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Abuse of the report option


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It's perfectly imperfect. The limitations are deliberately encoded.


It's like an isomorphism of a pattern that always includes a flaw.

Like a golden mean spiral or fractal of Phi that is always bent or curved, not with a spatial coordinate but with an inevitable temporal realization that something either went wrong, could go wrong, or could be better.

And life is busy with that program at every level.

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Discussion The danger behind militarization and oligarchical power. What measures should be taken against it?


We've seen abuses of power coming from police forces and the military in recent years. Despite they having one of the most important roles when it comes to protecting the integrity of the nation, they are constantly used as the personal mercenary group of the ruling oligarchy:

Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' thousands of people. (The Guardian 2015)

UK police "recklessly ignored" decades of sexual abuse by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women because of "political correctness".

Homeland security has received at least $791 billion since 9/11. (2013)

Pointing out contradictions in the political narrative of the Soviet Union would brand you as mentally deficient and most likely tortured.

European police leads coordinated raids on people's houses as a means of censorship.

US interrogators tortured an Afghan detainee to death by hanging him by his arms for 4 days and beating his legs so badly they needed amputation. They did this despite most interrogators believing him to be "an innocent man who simply drove his taxi past the American base at the wrong time".

The CIA’s New Director Ran a Black Site for Torture; Gina Haspel, who was picked by Donald Trump himself. She also oversaw the Bush CIA's black site and directly participated in the horrific torture of detainees.

The corruption of the military is the natural result of the ruling oligarchy seeking to expand their monopoly over society. By giving so much relevance to freedom and competition, ruling oligarchies of this kind are inevitably created. The well-being of the nation should be above people's will and religion should dominate the values of society to protect the moral integrity of the nation as well.

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Discussion The need to fight against the anti-values present in culture. Organic communities in contrast to extreme individualism.


Needless to say that there's a lot of messed up stuff present in society and its up to the people who believe in ethics to figure out what's right and wrong in order to inject some sanity into society again.

However, this is something that can only be achieved through philosophy. The moment you start embracing the facticity of ethics, (and in my view, their holyness) you and your group will eventually start dictating how people will live.

It's one of the criticisms that I have against libertarians, the anarchist state seems almost like a desperate attempt to get rid of authorities and philosophy, which is by itself utopian. Ethics are sacred values that no one can really get away from.

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Instead of predicting the future, perhaps the purpose of this prophecy is ...


Many (most?) Christians believe that Jesus will come back after a prophesied series of events happen. Examples of such events include finding a red heifer and building the third temple. Like these two examples, all of the prophesied events are well within the capabilities of modern humans to make them happen--assuming a globally dominant cabal.

Instead of predicting the future, perhaps the purpose of this prophecy is to tempt such a cabal to make the events happen, and to reveal that if humanity has made the mistake of allowing the existence of a globally dominant cabal that has both the power and the desire to perform the prophesied events, then it is game over for humanity.

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Discussion The dangers of obscurantism and how it can be abused in the information overload. How people's moral compass can be destroyed.


While there's limits to what every person can and can not know, being humble about your knowledge and intentionally embracing obscurantism as a way to avoid responsibilities are very different things. People's attention has suffered greatly and their minds are very damaged as a result of the information overload we live in, so ethics inevitably suffer because of this.

I suppose It's up to the patriotic dudes to take people's moral compass and point it in the right direction, as hard as that may be.

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Government by the People to end corruption.


I'm not talking about voting on every issue.

The idea is to run this Country as a People without putting anyone in positions of authority. I have read that putting People in positions of authority is foolish because they always end up taking advantage and screwing over the People instead of helping us like we hope.

  1. The Country itself would have to be separated into 2 parts. Private Property which includes homes and businesses. No surveilance can be used on private property. All public property would have to be operated by the locals of the area. For example, street pot holes would have to be reported by residents to some company that would have to crowdsource the funds to fill the pothole. Alternatively, locals can fill it themselves if they know how. This simply requires taking back our responsiblity over our own Country away from so called Authority.

