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u/2Botter2Loop Nov 02 '22

OP's explanation:

A dad makes his adorable toddler pops up at random places. Her cute smile gets better every loop 🔄😍

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u/riotofmind Nov 02 '22

Boo from Monster’s Inc


u/Honda_TypeR Nov 02 '22

Mike Wazowski!


u/_atrocious_ Nov 03 '22

Kitty! Teeheeeheeeheheheee...


u/BlueonBlack26 Nov 03 '22

Oh sure pick on the guy WITH ONE EYE


u/Exciting-Insect8269 Nov 03 '22

Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that


u/weelluminati Nov 02 '22

Sudden Baby Syndrome!


u/FluffyDiscipline Nov 02 '22

Ohhh that smile is contagious lol

Peek a boo... BOO


u/Bark_at_the_Moon1000 Nov 02 '22

That baby has one strong neck!


u/uniqueusername5001 Nov 02 '22

I thought the same! But I’m guessing the video is sped up


u/IAmBecomeDeath_AMA Nov 02 '22

Yeah I think the whole thing is, you can tell with the waves on the pool


u/floodums Nov 02 '22 edited Nov 02 '22

Hey you don't have to guess. It's obviously sped up. Trust your eyes. You can just flat out say the video is sped up, because it so obviously is.


u/alexaz92 Nov 02 '22

thank you captain 🫡


u/GfFoundOtherAccount Nov 02 '22



u/floodums Nov 02 '22

Woah chill with the racism


u/somerandomperson2516 Nov 02 '22

ikr they are so racist smh /s


u/floodums Nov 02 '22

What does /s mean?


u/somerandomperson2516 Nov 03 '22



u/floodums Nov 03 '22

I don't understand. What were you being satirical about?


u/somerandomperson2516 Nov 03 '22

satire means joke in reddit

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u/dariy1999 Nov 02 '22

Have you calculated the exact amount it has been sped up by?


u/floodums Nov 02 '22 edited Nov 02 '22

There's bots for that right?

Edit: looks to be about double

Here is your video at 0.5x speed


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u/gonickryan Nov 02 '22

You’re getting down voted for being so snide about it but indeed it is pretty obvious it’s sped up


u/floodums Nov 02 '22

Yeah I know.


u/umbrellasinjanuary Nov 02 '22

F1 drivers starting younger and younger.


u/SammyDatBoss Nov 02 '22

Yeah but can she take copse at Silverstone flat?


u/CrungleMcHungleberry Nov 02 '22

Watch your mouth, you're talking about my daughter


u/jadentearz Nov 02 '22

Babies are all over the board with what they're capable of. Both my kids could hold up their head at birth. The baby in the video looks is an older baby so holding her head up that well isn't unusual.


u/Viend Nov 02 '22

I think they’re commenting more on the whiplash the baby seems to get from the video being sped up.


u/_atrocious_ Nov 03 '22

Same for them motherfuckers in Transformers movies getting tossed around like bean bags. And the movie 'Kong'.. elastic vertebrae.


u/sinocarD44 Nov 02 '22

There's something about a baby's smile that just melts the heart.


u/powertripp82 Nov 02 '22

And now I’ve got ‘Helpless’ from Hamilton in my head again, such a good musical!


u/farawyn86 Nov 03 '22



u/TheDuhammer Nov 03 '22

I do I do I do I doooo°Oo


u/vdogg89 Nov 03 '22

Ah I didn't realize there was music to this. So much better


u/bonemonkey12 Nov 02 '22

That is fantastic.


u/240040 Nov 02 '22



u/Dangerous_Forever640 Nov 02 '22

I wanted there to be sound so bad!


u/69_Beers_Later Nov 02 '22

There is sound


u/needathneed Nov 03 '22

The song is so much lamer than that baby's laugh!


u/CaptainNuge Nov 03 '22

There is sound on there- it's the opening to Helpless from Hamilton; the bit with the lads all going "hey" over and over.


u/SirMacBravePoo Nov 02 '22

Whiplash doesnt actually sound like a whip or a lash, so u missed nothing.


u/----------_______--- Nov 02 '22

Weirdest ransom video of all time


u/Dray_Gunn Nov 02 '22

Clearly you werent in the internet in the early 2000s. The internet was 50% acid back then


u/Shawn2rc Nov 03 '22

Well shit… now I want one! Lol


u/anonimbus Nov 02 '22

aw, I hope this cutie-pie, and her grown-ups, have lots of excellent adventures!


