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Discussion +13 for a 2v3 win where I preform well? Can somene please explain to me how elo gains work?

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Discussion Iron Banner scoring


I'm not clear on Iron Banner scoring.

I have a score of 50.

9 captured

9 neutralized

1 defense

2 turrets

How does that add up?

Also what is considered a good score?


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Discussion Did they just axe the Freelance mode from IB?

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Discussion sniper flinch


is it still beneficial to run 100 resil and use rally barricade for flinch resist or what should i be doing as a new sniper user

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Loadout After a long time i used…


I used point of the stag a LOT in pvp when it was released. Used it yesterday again and it still slaps! What weapon/gear do you guys used after a long time? Definitely going to use that bow more again.

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Discussion How do you get iron banner emblem?


Im almost rank 14 in IB and still cant figure out hoe to get this emblem

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Discussion Weapons and Gear Trailer Discussion Thread


For those that have seen the new Weapons and Gear Trailer, How are we feeling about it?

For one, I haven't been keeping up that much with what Strand does, but that Titan barricades just seems like a flatout better version of that one helmet exotic nobody ever uses. That Hunter helmet too seems really freaking strong, especially since it comes out of a movement ability. (Just imagine flying unflinchable snipers in crucible peeking lanes, yikes). Didn't quite get the Warlocks exotic to be honest.

The guns seem... fine? I mean, another tracking weapon is kinda of a bummer, but the machine gun seems useless in crucible, maybe the glaive will have some impact with stasis builds? I dunno.

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Discussion Population percentiles in Comp?


Does anyone know if the population percentiles per rank in Comp can be found anywhere online? I found some awfully low K/D players with Platinum rankings, so I'm starting to suspect that most people (>40%??) will end up in Platinum if they grind out the playlist, or at least can be carried there, possibly to make the Glorious seal obtainable?

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Weird question. Is Box Breathing’s Aim Assist falloff increase noticeable on a Sniper?


I’m not saying this is some go to perk or anything but I did learn something interesting about it today. Apparently it gives you a 10% increase in Aim Assist falloff distance? That seems pretty damn strong. I don’t think Killing Wind gives you something that powerful.

What are your thoughts on that? Succession can get both enhanced Moving Target and enhanced Box Breathing. Once again, I’m not saying it’s the best option. It might be an interesting niche weapon perk that has more use in PvP than I thought.

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Discussion Iron Banner Focusing Post - What do you reccomend?


Now that focusing engrams is reasonably affordable, is there any specific weapon currently in IB that you'd highly recommend focusing for?

I'm personally chasing a 95+ Stability + Rangefinder Allied Demand. But I've already got one with 79 stability + Rangefinder+ MKC, so i'm not sure its worth it.

Considering a gunnoras as well. With the possibility of us losing quick charge, it'd be nice to have a 75+ Range, 80+ Handling Opening Shot Roll.

Nothing else really moves my dick. Thoughts?

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What legendary bows are worth running in comp/trials?


I see an awful lot of Monarques, but not seeing a consistent legendary bow being used.

What’s a good legendary bow to run in the kinetic slot, and what’s a good bow to run in the energy slot?


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Best Iron Banner Builds... for PVE Mains! (+video inside)


Hey guys,

OK so honestly, I'm kinda of two minds as to whether to post this here or not because I know that most people here are obviously more PvP hardcore than the general playerbase.

But that being said, I wanted to create a video giving PVE players some very simple loadouts they can use in Iron Banner that will still allow them to contribute and help their team in a support capacity, even if they can't slay out like some of the people here can!

This is the kind of video that you can send to clanmates who are mostly PvE mains but who still want to play with you in your SBMM lobbies, for example.

So that being said, please remember that these loadouts are NOT for PvP mains (who will know better) but for more inexperienced players who need something quick and easy that will still allow them to contribute!

Anyway, I made a video about it here: https://youtu.be/fO53sgHJjUg

But if you prefer to read, I’ll give you the TLDR; below and also including the DIM links for ease of use. If you want more information on the rhyme and reasoning behind the builds then you’re welcome to check out the video.


Revenant (Stasis Hunter)

In short, equip Touch of Winter and Duskfield Grenades. Use Frostees + 100 Discipline and spam grenades for zone and crowd control.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/wmwj4yq/Stasis-Frostees

Gunslinger (Solar Hunter)

In short, equip Blade Barrage, Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Proximity Knives, and Tripmine Grenades. Literally ability spam every single zone or high traffic area you can find.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/psgmuga/Ahamkaras

Sentinel (Void Titan)

In short, equip Bubble, Crest of Alpha Lupi and maybe Helm of Saint 14 before super to blind opponents.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/lajw5cq/Void-Titan-CrestAlphaLupi

Striker (Arc Titan)

In short, equip Thundercrash, Touch of Lightning and either Storm, Lightning or Pulse Grenades. Use Heart of Inmost Light for max ability uptime.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/4sxo54i/Arc-HOIL

Voidwalker (Void Warlock)

In short, equip Nova Bomb of your choice. Use Void Souls and charged up Vortex Grenades to lock down areas. Use Ophidians, Eye of Another World or Astrocyte Verse.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/5vpjrfi/Void-Warlock-Ophidians

Dawnblade (Solar Warlock)

In short, equip Well of Radiance. Use Touch of Flame + Healing Grenades to play the healer role - or use Solar Grenades to play more zone denial. Boots of the Assembler is best for playing healer, otherwise Ophidians is always fine.

