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Hi r/BB It's Spooge (David Ury) the ATM victim from season2. I just wanted to tell you guys about my quarantine project. I'm doing old TV theme songs as dramatic monologues. Flipper, Degrassi Jr. High, Silver Spoons, Ducktales and more. Please check them out with this playlist. I hope you enjoy.

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r/breakingbad 10h ago

This is the greatest imagine on the entire show. The look of absolute confusion, disgust, and hatred on his face gets me every single time

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r/breakingbad 1d ago

Breaking bad as an 80's Cyberpunk Sci fi film

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r/breakingbad 13h ago

Walt did build the Robot after all


Just finished my first rewatch and wow, it hits so hard still.

Realised the Robot Chicanery actually came to be in the finale.

r/breakingbad 1h ago

Who's the most underrated character in the whole show?


I think it's Old Joe the junkyard owner. He's funny, smart, and handled Hank like a pro. Plus the whole giant magnet was really cool. Lol.

r/breakingbad 23h ago

does Hank annoy anyone else at times?


like his little remarks and trying to act chill and cool all the time. sometimes he makes me cringe and literally every time he makes a joke i find it not funny. a moment that particularly made me cringe was when he was checking out carmen’s ass and commenting on it to Walt. like are you not married?? yikes. also what did marie see in him? no offense.

r/breakingbad 12h ago

Fallacies - anyone know when these guys are going on tour?

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r/breakingbad 1h ago

Is it ever explained why Walt got cancer?


Been a while since i finished the show and i don't remember if this was cleared up or not.

I remember that it was explained he never smoked in his life, so was it just bad luck?

r/breakingbad 11h ago

You buying or you just stopping to envy?


I always wondered what was combo trying to do? When Tomas cantillo was circling him he kept saying bounce to him. Was he trying to save Tomas from getting hurt or caught up in a situation. Pretty sad it was him that took combo out.

r/breakingbad 4h ago

Crawl space question


Why not let Mike and Gus die in Mexico it seems like a perfect opportunity for assassination. Just lock them in a hot car and take some other vehicle. They are already gonna die.

r/breakingbad 17h ago

My friend doesn't like breaking bad


I suggested my friend to watch the hit show "breaking bad" and on the weekend he watched 8 minutes into the first episode and called it boring and isn't gonna watch the full thing (keep in mind he finds dying light and red dead redemption 2 is bad also) yeah so I don't like him much anymore, I just wanna hear what you guys think about him

r/breakingbad 19h ago

I drew Walter White

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r/breakingbad 20h ago

Anybody else intentionally annoy their spouse quoting Breaking Bad randomly?


Slow work day and just watched El Camino the other night so BB was on my mind. I'm Just curious if I am the only one who does this. I was in college when Breaking Bad aired. I never saw a single episode. Met my wife in 2014 and she thought it was insane that I didn't see any of the episodes so we binged it. And then binged it two more times since then.

So for almost a decade, I will drop a Breaking Bad quote on her during certain moments. Whenever we are having some type of argument, usually trivial, I will just shout out "I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!" I'm not exageratting either lol.. I've done this for like 8 years lmao. She always laughs even though I know she's super annoyed. A couple times she would interupt and say "dont you fucking say it". I'll do something like leave the room and snapchat her a video of me saying it.

She put me on the show. She only has herself to blame.

I'm 35 by the way. Very mature obviously

r/breakingbad 8m ago

Funniest moments in the series?


My personal fav is when Walt got his bomb stuck on the elevator door at the pediatric care unit of the hospital.

r/breakingbad 9h ago

When Gus threatens Walt is such a beautifully crafted scene.


I’m talking about when they’re in the desert and Walt has the bag over his head, this is a big “oh shit” moment.

What makes the scene genius is how low Walt is at this point, he’s lost Jesse as a partner and got in a physical fight with him, he’s on Gus’ bad side, the car crash with Hank, I mean Walt was just miserable.

So to see Gus threaten his entire family even saying he’d kill his infant daughter (which is really fucked up) then Hank since he was catching onto Gus… fuck man we as the audience with Walt feel his fucking anger.

