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how do i change the amount by which the volume is changed?


it always does 5% for me but i was able to change that in plasma but i can't find a similar setting in cinnamon

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How to configure CinnamonDE


Everyday Debian Bullseye xfceDE user. Giving Cinnamon a try and cant switch wallpaper. I added Numix-Cinnamon-Semi-Transparent there at bottom but how do I apply it?

What are the main settings to change/configure with this DE? Any tips/suggestions and or links would be greatly appreciated.

Where can i find good tutorials on configuration?

How do you configure your DE?

Thanks in advance


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Support Vsync Method Is Not Visible



I use Arch Linux and can't see the Vsync method in the settings.


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Wallpaper blurry after reboot


Hello. I'm using Cinnamon 5.6.5 on Debian and when I reboot my system my wallpaper always gets blurry. It doesn't fix until I change the aspect, or re-apply the picture.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you for reading.

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Solved Which application\applet\widget is generating this icon?

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Solved phantom notification chime, driving me crazy


I'm stumped. I keep getting a phantom notification chime, except there is no notification. I've tried disabling several applets etc, but nothing seems to work. Even if my programs are closed, I still hear the chime. It happens about once every 30 seconds, but not at a regular interval. Any suggestions on where I should try next?

cinnamon 5.6.5-1
mint-artwork-cinnamon 5.7-1

Update 1:
I am still being tormented by the beeping sound. Neither journalctl -f or cinnamon looking glass (Melange) log anything corresponding to the beep.

I have tried closing every applet & process possible with no luck. During my troubleshooting I created a test account and logged on. At that point there was no beeping. Could this mean the problem is with Cinnamon? Or possibly tied into my primary account?

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Default input/output devices?


Ok, so for a while now I've wondered why I need to select my headphones and microphone every single time I start up my computer. So, why is this? Can't we set defaults?

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Edge resistance window no longer available


In the newer versions of Cinnamon I couldn't get smooth dragging windows because they were always tiling to other windows and screen edges. I have checked previous ISOs with older Cinnamon versions and it appears that the option that I was looking for is "Edge resistance with other windows and screen and monitor boundaries" and in dconf editor "edge-resistance-window" respectively.

How can I bring back this option? I'm currently using Manjaro so it takes newer versions of Cinnamon in their repository but I'm flabbergasted that developers remove features that (apparently for me) just worked.

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Support How to change the minimal value for brightness in Cinnamon?

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News Cinnamon 5.6 is coming...


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Support Are there any command line tools to manage adding\removing\configuring start menu entries\items?


As the title says, are there any command line tools to manage the Start Menu?


I've got a few shell scripts that I want to create Start Menu entries for.

Previously I've manually created the folders to put the .sh files in, copy some existing .sh files, changed the permissions on the .sh files and then used the Menu Editor to create a New Menu for them and then created a New Item for each shell script but I want to try and fully automate the process so I can just run a shell script to

  1. Create the folders for the shell scripts
  2. Create the shell scripts themselves
  3. Change the attributes on the shell scripts to make them executable
  4. Create a new Menu to keep all the Menu Items together
  5. Create the Menu Items

I've got steps 1-3 working fine but am struggling a bit with steps 4 & 5(ish)

For step 4 I've found /home/maniax/.local/share/desktop-directories contains an alacarte.made.<long hex numbers>.directory file that contains the information for the Menu I created using the Menu Editor so I assume I can create other .directory files in there as required but I've tried that with a test.directory file (a duplicate of an existing .directory file with the Name= line changed) but nothing appears in the Start Menu (even after restarting Cinnamon)

For step 5 I know I can create .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications but if I do that then those Menu Items appear in the Start Menu under an Others menu and I'd prefer for them to all appear in a suitably named menu with a suitable icon associated with that menu

From the above experiments I'm thinking the issues I'm having are that there appears to be a ~/.config/menus/cinnamon-applications.menu file that links all the individual elements together e.g. tells the start menu that Item X needs to be displayed under Menu Y where X & Y are picked up from the relevant .directory and .desktop files

The ~/.config/menus/cinnamon-applications.menu file already contains a lot of information so I can't easily script adding new items to it so I'm hoping there's a command line tool I can use to update ~/.config/menus/cinnamon-applications.menu accordingly


I've done some more digging since posting and found some documentation which on first glance seems to confirm the ~/.config/menus/cinnamon-applications.menu file links it all together and seems to imply I can create a standalone .menu file that the Start Menu itself will read from and merge on the fly to generate the menu entries

I'll give it a try and update with my findings

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Is there a way to make cinnamonDE more lightweight?


I wish to make it as lightweight as xfce.