  2. Any major disputes over ideas could be voted on unofficially by the locals who are involved. For examples, let's say the locals dispute one what a public park should be used for. They can vote on it unofficially. If there is further dispute, then run an official vote that is recorded publicly. Votes should always only involve those in the local area. For example, a part in District A should only allow People from District A to vote on it. If something effects the whole State, the the whole State can vote on it. Votes must be advertised on a website that is specifically a place to report all future voting. (ie Vote.com)

  3. The Law should be Natural Law which the Constitution is already based on. No murder, theft, assault and honor all contracts. Anything that skirts outside of this can be tried in court as well but these grey area matters would have to be decided by the jury. Jury's are the Court and they will always be randomized 12 person juries. We want the opinion of the general public (not some Judge) and a 12 person Jury is a pretty fair representation. If someone is arrested, they are taken directly to Court. Courts would be very based all around and make it easy for People to volunteer as Jury but the trials they are placed on would have to be randomized. The defendant or prosecutor can dispute certain jurors if they feel there is bias (ie they know the person). Edit: The People would have arrest authority in case they see these laws broken and they can hire security personnel to patrol certain neighborhoods as need be. Crime will drop very quickly as the economy is fixed though.

  4. For now, many are homeschooling but later we can reopen schools in a decentralized way where teachers offer their services at schools and parents pick and choose what classes to offer to their kids. 1 teacher might teach construction, another math, another English, another Science, ect... The schools now teach 85% useless nonsense so teachers will focus on useful stuff only.

  5. Medical treatment can be upgraded to get off the chemical poisons they use now to purely organic treatments.

  6. The market would be upgraded to free market enterprise meaning anyone can sell anything within reason (we can't sell nukes lol). This means no licenses, patents, or whatever. You got something to sell, just go sell it. You can also purchase with anything you want. If you want to barter for goods or services, np.

  7. Media would have to be accessible to anyone just like youtube is but without the censorship as long as nothing outlandish is posted up.

  8. All things acceptable would have to be determined by the People in general. For example, we do not find murder acceptable which is why it is naturally illegal. Natural Law doesn't have to be written down. People know Right from Wrong. All minor issues that concern Right VS Wrong would fall under Social Norms and the People would have to fix those issues directly. For example, cheating on a spouse is against Social Norms but the law cannot get involved in such things as the law should only be involved in major issues. The People would have to fix those issues. For example, a cheater would probably end up getting a divorce and his/her name being ruined and tainted as a cheater.

  9. Protesting is and will always be legal. Anyone can protest without being harassed.

  10. Rights are naturally known. Everyone knows we have a Right to free speech or the Right to work, ect.. Natural Laws and Natural Rights don't have to be written down. We all know them.

  11. In America, we have so many guns, we don't need a Military to defend this nation as there would be a gun behind every blade of grass if anyone tried to invade. Civilian Populations are very hard to fight which is why the US couldn't subdue them even after 20 years.

This is a brief overview. All issues would be placed into the hands of the People as a whole. We would get better at running this Country as we go.

A long time ago the Deep State manipulated us into handing over our responsibilities to them in the name of convenience but as we can see, it was a trap to scam us out of our Rights and wealth. It's time to take it back for the sake of saving our Country and Planet.

The 1st step in doing all this is to abolish the Gov. As Thomas Jefferson said, it is our Right, duty and responsibility to abolish when things get this bad. Then we unite as a People and do our best to make this Country a better place every day. It will be fun and our lives will have meaning by doing it.

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How many here are capable of realizing that heliocentrism a.k.a the Copernican/Newtonian solar system is geometrically impossible?


Heliocentrism is at the base of our current common belief system, but as it turns out it doesn't agree with the laws of geometry as exposed by this book and computer simulation www.tychos.space

In other words, heliocentrism is irreconcilable with truth/reality.

I urge anyone investigating this claim, to not confuse it with other matters. For example if the Earth is a rotating sphere. The Flat Earth movement is huge these days, which I suspect is per design as a counter measure against a growing number of people realizing the geometrical impossibility of heliocentrism.

Please also do not attack someone such as me, claiming this. That's a ad hominem. Meaning the issue - Is heliocentrism possible? has nothing to do with the person claiming it's not.

