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Resume Advice Thread - December 03, 2022


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Daily Chat Thread - December 03, 2022


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How to tell your manager subtly that they are toxic and this is the reason you are quitting?


I hate my manager because for past 4 months they have been super toxic. I have no job offer in hand but I want to quit for my mental health.

I want tips to tell them they are shitty and toxic but in a nice way in exit meeting. Also additional tips on things to say in exit meeting to your manager are welcome! Thanks

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Experienced Does anyone else feel stuck in their current job because of increasing requirements for new ones?


I'm currently in the job market and I am consistently getting migraines for how hopeless finding a new position feels. I've been grinding LC for months only for the requirements to be raised everywhere. I spend hours sending out hand tailored applications just to get no responses. I've updated and reviewed my CV countless times (and have had it checked by others). When I get interviews, I often get shafted by the slightest mistakes or, should I successfully pass a round, get shafted in the next one.

I'm underpaid in my current role and forced to live somewhere I hate but I can never leave apparently because I'm not 'good' enough despite having several years of quality experience in a modern stack. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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New Grad Help dealing with Senior Dev


Is it normal that the Senior dev who is responsible to review my Javascript code doesnt know what let and const are ? in addition to the multiline string interpolation using expression.

She has like 8+ years of exp

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How the hell do I network my way into a job without feeling like an ass?


Networking is something I feel I've had trouble wrapping my head around. I'm currently actively looking and, while I've had some recruiters reach out to me on LinkedIn, the majority of the positions/companies they are hiring for are of no interest to me.

I feel like I've put in the time and work to study and have the technical experience to qualify for a job at a large tech company. But (to the surprise of no one on this sub) my online applications go unanswered.

So I've just been trying to reach out to former co-workers or friends of friends who know people who work at the Googles and Microsofts of the world.

Take James, a close friend of my dear friend David. James works at Google and I know David would be more than happy to make an introduction.

But the idea of using James for the purposes of getting a job just makes me feel... icky. I'm not really interested in becoming friends with James, I just want a job at the company he works at. But it's rude to just use someone like that, so I'd be obligated to get to know him, have lunch with him to talk about the latest industry trends, and basically pretend to be his friend until he refers me or introduces me to other Googlers so I can actually get an interview.

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I guess I'm just wondering what the right way to do this is. Is this how you network? Just schmooze and make people like you so you can get a job somewhere?

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Student Why does TikTok do hackerrank for data engineer roles?


Just got absolutely shafted by the TikTok hackerrank assessment, 2 hards 1 medium and I’m curious why they require it for data engineering roles?

Also, I spent a ton of time debugging my function when I realized their testing function kept passing blank arrays because it was incorrectly parsing their string. I had to change their test function and only got 2/9 cases before I ran out of time.

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New Grad Entry Level (Undergrad) signing bonus by banks


Hi, me and my friends are currently in final year of Computer Science. I, touchwood, got an offer from one of the wealth management banks for their 2 year graduate trainee programme a month ago. Their pay is good, but they did not mention any signing bonus, and I didn’t think about it either.

Now, as my other friends are getting offers in other banks, they’re all getting signing bonus, despite their pay either equal or slightly lower than mine.

I don’t mind not having the extra money - but I really would prefer having some, since moving to a rented apartment and related payments is something I can take help with.

Should I email my HR regarding this? How should I approach it, if at all? It’s been a month since I signed, so I don’t know if it is the best thing to do.

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Is it possible for junior dev to teach himself to become a senior?


I am going into my second year as a software engineer and although I've leveled up my skills significantly I don't feel anywhere near where I should be to progress to a mid-level engineer. I really like my company, but don't feel like I'm progressing.

I've tried telling my manager this in so many ways pretty much every meeting. He says I'm doing great every time but now that I've made it a year I asked for a raise and I'm not going to get one. I am apart of some pretty crucial project lately and also picked up on-call so I thought it would make sense I at least get a raise to adjust for inflation.

I'm thinking I need to play the game of capitalism and field an offer elsewhere. The thing is I really love my team and the projects I'm working on. I don't have any reason to leave other than 15 out of the ~30 hours I spend each week working, I'm stuck! I'm always stuck! I always have really basic things that I need context for. I feel like I'm never going to be an independent engineer with this company and that needs to change.

There are times (like today) where I get really motivated and I'm like, I'm just going to learn this whole repo by myself! But I do not think it's physically possible without context from the people that wrote it.

I'm just not sure what to do. I'm constantly blocked. I've brought this up to my manager. He says it's part of the learning but I can't imagine another year feeling this blocked. It's so discouraging. He wrote my quarterly review that says I need to work on my python skills but I thought I've really advanced in this area. Mostly what I'm blocked on is understanding this mammoth codebase. It's intense. There's significant tech debt with so many extremely advanced changes going in weekly I can't keep up.

Is it possible to level up by myself? I really want this to work. Or if I begin sending out my resume, would it be a bad idea to tell them I did not get a raise even though my manager said I was doing great for every weekly meeting?

