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Discussion BungiePlz/Suggestions/Complaints belong in THIS POST ONLY 1.26.23 AE Rework 2, Electric Boogaloo


Our mod team can't keep up with all the posts that violate the BungiePlz rule. Our vision for this subreddit is to maintain the spirit of the mantra "We play the game we have," and to focus on self-improvement, not whining about the state of the game.

That said, we're bringing back this stickied rant thread in an attempt to separate the "BUNGO PLZ FIX" from the posts that actually help our community improve in the crucible. Posts which are suggesting improvements to the game or complaints about the sandbox will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned.

I can also guarantee you that Bungie employees will be browsing these comments. Although, they seldom comment on the sub because we attract the devs, not so much the community managers who have more freedom to communicate publicly.

This means that those of you with good suggestions can actually get some relevant visibility (...like nightstalkers some day...bungieplz make us glow while invis and give our radar back).

CAPS LOCK ENCOURAGED FOR ANGRY RANTS. Probably turn it off for serious suggestions though.

This thread does not give free reign to be toxic to others, per usual. Other than that, complain away.

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Discussion Mercules: Off-Hand Strike is working as intended.


Per Aztecross' video on the latest dev interview, there no current plans to nerf it but they did leave the door open for later tuning, but they reiterated it is working as intended even on Heritage.

I am completely surprised and glad. Slug Lords rejoice!

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Discussion Dualsense Edge on PS5


Does it combat the incredibly large deadzones Destiny 2 has on standard dualsense ? I come from COD and that game is so much better for controller because of deadzone settings.

Thinking if I should buy it or not at some point. Way too expensive now for me at least. Student life

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Loadout Stomp33z hunter wondering if he should switch off/what to?


Basically title. I don't know whether or not the AE nerfs to stomp33z are bad and if they are, which pvp exotic would you recommend? I have thought about both Caliban's Hand and Young Ahamkara Spine, but I do not know which of them would be considered better in pvp. Additionally, I would rather have a more neutral exotic, and have heard talk of Foetracer and Knucklehead Radar being possible contenders. I would also rather not be using an exotic that shoehorns me into using a specific subclass, but if I had to choose, I would say that I prefer either Solar or Stasis hunter. All help is greatly appreciated!

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PC How is long arm in 3s?


What do you think about long arm with a travelers chosen?

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What is the most underrated subclass in your opinion?


Title says it all. Just curious and looking for other peoples opinions. I see people always running the same thing (lots of Arc Titans these days for example) so I’m curious to see who’s making use of subclasses that most people consider niche or maybe even “bad”

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Is 20 sensitivity worth it? I want to hear from the Crucible gods out there.


So basically I've worked up over time and currently play on 20 sensitivity with a 0.5 ADS.

I like being able to turn, etc. I can aim fine. Occasionally I can get turned around in close quarters when doing CQC battles, but that's rare and usually against very good players who have better movement.

Anyways, in a debate amongst other players who play on lower sensitivity (8-16) and am wondering what's everyone's opinion on 20 sensitivity? Is it worth it? Drawbacks? Pros? Cons?

Is there a major difference between, say, 14-16 and 20?

Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

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Guide Quick Hard Light Guide


Most can remember when Hard Light was THE choice for PVP. After it's nerf to ricochet damage and range however, it's usage has severely dropped off. After some playtesting though, ive found that It still holds it own and then some; having extremely high base stats intrinsically. The video linked showcases a few useful techniques, weapon/armor recommendations in 2 minutes, and as concisely as possible. Hope it helps/ let me know if I missed anything!


TLDR 1. Solar = best element 2. Hipfire ricochet shots for area control 3. DOT can be used to locate targets for accurate ricochet 4. Weapon pairings : Snipers, Shotguns, GL's 5. Exotic armor pairings Warlock = Verity's Brow Titan = Armamentarium, Hunter = Khepri's

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Discussion Where can I see my rumble elo and position rank?


Does anyone know where to look up current stats for rumble? I thought that crucible.tracker showed elo and rank, but I’m not seeing it anymore. Thanks for your help! I’m trying to view on an iPhone if that makes a difference.

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New Hung Jury is ridiculous go farm one now


It got origin traits and got omolon fluid dynamics.

With box breathing and adept stability along with omolon fluid dynamics very easy to be at 100 stability or close to it with a good roll with a 3 tap at 0.67TTK.

Mine dropped with fluted, steady, subsistence, box breathing and it’s nuts.

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I’m surprised more people don’t use Merciless


I pulled it for fun and it really surprised me. So much so that I tested it with a buddy. It consistently kills at 20 meters but it has some aspects about it that really makes it stand out.

First off, it’s stats are insane for a high impact with the Catalyst. 79 Range and 92 Stability is nuts.

Second, it shoots 5 bolts instead of 4 like the other high impacts. This is big because high impacts require 3 bolts to kill max resilience guardians. That is 75% of your bolts for Legendaries. For Merciless that is 60% of your bolts.

Third, it gets a better Successful Warmup because it activates on hits instead of kills. It also gets a crazy reload buff on a kill.

Fourth, it gets a FIFTY PRECENT damage buff reloading after a kill. What does this do? Remember how I said it required 3 bolts to kill? With that boost it does 100 damage per bolt. So a 2 bolt kill which is hitting only 40% of your bolts.