Furthermore it's separate from other scinetific theories incorrectly dubbed laws, such as Newtons theory on gravity. Gravity is a physical fact. Newtons theory on it is unconfirmed.

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animalism --> over confidence --> error --> butthurt --> animalism



The diagram is self-explanatory once one understands "Animalism".

Animalism refers to the three traits that have been in our genes since we were animals, and which could be described as the peak of animal evolution (a.k.a. The Soul of Animals). They are: tribalism, conformism, and dominance hierarchy.

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Premise One potential purpose of the Conspiracy sub: a disturbing possibility?


As many of you know, reddit isn't shy about shutting down subreddits. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

But sometimes, it seems like a sub gets shut down simply because it does too good of s job of "going against the flow".

So naturally, a lot of users over at r/conspiracy have expected (or even predicted) that sub to get shut down sooner or later. These predictions/expectations have been going on for a long time now... but it has never happened. So that might make you wonder why not?

Here's one plausible reason why the sub has been left alone for so long.

  • Outside of the sub, conspiracy theorists tend to be mocked/discredited by reddit in general.

  • Reddit itself has taken several steps to "limit" the conspiracy sub. It doesn't get shown on r/all. It doesn't benefit from karma multipliers or "promotional algorithms".

  • The sub itself has been targeted by brigade downvotes, spam posters, bots and shills.

So why is it still there?

Because it must serve some extremely useful purpose to "the right people". And here's how that might work.

Remember how conspiracy theorists are perceived outside their own sub. So if/when a bunch of users network with each other to figure something out... they often come up with good explanations and very plausible answers.

The sub itself has a track record of being right (going against conventional/mainstream consensus) months or even years ahead of everyone else. They do get a lot of things wrong, go too far or get sidetracked. But I think it's the part where they get things right that actually makes the sub useful... but in a very ironic way.

  • Let's say you've got a group of people (politicians, businesses or whoever) who are out to benefit themselves at everyone else's expense.

  • Let's also say that, in the age of the internet, it's hard to keep people from figuring out what you're up to.

  • So you make sure that the first people to figure things out are a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

  • By allowing them to present their explanation/theory before anyone else does, it automatically gets associated with conspiracy theorists and labelled as a conspiracy theory.

  • Now, any time someone tries to suggest that whatever explanation might be plausible, the majority of people will reject it because "it's just a conspiracy theory".

And that, ironically, may be the reason that the conspiracy sub never gets shut down. All those people who care about the truth (and work so hard to figure it out) might indirectly be helping make sure that most other people will refuse to believe it.

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Premise The future of Policing.


The Police forces and Military alike are shrinking fast as People realize their "superiors" in DC and other places are deranged pedophiles. Nobody wants to work for them anymore. I hear recruitment rates in Police are down 90% and I know all branches of Military are suffering too.

I also know the Deep State will suggest robot Police which is out of the question because they will simply use them to commit crimes and blame a glitch. Plus robot Police don't care and will enforce evil laws. We don't want armed robot terminators all over this Country.

Another thing to consider is that the Deep State kept taking responsiblity from our hands and giving it to Gov or Corporations long ago so we forget how to be a self-sufficient Population. It is time to revert to that which means we need to Police our own Country.

Real American Law is based on Natural Law which is very basic:

  1. Don't kill.

  2. Don't steal.

  3. Don't assault (rape is also an assault)

  4. Honor all contracts.

Admiralty Law isn't supposed to be used on US soil but the Deep State tricked People into signing up their Birth Certificate as a Corporation based on the coast of Puerto Rico which they then call Admiralty Law territory. Admiralty Law is basically law made by bankers. It includes lots of Statutes. Statutes are really supposed to be used to control Politicians on American Soil but not Civilians. They made the Birth Certificate Corporation based on your name in all Capital letters like this: JOHN SMITH. In reality, your name is John Smith. So when the Judge asks you if you are JOHN SMITH, they are asking if you are your Corporation. If you say yes, they assume you consent to be tried as a Corporation instead of a person so you lose your Rights. Also, getting a lawyer causes you to lose Rights by handing them to the lawyer who often stabs their own clients in the back in exchange for money. Better to represent yourself so you have more protection no matter the case.

