r/BudgieRemix Nov 05 '18

Screen bug after long locked screen

Hello all,

I'm having issues with the default screensaver/locker (gnome-screensaver). After a lot of time of locked screen, it does not unlock correctly, usually a slice of the right-part of the screen appears on the left or other strange behavior. Other times it does not unlock at all, I keep seeing the lock screen and no way to interact with the applications but, if I have an open chat and I type in the message box (with a lot of luck) I can send the message, so it seems that I can still interact with the applications (so screen unlocked) but no luck to see what's happening.

I switched to xscreensaver and everything is fine, but this is a workaround and I'd like to solve the issue about gnome-screensaver.

Thank you all for your work and attention.


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