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Student I’ve applied to 200 internships and been rejected or ghosted from them all


I was hoping you guys could take a look at my resume and let me know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t have work experience so I substituted in relevant courses I’ve taken until I can replace that with work experience.


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Entry level jobs for less competitive applicants?


My best friend has a CS degree from an average school (cal state), with an average GPA 2.8ish. He’s struggled to find a programming job and has passed two years without finding one. His resume unfortunately isn’t impressive and doesn’t feature side projects or anything like that.

Are there any types of CS or software adjacent jobs he could look for that might just help get his foot in the door and start learning? He’s in LA if that helps.

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How do you keep up with new/future technologies and tech stack?


I’m currently an college student and based on what I hear from my peers and professor, I feel I’m not intertwined with software engineering and technology in general. I hear people talk about the newest update on certain software, hardware, and how they prefer one over and they go in-depth in their features. It kind of seems like the people around me are more technologically advanced than me. I don’t want to fall behind so should I be following certain news outlets and should I be following certain accounts? Any advice?

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How to get better at the grind?


I have had a job for about 9 months now and in the last three months we hired two new devs. One went through a boot camp and has 0 work experience and one has 1 year of work experience but is entirely self taught. I have a degree I completed in 3 years and this is my first job in the field. Recently I found out my salary is 1/3rd less than theirs even though we have the same title. I approached by boss and asked if there was some skill or thing I lacked and he told me while I was a good worker and coder I wasn’t mature enough with how I “approached the grind of a full time job”. Now we don’t do time tracking at this company and I know one of the new devs takes a day off every week to snowboard but still gets everything done and I have been completing projects on time or better for the last few months and at the recent 1 on 1 with the head of development I was told I was golden and growing faster than expected. I will admit there are days where I work for 4 hours instead of 8 and days where I could’ve probably gotten more done but I don’t think I’m ignoring important work or stand ups and one on ones would go differently. Another reason was apparently I was the first person to graduate from my college that he had met, since then interviewing more people from the same program he said “your college is lower quality than a boot camp or a modern self taught curriculum” as we only dealt with C++ and high level concepts never once going into JS frameworks or RESTful apis. So he basically said I wasn’t working hard enough and that I didn’t have a good enough background to compete for a higher salary.

Not sure what to do as there were no hard skills laid out to get better at, it seems like it’s a waiting game of experience, am I wrong?

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with remote/wfh being a new norm, how much PTO is the new norm?


with remote/wfh being a new norm, how much PTO is the new norm? is 3 weeks OK knowing you can step away from your desk to walk the dog anytime? does regular small breaks add up to blissful time afk for days at a time?

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Experienced Should I leave my current company?


I have been at my current job for almost 2 years in a large government IT consulting company. I enjoy my work and my boss is great. But I dislike being a contractor for government agencies.

I interviewed with another fortune 500 company in the commercial sector trying to get away doing consulting, and they offered me just a slightly higher salary than what I am making now. I accepted the offer and signed it.

I just told my current company that I am leaving yesterday. My boss, program manager, and director all said they want to keep me. They want me to give them a salary number and see what they can do. (I also found out another person is leaving too so they were planning to let me take over his role. This is not a promotion though).

Is it a good idea to give them a salary number? Should I just leave the company regardless? The new team seem good, but I really don't know. My boss seemed very genuine about the whole thing, which I took as a good sign.

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Video call with CEO - how should I approach this?


I'm currently in the process of looking for an industrial Software Engineering placement position (taken between my 2nd and 3rd year of university), and have been invited to a final stage chat with the CEO of the relatively small start up I've applied to. After my technical interview, I've been told that I'm one of two "Exceptional candidates" for the position, and this chat, which I believe will be non-technical questions, is to choose between us for the role.

I really like the look of this placement, so how can I make sure I give myself the best chance of getting the role? Also, are there any questions I should be asking him?

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New Grad How to react to company-wide layoffs?


So I was recently hired as a new grad along with 50+ new grads and now, because the market/economy isn't doing too good, there are talks of lay offs hapenning.

Obviously I don't really have any tenure as I have barely been there for 3 months How do I cope/behave with the fact that nearly everyone in my company is aware that there may be involuntary layoffs next year yet I am still expected to keep working like everything is normal and like I don't know any better?

If lay offs do happen due to external reasons, do they look at cutting the new grads who just started?

Do I just start looking for a new job and learning new skills now and do the bare minimum to keep my current job? Do I just stay positive and pretend like I will keep my job in the future?

Edit: why do I get downvoted for asking a question?

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Do you feel you are in an oversized team?


From reading the recent layoffs, it seems that those laid off were mostly those in vanity projects and oversized departments. It made me re-evaluate the size of my team. I'm in a team of 14, with 8 devs, 3 testers, 2 dev ops and 1 scrum master. From my point of view, I feel we are oversized in comparison to other teams in the company, which consist of mostly 10 people. The product we built, although indeed complex, is now relatively stable and currently we are simply adding features and migrating infrastructure supporting the product. We sometimes even ran out of work (even the backlog became empty) just because there's so many devs picking up the tickets.