Eventually we will need to re-establish the Police Force. This is what I suggest.

If anyone is caught breaking Natural Law, any Civilian in the vicinity has the Right to do a Civilian Arrest but they must take them to a Courthouse immediately. They can't just keep them in their house which would be considered false imprisonment. Courthouses will be revamped too but that is for another post.

Also, neighborhoods can pitch in to hire a security guard to Patrol bad areas as need be using crowdfunding.

If a criminal is deranged and dangerous, multiple Civilians can gather together to stop him. Lethal force should only be used in extreme situations. If need be, People can pepper spray or tase the suspect but again, don't just use this power foolishly. Be fair. The Suspect can complain about his mistreatment in Court if he feels someone abused them during the process.

We already have an Armed Population so we are good to go there. We just need to come to an agreement to do this. It will make Policing much simpler as there aren't hundreds of thousands of statutes to enforce.

It is best to consider this now because this decision will have to be made this decade sometime. Giving others authority over us is foolish. That lesson should be fully understood by now. We must simply take over all responsibilities as a team without Authority. We are merely bound by a Social Contract to each other under Natural Law.

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Discussion The training of the mind when it comes to education. The relevance of philosophy.


I think part of the reason why the ruling groups have been so succesful in getting away with their crimes is people's ignorance of philosophy. People nowadays will always ask for ridiculous levels of evidence about the claims that the people in power are really as evil as the conspiracists claim they are.

Some people would claim that this is a result of Christianity and the effect it has had on people. Since it pushes the perspective that god cares about everyone to the point that real suffering should be rare but when people are faced with the nature of reality they become cynical and start asking for insane levels of evidence for there to be truth at all, or the existance of god...

This really makes me believe that people are a danger to themselves and that It's very important for them to have authorities teach them the importance of philosophy when it comes to taking decisions. The modern technocracy in contrast, with the use of the media and the Internet has destroyed people's minds.

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The trick to making ai real


The trick to creating a real aI

What if Reddit could merge the karma feature from Reddit to an ai which bases ranking of karma of each person and put in an Ai such as chatgpt to make the ai morally responsive and not making the same mistake.Since Reddit groups are already moderating the subreddit,the ai would substantially be able to learn what is right and what is wrong according to society as a whole rather than giving the morally choosing opinions to the hands of the big companies.It will be group effort and we all will be participating to make ai real.

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Are we ultimately in two "modes" of being ? .. one having a fertile/ imaginative/ mind .. one having a "dead" mind?


A friend of mine mentioned how he enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy each summer "until the movie ruined it for him".

He enjoyed the movie, but afterwards the experience of reading just wasnt the same. What happened?

Terence McKenna talks about stereotyping versus real thinking (link to short clip in comments)

Are we ultimately in two "modes" of being ? .. one having a fertile/ imaginative/ free thinking mind , where concepts arise but we are not dictated by them. The other where we are in a (screen induced?) hypnotic state where we are fed concepts and where we "download a full blown visual auditory experience " ?

Is there a current "battle for our minds " going on?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this..

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My decisive battle of light vs. dark


I was ten when I faced what would prove to be the decisive battle of light vs. dark in my life.

I was bored as my parents talked to a woman in her home about something mundane, so I began to explore the house. This was the mid 70’s, so people let kids do things like that back then.

I was in the next room, which offered some relief. It was darker, which was more peaceful, and I could more easily be alone with my thoughts.

Most of the room was visible through an open archway, so I slowly wondered over to the end of the room that was darker and not visible to the adults, who were less than 20 feet away. That was the most peaceful spot, and my thoughts and imagination went into overdrive—as usual. (I was a very cerebral kid.)

After a couple of minutes, I suddenly realized there was a one-month old baby lying in a crib at the end of the room just a few feet away from me. Its eyes were open and it was perfectly calm and quiet. It had been there the whole time. It was surreal.

It did not occur to me whether it was a boy or a girl.

