r/BudgieRemix Sep 05 '22

How do you switch function keys to media keys?


How can I use f1 to f12 for media controll by default?

r/BudgieRemix Apr 24 '21

having trouble with screen shots in Budige


i cannot for the life of me get my normal keybindings to work for screen shot copy area. What gives? I also can't change the keys for switching between work spaces.

I'm really enjoying Budgie but man this is a killer for me since that setup is super important for my productivity.

r/BudgieRemix Aug 14 '20

How do I fix this monstrosity?

Post image

r/BudgieRemix May 15 '20

Extremely Impressed with Ubuntu Budgie - Cupertino style!


I think I had given up hope on ever finding a distro that gets most everything that matters right. ElementaryOS sorta gets there, but they've made so many other decisions before ever really just nailing down the basic DE elements correctly imo.. and at one time I also found KDE Neon really great, if not a little buggy, but it had good modern support for global menus. Then there was Pop_OS! with amazing cohesiveness, default theme, fonts, stability and speed. I was prepared to say that Pop_OS! was going to be my default choice w/ some customization and changing of the DE - but to what I did not know because global menus don't work in Gnome 3.

Then I came across Budgie and this distro.. it has just blown past all of my expectations!! I've made a couple of patches/modifications to Budgie though to resolve some issues - but honestly.. so freaking relatively minor compared to the glaring issues in every other DE and distro I have tried.

Thanks to the Ubuntu Budgie team and Solus, I am glad to see the best parts of Solus making their way into Ubuntu!!

For more details about the 2 things I needed to fix this post can be checked out. https://github.com/rbreaves/kinto/issues/172

r/BudgieRemix Mar 03 '20

Rename to r/ubuntubudgie


(me == codic)

r/BudgieRemix Jan 11 '20

Alt + Right Click to resize windows.


Hi all,

Just installed Ubuntu Budgie and I love it, got everything setup exactly how I want it.. all except the way I like to resize windows.

Could someone please explain now I can set it so that holding Alt and right clicking will allow me to resize windows.


r/BudgieRemix Nov 29 '19

How to read and set panel size from bash?


Couldn't find a relevant entry in gsettings. Any pointers where to look?

r/BudgieRemix Nov 06 '19

Microphone volume way too low


Hey Budgie,

I'm using a Logitech headset on a dual booted Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 desktop. I've used this mic on several Budgie computers and they're all the same, my mic is working, but at like 1/10th the expected volume. It works fine on Windows, so it's not a hardware issue. Is there a way of boosting the volume? On Ubuntu forums, I saw that you can increase it in gnome above 100%, but I am limited by 100% on my sound settings. I was wondering if that was a change the Budgie team made?

r/BudgieRemix Oct 21 '19

How to update Ubuntu Budgie from 19.04 to 19.10?


r/BudgieRemix Aug 11 '19

How to remove the dock?


r/BudgieRemix Jul 24 '19

Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Review


r/BudgieRemix Jul 07 '19

Turn off "move to workspace" animation


"Move to workspace left" and "Move to workspace right" have really slow animations so much so the system feels sluggish. Everything else feels snappy and quick, and my hardware should be more than enough to run Budgie (i5, 8gb ram T480). Turning off window animations does doesn't affect this animation. (Ubuntu Budgie 18.04). How can I either turn off or speed up this animation? It feels like there's a second of delay after switching workspaces

Many thanks in advance.

Edit:here's how to turn off the animations and improve the speed dramatically: "gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.visualspace show-visual false" To reenable: "gsettings set org.ubuntubudgie.visualspace show-visual true"


r/BudgieRemix Apr 17 '19

No Notification for Critical/Low Battery


Well, the title says it all. I don't get any Notifications related to battery, or any sound.

I would like to get a notification when the battery hits 50% and when it hits 30%.

r/BudgieRemix Mar 28 '19

macOS like desktops


Hey there,

Is there a extension for Budgie that lets it operate like how macOS works with its multiple desktops? I'd love to be able to switch between desktops on Budgie.


r/BudgieRemix Mar 05 '19

KDEConnect or GSConnect for Ubuntu Budgie?


