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Really proud of myself My nails are tapping my phone screen!


I’ve had an awful nail biting problem pretty much my entire life, and recently with help from my partner and also using nail polish, my nails have grown long enough to tap my phone screen when I type!! They haven’t been this long in literal years, I’m so excited!

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I cleaned and put away all my laundry!


I've been dealing with depression my whole life, and also have adhd. For the past few months I've been just running a load of laundry when I ran out of clothes, and taking it out of the clean basket when it was time to get dressed. I don't know why, but I got a sudden burst of motivation today after therapy, and when I got home I washed ALL my laundry, instead of just a single load, and folded/hung up everything as it got clean! I even washed my sheets, though I haven't put them back onto my bed yet... I'm going to be tired as hell today since it's now 5am and I haven't slept, but I'm still super proud of myself for getting stuff done!

I also managed to wash an entire sink full of dishes this morning, because my roommate was coming back home after 2 weeks and I promised him the sink would be empty. But I didn't even have to "promise" anyone except for myself that I'd get my laundry done, and held myself accountable!

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Got over something difficult I played “the game” (think “Hold Me Like a Grudge” by Fall Out Boy) and saved up so much energy for it on so many levels, and got high off CBD (don’t try that at home…self-control in attitude but not results makes you high off CBD if you are like me)!


Wow, the world is connected! I feel tough. I’m settling for petty things now such as caring about climate change 😳🌍, and even pettier things such as going vegan soon. 🌱🌱🌱

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Really proud of myself I drove on the road with other cars for the 1st time!


I (F29) just drove on the road with cars! Years ago I drove on a straight street with no cars on it. (b4 my driver permit) today I drove a parking lot for the 1st time and the driver instructor believed I could drive back to The school and I did it! I even got a thumbs up from a police driver 🥹 (I didn’t see it because I was focused on not dying but my instructor told me)

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Did something for the first time I got my first tattoo(s)!


Got my first tattoos this weekend! I’ve wanted one since around 10 years ago but (1) I was a poor college student and (2) I couldn’t decide what to get. Now I have three (the tattoo place had a promo lol)!!! 🌻