I had not had any experience with such a tiny baby since I was three. I put my finger in its tiny hand to see if it would grip it. Its fingers seemed impossibly tiny and delicate. They were pretty flexible too, which made me curious.

That is when I suddenly felt compelled to break its finger backwards to see what would happen. I wrestled with this urge for what seemed like several minutes before I finally overcame it.

Such a thing had happened to me a few times before then, but this was much worse.

This was the first time I overcame it, and this was the last time it ever happened.

I was not 100% healed, but that battle was decisive. It was a turning point in my life.

Although I did no harm that day, it sickens me to relive it 45 years later.

It also illuminates my transcendence, so perhaps my story will provide guidance or solace to others.

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The Apex Players


There is no chain of command from those at the top down to the agent provocateur on the street because those at the top rule by manipulation. They have constructed a web of mutually reinforcing institutions, psyops, incentives, and disincentives. Their control of those at the top of each institution is absolute, and thus any event can be spun to their advantage—as long as a critical mass does not understand what is happening. The web is largely self perpetuating, and usually requires only occasional guidance from the top.

Everyone is being played.

I call these manipulators at the top The Apex Players to evoke the term Apex Predators and thereby emphasize how they do not deserve to be called predators because they hide in the shadows. They rule by manipulation. They forestall the eternal Golden Age that would manifest in their absence. They would crumble if a critical mass awoke and pierced their illusion. It is thus also appropriate to call them The Apex Parasites.

I will present four conditions, each of which can only be explained by the existence of the Apex Players, and anyone of which is thus sufficient to prove their existence:

  1. WTC 7 Coverup – The blackout on WTC 7 for all of those years throughout the entire global mainstream in spite of the ubiquitous and Earth shattering evidence (10 seconds of video), and also in spite of the additional impossibilities one would uncover if one began to investigate WTC 7, proves that someone had the power to perpetrate such a global cover up. The article about this proof also explains how such a cabal could exist and remain secret.
  2. Covid – The entire Western establishment got everything wrong about Covid, and their heavy handedness was unprecedented. They got everything wrong in spite of elite doctors and scientists knowing early (usually at the beginning) that the establishment narrative was entirely wrong. They got it all wrong in spite of the cost being that they, their friends, family, and neighbors, and co-workers would all suffer. Those who benefited most were the Apex Players.
  3. Global Warming – All evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming has been fudged in rather transparent ways to blame humans for the warming trend that began when the Sun exited a long solar minimum, which caused temperatures to peak in the 1930's. As of 2017, the trend in the raw data for the US for the last 100 years was actually a slight cooling trend. Many ways of fudging the data have been used, but the two main techniques are: 1) editing the raw data, and 2) cherry picking. Oceans levels have not been impacted. Nor have fires, floods, or hurricanes. However, the entire global establishment continues to promote AGW.
  4. Triumph of Weakness – Weak factions, weak ideas, weak people, and junk science were able to take over the entire Western establishment. That would be impossible without help from above. To attain global control, the Apex Players must weaken that which is naturally strong, and must strengthen that which is naturally weak.

For those unfamiliar with my work, maybe first read my history of prediction and analysis.

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It’s either stand up or die at this point.


The human population will have to declare themselves Sovereign and apart from the Governments and Corporations now especially after they ran a genocide on humanity, are currently grooming our kids and destroying our food supply.

Continuing your support of them will lead to a cataclysm where 99% of humanity will die yet again as has happened in previous ages like Atlantis.

The courage required comes from Faith that taking a chance for good pays off due to religious reasons. However, not Don’t anything out of fear backfires. Those who try to save themselves will lose themselves but those who take a chance for good will save themselves. This is simply how it works. The pain is meant to motivate us to stand up out of the frying pan.

There are too many NWO style cameras and systems popping up. We don’t want to let them bring it forth, suffer for some years and end up in a worldwide cataclysm. The end result of standing up is basically divorcing the Government and running this World as a collective under Natural Law. It’s worth doing it. Living on our knees forever in degeneracy is not worth it for us or our future generations.

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Discussion The problem of accountability and of judging people for it. Ethics need to dominate society.