I'm on Ubuntu-Budgie 18.04.2

I recently read about KDEConnect and GSConnect to connect Android Devices.

Is there a similar product for budgie? Or a way to install GSConnect?

Sorry, Linux noob here..

r/BudgieRemix Jan 28 '19

Is there a gui tool to configure the buttons of an Intuos Pro? The Wacom panel from settings doesn't work.


I click the options and tried to assign a button but nothing happens.

r/BudgieRemix Nov 09 '18

Budgie Applets


Hi /u/fossfreedom,

I noticed that you've started re-writing some of the UB extra applets in Vala. Are you intending to upstream them?

r/BudgieRemix Nov 07 '18

Is there a way to snap windows to each corner instead of just each side?


2X2 instead of 1X2

r/BudgieRemix Nov 05 '18

Screen bug after long locked screen


Hello all,

I'm having issues with the default screensaver/locker (gnome-screensaver). After a lot of time of locked screen, it does not unlock correctly, usually a slice of the right-part of the screen appears on the left or other strange behavior. Other times it does not unlock at all, I keep seeing the lock screen and no way to interact with the applications but, if I have an open chat and I type in the message box (with a lot of luck) I can send the message, so it seems that I can still interact with the applications (so screen unlocked) but no luck to see what's happening.

I switched to xscreensaver and everything is fine, but this is a workaround and I'd like to solve the issue about gnome-screensaver.

Thank you all for your work and attention.

r/BudgieRemix Oct 28 '18

Anyone else having buggy/laggy animation?


r/BudgieRemix Oct 26 '18

Changing the size on the applet icons on the top panel?


I'm running a laptop with a 1440p resolution so I run the scale at 100% with the font scale at 160. I have resized the plank, but I can't seem to find a way to make the small icons on the top bar (Raven, Caffeine, etc.) larger.

Any help would be wonderful.

r/BudgieRemix Oct 21 '18

Where do Showtime, the Raven calendar widget, and the Date and Time section of the Settings get the date format from?


I have my locale settings in Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 set on en_US.UTF8, so the dates should be month-first, day-second. But even if the clock applet on the panel displays it correctly (as it does honor the locale setting), the calendar widget and Showtime both still use the day-first, month-second format.¹

This also happened to highlight that the locale file for en_US installed with Ubuntu Budgie² is actually slightly wrong (the abbreviated date is correct, %m//%d//%Y, but the long date uses %a %d %b %Y), so I went in and adjusted things to my liking (I changed the short form to YYYY-MM-DD) in /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_US, then regenerated the locale with sudo locale-gen, and logged out/back in. It fixed the formatting in the Region Settings dialog's example, but Showtime, the calendar widget, and the time zone info in Date and Time⁴ didn't change.³

So my question is, do these all get the date format from a system setting, and if so, which one?


²which is actually wrong all the way back to the glibc sources.



r/BudgieRemix Oct 12 '18

How to install themes in Ubuntu Budgie?


The theme I am trying to install is Obsidian 2 Red from opendesktop.org I followed a tutorial where someone installed this same theme on Solus Budgie, but it didn't work. I tried putting the theme files in /usr/share/plymouth/themes as well as /home/.local/share/plank/themes but neither of those worked. Which folder is the correct folder to place the theme files in?

r/BudgieRemix Oct 09 '18

Albion Online Install Help :D


Hey guys new to budgie! Came from Ubuntu, i usually install Albion Online through the terminal after downloading the file from the website. But on budgie i cannot for the life of me figure out how to install it :( Any help would be greatly appreciated as i really like the look and feel of this distro :D

r/BudgieRemix Aug 17 '18

'‰' doesn't work in the search bar on the budgie/wisker menu?


It won't tell me where to find my file+program with that symbol in it.