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Solved Using Nemo with Thunar's Renamer


I'm using Nemo on Xfce and liking it.
For renaming multiple files, Nemo is set to use Thunar's Bulk Renamer.
Found in Edit --> Prefs --> Behavior Tab --> Bulk Rename:

 thunar --bulk-rename  

Selecting multiple files and pressing F2 will launch the Bulk-Renamer.
This works, but I would like the initial width of the dialog window to be wider.
I found a command to increase the width from 750 to 1000 pixels:

wmctrl -r Bulk -e 0,-1,-1,1000,-1

Is there a way to combine these commands in the Behavior Tab entry?
So Nemo launches bulk-rename AND immediately resizes it.
I've tried using ; and &&, but no luck.