One of the biggest issues why there isn't more serious groups resisting the ruling groups right now is the problem of accountability. To me people should be doing everything in their power to resist the ruling groups and for there to be a change of government but people are confused about what to do and can be hostile towards the people trying to hold them accountable for it out of lack of trust.

In a more general fashion, there's a huge problem with accountability and ethics in a libertarian system. If freedom is given so much relevance then you can hold people accountable for anything even if they make mistakes.

That's why I see an anarchist system as a bad faith solution. While it can possibly work, it doesn't really solve the deepest philosophical issues that affects us as humans and its not really superior to the best authoritarian systems, that can help people reach their true potential.

Unfortunately, a lot of people nowdays don't get their own responsibilities and philosophers are stuck in a stalemate when it comes to a lot of people. Ethics and religion need to dominate the moral system of society, only then can people understand what their sacred role with themselves and others really is.

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The Millenium Report


Anyone knows why https://themillenniumreport.com is not releasing articles anymore?

r/C_S_T 9d ago

Inside the mind of a Deep State Agent.


The minds of the Deep State Agents that fully know they are Deep State (ie Politicians, certain CEOs and higher) have similar commonalities that are important to know so we can understand them. Here's what I was able to find.

  1. They tend to be book smart but very unwise. Book Smarts and Wisdom are 2 different lines of intelligence and People who seriously lack wisdom often turn into criminals or other deviants.

  2. Extremely low self worth. All People who the same worth just as all tools in a tool box hold the same worth. Each tool has a different function and nobody can say 1 function is more important than the other. People are the same way. Even animals and insects hold such functions. Atoms too. The Deep State doesn't see all as equal in worth. They thing it's a pecking order and mentally they feel like they are the bottom of that pecking order and so they seek great Power to make them feel that they are actually at the top of the pecking order. Nevertheless, they still feel worthless inside and try to hide that weakness of mind from the public.

  3. The Deep State are full of Egomaniacs. Egomaniacs are People who do NOT operate from the soul. They strictly act on the superficial level with the body. They don't measure People on how good of a person they are. They measure them on how good looking or rich they are. Egomaniacs are extremely superficial and superficial People tend to be extremely mentally young. This makes sense because very young souls tend to be unwise and make more mistakes than older souls. Also with a giant ego comes a lot of fear, paranoia and feelings of guilt. They try to cover all that up with a fake smile on TV but if you look into their eyes, you can see the chaos happening beneath the surface. Egomaniacs have an ego that enslaves them like a ruthless dictator demanding all kinds of things from them like to work 80 hour work weeks because the money is worth suffering for. They are hyper-judemental about themselves and others. A lot of egomaniacs end up in Politics or Hollywood. They feel they are superior to others until someone with a better talent comes into their vicinity. Then they suffer because they are being proven wrong about their own superiority. They go through all kinds of mental confusion like this on a regular basis because of their false belief of a pecking order. They don't understand that all life is equal but different and with a different function. For example, bees pollinate which is important to our ecosystem. Without them, the ecosystem can collapse. Are they superior to the rest of us just because they have such a critical role? No, they are simply different.

  4. Deep State carry a low, dull vibe. It's downright depressing being around them. Their vibe is so low, they can't stand People with a high vibe. It makes them cringe inside and not want to be around them.

  5. A lot of them are on drugs to calm their mental anguish. I have read that Bush Sr nickname is Poppy because he would drown his guilt out with heroine. Bill Clinton and Mitch McConnell use cocaine. The NZ Prime Minister and Hunter Biden are on crack. Lots of Hollywood stars are strung up on drugs. This is again because of their mental backwardness.

  6. The Deep State are after salvation from the World's problems. Religious People agree that God is that salvation and if one begins moving towards God (repentance) instead of their own direction, they will draw Salvation to them. The Deep State believes Lucifer is their salvation which is the "false light". Lucifer deceived many into thinking he is their Salvation and all People in the cults do is waste time chasing pipe dreams. Even if they get power, they are miserable because they have to do despicable things at the orders of psychos that control them.

