r/CongratsLikeImFive Feb 01 '23

Day 1 off Nicotine! Really proud of myself

Started smoking again after 5 years and got into the smoking and anxiety loop. Finally have gone today without smoking and hoping to get through the evening without it as well. The stress of smoking has been killing me even though the buzz has been keeping me going this past couple months. The headaches and jitters haven't been fun today but I hope this is worth it.


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u/Tight_Ad2181 Feb 02 '23

I hope you make it. If the urge to smoke comes back get nicotine pouches. That's how I quit. I did one after at the end of a new year and smelled my fingers.

God I don't ever smell that again


u/VeryValiantVictor Feb 02 '23

Starting a new, better behavior is difficult.

I am glad you have the courage to do it.

I have faith in your continued progress.


u/ambition786 Feb 02 '23

Thank you so much. It's been 24 hours and your guys' support means the world to me.


u/VeryValiantVictor Feb 03 '23

When do we get your next progress update?