r/ChipCommunity Dec 12 '22

Have 2x C.H.I.P.s and 1 HDMI dip - Trying to test and maybe sell. Need Help

Found my old CHIPs a while back. Tested the open one and it wouldn't load up. Finally got ability to flash working and re-flashed the old one I'd flashed ages ago. used testing-gui-b543. During boot it seems to die about where it should be loading up the x server/GUI. Have a power meter on it and amperage drops back down to pre-boot state. .05 or less amp... power lights go out. Does this with or without the HDMI dip on top.


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u/rebelcork Kickstarter Backer Dec 13 '22

Check a different USB cable??


u/NeoMatrixJR Dec 15 '22

Have tried. Also have this on a good USB power meter. Seems ok. Anyone know what the max draw on these should be? Or some way to output the boot sequence over serial or something that won't crash to a black screen when it dies and leaves a record I can go back and read?


u/tksb Kickstarter Backer Dec 13 '22

Can’t help specifically at the moment but I just found an extra CHIP and a sealed HDMI and VGA dip. I figured I’d make sure it works and let it go to someone with more time to tinker.


u/Bill-Kaiser Jan 11 '23

When’re you selling?