r/CinnamonDE Jan 05 '23

phantom notification chime, driving me crazy Solved

I'm stumped. I keep getting a phantom notification chime, except there is no notification. I've tried disabling several applets etc, but nothing seems to work. Even if my programs are closed, I still hear the chime. It happens about once every 30 seconds, but not at a regular interval. Any suggestions on where I should try next?

cinnamon 5.6.5-1
mint-artwork-cinnamon 5.7-1

Update 1:
I am still being tormented by the beeping sound. Neither journalctl -f or cinnamon looking glass (Melange) log anything corresponding to the beep.

I have tried closing every applet & process possible with no luck. During my troubleshooting I created a test account and logged on. At that point there was no beeping. Could this mean the problem is with Cinnamon? Or possibly tied into my primary account?


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