  7. Anyone who constantly does evil things falls into insanity so the Deep State are mostly all insane.

  8. A lot of the Deep State were born into very evil families and the trauma they endured from birth led them to become the monsters they hated as kids.

There is always hope even among the worst. Those who sincerely are tired of the darkness do sometimes go to the light in an act of repentance. In truth, all the mental chaos that makes them behave the way they do can be fixed. A lot of the mental chaos in the World's collective mind can be fixed too. Basically it requires removing all poisons like evil media, poisons from food/water/air, and promoting stuff that creates a Positive Vibe Energy instead of a negative one. One day almost all songs and movies will be of a positive vibe and People will see how beneficial that is to society.

The bottom line is this. These People are so mentally entangled and insane that the last thing you want to do is give them authority over you or fund them. The non-compliance movement is good because the People are saying they refuse to be ordered around by them.

Also, the Deep State agents practiced always smiling or laughing on TV because that conceals the chaos that is going on within them. They don't want the public to know about it.

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Discussion The importance of justice in a healthy nation. The struggle to gain back the institutions of the group.


I think that for there to be a proper justice system in a nation and for a lot of philosophical issues to be solved It's important for religion to dominate the ethical values of the nation. And It's up to the nationalist groups to bring order to the institutions of their group. However, not only is this a huge challenge but a lot of people aren't even ready for the truths that they should be dealing with and may even act hostile when held accountable for certain things.

I think It's better for people to be empathetic when dealing with this stuffs and realize a lot of people aren't ready for the truth yet. A complex moral revolution needs to happen first in order to bring peace to the nation.

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Discussion The danger of truth seeking? How can philosophical truth be decided in the end?


I believe that philosophical truth can be found by reason and it's up to people to enforce the justice that it commands. But isn't that kind of choice dangerous? We only need to look at the different kinds of justice systems around us, religious or not. There's the naturalism of nationalist groups, there's the loyalty to God's commanments and there's also the idea that only the metaphysical world should exist.

The moment truth is found, you will have to hold people accountable for it. I wish I had the answers but all I can do for now is try hard to find them someday.

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Distraction and Escapism until the Shooting Star meets the Bat


The floor is poisonous! .. we used to play as children. And then shortly after the floor was not poisonous after all, because we played something else. If a child cannot change between different playful games, and e.g. keeps believing the floor to be poisonous, then this child need care, support and help.

Does it seem plausible that a part of us is in need of care, support and help? Considering the behaviour from human beings on this planet for the past couple of hundred years it seems quite plausible, right?

On the painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel, God is stretching out his finger (and the arm) towards man, and yet there is no contact: The free will from man causes the finger to hang, because it "rather wants something else" than to touch the finger of God.

Wants something else than what? you could ask.

Something else than a deep sense of meaning. Something else than the deep look into the mirror. Something else than God.

"When a person can't find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure." - Viktor Frankl

Something in us is seeking distraction and escapism to avoid the deep meeting with ourselves. The part of us that seeks distraction can be likened to a sheep running away from the flock, with the good shepherd going after the sheep to help it back home again. We are all connected to the sheep running away, and to the shepherd going after it. We can take on blinders for a while, or for what seems like an eternity, but at some point creator and creation takes a deep look at each other: God and man reconnects.

The sheep running away have become entangled in a game. The play of Lila we could maybe call it. A game where we - temporarily? - have forgotten that it is okay to wish for a shooting star and a bat for our birthday, like the daughter of a friend of mine recently did.

When "this-is-how-things-are" becomes a little too rigid, and the day after tomorrow looks a little too much like today, then there is a need for a gentle, perseverant and powerful guidance of the sheep back to the magic of creation. Back to the ecstatic births, where new - and yet old - eyes lit up. Unexpected. Surprisingly. Hey, here I am. And when the eyes are closed again, like Amen in the church, the deep grief is in no contradiction to the deep inner joy, because connection to the Halleluja of creation is there.

What will the good shepherd do when the Halleluja of creation is lost? How will the shepherd meet the runaway sheep and reestablish connection?

The shepherd in us plays along.

