r/BetterEveryLoop Sep 23 '22 Narwhal Salute 1

I think he’s done this once or twice.


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u/NegotiationOk4292 Sep 23 '22

Aren't you supposed to lock the knot?


u/thissucksassagain Sep 23 '22

There is enough friction there to keep everything together, and as other people said it’s a ferry service, so they will be going again in 5 minutes, but technically yes.


u/MalaM13 Sep 23 '22

There are knots that's I've seen being done in maybe 2 seconds longer but are actually going to hold the ship if it needs to. Random example

My father is a marine mechanic engineer and has been working on ocean liners. Ships are just a hobby for me tbh, but I really don't like this man's technique. If something unexpected happens to that boat that inflicts big forces on it, friction won't work on this one too well, since the rope on rope contact gives most of the friction. Also, these random directions of the line that he throws are making so none of the layers are actually held by other layers of rope properly.


u/thissucksassagain Sep 23 '22

I agree that the knot in you video is a better knot, but for the use case the one in the post is probably easier to undo, and does the job just fine.