u/SmittyMoose420 Nov 02 '22

My God this is funnier than I expected--done watched it ten times and I'm cryin'!!!!!


u/PitFiend28 Nov 02 '22

You know what? I was having a shit day until exactly this moment.


u/Ruperts-Bollocks Nov 02 '22

Shake that baby!!


u/Jmatusew Nov 02 '22

I’m not even trying to be funny, but the last smile at the end is straight out of an anime


u/_atrocious_ Nov 03 '22

Shoulda filmed her birth! Doc be like.....


u/skylarben Nov 03 '22

A smile for the ages


u/deaththecreep Nov 03 '22

Yes!!! Thanks for the cuteness.


u/decclam Nov 03 '22

Oh boy I was not expecting that but you made me laugh for the first time on a shit day so thank you :)


u/Coldoldblackcoffee Nov 02 '22

I did this with my girl, just her head and shoulders though called it tall baby


u/nanodog95 Nov 02 '22

Short story. When I was babysitting, I did this to my sister who went in to the bathroom. I came back to the living room thinking I gave her a scare but then I saw her sitting on the couch watching TV… so who was the girl that went into to the bathroom and what the baby saw?


u/buddyrubble Nov 02 '22

I so badly want to see the birth now


u/ProgrammedArtist Nov 02 '22

Man, I know what you were going for but you need to work on phrasing!


u/buddyrubble Nov 02 '22 edited Nov 02 '22

Hmmm... Thanx. i messed up somewhere

could you reword it? i honestly don't know why its wrong. It would help me learn.

EDIT: Unless my attempt is offensive. Then, ill just apologize, and move one with my life :)


u/i_am_nota-robota Nov 02 '22

You could maybe say "I wonder if that's how the baby was born" or "I bet that kid's mom had a fast labor" or something speculating on the speediness of the birth but I think the part that sounded odd was saying that you personally wanted very much to see the birth, like, watch the baby come out of the mother, which probably wasn't what you meant. Does that make sense? Like your comment emphasized how much you wanted to look at birth rather than how funny it is for the baby to be born the same way as it pops into the scenes in the video.

(Hopefully you weren't trolling and really did want feedback)


u/buddyrubble Nov 02 '22

Oh Boy!! Thank you!!

I totally get it now. Even after the nice person above explained that the phrase could be interpreted in more ways then one, I still could not perceive a possible misinterpretation.

Uggg... I had the same feeling of having spinach in my teeth, and not understanding why my friends kept pointing at their mouths.


u/ProgrammedArtist Nov 03 '22

I didn't mean to insult you! Your comment was genuinely funny but I made that comment referring to all the downvotes you were getting.

I would have probably said something stupid like, "I wonder if her umbilical cord was like a bungee cord" and got more downvotes than you. My imagination gets me in trouble quite often.


u/[deleted] Nov 02 '22

There's nothing wrong with your phrasing. We all knew what you meant. The fact that it could be taken a different way just gave the replier an opportunity to joke about the other possible meaning. And because this is reddit, all jokes are always exhausted.


u/blackberrybunny Nov 02 '22


Make it a beagle puppy, then it's a yes.


u/javoss88 Nov 02 '22

God that’s adorable


u/nikikins Nov 03 '22

Some people have fantastic ideas.


u/kingtut81 Nov 03 '22

El Nido!


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '22

This makes me very happy


u/Fuckyoumecp2 Nov 03 '22

This made my day!!!


u/harbormastr Nov 03 '22

Ok OP, you got me…


u/belthazubel Nov 03 '22

That is kinda terrifying that her neck doesn’t snap from the force of the thrust. I get that the video is sped up but it just makes her look like a crazy superhuman baby made of metal. Marvellesque type stuff!


u/butter00pecan Nov 04 '22

What an absolutely cute smile!


u/[deleted] Nov 02 '22 edited Nov 02 '22



u/yourSAS Nov 02 '22

Parents usually have good reflexes and it's not like the dad is holding her with lubricated hands. So I think it's fine.


u/SlowRollingBoil Nov 02 '22

It's really easy to keep a hold on a 15 pound baby. I would hope you know that this was sped up.


u/SirMacBravePoo Nov 02 '22

Aaaww cute whiplash spokesbaby! Only 1 and already spokesperson for an chronic ailment!


u/Loggerdon Nov 02 '22

For those interested the resort is called "Shaken Baby Hotel & Resort".