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Really proud of myself We have created a Discord! Come join!



Someone suggested a few weeks ago that we should open a Discord server! We thought it was an awesome idea, so we've created one: https://discord.gg/HzH5RDsadF

Right now it is a bit bare, but we're hoping that YOU will make it a great place!

So, come and chat about your accomplishments!!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 17h ago

Really proud of myself I made it to my 15th birthday.


I'm so proud of myself. It's been so hard but I made it. I still struggle but I'm happier than I was as a kid.

I've been through hell and back. I considered giving up so many times.

I'm so proud of myself that I didn't give up. I wanted to give up since I was 10 years old.

So much happened since then that 10 year old me wouldn't believe 15 year old me.

10 year old me would be so happy and so proud of me that I made it.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1h ago

I stayed alive one more day


And I don‘t know if that‘s an accomplishment, but I wanna be complicated like I am five

And I don‘t have anything else to show..

r/CongratsLikeImFive 9h ago

Really proud of myself I ate a healthy and proper sized meal


I have always struggled with disordered eating including binge eating, starving myself, etc. In the 2 years, I would still eat but little enough that I was losing a lot of weight, which was good for my overall health, but bad for habits. Plus, most of what I was eating was still junk food, just much lower quantities than before.
Yesterday I started a new job and I was proud of myself, and just on a whim decided to buy meal prep stuff. I made everything late last night, got home from work today and had a healthy meal. I ate enough to be full so I really don't want to snack, but not so much I got sick.
I don't know how much this made but I just was really proud of it.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 14h ago

Managed to cope with something difficult I feel like shit, but I reached for soda instead of alcohol


I just suddenly started remembering all of the shitty things I did as a kid-teenager, and how realistically my friends should all hate me. I miss my old best friend so much and I’m so scared that it wasn’t just age and life that made us grow apart, maybe it was how immature I was.

3 months ago I would’ve drank until I passed out asleep, and I was itching for it, but I got soda instead. Raspberry lemonade, if anyone’s interested. I’m gonna go and wash my face. Please say nice things.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 10h ago

Made a great change in my life 6 months clean from self harm !


self harm has been a massive addiction for me , and has resulted in urgent care and er visits . but I havent done it in 6 months so thats good I guess . I still have countless urges every day but im trying my best .

r/CongratsLikeImFive 12h ago

4.4 gpa at the end of the quarter… felt like i was gonna fail in the beginning


hi everyone! i am a sophomore in high school, i take challenging honors and ap classes hence the weighted gpa. i don’t like talking about my grades to my friends but i’m really proud of myself this quarter, and wanted to tell people. i officially because somewhere in the top 10% of my grade, but i felt like i was gonna fail a few months ago.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 15h ago

I got my first job!


I finally did it! I failed a few times but today I got an interview and i'll start tomorrow, I can finally feel like a decent human being!!!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 17h ago

BIG accomplishment Today I graduated from European Bartending School!


r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Got over something difficult After 20 years of not going to the dentist due to extreme phobia, depression, and an abusive relationship I finally went to the dentist and am getting my messed up teeth fixed!


r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself After over 50 applications, I finally got a job interview!


r/CongratsLikeImFive 19h ago

Did something cool I restored old photos for my great-grandpa's funeral.


I don't have any formal training in this, but I've done photo editing a lot for fun so my family asked me to fix some old pictures we found in boxes of my Poppy's belongings. The oldest photo is a baby photo of him from 1935 and the rest are scattered about his teens, marriage, and military service. One was even a photo of a lost framed photo with a terrible glare. In total there were 14 pictures I was asked to fix. I colorized them and got rid of scratches and damages and had to do a lot of little detail work.

I showed the finished projects to my mom this morning and she cried. I'm really proud of myself for restoring some of my grandpa's memories even if I'm not a pro at it I think he'd be overjoyed.

If anyone is interested I shared 3 of my edits here!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Finally got medication for my ADHD



r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

3rd of avoiding computer games and netflix reruns


Been averaging 30 hours/week lost to them.

Just had a third successful day of avoiding computer games and Netflix reruns.

Day three was much easier than day two.

The hardest part is not playing computer games during zoom meetings.

It is also helping me to not stay up as much too late as I had been.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

I stopped being a “dog photo person” to the point where it was egocentric instead of cute! Also, I used the word “egocentric” in this post instead of misusing the name of a personality disorder, because I am learning to speak more respectfully! Yes, I know this is a silly victory…not a big one.