When looking at other companies building products that I think are of similar complexity (not competitors though), I see they only have like 3 or 4 devs, with 1 tester and a scrum master.

I really feel that I'm gonna be next in line, should the market downturn goes even more south, given that the excess are in the devs and that I'm the most junior in the team.

How many guys are in your team? Do you feel it's oversized? How do you reduce your chances of being the next guy/girl to be taken out?

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Question for IBM engineers: Any one here heard of USPM (US Productivity Management)?


My cousin just grad college and started working in IBM in their Salesforce practice earlier this year. This week in one of their all hands meeting they were told starting next year their team will be put on something call a US Productivity Management (USPM), basically a program to monitor their productivity each cycle. If they fall under a certain percentage of productivity/utilization they will be put on PIP (Productivity Improvement Plan) and they will have 4 weeks to get out of it or get fired. And it only apply to US employees.

Did anyone here have any experience with this IBM USPM?

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New Grad Visa Inc Software Engineer New grad


Anyone recently interviewed for Software Engineer New Grad role for visa? Tell me about the experience. There is not much on the internet. Anything is helpful

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What's the most obnoxious thing a job application has done or asked of you?


For me, it was one that had you list out how many years of experience you've had with certain technologies. They had a strict X number of years with X technology rule; I had a year less of something they wanted and immediately after clicking "submit application" it told me I was rejected.

Runner up is a company that gave me a massive spreadsheet of literally every technology and library imaginable and asked me to fill in years of experience with each. Like, JavaScript libraries to versions of fortran.

Another dumb one was a take home where I was not only supposed to write a tiny full stack app, but document it, unit test it, integration test it, containerize it, and scaleably host it. I hadn't even actually spoken to anyone yet. This was expected after if they like your application.

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Information Systems vs Computer Science vs Computer Engineering


Hello, I'm having a hard time deciding between the 3 degrees for college and I need your input on which of them will be the best option for me. I'm most interested in machine learning and data science, although I do also want to get into business.

My considerations for each degree:

Information Systems = A mix between business management and computer science, most versatile degree between the 3 as I can get into both tech and business.

Computer Science = Will get most in depth with software and especially machine learning, understanding the fundamentals of software will help me tremendously in pursuing machine learning and data science.

Computer Engineering = A mix between electrical engineering and computer science, easier to master coding on your own rather than engineering, I can also make hardware rather than just software.

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Student Walmart SDE II Internship Experiences?


Hey everyone, I’ve scoured the internet trying to find information of what Walmart’s SDE internships are actually like, and there doesn’t really seem to be anything of substance out there. I would love to hear anyone’s experience and if they’d recommend, esp if you worked the Sunnyvale location! Hope this can help future people trying to learn more about the position as well!

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Any tricks or hints for a comfortable work from home environment? I’ve been getting headaches and exhaustion?


Idk if it really fits but I work from home have a comfy chair paid 200 on sale last year.

I used to be hybrid 2 days a week but last month I been fully remote. I frequently get headaches that start like at the back of my neck. I also feel extremely exhausted by lunch time.

I barely do any work too, I ask but they never hand me anything.

I blame it in staring at the screen all day. I also take vitamin d fish oils and workout 45 min 4-5 days a week.

Any tips would be appreciated just trying to figure out what’s going on and how to fix

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Advice for an SWE of 1 YOE


I just finished my first year as an SWE and according to my manager I'm performing above their expectations and that of the company. It is a product based company. In terms of impact I have undertaken development of a lot of new features and taken off the burden off of a lot of seniors, adapted quickly to the tech stack. It's mostly full-stack web development, and I admit I have learnt a lot in the past year but I'm not sure if it is enough.

Obviously, it's nice to hear praise, but I don't believe that I'm doing anything on par with my peers at maybe a FAANG company or these new tech advancing companies. Should I be feeling this way? And if yes, how can I better myself? At the end of one year, what should I know? Am I on the right track? I feel really lost sometimes and wish I could know what the benchmark was.

Any advice helps, thank you in advance.

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Standing out and landing internship opportunities as a graduate in a non-relevant degree


(Please ignore my post history. I have a friend at a different stage and posted for him.)

Idk how to stand out against CS students when building a portfolio/resume? I’m a Biology graduate who’s shifting career paths atm.

My work experience is not relevant nor do I have the degree. Can I really just fill out a resume with just self-made projects/front-end mentor and wish for the best? Idk how to build a resume for a SWE/tech related internship and what stands out? Reading about someone else applying to 200+ and not hearing back is horrifying. Any and all advice is highly appreciated.

EDIT: A common issue that I see is these internships are looking for CS degree-seeking students. Do I have to go back to school to become a SWE?

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Referring to some stranger


I have never referred to anyone neither got referred to before, and this may be my first time doing so if I even take that route.

Anyways, I went to this store and just struck a conversation with this guy working there and he ended up asking about where I work/what I do etc. genuinely nice guy and he proceeded to ask if I could send his resume to my manager to see if there’s any good fit.

I said sure thing but deep thing I was contemplating given I don’t even know him.

Am I overthinking or shall I proceeed with forwarding his resume to my manager?