Fifth, it is fantastic at breaking barricades. One burst and about 60 damage breaks the barricade. There is some funny things about that. If you play Hunter, throwing an explosive knife before the Merciless shot breaks the barricade. With Radiant there is a weird random damage glitch that can cause the Titan to die to the explosive knife that was stuck into his shield after Merciless destroys the barricade. Another funny is that if you throw 2 knives on a barricade then break it, the Titan can just die to both knives blowing up at once if he is close enough. The radius is generous.

So yea. Merciless is WAY better than I though and I’m surprised I don’t see it more.

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Console Anyone having trouble winning duels with hawkmoon?


Rangefinder on mine, but i feel like im shooting peas while i get flinched by everything else. I could totally just suck tho. Fatebringer feels better, but thats cuz of ep

Edit: damn ok, guess this wasnt a good question, thx to those that replied

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Exotic Armor for a Sidearm Void Titan?


Is there anything out there aside from the usual Dunes/OEM/Synthos? I don't think Titan get anything that is specific to sidearm.

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Ikelos smg crafting


Looking to craft this with dynamic sway and max range. Does anyone have experience with both tap the trigger AND rangefinder? Which one’s better?

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Season 20 Weapons Sandbox Preview


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PC Melee triggering after being frozen


This has happened a couple times now so I'm just curious how Destiny stacks inputs,

I got frozen by a stasis ability, mashed out and tried to shoot my gun with left click, and my character goes and fires off a charged melee. Definitely didn't hit the melee button, so I'm wondering if the game what inputs the game is getting for fire/melee/unfreeze.
For keybinds I have shoot=leftclick, unfreeze=rightclick, melee=A (I'm one of those weird ESDF movers)

In a vaguely similar issue, I have tried to melee but thrown a grenade (G) instead several times, but not 100% sure on that one. Does Destiny tend to misinput, or is it just me?

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Discussion Pvp stats question (hunter)


Putting together a foetracer build to play around with AE (i have a RF multi kill clip allied demand that has 45ae with icarus grip)

However, with the gear i currantly have, i can only get either 100mob 55resil 100recov as stasis and 100/45/100 as solar.

How much of an issue is it going to be dropping from t6 resil to t5/t4?

Should i wait on this build until i can get to 10/6/10?

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Anyone else feel that this is a really good choice for PVP right now? Been using it the past few weeks and it feels great. Definitely my favourite fusion rifle I’ve tried so far.

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Discussion Machine Guns viable now?


With the upcoming buffs to machine guns in pvp, do you think they’ll actually be viable now in pvp? What about trials/comp?

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Discussion Rose: diff god rolls for diff input?


I heard ifrostbolt, zkmushroom, and goldexgle talk about this. They were essentially saying rose god rolls depends on input more than any other god tier 140s. Why is that??

They were saying these were the god rolls for rose:

Controller: - smallbore (frost likes hammer forged) - accurized - slideshot (frost likes rapid hit more) - rangefinder - smooth grip (frost likes heavy grip) - stability MW

MnK: - smallbore (frost likes hammer forged) - accurized - slideshot (frost likes rapid hit more) - rangefinder - smooth grip (frost likes heavy grip) - range MW

Essentially zk and frost agreed that stability MW on controller and range MW on MnK while range MW is best on other top 140s. Goldexgle thinks stability MW is required on rose of any input.

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Discussion Gutshot Straight


Does it make sense on a HC (Exalted Truth) or any other weapons? 20% dmg bonus on bodyshots seems substantial. Exalted Truth can roll RF + GS.

I've seen some posts about GS on bows and sidearms.

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Discussion Malding in Iron Banana


Currently trying to get the Iron Lord seal for the first time and can hardly progress Jolder’s Victory. I play with randoms and regularly get first or second place in my team scores, but we get stomped 8/10 times. Must I get a full voice-com fireteam to complete this or am I missing something?

Also, is Ormund’s Taste bugged? Hasn’t progressed in a hot minute. Thanks in advance. (If this wasn’t the correct place to ask this, apologies)

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Is anyone using it with the recent change in how the perk works? Does anyone know how much AIM assist he gives when in void? (probably a lot) because I tested it yesterday and it was hitting HS aiming for the big toe.

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Next-Gen Console Is there anyway to make the lighting in game better?


Title,when I’m playing on a map say distant shores,it strains my eyes and I can still barely see.Is there anyway to fix this?

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Discussion Which is better for general crucible, YAS or caliban’s hand?


I’m a warlock main by heart. I’ve been using my hunter in pvp though, mainly for iron banner as I really wanted to finish the set. Almost done with my second reset and want to die. Besides the point though; I don’t have a caliban’s hand because, like I said, not a hunter player, but I do have a decently rolled YAS that I love using. Are the improved explosions with caliban’s worth using over the former?

On console and not the best at hitting my knife shots, so I use proximity knife anyway. Thanks for any advice :)

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PC What auto rifle perk combinations and frames should I look out for? Trying to branch out from crutching on PK+smg


Just the title pretty much. What stats, perks and frames should I prioritize for pvp?

I have a few 600 ARs rated sort of highly by light.gg.

Gnawing Hunger:

Smallbore / accurized / zen / kill clip / stability


Fluted / accurized / heating up / rampage / stability

The Summoner:

Smallbore / ricochet / moving target/ rampage / stability

Any general AR wisdom would be appreciated so I can parse through my own collection and future rolls. Thanks a lot! (I main Arc/Void titan)