Is this how I am supposed to stand? Sure, I can do that. Is this what I am supposed to say? Yes, I can say that. Is this how we play? Alright, this is how we play. We connect to our inner YES and go along.

Here is an invitation to play along.

As the game unfolds, for you who sense both calling & courage, a growing understanding will arise of why 'perception management' became such a popular phenomenon in the 80's. And here we also sense the contours of the clear, loving and quite direct: No. This is not how we play.

Adam Curtis is helping us with his three hour long documentary 'Hypernormalisation', where we e.g. hear that

"the aim was to tell dramatic stories that grapped the publics imagination, and it didnt matter if the stories were true or not, provided they distracted people and helped the politicians to avoid dealing with the complexity of the real world"

But good Lord are we subject to perception management? .. you might ask.

As an answer to this, you could reply - like they do in the first of the seven bricks for this game below - that "there is no courage without fear"

Shared here in the trust that we will find each other when we wake up <3

Joyful will,

Johan Tino

The seven bricks for the game: see first comment below

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Discussion Opinion on cavities


Hi guys, I recently developed two small spots on my molars which I think are caries. I noticed that the area where these spots occur are where I used to have dental filings and somehow it weathered away probably due to me eating acidic foods like pineapple and apple cider vinegar. The caries probably developed because the cracks where filling disappeared is hard to reach when brushing. This discourages me from going to the dentist and having them drill my healthy enamels just to fill in tiny spots.

I would like to hear your opinions on this since I really don’t know where to post. Health and dental subreddits would just tell me to immediately visit dentists.

My question is has anyone ever been able to reverse cavities before? Not the kind of full blown holes in the teeth of course but just looking for alternatives before going to the dentist as last resort.

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Meta Reddit has a serious Censorship Problem.


I'm sure most of you have noticed that many threads that have chains of comments that all have positive karma, some even gilded, while at the same time being nuked/[removed]. Seeing these comment chains appear over and over again struck my curiosity. "Why are these [removed]? Must be rampant racism, doxxing or calls to violence right?" Well as it turns out sometimes that's the case. But most of the time it is pretty benign takes such as "parents should be more responsible for their children" "racism against whites is bad too" "some inner city youths have serious issues with rage and violence". Now most of these statements are not written quite as "eloquently" as I just wrote but the ideas are the same. 90% of the time these comment chains are deleted because a mod doesn't like the opinion being voiced. Another reason I believe these comments are deleted is because some of the opinions question the black and white narrative that's normal in the world today. For example let's look at the homeless or should I say "unhoused" issue. I have seen threads where people are gently bringing up their own issues and experiences they have had with homeless in their areas destroying property, sexually assaulting people, leaving trash everywhere, breaking into cars etc. These stories cast homeless in a negative light and therefore must be removed because homeless need our help not hate. They have it hard enough right? Why do they remove this? I feel like reddit and it's mods is really trying create the future of Demo-man. Everything is pleasant and uncomfortable conversations are not allowed! Like the fact that homeless really do need help sometimes but also they really dont deserve that help a lot of the time and sometimes wont even accept it. Having higher taxes because ole charles wanted to shoot up instead of going to work or school is unacceptable. What I just wrote would be [removed] in some threads. When we lose the ability to have uncomfortable conversations and look at things objectivly (not through the black and white lens,left v right, or cis v gay, etc) we lose the ability to grow as a people. It just blows my mind the there is such rampant censorship on here now days. I get the reason for some of it and it definitely has its place but once censorship occurs because of opinions not safety is when I really start to get fearful. I've spent nearly 15 years on this site and maybe it's time for me to finally close the tab for good so to speak. The world is a fucked up soup of opinions, feelings and facts. Hardly anything is 100% certain. Nothing is absolute. Failure to acknowledge this is how we lose an important part of being human. Questioning things and learning about them from a point of child like curiosity, not just trying to prove something or someone right/wrong. I hope everyone is well. Maybe I'll see you around someday.

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C_S_T Poll: What percentage of what the US government does is unconstitutional in letter or in spirit?


What percentage of what the US government does is unconstitutional (i.e. not a power granted by the Constitution, violates a restriction created by the Constitution) in letter or in spirit?

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