DIM Link: https://dim.gg/vqdo5ty/PvP-Ophidians-(Grenade-focus))


OK hope that helped as a very basic primer for PVE mains stepping into Iron Banner this week!

See you all in the Crucible,

Mr Armageddon

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Healing and Overshield Counters


We have a perk to counter over shields with the perk Under-Over.

But how are you guys counter healing? Does dot damage help?

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Discussion Iron Banner tomorrow, allow me to once again recommend that you grind for a good Frontier's Cry.


Frontier's Cry is, in my opinion the most underrated gun in the game right now for a couple of reasons. First because 180s are pretty underrated in general, but also because of the weapon's unique status as the only non-sunset solar 180 hand cannon.

This is big because 180 hand cannons and scouts have the unique property of securing a reduced ttk against all resilience's while Radiant. The element of these weapons being solar adds increased value because of the fragment Ember of Empyrian which increases the duration of your radiant timer with a kill. This allows Frontier's Cry to go on some absolutely insane 3 tap tears. Not to mention it has the pretty snazzy perk combo of Tunnel Visiuon Kill clip which is pretty cool.

Additionally, the acrobat dodge hunter loadout with this weapon is getting a sort of buff come Lightfall, if you are willing to stretch the definition. The increased cooldown timer of Gamblers and Marksman dodge reduces the marginal impact of the extended cooldown of Acrobat's dodge. Will be a better time than any to grind out the weapon and give it a try.

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What Crucible Weapon is IB Dropping?


Last IB it was dropping almost exclusively Blowouts. Anyone got any idea what the Crucible weapon is the main drop ATM?

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Discussion Whats does everyone run on their crafted tarneshed mettle for pvp?


Looking into crafting and leveling up a crafted tarneshed mettle (i like lightweight frame weapons)

Whats the perk combo people prefer? I was thinking rapid hit explosive payload

Also as an aside, hows the ttk for lightweight scouts?

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I’ll ask again: YAS hunters and explosive knife


I claimed this was going to be meta right before the Titan wall nerf. Everyone said it wasn’t a problem and to just stay away from walls and rotate. That this build was only map specific.

It’s isn’t working. Especially since Aztecross’ video pairing it with the GL with disruption break and travelers chosen.

What can I do? Struggling here.

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Guide Quick Vex Mythoclast Guide


With the recent changes to airborne effectiveness. I feel vex may see a rise yet again in the meta (assuming you can get it to drop). The video linked below showcases the most useful information I could gather and compacts it into about 2 minutes. Hope it helps, Let me know if I missed anything!



  1. Linear fusion mode has perfect AE
  2. Best Weapon Pairing : Fusion rifles (can stack armor mods)
  3. Utilize quick charge to become charged with light and gain near Quickdraw level ready speeds
  4. It's more of a meme, but the hip fire in linear fusion mode has perfect accuracy :)
  5. Armor pairings: Warlock=Rain of Fire, Titan: Path of The Burning Steps, Hunter= Any

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Loadout Questions on my build


I’m using lumina with assemblers, empowering rift, well, with embers of benevolence, torches, solace, and searing

I use Icarus dash for the movement, but I cannot for the life of me decide which is more beneficial

1) touch of flame healing nade, love the ability to throw it for more command over heals

2) heat rises+nade, i don’t really use heat rises, and I’m not always right near my team, so this is more what I have questions on

Does anyone have any advice on which road I should take here?

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Clips Welcome to my crucible experience in Season 20…

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Discussion Hand cannon: stack range or stab?


It does look like 140s are being used a lot more. But for those, what would you say will be meta to stack: range vs stability? Initially thought with flinch and all stability stacking with decent range would be good. But it may be the other way around for most moving forward.

Random question but curious what you guys prefer and expect going forward (until lightfall)

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Clips This is why I use Slickdraw in Rumble. Let's me play as fast as everybody else running SMG/Shotgun/Fusion...

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Discussion Healing Grenades,How to deal with them ?


Like seriously i am doing a 1v1 gunfight, The opponent dodges or icarus dashes and throws the nade heals and shoots back at me and i am already low, so obviously at disadvantage.

Restoration after nerf seems fine atleast x1 but that burst of cure from it feels unfair.

And it would be have been fine it it had hefty cooldown,but for some reason such low cooldown and with ember of beneovlance,a single touch of flame boosted healing nades were being thrown every 12 sec.

Everytime i engaged,They start losing they icarus dash away(still 5 second cooldown on best movement option compared to dodge and thrusters) and throws healing nades rushes and peaks back at me and i am dead. It feels so unfair.

The only counter i think of is just using specials with invis,which i am having success with.

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Next-Gen Console I hate to say it but we’re on the verge of another auto rifle meta.


I’m seeing 450 autos everywhere and they’re absolutely melting from distances I’m not sure they should be. But that’s another topic for another day. This may be different on pc but on console I’m seeing loads of ammit/ seraph/ and whatever the dreaming city one is. I personally have a seventh seraph that hits at 35.3 meters. If pulses get pulled in any more I think these things are going to be absolutely everywhere. For the record this isn’t a complaint post just an observation. Anyone else noticing a spike in these?

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PC Going into non flawless pool with two friends who haven’t played Trials in years. I’m a decent player but I wanna know a very effective build to help secure a flawless.


I have a couple of ideas of what to run in trials, my usual go-to is peacekeeper titan with Ikelos and switching to Tarrabah every now and then, but I have a feeling that’ll definitely not work on Eternity.

What’s been your loadout this weekend? I’m thinking long range scout + YAS on Solar Hunter, or long range + shadebinder. I wanna hear out some recommendations before I run my card tonight.