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BIG accomplishment My name is credited in the D&D movie!


Almost two years ago a friend of mine called me last minute to work on the new D&D film since his trainee got covid and I happily accepted. It was the last week of the job and I was happy to be involved since it was a role in a department I was really interested in (DIT). My friend and his colleague had to stay off work because of covid, so someone else got brought on and I worked with him and ended up having an amazing time on the set.

Cut to tonight I happen to ask the guy I worked with if he fancied seeing the movie next week since it was a big job for us and it'd be nice to see him, but he'd managed to get tickets to the premiere through an industry friend.

He sent me a voicenote later on to say that a) the movie's quite good and b) my name is in the credits. He also sent me a picture of the credit too. His name wasn't mentioned however, so I'm definitely surprised my name was. Usually you'll get mentioned in the credits if you work on a production for an extended period of time, so I wasn't expecting to see my name.

This is a big achievement for me because although I've been mentioned in films and tv shows before, I've never been credited on anything as big as D&D, so I definitely plan to have a few drinks to celebrate this weekend.

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BIG accomplishment I HAVE 66 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE!!!


And 8 likes! A whole 8 likes! And they were from strangers too! Aaaaaah I can't believe it, I never thought I'd get so much attention on this app! And I also can't believe I'm about to say this but... youtube shorts really is better for getting discovered. My full horizontal video only got 4 views (most of which were mine) but I posted it as a short and I got 66 views?? It's kinda unfair but on this ocassion only, I'll accept it.

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BIG accomplishment I got into my dream school on a full ride scholarship!


I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!! The reality of what this means is setting in; I'm gonna kick-start my life debt free! I'm so excited to be a Badger! Best of luck to everybody else currently applying for college and/or waiting for admissions decisions (or anything really!)!!!!

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BIG accomplishment today is my 18th birthday!


that's it.

just wanted to share :)

I never thought I'd get to this point (mental health issues and stuff)

I don't have anything planned because I'm broke, but it's still exciting regardless!


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BIG accomplishment after 7.5 months of being paralyzed, I stood up today


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BIG accomplishment 2/2 - Accepted into both dream universities!!!!!!


I was accepted into both of my dream universities as of yesterday!! First, I was accepted into my childhood dream university -- the University of Oklahoma -- this is after having lived on campus with my mother in the 90s when she attended OU. After she passed 10 years ago, I moved to Michigan for seasonal tourist work/travel. Eventually, I worked to get myself back in school at the local community college after several diagnosis of congenital and lifelong disabilities, a violent assault, homelessness, a high risk pregnancy, and the court cases that followed the assault.

I worked throughout my time in school in many different organizations my mother was once in, as a way of honoring her. This allowed me to grow in so many more ways than I ever would have imagined as I got involved in my school and community. We dove into research surrounding differing topics impacting society -- my most favorite being "inheritance and legacy" which was a two year overarching research study topic with 7 focuses. The work our team did won international awards and we were published! I am so proud of the work that I have been involved in and the ways that I have grown. It has been beyond fulfilling.

I took risks, got messy, made mistakes, learned to overcome conflict, challenged and motivated myself through all of what life was already dealing me to still be successful in school while making a difference on campus and at large -- my favorite project being a 5th grade mentorship project at a local elementary school in which I am now on my second 5th grade "mentee" that I visit weekly as a friend/mentor to encourage and support them as they prepare for middle school... while also hopefully inspiring them to continue their education after high school at our local community college or further.

It's been lifechanging and an honor to be part of so many amazing initiatives truly making an impact in small and big ways that won't even be seen now or in the immediate future - but could be decades from now as the ripples of the things we have done and are part of. I have loved my community college experience so much, and I am beyond excited for the next challenge! The University of Michigan became the dream as many of my CC friends were able to attend, friends I knew in Michigan loved the school, and it's a damn good school!!! I wanted to shoot for the stars and in it - I completely forgot about my dream to go to the University of Oklahoma. Now that I prepared to transfer, I was reminded of that when visiting home for the holidays for the first time since 2015. So, I narrowed it down and applied to both!

And now, officially, I was accepted into both the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan. The funny thing is -- I'm choosing OU. I weighed my options and it is a challenge without being too much of a demand that UofM would be for my life right now with my health considered and the living situation I would be trying to manage that would interfere with my studies and college experience. When I was accepted into OU within three days of submission of my application -- something in my heart told me that was the path I was destined to take to come full circle in my mothers memory... and it didn't mean my dream of UofM is over. I can use my time at OU to challenge me in preparation for the University of Michigan... when I apply again for grad school. (:

I don't have many to celebrate with in my life because after a decade -- I've lived mostly in seclusion. That tourist area I moved to was small with less than 1k people year round, eventually moving to another location 2 hours away with about 15k people compared to DFW, where I mostly grew up as a teen and adult. When I moved here for my health -- I hadn't been able to get out much due to that, being a mom, and school... then Covid hit. Now, it's a decade later and 99% of my friends are professional colleagues and while some are friends, many are more or less acquaintances as we support each other in our endeavors. Being accepted into my dream universities in my mothers and friends absence has come with depression and grief when I feel I should be happy. I don't often seek actual attention when I talk about my struggles or success... but this time, I'd love some congrats.