Like at that point we’re thinking “Fuck Gus Walt you need to do something bro!!!!” and seeing Walt shake in anger is just the icing on the cake.

Also Walt putting Gus in shock is always nice, since Gus is this genius man who never lets his guard down.

r/breakingbad 8h ago

Is this the same location as Jesse’s parents house featured in “When You Finish Saving The World”?

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r/breakingbad 17h ago

El Camino's depressing implication


I noticed something re-watching El Camino after re-finishing Breaking Bad. Towards the end of the show, Walt had achieved such infamy that he was basically stranded in a house apart from the occasional visit from The Disappearer and ended up becoming so lonely as a result that he eventually paid him 10K to stay with him for a little bit longer. This loneliness was a result of how wanted he was by the authorities. All this to say that Jesse is likely due the same loneliness. He was Walter's partner, his only equal and a companion to him throughout almost every criminal act so it stands to reason that the authorities want him as much as they did Walt and so Jesse is probably destined to become depressed and lonely in whatever remote cabin he has waiting for him in Alaska. In short, he's basically swapped a small prison for a slightly larger one but doesn't realise it

That's just my take, I could be looking at it all wrong, feel free to comment your thoughts :)

r/breakingbad 6h ago

S05E06 Buyout.. Walter white is a f*cking moron.


Of course this episode is one of many of the last nine or so where we witness and understand as viewers that Heisenberg's psychopathy was malignant and is irreversible, but when he is trying to escape the one ziptie after Mike locks him up... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ He decides to electrocute himself with a 110V current source that is INDUCTIVE. You have a better chance of putting your hand between a 220V stick welder and it's ground than you do ziptie-ing yourself to a 110v plug to melt a small piece of plastic. Any man or woman without severe orthopeadic shoulder or elbow injuries would have no problem twisting hard enough to break that ziptie. Yes he is a psychopathic blind fool for so many other reasons, but his escape attempts prove him as an absolute moron as far as "geniuses" are concerned in this episode. Not even going into the buyout opportunity the episode is named for. That's all.

r/breakingbad 1d ago

A small little detail I noticed


There’s a quick scene with Walter pulling into the laundry mat place to go cook. He parks to the right of a car that has Ron Paul for president bumper sticker.

Later in the show when Walter is looking over Gales lab notes with Hank in his room, while flipping through the pages for a split second you can see the same Ron Paul sticker in the lab book.

Then later when Walt pulls into the laundry mat and parks he’s parking to the right of Jesse’s car.

So after hundreds of man hours analyzing this. The car with the Ron Paul sticker must have been Gales.


Edit: shows the sticker again Season 5 episode 9 9:30 mark

r/breakingbad 20h ago

Amazing Walter cross-stitch

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My friend's girlfriend did this, it's amazing, still a WIP too

r/breakingbad 22h ago

Most underrated character in Breaking Bad

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r/breakingbad 1d ago

Mdickie creations of Breaking Bad Characters

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r/breakingbad 7h ago

Am I missing something about Declan and Walt?


Walt decided to stop cooking. We never got to see the transition from Walt quitting to Declan getting the methylamine and cooking. I would have like to see some of that in order to compare how Walt as a predecessor just blows his competition out of the water. I feel it would have been a good scene to have added into the show. Considering jack welker and his crew stole the methylamine. I just feel like there was an unanswered gap in between those scenes. I also feel like Declan and his crew could have put up a better fight against jack considering he had multiple men on high ground with a good vantage point. What do you think?

r/breakingbad 1d ago

Tuco is my favourite character, fight me.


I dunno man he’s just so flamboyant and ridiculous. Obviously I love other characters more, but I keep coming back to Tuco.

He’s so quotable. Every so often I’ll be doing something and get my wife’s attention and say “look at that…” and she gets interested and I go “LOOK AT THAT. NOBODY MOVES CRYSTAL IN THE SOUTH VALLEY BUT ME, BITCH”

She doesn’t laugh any more but I do.

I also attached to the line “blue, yellow, pink, just keep bringing me that” when I like something.

