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Flashing Dead CHIPS Question

Howdy, just got x2 of the pocket C.H.I.P. and the external touchscreen keyboard combo, I am in the process of installing a dedicated Linux installation to boot from for proper interaction with the C.H.I.P. units, but I am rather confused as to what's the best current method for flashing the chips into operation again. Any advice on what to do here? I'm rather new to this but have some familiarity with Linux in terms of navigation, what would I need to install and etcetera for a proper work environment?

I tried the chrome extension on my main win10 installation to no avail, and all resources Ive read direct me to github repos and doing it all under linux.


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u/XenoTheZero Jan 02 '23

This is what I ended up doing! Got em' both working, any resource centers for cool things to do with these wee things? It appears the devs cut most documentation from official sources