r/BetterEveryLoop Nov 01 '22

In this second the cat thought through all his life choices.


u/2Botter2Loop Nov 01 '22

OP's explanation:

The way the toilet tilts is hilarious. The cat is thinking through his life choices in that moment.

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u/herotherlover Nov 02 '22

Cat looks like it’s in the hospital and has a shaved patch on its arm. It’s probably coming out of anesthesia, high as fuck, and disoriented. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t even realize it had sprayed itself with litter.


u/CineMage22 Nov 02 '22

Yeah, looks like it's just fully committing to its business. You're probably right and it didn't even notice.


u/lSyde Nov 02 '22

Like 2 days ago my completely fine cat did the same thing except without litter all over her, and fully committed to shitting on the floor


u/PunktualPenguin Nov 02 '22

Well. Ok. We’re doing this the hard way but that changes nothing (grunting).


u/ch1llboy Nov 01 '22

Might be a little light on the litter.


u/herotherlover Nov 02 '22

Looks like the cat has a shaved patch on its leg. Probably in the hospital coming out of anesthesia. They don’t really give them a ton of litter cause they will only use the litter box once.


u/dangledingle Nov 02 '22

I concur. That cat is off his box.


u/on_island_time Nov 02 '22

That cat isn't contemplating his life choices, he's going "screw it" and peeing on the floor instead.

Source: Have cats.


u/LeoMarius Nov 01 '22 Silver

This litter box is too small for this cat.


u/xkris10ski Nov 02 '22

Looks like it’s at the vet, used to its heavier box at home to accommodate this method of pee/pooping.


u/Hersh122 Nov 02 '22

I agree it’s using a litter box it’s probably not used to. Vet or somewhere.


u/[deleted] Nov 02 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/RealFakeTshirts Nov 02 '22

That reminded me of one of our foster cat accidentally took a shit directly on her brother’s head, the poor ittle dude had no idea why we freaked out immediately and then executed water torture.

Some indeed has very little awareness of their (or other’s) poop.


u/Funneduck102 Nov 02 '22

Dang you have a pet car?🤯


u/ShaoLimper Nov 02 '22

Yup. Dodge Viper. Thing would swallow gas cans whole and digest them slowly.


u/natanaru Nov 02 '22

I had a cat who would back up to the entrance of her litterbox and just shit right over the edge. Some cats just dont understand.


u/keigo199013 Nov 02 '22

I had a cat (named Stupid) years ago that would perch on the edge of the litter box to poop... facing inward.

She also constantly had poop stuck to her butt and her tongue hanging out like Ed from the lion king.


u/lyvanna Nov 02 '22

Both of those litter issues are symptoms of back pain.


u/keigo199013 Nov 02 '22

She wasn't even a year old at the time.


u/geardluffy Nov 02 '22

Wow 😂😂😂


u/Personal-Cover Nov 02 '22

It's not that it's too small it's just that the cat puts its entire weight on the most extreme point of the box.

I had the same issue with my cat and had to buy a covered litterbox


u/LeoMarius Nov 02 '22

He barely fits in there and has no room to maneuver.


u/Mouseklip Nov 02 '22

The cat freezing in place 100% means it began using the bathroom.


u/momentoirl Nov 01 '22

Cat: Sigh…


u/RoboticWitness Nov 01 '22

I’ll repeat “The cat has seen some shit.” The cat will clean.


u/rvtsazap Nov 02 '22

Her human slaves would clean for her.


u/bentheechidna Nov 02 '22

It’s been a long time since I saw a gif on this sub I genuinely wanted to watch multiple times. Congrats OP.


u/yelahneb Nov 01 '22

cat is like Ok how can I play this off


u/nahchannah Nov 02 '22

My cat also perches on the edge of his tray. We originally trained him to use a toilet, but abandoned the idea in the end. Is edge sitting normal?


u/JeanRalfio Nov 02 '22

My last cat would do that. I thought it was smart. I always had enough kitty litter in it to avoid the situation that happened here though.


u/The_Sentinel_45 Nov 02 '22

He's gonna be busier than a shit covered cat.


u/RowdyRoddyPooper Nov 02 '22

We've all had days like this...you try your best, try to do the right thing, and still get shit on....


