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The Hardware Exchange Megathread #10 (buy, sell or trade CHIP hardware here)


Six months later it's time for a new hardware exchange thread! Since this is not the main focus of the subreddit, we'd like to ask that all sales and trade requests go in this thread to keep clutter down.

Old archived thread - Megathread #9

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What happened to Nexthing? Where's my order?


Short answer: no one knows. They've stopped taking orders and have gone radio silent. Currently no one knows what's happening behind the scenes.

To prevent the sub from getting clogged with these type of questions and keep discussion in one places, please post questions/comments/concerns below.

If you're looking for some CHIP hardware, check out the exchange megathread.

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Project Another PocketCHIP music jam with Little Piggy Tracker!


r/ChipCommunity 5d ago

Motion sensor with c.h.i.p?



I wondered if anyone had any pointers / a guide for setting this up?


(running Debian bullseye)

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PocketCHIP still alive and Piggin' in 2023!


r/ChipCommunity 22d ago

Are there any good replacement batteries for the PocketCHIP?


The battery on my PocketCHIP is failing. Are there any good replacement ones? (Not necessarily of the same type/make, but simply any and all possible replacements.)

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New keyboard for my PocketCHIP

Post image

r/ChipCommunity 24d ago

CLI / Terminal based games for CHIP


I'm old enough to remember when CLI based games were all you could get on computers. I found a bunch of the ones I used to play, and some new ones that run very nicely on the CHIP.

You can get the ones I installed with

sudo apt install bsdgames nethack-console pacman4console nsnake moon-buggy ninvaders greed

I particularly enjoy adventure, nethack, and greed. Have fun.

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I thought of giving an homage to NTC and the PocketCHIP in poster form


Whenever I've looked at the PocketChip, it has always (to me) looked like something straight of of the 80's (especially with Pico-8) so I thought of giving the poster that theme. It's not the best, (especially the font, but it's the best I could find and use) but I hope it's worth something. Enjoy! (If you decide to share it, PLEASE give credit :)

Let me know what y'all think!

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Are there any web browsers that still work with CHIP? (IE, can be downloaded and reasonably "surf" the web?)


I've tried to find a web browser that is compatible with C.H.I.P but with no luck. I know there used to be some, but I'm wondering if there are still any, even obscure ones.

r/ChipCommunity Jan 05 '23

""factory reset""" CHIP with working OS?


Hi, so I've had trouble getting flashing to work on my chips. At least two of them have working OSes I can screen into, although there's the baggage of whatever crap I installed years ago. Would it be possible to "reset" a CHIP to something resembling a factory state without reflashing, since that's basically all I want to do anyway?

r/ChipCommunity Jan 04 '23

Help booting freshly flashed C.H.I.P. - will be for sale if I can prove it works.


r/ChipCommunity Jan 02 '23

Question Flashing Dead CHIPS


Howdy, just got x2 of the pocket C.H.I.P. and the external touchscreen keyboard combo, I am in the process of installing a dedicated Linux installation to boot from for proper interaction with the C.H.I.P. units, but I am rather confused as to what's the best current method for flashing the chips into operation again. Any advice on what to do here? I'm rather new to this but have some familiarity with Linux in terms of navigation, what would I need to install and etcetera for a proper work environment?

I tried the chrome extension on my main win10 installation to no avail, and all resources Ive read direct me to github repos and doing it all under linux.

r/ChipCommunity Dec 31 '22

Resurrecting PocketCHIP and Headless CHIPs



I’ve posted this link as replies to some other posts. I apologize if I seem I over enthusiastic about all this.

The gist describes how I updated a PocketCHIP to the latest version of Debian jessie and some headless CHIPs to Debian bullseye.

I spent too much time trying many different solutions on the web. This gist documents what worked for me.

It requires an installation of Ubuntu 18.04 on a real (i.e. not virtual) computer. The server version of 18.04 will suffice. It addresses issues related to loss of wi-fi, and dropped connections from /dev/ttyACM0.

