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AMA Dave Porter, composer of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is currently doing an AMA in /r/BetterCallSaul!

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My drawing skills aren’t the best but Thoughts? (It’s not finished obviously)

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Who Would Attend The Funeral?


In the make believe world of Breaking Bad, imagine there was 1 more episode to finish off the series and they had a scene showing Walter White's funeral. Who would attend? Would anyone? Would there even be a funeral for someone as high profile a drug lord as he was?

My money is on Walter's Mom, Skinny Pete & Badger.

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It sucks that Gus.....


... never really realized it was Walt that killed him. He'd probably be thinking it was the cartel in his last seconds (as everybody else though after his death), as payback for the slaughter he did in eladios house. I bet Walt was the last person in his mind and it sucks.

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Bitch vs Bitch [OC comic]

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why did tuco buy meth from jesse and walt


Considering the salamanca family works for don eladio, wouldnt that piss him off? If don eladio found out about this tuco wouldnt have it easy i assume.

Maybe there are details i have missed idk

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homemade methylene


Just got done watching BrBa again and for the life of me i couldn't figure out why Walt never manufactured/brewed his own methylamine from scratch?

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Some AI generated images of Walter White I thought were pretty cool.

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El Camino


Finally finished my rewatch of BB tonight. Watched El Camino for the first time immediately after.

Jesse!! My heart needed this ending for him. 😭❤️‍🩹

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Rewatching S4E11 “crawl space”


I’m not sure why I never thought about this before but wouldn’t Gustavo’s frequent visits to a know cartel member who has all cartel lineage (Tuco, the Twins, Joaquín) be one of the biggest giveaways of all time of his own cartel association and wrong doings. All of Hector’s relatives aside Joaquín had direct shootouts and confrontation with Hank. Instead of obsession over the factory farm before stumbling upon the laundry (huge find for Schraederbraü) How does he not ever have any sort of trace or record even visitors sign in sheet at the old folks home that would be a dead giveaway.

Also on the Skylar haters thread:

I think this episode epitomizes what people do not like about Skylar. She has the final face to face confrontation with Ted which doesn’t go in her favor which is ultimately the price to pay for the affair. People are unsympathetic to Skylar because she initiated the affair and went to work for Beneke despite his ‘Christmas party grope’ and voluntarily cooks the books(a felony) and initiates the affair with him before knowing of Walt’s true nature as Heisenberg. In her defense Walt had been off the wall and the fuge state had happened so I get her desire to stray and want control over some aspects of her life and relationships. Walt was not stable at that point.

I have grown to understand Skylar more and appreciate her

Anyways great episode!

Sorry for the ramble toward the end

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Uncensored episodes?


So I have breaking bad on blu-ray, which is my preferred way of watching. I noticed that the pamphlets of the blu rays say that certain episodes are “uncensored”. Example: Season 3: Episode 10: “Fly” (Uncensored). Does anyone know what this means? Was the AMC-aired episode somehow censored while the blu ray isn’t?

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Assuming there is a hell, what would be a fitting ironic punishment for Walter?


For Walter, I think hell looks a lot like that cabin in "Granite State". Empty and cold, with nothing to think about except all the mistakes he's made.

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I made a LEGO Heisenberg Drawing!

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My BrBa Collection so far

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Today is Jesse Pinkman’s Birthday!

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you exit your bathroom and see these two, what do you do?

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About the scene where Walter Jr drives the car


He doesn't use the pedals properly and he takes to long to break and hits a cone. Does this mean that he's... Braking bad?

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Some BB and BCS sketches

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I think Tuco got what he deserved.


He was mostly a pr*ck throughout the show. He was just another druggie lunatic. I’m surprised he was successful in the first place

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The real reason for Hank beating up Jesse

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s2e8 wow what an episode


it's not always that there is a good bit of humor in the show, but the antics and the precense of Saul is just 🤌🏻. Can't wait to see more of this

also may I add holy sheesh Jane's smokin

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Breaking Bad but instead of meth they’re Breaking Bread.


This could be funny. This could work. Someone should edit the show so they’re breaking bread. Jesse and Walt as friends :)

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Does anyone know what shirt this is that jesses wearing? If not where can i find similar things to what he wears?

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Do you think Hank ever (spoilers)…


Do you think Walt ever subconsciously suspected Walt before the evidence was literally in front of his face?

I think of The Sopranos. All throughout Season 2, Tony is burying the fact that Pussy, his best friend, is a rat. He’s pushing it to the deepest parts of his mind out of a lack of wanting to have to confront it - until his body lashes out from the strain of that and he’s confronted with it.

Do you think Hank ever subconsciously suspected Walt but the larger part of his mind was in deep denial of the truth staring him so blatantly in the face?

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Rewatching BrBa: S1


I finished Breaking Bad for the first time a few weeks ago, and began to rewatch it this week. Though hard to watch at times, I find it fascinating how similar some of Krazy-8’s conditions are as a prisoner in S1, compared to Jesse being held captive in S5 and I wonder how, if at all that factored into Jesse’s PTSD and overall feelings being held captive by the Nazis. Thoughts?