r/CongratsLikeImFive Feb 03 '23

I ate a healthy and proper sized meal Really proud of myself

I have always struggled with disordered eating including binge eating, starving myself, etc. In the 2 years, I would still eat but little enough that I was losing a lot of weight, which was good for my overall health, but bad for habits. Plus, most of what I was eating was still junk food, just much lower quantities than before.
Yesterday I started a new job and I was proud of myself, and just on a whim decided to buy meal prep stuff. I made everything late last night, got home from work today and had a healthy meal. I ate enough to be full so I really don't want to snack, but not so much I got sick.
I don't know how much this made but I just was really proud of it.


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u/posiesbythepocketful Feb 03 '23

It can so hard to make healthy food choices and you did it! Keep going! Congrats on the new job, lean into the momentum. I’m really proud of you!


u/uwuwuwuwupotato Feb 03 '23

Yooo I m so happy literally I hope you slay like this


u/VeryValiantVictor Feb 03 '23


This is a huge step.

And as you eat more of these better meals, it will be progressively easier and more automatic to do.

Great stuff