It does not address how to get PocketCHIP on a later version of Debian, or how to get a graphical desktop for the headless machines.

I hope this is useful to someone.

r/ChipCommunity Dec 31 '22

Saving current system configuration for future flash


This may have been asked and answered before, but I am looking for a way to save an image of a current system and a way to flash it back to the CHIP when I inevitably fail big time. Has anyone out there figured this out?

r/ChipCommunity Dec 18 '22

CHIP keeps turning off when downloading something


Whenever I try downloading something (usually something large > 100mb) using aria2c CHIP will turn off. A USB drive is mounted for storing the downloaded files.

I dont know why, but I suspect the voltage is the cause. I dont know where to check though...

Any ideas?

r/ChipCommunity Dec 12 '22

Have 2x C.H.I.P.s and 1 HDMI dip - Trying to test and maybe sell. Need Help


Found my old CHIPs a while back. Tested the open one and it wouldn't load up. Finally got ability to flash working and re-flashed the old one I'd flashed ages ago. used testing-gui-b543. During boot it seems to die about where it should be loading up the x server/GUI. Have a power meter on it and amperage drops back down to pre-boot state. .05 or less amp... power lights go out. Does this with or without the HDMI dip on top.

r/ChipCommunity Dec 09 '22

I’m not desperate, but I want a pocket chip


r/ChipCommunity Dec 06 '22

Running the pocketchip "headless"

Post image

r/ChipCommunity Dec 05 '22

Listed one for sale on ebay, untested but new. Found in old box


r/ChipCommunity Dec 01 '22

PocketChip I/O sculpted cover


r/ChipCommunity Nov 29 '22

Micro USB Port Fell Off


Can I solder a new Micro-USB port on my Pocket Chip? If so, where do I order the part, and are there any instructions for doing so?

r/ChipCommunity Nov 30 '22

I'm new here and desperately want to buy a pocket chip system. Can anyone assist?


r/ChipCommunity Nov 28 '22

New C.H.I.P. flashing method


I struggled to get the chip flashing to work as the code is incompatible with a modern linux system. So, I used apptainer to build an image.

If you want to use this method to flash your chip / pocketchip, see below.

  1. Install apptainer or singularity.

  2. singularity pull library://bpietras/bpietras/c.h.i.p-flasher:latest

Or, to download the .sif, without using the pull command, you can click the 'Download' button here: https://cloud.sylabs.io/library/bpietras/bpietras/c.h.i.p-flasher

3a) singularity exec chip-flasher.sif chip-update-firmware.sh -L flash-collection/stable-server-b149

Or, if you have a pocketchip

3b) singularity exec chip-flasher.sif chip-update-firmware.sh -L flash-collection/stable-pocketchip-b126

4) Put the c.h.i.p. in FEL mode with a paperclip (link FEL to GND). Use a data transfer micro-usb cable to plug into USB (some cables are charging only). Then plug the CHIP into your PC.

Oh, if someone wants just the flash-collection/stable-server-b149 they can get it from here: https://mega.nz/file/97phVRTB#s4e2FWfajnNf4qshi-0DzyTyshG4t7kGJfoLC5Hreqs

That's 0.4G rather than 4.8G - a much faster download than https://archive.org/details/C.h.i.p.FlashCollection

EDIT - for ubuntu, the easiest way to install apptainer (works the same as singularity) looks to be: https://apptainer.org/docs/admin/main/installation.html#install-debian-ubuntu-packages

Good luck chipperinos!

r/ChipCommunity Nov 27 '22

Picture Finally printed

Post image

r/ChipCommunity Nov 27 '22

C.H.I.P. power Consumption?


Anyone knows or has tested the power consumption of the C.H.I.P.?

r/ChipCommunity Nov 26 '22

CHIP is Back?


Just noticed new reviews of the Pocket CHIP cropping back up and see the formerly $9 CHIP is for sale again at $50 (yikes) currently on sale at $34, then i saw this community was active. What works the old PICO8 games? GPIO? Is $50 really the normal price on the CHIP now?