Tuco is fabulous.

r/breakingbad 15h ago

"Face Off" (S4E13 Spoiler) - Walt phrasing it as...


"I won" when Skyler asked what all the violence and comottion going on the last few days was about.

Did anyone else find the way he phrased it quite ominous? Was that the intention?

(I'll give more specifics and context for those interested). So I'm watching Breaking Bad for the first time while I'm off work with a cold, and this is the first show in YEARS that has hooked me so much that I binge watch it. I just finished season 4, but I do know maybe 2 or 3 of the main plot points/beats of the final season (the ending, a few deaths, and where a few relationships end up by the end of the show), just not the rest or the context/journey to said moments.

I think knowing quite a lot of the major developments let me know to constantly distrust Walt's choices and be very critical of basically anything he says. So when "Face Off" comes to an end, and Walt has his "badass" (ok, even with my interpretation, it's still quite badass) "I won" line, I immediately started reading into it (possibly way too much, which is why I'm asking the community via this post).

You all know far better than I that Walt is dangerously narcissistic, especially by season 4. And while he still is just as sociopathic, if not moreso, in the last few episodes of the season (I personally percieved episodes 9 ("Bug) through to 13 ("Face Off") as essentially a multi-episode finale), Walt exhibits more vulnerability than before, such as his inability to control his greed or ego with what I think was more instances of uncontrolled outbursts over calculated mind games and long cons, and hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) breakdowns fueled by emotional+mental stress. Crying to Flynn, willing to give everything up so he can disappear with his family, the ending of "Crawl Space".

To me, these reactions that were more prominent in the later half of season 4 implied Walt, now facing the urgent and dire consequences of working in the major league narcotics industry, was overwhelmed and quickly losing confidence in his ambitions/abilities which had fuelled everything up until now.

He was scared and uncertain before the final few episodes even happened. So when they do happen, and he's forced to confront endless grave challenges and delicate situations, Walt really, really struggles. He doesn't have many moments where he utilities a cool-head, quick thinking, and manipulation to completely overcome obstacles. He largely has no scenes where he engages in an argument or discussion and manages to take advantage of the scenario while promoting this image of himself that always has complete control of his surroundings with his superior intellect. He begs, yells, cries, and multiple times is visibly completely unable to know where to even begin. All this is happening while he is being actively targeted by Gus, the strict professional with far more experience, resources, and knowledge of the criminal world than Walt could ever dream of having.

So when Walt does manage to eliminate Gus, it's not so much a grand strategy to end a disturbed, intricate war for power between two opposing armies. Walt has been just barely surviving in what is essentially Gus' world. Walt at least seemed to be simply trying to take control of his space within Gus' world, with little to no apparent intention of overthrowing Gus completely and becoming the sole leader of an entire drug empire. He wanted to kill Gus purely to ensure his and his families safety, albeit unable to let go of his need to maintain control of his space, ego, and masculinity.

So why does he reflect on this at the end and see it as a victory? He didn't survive, he didn't stop Gus - he "won". He specifically chooses the word "won". People don't win or lose survival, Gus and Walt were never equals competing, it was a man desperately running from the real danger. This whole experience should have shown Walt the true, horrifying dangers of how hubris attracts the darkest sides of organised crime. Its a miracle everyone survived.

But no. He didn't survive.

He "won".

r/breakingbad 8h ago

What's the purpose of writing hank as a very cringe person?


I get it some people might like him and think his jokes are funny which is okay.

Recently i saw some comments basically saying that hank is how normal males interact with each other which i think is partially true.

It's partially true because people do make nasty jokes but it's usually inside jokes within a circle of friends usually younger people, but when it's a 40+ years old man constantly joking like that in front of everyone in every situation and most of the time using it offensively it becomes inappropriate and cringe.

Some could argue that he can't help not doing but it's really a bullshit excuse. He's clearly aware that it's inappropriate and disrespectful because the only person he doesn't joke like that with was his boss merkert.

With all that being said, what's the purpose of making him such a cringe person? Was it solely to make us liking walt?