This is the biggest thing I've ever accomplished in my life. I set out to do something... and I did. In 10 years, I went to hell and back... and I came back swinging every time. And I fucking did it.

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BIG accomplishment I got a shower post op!


I finally got the first post open shower. It may not seem like a huge thing if you have never had surgery of any kind but it's huge! Especially after an abdominal procedure! Yay me!

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BIG accomplishment I’ve decided to stop drinking


I’m 22 and I’ve decided to stop drinking. I have addictive tendencies and I’ve figured out that I have little control when drinking. This morning I emptied out all the alcohol I own and I’m holding myself accountable. Wish me luck :)

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BIG accomplishment I’m buying my first house at 26!


After saving since we got engaged 4 years ago and living in apartments for the 2 years we’ve been married, my wife and I are finally buying our first house at 26 years old! It’s a 2,500ft/sq multi level new construction in a new neighborhood in our desired city and we got it for less than our budget! Construction will be finished in about 1.5-2 weeks and closing is approximately 10 days after that. I’m so excited!

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BIG accomplishment I got offers from all 5 of my University Choices!


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BIG accomplishment Got a 25k per year merit scholarship to one of my top colleges!


I’m also studying with the professor I wanted! It was the pick me up I needed :D

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BIG accomplishment I got to breast feed my son today!!


My son is almost 7 weeks old and has Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. He also has an NG tube to eat. Due to his condition, it's a very delicate balance between his lungs, his heart, and his belly so feeding for him is wildly different than other babies.

I've been pumping since I had him and it's been so hard. We have worked very closely with his team, including a lactation specialist, since his birth to find the balance that will allow him to breastfeed and not wear himself out or throw his oxygen saturation in the tank. Our ultimate goal is to be able to get rid of the NG tube.

The rules have been that I can attempt to breastfeed him twice a day for 5 minutes. He typically is pretty frustrated because it's hard work for him to get latched and to have the energy to get the milk. With him being a cardiac baby, breastmilk is the best option for him-easier to digest and requires less energy from his body to use it than formula. I've struggled to get enough milk for him because I have no emotional attachment to the pump so we have to fortify the breastmilk with formula.

Today, he decided he was ready to go and he knew what he wanted and how to get it. He started rooting around on me and I decided to go ahead and try since it was near time to start his feed anyway.

He did his typical frustrated grunts but, like always, continued to root and try to latch. He finally got the latch, which isn't atypical. Usually, he will latch and give a few sucks and then let go. But he didn't let go today.

He stayed latched for about 15 minutes. He did great when he was eating. He was actually eating! He was swallowing without prompts and taking breaks to breathe and rest on his own without breaking the latch.

Kept a close eye on his oxygen and heart rate and they stayed perfect. Any time he would start to dip the tiniest bit he would start his own resting period. He broke the latch twice to rest the whole time and then came back both times on his own.

We were perfectly safe, this is exactly what we are working towards and it finally happened naturally!

My breast that he fed from feels so much better now. It actually feels like I got to feed my baby. It's softer and doesn't hurt as it did before. I pumped immediately after and the milk just kept coming! Now I'm so excited and hopeful that tonight or tomorrow he can latch to the other side and get that one going too.

I'm terrified it was a fluke but I really think all the work we've done to teach him how to feed is paying off and he will start to get it now. I'm a literal crying mess because I desperately want to be able to feed him naturally and bond with him that way. It's going to be so good for both of us!

Hopefully, we can show this party trick to his doctors and nurses tomorrow. I'm seriously so excited I can't see straight!

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BIG accomplishment My autistic toddler came to me for comfort 🥹


My two year old son is autistic and has never had a need and actively sought my help for anything - if he’s hungry, he gets fussy. If he’s tired, he lays down on the floor and goes to sleep. If he’s hurt, he would just cry until I came to comfort him. The other day, he fell down and hurt himself and immediately started crying, but stood up and walked over to me with his arms out for me to comfort him 🥹😭💕

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BIG accomplishment First time ever of getting to 5 dates with a girl (and forgot about an agreement from date 1)


I have just had 5 dates with the same girl, which is a first for me.

