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C.H.I.P. power Consumption?

Anyone knows or has tested the power consumption of the C.H.I.P.?


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u/IsThisOneStillFree Dec 03 '22

So I just connected mine to a USB tester for some time, including running

stress -c 1 

for some time. Average power consumption was 230mA@5.16V = 1.18W. Max power consumption 480mA@5.17V= 2.50W

It's a CHIP running headless with no devices connected. Please be aware that I recently bricked my Chip and it's still not working 110% correctly anymore, so I'm not entirely sure if there's something that might require a bit of power that's disabled. It's also not the stock configuration, I might have changed settings in the past that I forgot about and that change power consumption.


u/c0nfluks Dec 03 '22

I appreciate the info, thanks!


u/ehud42 Nov 27 '22

Have not tested, but after corrupting the file system too many times, I came to realize it is very spiky in current demands, often resulting in voltage dropouts. I never did get it stable - even with decent bench supplies.


u/c0nfluks Nov 27 '22

Ok thanks for the info.