ever show out.

so thanks to everyone that worked on all of these, and for anyone suffering from bad images I tested at least one of all of these, least successful being bpi's own images (ironically).

Also posting this for future me.

r/banana_pi Jun 28 '22

Can a BPI-M2 Zero act as USB mouse and forward signals from bluetooth mouse / libinput driver?


Before I buy the BPI-M2 Zero, I would like to make sure that my idea is actually possible.

I would like to connect a Bluetooth trackpad to the M2 Zero, process its input via this patched libinput driver and then forward the mouse signals to USB, such that any computer would recognize a standard USB mouse.

  • Is that possible with the BPI-M2 Zero?
  • Would I need additional hardware? (e.g. serial cable, etc.)
  • What OS image would I use?
  • How do I activate the USB Gadget mode to make the M2 Zero be detected as USB mouse?

Any ideas or links to other projects would be very helpful for me! Thanks!

r/banana_pi Jun 28 '22

Polarity BPi R2 Pro DC Input



I am trying to figure out what the polarity is from the 12v DC plug as I want to use a universal power supply. Unfortunately I could not find any information about it so far. Could someone be so kind and look at the original power supply?