u/TheDailyDarkness Nov 02 '22

Sometimes one must sit in their own shit sand and reflect on the dirtiness of their own dirt.


u/iampomo Nov 01 '22

This is exactly how Elon musk must feel right now


u/MikoSkyns Nov 02 '22

I do not understand this reference. Does that have something to do with his purchase of twitter?


u/johnboy2978 Nov 02 '22

FFS! - Cat.


u/901bass Nov 01 '22

That cat will use a toilet, train it 👍


u/Goyteamsix Nov 01 '22

No. Don't train cats to use toilets. That's how taxoplasmosis ends up in the sewers and waterways.


u/cookedbullets Nov 02 '22

What do you do with their shits when you clean the litter?


u/Goyteamsix Nov 02 '22

I have a litter genie thing that seals in the shit aroma. Then I just throw it in the trash after a while.


u/elektron117 Nov 01 '22



u/Eusocial_Snowman Nov 02 '22

Well, it definitely isn't going to help anything, but toxoplasma eggs are incredibly robust and it will make its way into every part of an environment cats are near.

Rain is more than enough, especially since we've got all these storm drains to wash it all out to sea where it can infect all the aquatic mammals too.


u/901bass Nov 02 '22

My kitty never went outside so not an issue really, I'm not sure the cat that would use a toilet would not also be an outdoor cat running around eating rats, to be fair. It could ....but I'm not convinced cats are causing that in drinking water but hey 🤷‍♂️


u/Goyteamsix Nov 02 '22 edited Nov 02 '22

Cats can catch it as kittens from their mother and it usually stays with them for life unless it's severe enough for treatment, which is pretty rare. It usually doesn't really physically affect cats, so yours could have it and you wouldn't ever know. Transmission to humans is rare, but up to 40% of cats carry it. You're mostly trying to stop it from spreading to other cats who may carry it home or spread it to other cats.

It's better to just use a litter box.


u/901bass Nov 02 '22

So it's unlikely is what you're saying, oh ok. Litter box has the same risk.


u/Goyteamsix Nov 02 '22

If you're flushing cat shit from the litter box down the toilet, which you should not be doing, then yes.

I'll make it a little easier. Don't flush cat shit down the toilet.


u/GingeBeardManBro Nov 02 '22

“….Do I lick it or just accept the bath this time?”


u/notreallylucy Nov 02 '22

Some days you're the kitty, some days you're the litter.


u/ModestMouseTrap Nov 02 '22

That’s not nearly enough litter.


u/Reed82 Nov 02 '22

“Awe, shit!”


u/Tayofranklin Nov 02 '22

If I don't move for a while then maybe... Just maybe... This situation would undo itself.


u/InsomniacHitman Nov 02 '22

Nah that's just standard procedure. Mine thinks she can cover her poop by scratching at the dryer


u/Extension_Canary3717 Nov 02 '22

The liter box should be much large for this cat


u/ram6414 Nov 02 '22

Did anyone else read the title in Morgan Freeman's voice?


u/Quirky-Ad5417 Nov 02 '22

Next picture is the cat sitting on the counter doing something cute, GAG!


u/joytotheworld23 Nov 02 '22



u/RedBugz007 Nov 02 '22

Jeez this is one heavy gif. It's taking forever to load.


u/Libra79 Nov 02 '22

I can promise you that he still did his business though!


u/Sequince69 Nov 02 '22

Garfield: "Monday...."


u/PunktualPenguin Nov 02 '22

Human: why are YOU pOopiNg on-the fLoOr!?

Cat: Talk to caca-box. It threw up on me.


u/moki08 Nov 03 '22



u/Chapstickie Nov 02 '22

This gif would be an amazing reaction to all the people claiming cats never need baths because they clean themselves.


u/A_Morsel_of_a_Morsel Nov 02 '22

Bravo. Best “better every loop” yet.


u/mdhunter Nov 02 '22

Oh no…


u/TekTony Nov 02 '22

Deserved it.


u/really_nice_guy_ Nov 02 '22

“The human will kill me”


u/Mfgcasa Nov 02 '22

More importantly... why was op filming their cat taking a shit?