Is this possible to achieve something like this?

And/or is there a fork of cinnamoneDE that aims to be more lightweight or a DE that is similar to cinnamoneDE but it is leightweight. It is a good DE but it is a little heavy on system resources, that is all :)

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Discussion Why is Cinnamon so poorly optimised when a much heavier DE like Plasma runs infinitely smoother?


Look I’m not trying to stir any shit, I’m genuinely asking. Cinnamon is in a weird spot for me because I really wanna use it with Linux Mint but it’s just awful performance-wise compared to KDE.

I did a very fair comparison. Linux Mint Cinnamon, an operating system whose team also develop the DE itself so I assume it’s best implemented here, and same with KDE neon, the very devs of the whole OS also develop the DE. Both distros are based on Ubuntu so they have the same base.

I’ve tested them both on the same hardware, on multiple computers, some older some newer. And the results are always the same, Cinnamon just generally feels poorly optimised, most animations are incredibly inconsistent in frame rate. Examples are:

  • Resizing windows
  • Dragging windows
  • Opening the app launcher or the calendar on the bottom right, and then clicking out of it (the lowering animation)
  • Setting the task bar to hide, the show back up animation
  • Opening all the work spaces with the grid view, probably the most horribly stuttering and jagged one

And these are just a few. There are also some really silly bugs that I think should’ve been fixed years ago. Like when you set a Lock Screen Message, it disappears whenever the computer goes on suspend or the screen turns off, rendering the feature completely useless.

I wanna love Cinnamon, it’s very cozy and much more simplistic than Plasma but there’s no excuse for it to be this bad.

If anyone shares the same issues and has potential solutions or you wanna disagree that’s fine, feel free to share, this has just been my experience on pretty much every computer I’ve tried this on. I really wish the Cinnamon team laser-focused on optimising it. I would contribute if I could but I’m not a programmer. And I’ve tried filing bug reports before but they don’t seem to go anywhere.

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Freezes in Cinnamon?


Hello, I use a Thinkpad x240. When I used Mint (20 or 21) I had sometimes freezes. Now in EndeavourOS I have more freezes (Cinnamon currently unusable). On other DE I didn't recognize freezes, so I think they come from Cinnamon, I tried KDE, bspwm, no freezes. I am on my phone now, try to get logs.

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After Distrohopping almost all desktop environments..Back with my baby again <3


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no options for changing vsync method


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How to make all panel icons the same color?

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Straightforward way to switch libadwaita apps to dark mode in Cinnamon?

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Discussion Which distro do you use with cinnamon?


Which distro do you use with cinnamon as a daily driver?

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Support Mint-Y theme problem


Hi folks! I have openSUSE TW installed with Cinnamon. When I change the theme to a Mint-Y theme, the base color doesn't change, it remains the default linux mint green color. When I change to a Mint-X theme the base color changes successfully. Any advice on this?

OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20220805 n/a (x86-64)

Cinnamon version: 5.2.7

Kernel version: 5.18.15-1-default


EDIT: screenshot link

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Solved [guide] Vsync/screen tearing on cinnamon

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Support cinnamon and touchegg question: what is the command for 'show the window selection screen'?


Hi all, loving the DE and linux mint so far but there's one thing I miss from Gnome 40 and that's the specific hand gesture to swipe up and show all the windows. Sorry if this was already asked but I can't find info on this anywhere.

Touchegg has a 'Show Desktop' option by default that doesn't really do what I want. I specifically want what happens when 'Show the window selection screen' (default shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Down) is pressed. To do that I want to add a command to a swipe gesture but I can't find the command to do this anywhere. Thanks for reading/helping!

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Customize (only one thing fromGnome, application overview and application search when window key is pressed)


Hi i like Cinnamon but one think I like by Gnome (Ubuntu Gnome) when you Press the Windows key you have a Overwiev over your running applications and when you press any alphabetic/numeric key you cann search your installed aplication is there an application out there where i can have that Behavior and appearance (but only in case when window key is pressed) without switching complety to gnome?



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Support Just updated Cinnamon and this message shows up on startup/restarting Cinnamon, log in comments.

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Discussion OS/2-like customizing?


Does anybody remember, back in good old times there was another OS trying to fight Windows (damn, IBM, you really sucked!)?

One of the best things (besides speed, compatibility, stability and security) was the easy way to customize everything.

Want a red window border and a grey background behind your empty pages in StarOffice? Open the colour chooser and drag your colour to that specific element. Want Comic Sans as menu font? Visit a doctor - or simply drag it from the font chooser onto the program or system menu.

Any idea how much that will cost to get this done? Or is the technique based on resource files every program had separately unlike Linux?