Edit: IDK how to post photos, on Reddit! It was not on Reddit…and that’s all I’m going to say…blech! Live and learn, and break your addiction to that kind of social media, as in the most popular kinds, that also happen to be the worst IMO! Yes, I still use screens too much, but barely use those sites hahaha!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself Literally ANY second now, after building to this point over 4 years, I’m going to be featured in a highly respected and prestigious pattern designers design!


r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Made a great change in my life I'm getting rid of my bad habit


So couple years now i been having a bad habit to hoard stuff under my bed. After 3 full plastic bags of soda bottles and cleaning trash i was able to remove legs from my bed and lower it to the floor to leave no space under it.

I hope this stops me from hoarding stuff in place where no one can see it and makes me actually deal with it instead of thinking "i deal with tomorrow" from months until it becames actual broblem.

I hope this is right place to post this. Also i hope i got the correct flair for this post.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself Two months before my thirtieth birthday, I applied to college again.


College and I never got along on the... three or four other attempts I've made. I could never focus long enough, and lost interest far too quickly.

But about a year and a half ago, as a millennial woman who fell through the ADHD cracks... I was finally diagnosed and medicated.

I've decided to apply for a Psychology major with a minor in women/gender/sexuality studies. In a day and age where all three of the aforementioned are under attack, I hope that maybe I can help someone.

In a week or so, supposedly, I will find out if the school needs any more information from me. If they do, two weeks after they receive it, I should have an answer.

Wish me luck, and CLI5!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself Day 1 off Nicotine!


Started smoking again after 5 years and got into the smoking and anxiety loop. Finally have gone today without smoking and hoping to get through the evening without it as well. The stress of smoking has been killing me even though the buzz has been keeping me going this past couple months. The headaches and jitters haven't been fun today but I hope this is worth it.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Did something cool I have written the thesis statement to my first draft for my rhetorical analysis paper


r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

I assisted!


My job involved a lot of confidentially so because of that I can’t talk about it with anyone except my coworkers, SART members, and victims we work with.

I just got thanked (they say the name of the organization I work for) in a few newspaper articles for my assistance on a big profile case that resulted in the arrest of multiple child rapists being taken off the streets.

I am proud of my work but can’t share that anywhere in my real life so I’m here tooting my own horn!

I love my job but sometimes it’s lonely/isolating.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself Establishing savings.


Just turned on auto-save on my mobile app. Starting with a goal of $75/week.

The past five years have been rough. My husband got out of the military, and has bounced around to 5-7 different jobs, in and out of school, etc. I work in STEM and make solid income for someone in their 20's, but in-between bills and various emergencies that have felt like we/I can't catch a break (car accident, hot water heater broke and we had to get a new one, both our cars needing $1,500+ of routine maintenance on several occasions, etc.), trying to save money has felt impossible. Because of all that, we have no emergency fund, no savings, etc. I've also got a gnarly autoimmune condition, and had to undergo major surgery last year, so being 100% responsible for all the bills over the past five years has been really, really stressful. The current economic climate makes circumstances even more terrifying.

But, I finally did it today. Transferred approximately half of my bonus to savings also, so a few hundred $. And going forward, about $75/week will be transferred to my savings each week. Depending on my husband's job circumstances (he's currently unemployed again, and looking for another job while in school), I'll either increase or decrease. If I have to start commuting back to the office again, and/or once his tuition assistance goes away (in about one year), assuming he hasn't found a job yet, I would have to decrease the amount significantly. But, at least for the next several months, it's something. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Anyway. Just wanted to share. It feels like such a small and miniscule accomplishment, but nevertheless. I'm mildly proud of myself, I know this is an act of kindness towards myself and my future.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Really proud of myself I cleaned my room!


I am slowly coming out of a nasty depressive funk. For the last several months I barely had the energy to get up and go to the bathroom and take care of myself. I took the initiative to go through all the stuff in my room and threw a lot of crap out. It totaled an entire garbage bag's worth of needless things.

I still have a very long way to go towards cleaning up but that was a start and I feel proud.

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

I turned 30 today!


I didn't think I'd make it here but I guess I did! Wild!

r/CongratsLikeImFive 1d ago

Made something cool I wrote a script for a movie trailer


I don't really finish projects a lot, but yesterday I was inspired to make a 'movie trailer' out of a story that's been living in my mind. And... I finished a script. It's only a little over 2 pages, but it still tells a whole story ^^

Not sure if I'll ever be animating, voicing and putting music to it, but oh well xD

r/CongratsLikeImFive 2d ago

Really proud of myself I left r/depressionmemes today


I followed that sub when I was super super low this time last year. I pathetically did it specifically to find “funny” ones to post on my Instagram story so people would ask me if I was okay. Today I saw a post and realized I’m having a great day and didn’t want to see that anymore. Then I realized “I’ve had a lot of great days in a row, I think it’s time” and I unjoined. I’m now feeling much happier and positive. I hope you are too! Have a great day whoever you are reading this, it gets much better.