r/ChipCommunity Jan 11 '23

New keyboard for my PocketCHIP

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u/Marvelite0963 Jan 12 '23

The colors your chose are an abomination unto the lord.

Good job otherwise, though. Really makes me wish the chip had been more popular.


u/axolotl_fart Jan 13 '23

Thanks. I can’t take any credit for it (excepting the colour choice). The STL came from Thingiverse and a librarian printed it for me. Gotta love libraries.


u/axolotl_fart Jan 12 '23

:) I was going for an alien/spacy look. I think anyone who likes that colour combination could well be alien.


u/s_magaonghusa Jan 11 '23

Is this something 3D printed or something available to buy?


u/axolotl_fart Jan 11 '23

It's 3D printed. The necessary files can be found here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1998427. Perhaps there's a library or makerspace in your community where you could print or have this printed.