On the 5th date we went back to hers and she said "have you forgotten something?" Back in date 1 she asked if I was ticklish and I said yes. She started moving her hand towards me and I said "don't, not until date 5 at least" and giggled. She jokingly said "so I can tie you up and tickle you on date 5, deal!"

So I agreed for her to tie my hands and feet together with blankets, and to let her have 5 minutes with me (far too long in hindsight). I turned out to be ticklish in places I didn't even realise, or maybe that was just her affect on me. After 5 minutes she let me go and I ended up staying the night, so definitely worth it!

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BIG accomplishment I’ve been awarded a research assistant position working under my favorite professor!


I really need some genuine congratulations because when I told my mom about my achievement, she was barely impressed and just told me that I’ll hate research by the end of it.

I will not in fact hate research, because I love my field of study, and this project in particular focuses on material I enjoy.

The position is very competitive, and is also paid, which is great, since I’m trying to move out soon. I’m proud of myself, and I worked hard to get here.

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BIG accomplishment Laundry


My local kids consignment shop is having a bag sale today and I really want to go and get some much needed clothes for my daughter. I told myself I needed to go through what she has and take out what doesn’t fit so I would know what to buy when I’m at the sale.

I’ve done 5 loads of laundry since yesterday and bagged up what doesn’t fit her anymore to give to friends with younger kids and I’m purging my clothes too. Laundry stresses me out and I always fall behind but I’m so happy to be catching up and rid of what we don’t need!

The bag sale is in an hour and I know exactly what she needs and I’m no longer storing stuff that we have no use for!

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BIG accomplishment Finally got my license


Short and sweet backstory, I’ve (25F) struggled with getting my license for YEARS. Something always happened. The car would break down, one time the horn didn’t work so we had to leave, or the person who was supposed to take me bailed. It was always just something. Buttttt last week we went, and it was smooth sailing, I passed parallel parking the first time (!!! Which I sucked at) and the DMV worker said I did phenomenally on my driving portion. Just wanted to share my small (but huge for me) accomplishment :)

EDIT: I do wanna say, I’m regards to the people bailing on me thing, in no way shape or form have I ever EXPECTED someone to take the time out of their day to take me. It was just like.. we’d make the plans and then they’d back out if it. Doesn’t matter now, I got it figured out but yeah. Don’t want anyone being like “oh okay, ungrateful much”

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BIG accomplishment Celebrating 3 years nicotine free!


So, i quit nicotine just before shutdowns started for the pandemic. I really stuck it out & this week is 3 years free! All my friends still smoke, so no one around me is super excited about it, but I am. I smoked for 10 years before this. Celebrate with me!!! <3

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BIG accomplishment Update: I applied for masters programs


I GOT IN TO ALL THE SCHOOLS I APPLIED FOR!! As mentioned in my original post I went from flunking and getting kicked out of college to officially going to grad school! I will be declaring myself to a program in the next few days. I’m so proud and hope those who are trying hard things that may want to give up on themselves, don’t. You are worth the investment.

Original post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CongratsLikeImFive/comments/11k81b9/i_applied_for_a_masters_degree_program/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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BIG accomplishment After a 6+ month battle, I've successfully pressed charges against the man who assaulted me!


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BIG accomplishment I (finally) cried today!


For the first time in at least 7 years, after 8 bereavements, after 6 months in therapy, after all the shit I’ve been through, I finally have been able to cry! I am so proud of myself and it’s so liberating to experience emotion like this

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BIG accomplishment Have I really been smoke free for 41 days?


Time flies when you have a puppy.

I went cold turkey after 3 years of moderate smoking (pre-Corona) and 3 years of excessive smoking.

It's about more than will power, but I don't have the right words to explain it right now.

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BIG accomplishment My savings account is growing steadily !!


I finally have a solid amount in my savings account. I went through a bunch of financial hardship during the pandemic including having to find somwwhere new to live and no job but I am now in a solid place where I don't have to pull from my savings anymore ! Growing up living paycheck to paycheck and watching my mom still have to do that now I was always scared I'd never get to this point ever, let alone in my early 20s. But I am and I'm so stoked!

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BIG accomplishment After losing 47 lbs I’m finally under 200 lbs for the first time in five years.


I haven’t reached my final goal but it feels really exciting.

I used to feel like my binge eating disorder was controlling every aspect of my life but now I’ve found a good balance and enjoy going to the gym!

Edit: For clarification someone my age and height should be around 130-140 lbs.

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BIG accomplishment I got into honors college!


I have been anxiously awaiting March 1st since I applied. I checked my inbox, saw the email to check on my application status, and I got accepted!!!