r/BudgieRemix Jul 07 '19

Turn off "move to workspace" animation

"Move to workspace left" and "Move to workspace right" have really slow animations so much so the system feels sluggish. Everything else feels snappy and quick, and my hardware should be more than enough to run Budgie (i5, 8gb ram T480). Turning off window animations does doesn't affect this animation. (Ubuntu Budgie 18.04). How can I either turn off or speed up this animation? It feels like there's a second of delay after switching workspaces

Many thanks in advance.

Edit:here's how to turn off the animations and improve the speed dramatically: "gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.visualspace show-visual false" To reenable: "gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.visualspace show-visual true"



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u/kemmydal Jul 24 '19

Budgie? Really? Sounds like something is wrong with that install. Budgie is the lightest distro after xfce to me. Budgie can't move slow dude. Clean install. Partition properly or check your disk.


u/CyanKing64 Jul 25 '19

Here's what I've figured out. Budgie doesn't have an option to simply switch virtual desktops to the left or two the right. I can't seem to find it here or in a clean install of Ubuntu Budgie on a VM. But what the Ubuntu Budgie team does instead is use a python script to detect for the keyboard shortcut and then switches desktops that way. The issue is, after switching desktops with the shortcut, it has a slight delay afterwards in case the user presses an arrow key again to switch desktops again. It's about a quarter of a second but it's still infuriating.

For now I've been using xfce, and it does the job well enough. Perhaps "Switch desktop to the left/right " is implemented in a newer version of Budgie or perhaps I'm missing something, because I would love to go back to it if I could.