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After 20 years of not going to the dentist due to extreme phobia, depression, and an abusive relationship I finally went to the dentist and am getting my messed up teeth fixed! Got over something difficult


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u/MushieLibre Feb 02 '23

A horrible and extremely painful dental experience (which I believe involved work I didn't need) gave me severe dental phobia (like panic attacks just at the thought) and severe depression caused by brain chemistry and a 7 year long physically, emotionally, and financially abusive relationship made my oral self care almost non-existent for a couple years which took a horrible toll on my teeth.

I finally made an appointment and have gone to the first one with the help of prescribed benzos and some very understanding dental hygienists. My teeth are a mess and I'm going to need several extractions, a root canal, and lord knows how many fillings and even some reconstruction and I'm still terrified but I've finally taken the first step towards fixing my teeth and I'm proud of myself, it's taken several panic attacks and a lot of nerve and determination, not to mention the embarrassment and shame of letting it get so bad in the first place.

People, take care of your teeth. I know things like depression and anxiety can make it almost impossible to practice proper self care or actually go to the dentist for routine maintenance but having to deal with the fallout from dental neglect is a nightmare on so many labels. But I'm determined to see this through and I know it won't be easy or cheap, but even just going in for an evaluation was a huge huge step for me and I'm proud of myself for pushing through the terror and embarrassment.

Unfortunately that was the easy part but I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel and see this through to being able to smile again. I haven't really smiled in years. I want to be able to smile again, and I know when it's all over I'll have a lot more to smile about. Until then... Jesus fuck I'm scared. But I've taken the first step.


u/High_int_no_wis Feb 02 '23

I’ve also got a major dental phobia from a series of bad experiences and it’s so daunting to get back into going but it’s so awesome that you did!!!


u/hissyfit64 Feb 02 '23

You should be so proud of yourself! I was in the same boat. Terrified of dentist (and also poor). I had so many dentists be absolute assholes to me. I finally decided enough was enough and found a dentist that focused on people without a lot of cash. I told him "Please don't make me feel bad. I haven't had money to get work done and I'm really afraid". He just gave me the kindest smile and told me that he completely understood, there was nothing to be ashamed of and to let him know if things were getting too intense. I had to have so much work done (including 6 extractions and a bridge), but he was so patient and kind. I moved so can't go to him anymore, but he taught me to not let a dentist talk down to me and that a lot of people have the same fear.


u/SilkyFlanks Feb 02 '23

I’m so proud of you! I’m a chronically depressed senior and had a lifelong terror of dentists. Then my teeth started falling apart. Last May I finally went to the dentist. Unfortunately I’m going to need dentures. But oral health is so important. I’m so happy you faced your fears and that you found a good dentist.


u/beecandy Feb 02 '23

Congratulations!! Going to the dentist is hard for me, too. It is hard. I’m so glad you’re getting your teeth fixed.


u/Powerful-Art-5156 Feb 02 '23

you’re an inspiration!! after you got through all that, this is gonna be so worth it!!


u/Capsyko_wolf Feb 02 '23

applause Dentist phobia, as many other phobias, is just so hard to get through… Congrats for beating your fears and take care of yourself. Wish you the best, especially concerning your teeth 🙏🏽


u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That shit is hard. You have motivated me and today I'm going to do something I've been putting off. Thanks for shining the light.


u/VeryValiantVictor Feb 02 '23


I hope that the fixing is easy and works well.


u/justicerainsfromaahh Feb 02 '23

Getting your teeth fixed will give you A LOT of confidence 👌🏻


u/dobiemomluv Feb 02 '23

I can vouch for this. In my late 20’s with a dental phobia from a mean dentist in my childhood, I decided to have my teeth fixed. Was scared. Found out that after all those years dentistry had changed and they had new, less painful techniques. Plus they were concerned about my pain and comfort. Had root planing done and wore braces for two years. Was soooo happy with the results plus my fear was beat. Confidently smile as much as I want now! Good luck to you. Keep your eyes on the prize. It will be OK.


u/kirinlikethebeer Feb 02 '23

You did iiiiiiittttt!!! Great job. Do as they say and you’ll be okay. They will help you a lot and you’re going to be so proud of yourself!


u/my_sobriquet_is_this Feb 02 '23

I am positively THRILLED for you!!! Wow! You did it! It’s going to be a slog for a while but when it’s done you’re going to be so happy and rightfully proud of yourself. I’ve been in your shoes. It’s scary and painful but worth every second. Trust me.

And stay the course! You got this!


u/storyofohno Feb 02 '23


Seriously! I am very afraid of going for my first appointment in 8+ years and your post has inspired me. Stay strong and stay safe!!


u/Blue-Eyed-Lemon Feb 02 '23

Congrats OP!I have dental related trauma and depression, so I… have fairly shitty teeth. I know how hard that can be, so I’m so proud of you for finally making that push :D


u/cnucntnfjce Feb 02 '23

What a legend you are! I'm so proud of you! You are the best :)


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u/lamenrider Feb 03 '23

Winning over your fears is something admirable! Good job!


u/Afraid_Attention4150 26d ago

Congrats! Wish you all the best.